PSH April 2023 Poems

PSH April 2023 Poems

I am catching up after a month long bout with COVID slowed everything up.. I am fine but have some lignering symptons.  Get your shots and  boosters.!

Today I am posting my April 2023 poems inspired by following Poetry Superhighway prompts. I also followed Writer’s Digest prompts and Writing com Dew Drop-In prompts. The links take you to my Writing com page where you can look at my other work posted there. The link to the Writing com page is

Portfolio URL: http://jcosmos.Writing.Com/JCosmos

Due to Spotify ending their word press podcast agreement, it may take a while to resurrect my podcasts, and I hope to start YouTube and FB this fall.

I am off to the States. for three months and during my travels will probably post a bit less but I am determined to keep posting as I like blogging.

Thanks for reading my stuff. Appreciate the support.



Misdirections to my Mom’s House in Berkeley

674 santa rosa jpg
674 santa rosa jpg






When I /was a young lad
Living in Berkeley, California
I delighted in giving misdirections
To my house as follows

“Go down to Solano and the Alameda
Turn right on Alameda
Go down five blocks
Turn left at San Lorenzo
At the No left turn sign

Turn right on Santa Rosa
We are five houses down
On the left side.”

Almost no one challenged me
On the no left turn sign
And they found the house

The no-left turn signs
Only applied between
Four and eight pm

As sunset
Made it difficult
To see on-coming traffic
When you turned.

Probably most people
Knew that
Or they just did not care

For such a violation
Would not result
In a fine or anything

Unless you were driving
While black of course.

April 30, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Brendan Constantine
This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Brendan Constantine:
Create a poem in which you give VERY BAD directions on how to find you. Feel free to reference inner landmarks as well as outer ones (“Keep going straight until you come to my tenth birthday party. If you can see my father asleep in his car, you’ve gone too far…”). No matter how bad the directions, make sure the reader can ultimately find you.

April 29

#29. A man and his computer, Best friends or enemies?
ID #1049275 entered on May 6, 2023 [Edit]








I have a love-hate relationship
With my computer

I have been writing
with the aid
Of a computer

Now for almost 40 years
Having bought my first computer
In 1984

Over the years
I must have written
Millions of words

And over the years
My computer
Must have lost
Thousands of words

My computer likes to play games
With me
Crashing for no reason
Endless non-response
blue spinning wheels

making me wait
for up to five minutes
then letting me see
it just ate the words

and they are gone
into the ether
never to be found again

sometimes the undo button works
other times it does not

sometimes the copy-and-paste feature
wipes out the previous text
and for good measure
turns off the undo button

trying to open a document
is an exercise in shear frustration

constantly getting strange
haiku error messages
such as

there is a dialogue box open
close the dialogue box
but there is no visible dialogue box

but the worst error message
of all
was when I tried to copy
non-excel data

I would receive a message

“There are no fonts available
Okay yes or no”

Once I clicked okay
250 times
Before my computer crashed

I reported this to Microsoft
Nothing but radio silence
As usual

I shifted to google docs
And the problem was solved

I could go on and on
But I grow weary
Of recounting all the ways
My computer loves
To mess with me.

April 28

#30. marriage thoughts
ID #1049276 entered on May 6, 2023 [Edit]

Marriage thoughts

I did not know that the moon rises
Sensitive poets squelching freedom of speech
Because you cannot bear with me
There is always some sort of love
As the visible mind seeks out marriage
Will you join me on this journey?

Prompt lines
The visible mind seeks out marriage Ginsberg Psalm 2
Sensitive poets squelching freedom of speech Irony Christopher Michael Nuclear Orange
Because You Can not Bear with Me Kim Sewol
Always some kind of Love BJ Buckley
That the Moon Rises the Night Year Round Kim Sewol
April 28, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from John Dorroh
This poetry writing prompt was submitted by John Dorroh:
Gather five of your favorite poetry books. In each book, turn to page 21. Read the second lines of the five poems from page 21. Write them down. After you have collected all five sentences, write a poem using at least 2-3 words from each line.

April 27

#31. Spring Wildfires in the Desert Haiku
ID #1049277 entered on May 6, 2023 [Edit]

Spring wildflowers

Spring wildflowers
Blooming in the desert heat
Life going forward

April 27, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Susan Taylor
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Susan Taylor:
Write a haiku about the desert wildflowers on the day we change to Daylight Savings Time. Remember, we turn our clocks forward one hour.

