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Cosmos’s Cheritas and Haiku

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Five Haiku About Evergreens

No One Can Escape

No one can escape
The fate that is coming soon
Death waiting for us

Walking in the Green Woods

Walking in the green woods
Seeing the trees blooming in spring
Overcoming death

The Evergreen Trees

The evergreen trees
Spirits of old ancient lands
Narnia calling

In the Springtime Woods

In the springtime woods
The evergreen trees so green
In the snowy woods

Death is Waiting There

Death is waiting there
Corona virus
In the deep forest

Dear Jake

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6 June 2021

Thank you again for submitting your work to Pure Haiku.

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And here are some of my other haiku

Angela Haiku

Every day I wake up
On the love of my long life
And say thanks to God

Three love Haiku for Heron Submission

In the morning light
I see the love of my life
Nightmares Disappear


Drinking hot coffee
With the morning dawning light
Fills my heart



I  Dreamt About Her

I dreamt about her
For eight years, she came to me
Then she came to be

The Best Thing in My Life

The best thing in my life
Dreaming of her

Going to Korea

Going to Korea
Hoping to meet her
In my travels

Japan Beckons Me

Japan beckons me
Korea welcomed me
Long last dreams of Asia

Many Thoughts Filled My Head

Many thoughts filled
My head, nothing more than a quest
Possibly driven mad

Quite a lot to think about

Quite a lot to think about
Rather, spend my time
Sought the love of my life

There She Was

There she was
Verily, the love of my life
Unlike any other woman

Waiting for Me

Waiting for me
Zoom, she came into my life
Every day I wake up

Every day I wake up

Every day I wake up
I see my fate in her face
Fall into her spell

Met My Fate

I met my late fate
Seeing her face in a bar
And my fate ended

Published Hello Magazine Bonsai Haiku

A message for you.

A message for you
From the universe itself
in the eastern sea

Thinking of You, Thinking of Me

Thinking of You
Thinking of you, dear
Wondering if you do too

Love Triclinium

One Summer Day
I saw a rose on the bus
I met my fate

Horror Haiku

Nuclear war looms
North Korea U.S. Launch Nukes
End of the world

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies Apocalypse
The zombies unleashed
Killing everyone they see

Evil Fog Descends

Evil fog descends
Killing everyone at once
End of life on earth

Zombies to the right

Mature Couple being attacked in their car by a hoard of zombies.

Zombie to the right
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies run amuck

I Believe in Ghosts

While touring Scotland
Meeting Ghosts in the wild moors
I believe in ghosts

Two Corona Haifu


During the last year
Weekly zoom calls
kept me sane



Corona Virus
the General Corona
smiles as people die

The End

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