#32. Blue Blues
ID #1049278 entered on May 6, 2023,

Blue Blues

Ask me now
Ask me no questions
I will tell you no lies

As we cut brilliant corners
Play the blues
On Friday the 13th

Felling horny for you
I mean you
Bye Yah

Ask me now
Brilliant corners
Friday the 13th

I mean you
Bye yah

April 26, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Ron Bremner
This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Ron Bremner:
Use three or more Thelonious Monk song titles in a single poem.
Editor’s Note: Find a list of Thelonious Monk songs here:
Straight, no chaser
’round Midnight
Ugly Beauty
Brilliant Corners

#34. re-programing your mind
ID #1049280 entered on May 6, 2023

Reprograming your mind Mental Images

Whenever the demons
The dark dangerous nattering
Negative thoughts
Overwhelm me
Paralyzing me
Stopping me

I need to stop
Reprograming my mind

Instead of saying
I am not good enough
I need to say
I can do this

When I think I am too old
I need to tell myself
I am still a young man
At heart

When I think
I am running out of time
I need to reprogram that thought

When I say
I will never finish my life’s work
I need to say
Yes I can
Yes I will

Today is the day
And go back to work

April 25, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Susan Justiniano
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Susan Justiniano:
Prompt Title: Stop Telling yourself THAT Story
We all have invasive thoughts. At times those thoughts turn into scenarios and stories of ourselves that aren’t true or are based on a comment received from outside of ourselves that we have internalized to the point of believing it. It’s time to reframe those stories that keep us from thriving, connecting, and growing.
Using “Stop Telling Yourself THAT Story” checks those invasive thoughts and beliefs that interfere with moving forward and reframes the stories, mantras, and beliefs on repeat in our minds.
How to use this prompt:
Gather info: What are the keywords or phrases that pop up and keep space within you that can or do prevent you from growing, thriving, and building to meet the goals you have for yourself? For this exercise, list a minimum of three and a maximum of five.
Example: Imposter Syndrome, Fear of failure, rejection, “no”,
Free write for 5 minutes, stream of consciousness, Keep writing don’t edit, revise or stop. Words that make no sense will make themselves clear). Starting line example: “I am afraid of…”
Example: I am afraid of being rejected when I submit a poem for publication. I work so hard in getting the right tone, words, and phrases. Some of my best works are rejected and I just hide them away and never look at them again.
Example: I am afraid to perform on stage because I can’t memories my work….
Turn the page over, on a clean page 5 minutes of reframing THAT story without looking back to it. Keep writing for 5 minutes don’t edit, revise or stop. Words that make no sense will make themselves clear. Start with a line that stuck with you from the first free write or start with “I am afraid”
I am afraid that if I don’t try, I won’t get published. For me to find my audience, I need to put my work out there.
If I stay in the shadows, where I’m comfortable, and do not perform, I’ll never know if it’s for me, I will always wonder if I’ve met my full potential as an artist
Put it together as an essay, poem, or short story. Tell of a time you reframed or will reframe the story to create a new narrative and stop telling yourself that story of fear and insecurity.
Example (structured in a way that is not comfortable):
The first time I wanted to perform, I backed out
I believe that I could never be as good as those I see
The words on my pages left me filled with doubt
I couldn’t remember them, like slam poetry
My hands shake and my voice racks
Whenever I practice in the image that looks back
Those who perform appear smooth and calm
Gesturing and moving with poetic aplomb
Today, I take a deep breath and count on my people
Sitting in front rows, there to support me
I perform for them, they don’t care
If I mess up, forget, or read from my phone
They snap and clap and hoot
Because they know how much it means
To stand before them mic in my hands
Deep breath… I made it! Wow this stage things is grand
Walk away from the first draft. Share it in a brave writing /revising group.
Stop telling yourself THAT story and tell yourself this new story.

#28. Jew Fro
ID #1048725 entered on April 24,

Back in the day
Way back
In the 70s
In Berkeley

I had a lot of hair
I wore it
In what  was called
A “jew Fro”

As many Jews
Had kinky hair
Almost like
Our black brothers

The “Jew Fro”
Is sadly
No longer
On my head

Which I now know
Is part Jewish
Perhaps that is why
I had a “jew fro”

April 24, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Rachel Baum
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Rachel Baum:
Find a photograph of yourself as a child or teenager. Write about that moment in time – what just happened? What were the feelings, taste, and smell at that moment? Who was taking the photo, and how does that person factor into the poem/story?

#27. What is love?
ID #1048723 entered on April 24, 2023

April 22

What is Love?

What is love?
Is it nothing
But biochemistry?

Is it madness?
Is it just
A search for connections?

In a cold cruel world?
That does not care
For us at all?

It is all of that
And none of that

Those who know
What Love is
Do not tell

That is the Zen
Of Love

April 22, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from J R Turek
This poetry writing prompt submitted by J R Turek:
Write a poem varying It is and It isn’t. Be whimsical, be fantastical, and surprise your reader every few lines. Defy, denounce, define – don’t limit your poem to the page boundaries.

#26. dangerous mountains of madness
ID #1048722 entered on April 24, 2023 [Edit

Dangerous Unusual Events

Dangerous unusual event
The burly royal family
Enchanted Memories

Mountainous Magenta
Visions overwhelming people
Hysterical Acid trips

Adjoining flimsy
scare wilderness
subdued history

the mood of society
disturbed by events
currency disruptions

decides fate
of humanity

she has a beer
at midnight
Drama her priority

took much to drink
spent time in the bathroom
contemplating reality

she has an appointment
with a doctor
in the morning

prompt words

April 23, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Richard-Yves Sinoski
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Richard-Yves Sinoski:
Imagery Prompts: Avoiding Cliché Through “Juxatives”
The best poetry avoids cliché using cognitive leaps. I don’t want red roses signifying love; rather, love may be a set of curtains that shuts out the outside world and keeps you and your dear ones together, or perhaps it’s molten lava that first burns all it touches but later cools into something solid you can build a house on.
How do we make these creative leaps? My fellow poet Kristan Anderson and I came up with the term “juxative,” for juxtapositions of terms that normally wouldn’t frequent each other. These juxatives can be expanded into full images.
To do it, create lists of adjectives and lists of nouns, verbs, and adverbs, or adjectives and adverbs. Then jumble them up so that random adjectives get applied to random nouns, etc.
SILLY + RIVER = What does that give us? Something better than a babbling brook, I’ll wager.
ANGRY + CHRISTMAS GIFT = Suddenly the holidays take on whole new implications.
CRYING + PILLOW = More forceful than crying into your pillow—you’re so down that your pillow itself is crying along with you.
The next step is to see how you can expand these.
LIMPING + MOUTH = “After the dentist, I spoke with a limp”
FLOWERY + KEY = “I practiced the piano till the keys turned to flowers”
HAPPY + THUNDER = “My childhood was a thunderstorm of happiness”
These images are often so striking and effective that they can spawn entire poems!

#25. Green Trees Don’t Make It
ID #1048600 entered on April 22, 2023 [Edit]

pine trees jpeg
pine trees jpeg

I look out and see
The ugly green trees
Standing guard
in front of my house

And I think to myself
Who owns the trees?
And what do they think of us?

Are we their friends?
Are we their enemies?
What do the trees think?
Or do they silently watch us,
Spies to the celestial emperor?

I have pondered this question
Many a morning
Who is the owner of these trees?
And why do they silently watch us?

I wonder if the trees don’t hate us
And why they don’t protest
Every day as we drive back and forth
Emitting poison gases
from our mechanical asses
Right into their unprotected faces

And every night
we eat our dinner
And then give the trees
Our polluted leftovers

And laugh as they silently die
From our acidic fallout
Constantly floating
down on their skin

Yes, I wonder about the trees
And the birds and the bees
And everyone else

What are they thinking?
Are they plotting revenge?
Or are they merely there

Silently, watching, plotting,
Designing fiendish plots of revenge
Dreams of vast nuclear destruction

Cosmic diseases wiping out
everyone in the ass
Yes, I wonder
and dream and ponder

What is the meaning
of those silent green trees?
Standing on the corner

Quietly condemning us
With their quiet tears,
and falling leaves

In the winter they stand
Naked and alone
Covered with ice-cold snow
As we drive by nice and warm

And we don’t care
As they stand out
in the cold

Shivering, plotting warm plans
of cosmic revenge
Is it too late for us
To become friends with the trees.

Or will the day come
When the trees will wake up
And gather together
All of the other
slaves of humanity

I have a vision
One morning
I will open the door

And see an army of wild things
Led by the green trees
Coming to arrest me
For crimes against nature

And I will plead,
I did not know
And they will laugh

and turn me
all of my kind
Into silent tombs

And we will stand
out in the cold
Like the green trees
Plotting dreams of revenge
Forever and ever

Until our day finally comes
And we can go out
and kill all the wild things
Perhaps we already have

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Matt Mellor:
Write a poem personifying something inorganic like a building or a machine. What has it seen throughout its ‘life’? How does it feel about change? How does it smile or signify happiness? Play with this voice and see what it wants to say.
Example –
The Beam Engine
I still feel empty, since my organs were taken away.
Though it has been decades since my heart was full of coal
and my lungs breathed my beam up and down.
The rumble deep beneath the earth is long gone.
I’m thankful for the birds that nest in my skull
and the occasional squirrel or shrew that settles at my feet.
It seems the trade-off for a long life is that you must be still
because these little creatures spark with speed and color.
There is much-needed motion at my feet.
Not from workers talking about the shift and bosses about new seams.
But chirps, squeaks, and the rustle of leaves.

Two bonus poems on a similar theme

Old Tree Missing Humans

The old pine tree
Last of its kind
Stood alone
On the top of the mountains
Looking down on the creation
Missing the pesky humans
Who used to visit

The last Tree remaining is transported to another world

It was the last.
Time had been cruel,
Taken everything,
Leaving nothing.
As the last limb tumbled,

The Tree stood awaiting its fate.
The stars took pity and congregated.
The vortex opened.

The tree was transported to a new world,
One of life and promise.

#24. secrets unsaid
ID #1048593 entered on April 22, 2023

I am afraid
If I keep writing
I will tell you

What is best left

Secrets I should take
To my grave

If I keep writing
I will have to tell you

And you will have
To bear the burden
Of hearing my secrets

Which may destroy you
In the end
Shall I continue?

April 21, 2023: Poetry Writing Prompt from Michelle Daugherty
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Michelle Daugherty:
I told my best friend I had nothing to write about, he said that just meant there was something I was afraid to say. Write a poem starting each stanza with “I’m afraid that if I keep writing, I will tell you”

#23. We Met In September
ID #1048478 entered on April 19, 2023 [Edit

We met in September
When we met
Love at first sight
Sparks flew heart to heart


A date I will always remember
We wed in December

Alemseged alphabetical:…
1- alemseged style is a poetry style of six lines stanza with a rhyming pattern of abcdaa. The stanza’s number is not limited.
Example of alemseged’s style of poetry :

#22. Morning Ganta Poem
ID #1048477 entered on April 19, 2023







My morning coffee
While watching the news
Filled with such gloom and doom
I turn it off feeling the blues

Ganta style:…
Ganta is a poetry style of 6 lines with a syllable meter of 1/5/6/7/8/1. The first 1 syllable word (noun, pronoun, subject…) is a refrain at the end. No other refrain is allowed except the first word of the first line at the last is mainly used to show some actions, objects, behaviors, …etc to someone is the 100th poetry style invention of the world’s precious poet alone gamma.

#21. Sparks Flowing Heart to Heart Shoa Poem

ID #1048476 entered on April 19, 2023 [Edit]

I first met her
I met my fate
one autumn date
Sparks flowing
My heart to hers

In Korean

나는 그녀를 처음 만났다
나는 내 운명을 만났다
어느 가을 데이트
불꽃이 흐른다
내 마음이 그녀에게

naneun geunyeoreul cheoeum mannassda
naneun no unmyeongeul mannassda
one gal date
bulkkocci hereunder
no marumi going

first attempt to write a poem in Korean.
Shoa’s poem is a six lines poetry which has rhyme of the 3rd and 4th lines only with having 4 syllables in each line exactly.

g#20. Married my Dream Girl
ID #1048475 entered on April 19, 2023

when I met my dream girl

sparks flew from heart to heart

Love at first sight
I met my Dream girl
I met my Fate
On that Date
I met my Soul mate
She soon became my Mate
I Proposed after three days
And we had our Marriage
In December
And now we have been together
For almost 40 years

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Richard Westheimer:
Go to
Generate 12 nouns or verbs – 3 syllables or less
Feel free to repeat until you get 12 words that you’re ok with. (feel free to slightly modify a word. For example, in the example below, I changed “site” to “cite.”)
Write them down in order
Write a 14-line poem where the first 12 lines contain your 12 words (one for each line)
Example: these words: “room nap lose galaxy like cool site feel revival pop siege patient” became this poem:

#19. As Time Goes By
ID #1048474 entered on April 19, 2023

While reading
Robert Harris’s Epic History

Of Cicero
One of the greatest politicians
Of the ancient world

I was struck by how
Very little has changed
In this world of ours

To quote the classic song
“As time goes by”

It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or dies
As time goes by.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by LB Sedlacek:
Write a Book Plot(s) Poem
1. Think of your favorite book, or even a couple or a few of your favorite books,
2. Consider the plot(s) of each book,
3. Write a poem based on the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Or use one book’s plot for the beginning of your poem, another book’s plot for the middle of your poem, and yet a different book’s plot for the end of your poem,
4. You can convey the main plot point in bits and pieces or in full in your verse. Just mash it up however you think it works best in your poem,
5. Title your poem with a scrambling (letters and/or words) of the book’s title, and
6. Re-read your book(s) as time permits and compare it to your poem!

#18. My Computer Hates Me
ID #1048437 entered on April 19, 2023

My computer hates me
My computer wants to kill me

My computer is plotting against me
Constantly sending me messages

Revealing my computer’s
real feelings
How much it hates me
Death to all humans

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Lavina Blossom:
Think of an inanimate object which you own, preferably one that does not perform exactly as you would like (a rug cleaner, staple remover, shaver, fry pan, carving knife, etc). Write a poem from the point of view of that object, extolling your virtues and your failings. You might address your owner or direct your monologue to another inanimate object.

#17. Somewhere Lost over the Rainbow
ID #1048436 entered on April 19, 2023







Over the rainbow

Past the railroad tracks
There is another land
Another world

Found only in one’s dreams
And nightmares
And dark lullaby

In this dream world
One dreams do come true
But only if you believe

The dream gods
Take you there

To the other world
But what if the other world
Is the real world

And this world
Is nothing but an illusion
A dream world

Within a dream world
Lost in a dark world
Of one’s creation??

And what if you
Can never awaken
Back to this world?

Lost forever
In the land
On the other side
Of the rainbow?

[Verse 1]
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There’s a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

[Verse 2]
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true
Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me

[Verse 3]
Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why, then, oh, why can’t I?

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Lara Dolphin:
Somewhere over the Rainbow . . . there’s a poem.
Write a constrained poem using only the words allotted to Dorothy Gale in MGM’s The Wizard of Oz. To build up a lexicon, you could watch the movie over and over, or for a handy transcript click here.
Bonus points if your poem touches on a theme from the movie e.g. “There’s no place like home.”#16. Sam Adams does over meditation

ID #1048435 entered on April 19, 2023

Sam Adams does over meditation

Sam Adams
Is feeling his age
He just turned 70.

He got up
At dawn, like he usually did
Walked out of his Gimpo
South Korea

Went for a walk
Along the golden walkway canal
Beneath his 20th-story apartment
Enjoying the morning fog

He stops for coffee
And gluten-free pastries
And sits on his park bench

And like many old people
Often engages
In the mental game
Of ‘do over” meditation.

Thinking back on his life
What would he do differently
If he had a chance
To go back
And do it all over again.

Would he have gone
To a different college
Would it have been better
To have gone to chico state?

Would it have been better
If he had joined a fraternity
And become student body president

If he had gone up
He should have gone to bed
With his platonic girlfriends
In any event
Should have gotten laid.

Before he turned 18
Instead of waiting
Until he was 21
A late bloomer sexually speaking.

He should have quit drinking
And taking drugs
Should have quit playing
The drunken bum show.

After the Peace Corps
He should have gone
To Yonsei
Done the two year
Korean language course.

Then gotten his MA
In Korean studies
Followed up by an MBA
At Thunderbird.

Should have waited
And joined either commerce
Or public affairs
Rather than the state.

Or should have transferred
Once he got tenure.
Should have not worked
For LAMC and CTC
That was a
Waste of time
And energy.

On his wife
At least not as much
As he had.

When he was in India
Should not have gotten
Involved with the other women
Should have kept faithful
To his wife.

In Bangkok
Should have not done the hash
Should have not had
The bar room incident.

Should have addressed
His ld.
While in college.

Should have done law school
Perhaps with his wife
They should have opened
A law firm together.

Should have moved
To Berkeley
And become a politician.

He and his wife
Should have bought
That gwangwhamoon property
And the independence avenue property.

Should not have bought
Katelyn court property
Or at least bought
It is across the street.

He should have retired
After Spain
And got to SF
And got his MFA degree.

He should have published
His novels
And poetry
And a movie script.

Should have started
A youtube channel
Becoming a youtube sensation.

In the end
There was one thing
He would still have done it.

Meet and marry
The girl of his dreams
But he should have
Written the movie script.
By now.

With this thoughts
In his mind
He went back home
And talked to his wife.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by karen watts:
We all make mistakes and have regrets. A popular fantasy is “If I could just have a do-over.” Write a poem about a terrible decision, ordinary mistake, or wrong turn in life that you’d never undo, even if you could.
If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the poetry super highway Facebook group.

#15. Walked into that cocktail party PSH
ID #1048434 entered on April 19, 2023,

I walked into that cocktail party
Armed with humor,
Feed and help enlighten
Woe mankind

The party of the damned
Partying like
It was the end of the world
For it was

The end times
Were upon on all
As the old order

Began to fall apart
The rot was complete

I returned
To the party
Of the damned

Drinking my way
To hell

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by kenneth Boyd:
Write a poem that connects the first line of the first poem in your favorite book of poetry and the last line of the last poem in the same book. Optionally, condense the titles of the two poems to form the title for the new poem.

#14. I am From Berkeley
ID #1048433 entered on April 19, 2023

I am from Berkeley, California
From a town in the east bay
I am from the thousand oaks neighborhood
And the Berkeley hills

I am from a garden
Whose fruit trees bloom

I am from a university city
Filled with radical ideas

I am from my father and mother
I am from a German family
And a Cherokee family
And from a dysfunctional family
From the 196os

I am from an atheist family
I am of Scandinavian and Jewish ancestry
From a southern family

Growing up in southern food
Including grits and southern greens
From a mother who did not suffer fools gladly
And from a father
Who was a crusader for justice

I am from those moments in time
The 60s in Berkeley
Forever shaping me __________

April 14, 2023: poetry writing prompt from Julie Standing
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Julie Standing:
This prompt is a favorite and is often used to show students that we are all poets if I train our minds to think like one. I became aware of it during a Zoom workshop when I was blown away by someone’s poem. And then searched the format on the internet with the result that the poem I created was the poem used to end my recent poetry collection and one of my favorite poems.
This poem template is inspired by george Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From” poem.

#12. fragrance Of Korean Food
ID #1048431 entered on April 19, 2023

Korean Food
Korean Food







I love Korean Food

I love the taste
I love the fragrance
I love the smells

I love the texture
I love the feel
I love how it looks

Fell in love with it
And all things Korean

Back in 1979
When I first went there
In the U.S. Peace Corps

Korean food is somewhat like
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai
With some American influences as well

But it is all done in a unique Korean style

Everything is cooked with special spices
A mixture of chili paste, garlic, fish sauce,
Onions, scallions, soy sauce,
Salt, tofu, panjang sauce, and soju (liquor).

Often cooked with beef, chicken, clams, eggs, fish,
Kimchi, intestines meat, mushrooms, mussels,
Oysters and/or pork,

Every meal consists of rice, kimchi
(pickled vegetables usually cabbage)
The main entry is either beef, chicken, fish, or pork,
And multiple vegetable side dishes
Including western style salad

The entire meal
A feast for the eyes
Nose and mouth

With a delicious unique
Aroma, fragrance,
Taste and texture
Uniquely Korean.

All washed down
With Korean beer, liquor (soju) or
Or rice wine or Western wine

My favorites include

Bulgogi chongsik (with all the side dishes) 불고기 총식
Kalbi chongsik (with all the side dishes) 칼비 총식
Calamari 오징어
Fried chicken 닭 튀김
Chuncheon chicken ribs 춘천 닭갈비
Dumplings 만두
Fried rice 볶음밥
Korean curry rice 카레라이스
Kimpop rice wrapped in seaweed 김팝
Korean soups 한국 수프
My favorite army stew 군대 스튜
Kalbitang (beef rib soup) 칼비탕
Beef turnip soup 쇠고기 순무 스프
Ginseng chicken soup 인삼 치킨 수프
Kimchi stew 김치찌개
Tanjung stew 짱짱찌개
Bibimbap mixed vegetables and rice with an egg on top비빔밥
Kalkooksu noodles 칼국수
Ramyeon 라면
Mushroom stew 버섯 스튜
Soondaeboo tofu stew 순대부두부찌개
Sashimi 생선회
Sushi 돈까스
Fried mackerel 고등어 튀김
Octopus 낫지
Omrice Korean omelet 오므라이스
Porridge 문어
Shrimp 새우

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Joan Lotta:
Open your refrigerator. What food item brings memories of childhood you would like to share in a poem? Tell me where you were when you first tried it. How old were you? On what occasions did you eat it? Or what food that is in there now is something you hated as a child but like now? Tell the why and how you changed your mind

#11. Charles Bukowski Road not chosen PSH
ID #1048430 entered on April 19, 2023

while reading Charles Bukowski’s poetry
on the metro ride home
listening to Buddha bar music
on my oh-too-hip iPod

I begin to see myself as I was
over 30 years ago when I was merely a bit player
a minor character in a Charles Bukowski poem

a wild young underemployed intellectual
hanging out in dismal bars and dives

all over Asia and California
hanging with disreputable women

and drunks and drinkers
and characters

out of his kinds of haunts

a mad poet bard of the underground
a drunken poet in a drunken bum show
that nightly played in his head

then one day I met the woman of my dreams
and went down a different path
a long slow path to respectability

and now 30 years later
I am no longer a wild man
I am still a poet at heart
but I am now also a bureaucrat
in a button-down suite

doing the people’s business
working for the government
I’ve become the man

sometimes I wonder
would I have been better off
going down that other path

would I have ended up
somewhere else
doing something else

would I have been as happy
would I have been as successful?

No answer satisfies
the longing in my heart
for that wild thing
that still lurks beneath
it’s a civilized cover

and I know that I am still
a mad poet at heart
railing against the injustice of the world

as I work day by day

in the belly of the great beast of state
I recall the ancient Chinese saying,
“Confucian during the day while Taoist rebel at night”
playing out in my head and nightly dreams
in the true American upper-class patrician tradition

I close the book
and look out the window
get off the train,
and walk slowly home

and realize I had no choice
but to take the path that I�’ve trodden on

and so I put aside my misgivings
and say goodbye to my “Bukowski” desires
for another night of domestic contentment

was it worth it all to take the conventional path?
and not take the bohemian road to hell and back

I look at my wife and realize
I had no choice, had no choice
but to follow her to the ends of the earth

and beyond by her side

as we walked our path
of shared destiny

Charles Bukowski
wherever you are
may I meet you

in a bar in the next life
and figure out

where we should have gone

until then the drinks are on me.

“If I had…” or roads not taken.
Write a poem imagining/focusing on how your life or your subject’s life could have been changed or become different if one decision had been made that was different from what happened. What risks did you take or avoid? What benefits came your way or did you miss out on? Examples: what if you had married the first person you loved or who loved you? What if the hitchhiking ride you and a buddy took turned bad rather than being the lark it was? What if you hadn’t accepted that job in another city but decided to stay put? What if you had not blown up at a social event and been shunned after that by people who had counted as your friends?

#10. Dental Torture Blues
ID #1048429 entered on April 19, 2023







Frank Zappa






Sitting in the dental chair
undergoing dental surgery
while the dentist probes
and tortures me
with his instruments of pain.

The Frank Zappa song
plays over and over
the torture never stops
the torture never stops.

And I think of the mad dentist
in the little house of horrors
the Jack Nicolson character
who screams pain is good!

As he assaults his patients
doing root canals
without anesthesia.

And so, I endure the torture
of the dentist
in the vain hope
I can save my teeth.

Until the next time
I undergo mental torture
the song faces away
and I slowly recover.

Then as I leave
I am confronted with the bill
and the song roars back to life.

The torture never stops
the torture never stops.
Written after seeing the dentist © 4 years ago, j

Write a poem about a body part. As an example, Lucille Clifton wrote a poem called “Homage to my hips” which you can read here:

#9. Who is the name of the person on the badge?
ID #1048428 entered on April 19, 2023

Who is the name
Of the person on the badge

Who are they
The people behind the badge

The people we work with
All day long

Do they know
Who we are?

Or are we just
Strangers passing through
The world?

Write a poem using the above prompt.
When you go to work or the shops you often engage with people whom you might not know. We might know them as just the person in the store who does their job. (wearing a badge perhaps a name/ can I help etc.) It could be you, however. Do you wear a badge that you identify with? Write something about it. No more than 100 words. Enjoy.

#8. Shrinkflation blues
ID #1048427 entered on April 19, 2023

In these days
Of rampant inflation
And supply chain disruptions
Corporations have risen
To the challenge

By selling new
And improved products
The only difference
between these new products
And the old products?

They are twice the price
And half the size
And not at all
New and improved

Just more corporate
Bs weasel words

Write a poem about something that is supposed to be “new and improved” that has turned out to be a disappointment.

#7. Piano Calling Me
ID #1048426 entered on April 19, 2023

Piano Calling Me

The piano sits
In my room

Waiting for me
To play some music

As I play the piano
I lose myself
Deep into the music

Appreciate the mundane – anyone can write a poem about the pen on their desk or their favorite coffee mug. The real challenge here isn’t to observe the mundane but to transform it into something poetic and beautiful.

#6. Korean Pottery of Love
ID #1048408 entered on April 18, 2023, [Edit]

Korean pottery of Love

In Korea
there are many pottery kilns

ancient art form
in the land of the morning calm

I have a few pieces
I bought it years ago

and enjoy looking
at my vase

filled with love
for my wife

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Austin Alexis:
Write a poem featuring an inanimate object. In the first stanza write about the object as objectively as you can. The second stanza allows a highly subjective “take” on the object. The third stanza treats the subject in a far-reaching way, pushing the writing to morph into something beyond the mundane.

#5. Eating Money
ID #1048372 entered on April 18, 2023 [Edit]
Eating money

many packs of us dollars
many packs of us dollars








Some people
Become consumed
With money

Thinking that money
Can buy happiness
Money can buy love

But one
Can not eat money
Not really

Money does not taste good
As you eat the paper
Getting sick

The money goes down
Your throat
And you become one
With your money

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Robert Wynne:
Do you like surrealism? I’d like you to think of an inedible inanimate object. Now think about how you’d eat it. Then write a poem describing in detail how you would eat (or are eating) it. Do not say why you are eating it, just how. The poem ends when the thing is eaten. Simple as that.

#4. Never apologize for falling in love with you
ID #1048371 entered on April 18, 2023

I will never back down
I will never apologize
For daring to fall in love
With you

Ever since I met you
I have been enslaved
To your love

And for that,
I will never

This is just said by William Carlos Williams
I have eaten
the plums
that was in
the icebox
And which
you were probably
for breakfast
Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold
This poetry writing prompt submitted by Annette Gagliardi:
William Carlos Williams, this is just to say” from the collected poems: volume I, 1909-1939, copyright ©1938 by new directions publishing corp.
Read Williams’ poem and think of what you might want to apologize for. It might be something you took without permission, something you said or did, something you wanted to do, but didn’t, etc. It could be serious or funny. Think about who you might send the poem to and if you will follow Williams’s style or create your own.

3. Never Alone
ID #1048370 entered on April 18, 2023

Forever Girl

When we first met
I knew that you
Were the one

You were my
Forever girl
The girl I had
Been dreaming of

You were it
My eternal soul mate
My forever love

#2. What is a Jake?

what is a Jake

Who am I?
Where am I?

Am I real?
Or a bot?
I am Jake
I am not a fake
I am not a mistake

I am not a flake
I am not a rake
I am not a snake

I am who I am
The one
And only Jake
And everything’s Jake.

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Angele Ellis:
What’s in a name?
This prompt is effective as a writing group icebreaker/community builder, as well as an individual exercise for writers of both poetry and prose.
Using your first name as inspiration, reflect on any or all of the following questions in your piece.
Why were you given this name?
What is its meaning?
How has having this name affected your life?
What would you have named yourself?

#1. Watching the News TV
ID #1048368 entered on April 18,

cnn logo
cnn logo

watching the TV
The news droning on and on
Makes me feel the blues








Must drink more
Just hot

drinking a hot cup
coffee kick starting my day
waiting for my wife

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Aalleged Sisay:
Write with one of the following styles: Koori style, Ganta style, shoa style, or alemseged alphabetical rhyme
Learn more about each style:
Alemseged alphabetical:…
1- alemseged style is a poetry style of six lines stanza with a rhyming pattern of abcdaa. The stanza’s number is not limited.
Example of alemseged’s style of poetry :
Kooi style:
Koori poems
Koori’s poem is poetry of not need rhyme but the strictness of syllables. The basic building block of Koori’s poem is three stanzas of three lines each with a syllable count
5/7/5–2/3/2–5/7/5; that is to mean two haiku in the middle of a 2/3/2 stanza. If you need to continue by adding other stanzas you can add one 2/3/2 stanza with a haiku but never end the poem with the 2/3/2 stanza. The conclusion of the poem must be with a haiku stanza. You can write many stanzas by sampling by cascading additional stanzas.
Ganta style:…
Ganta is a poetry style of 6 lines with a syllable meter of 1/5/6/7/8/1. The first 1 syllable word (noun, pronoun, subject…) is a refrain at the end. No other refrain is allowed except the first word of the first line at the last is mainly used to show some actions, objects, behaviors, …etc to someone is the 100th poetry style invention of the world’s precious poet alone gamma.
Shao style:…
Shoa poems
Shoa’s poem is a six lines poetry which has rhyme of the 3rd and 4th lines only with having 4 syllables in each line exactly.

the end

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