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Bear Creek Haiku has published four of my “Color” haiku

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Pink cherry trees
Snowing all around me
Love in the springtime


poet in springtime
poet in springtime








Green trees in Springtime
Smiling at walking lovers
Filling them with awe


black cat
black cat






A cosmic black cat
Stares at me with jet black eyes
Just a Buddha cat


deer in snow
deer in snow






White snow consumes us
During the intense winter
Climate change is now

Page 17 in printed version

Other recent unpublished Haiku like Poems include:

Met My Fate 160 Poem Form

I met my fate
That date
In September,
A date I shall always remember.
When I saw her there,
Sparks flew from heart to heart.
And I knew she was going to be mine.

160 Character Max Poem Form

Water 160 Poem Form

Water everywhere
Water surrounds us
Nurtures us brings us
Life itself

But few of us
Ever think about water

And what we would do
When the water runs out
And the earth becomes
A desert devoid of life.

Sam Adam’s Final Wish Jisei Poem Fan Story Prompt

Sam Adam’s last wish
Was to die in Berkeley
His spiritual home



My Mother Haiku

My mother was unique
A real free spirit at heart
I miss her always

Berkeley Calling Me Home Haiku Fan Story Prompt





My Berkeley
Calling me to come home
Die in my homeland

Sextet Love Fan Story Prompt

My life has been a dream
almost unreal
A real fairy tale
Filled with romance
an angel came to me
ending loneliness

Outside Haiku Fan Story Prompt

Spring flowers blooming
Inviting me to go outside
Enjoying the Spring

5-7-5 Faith Fan Story Prompt

I believe in karma
Everything is connected
To the divine mind

Coffee Five Line Poem Fan Story Prompt




Just hot
The way it should be
Gets my morning going strong
Kick starts my morning

Romantic Tanka Poem Fan Story


how to say I love you







When I saw you there
I knew that you were the one
Heaven sent you then
When you came into my life
That was my best day ever

Forward Plans

Forward plans are made
Understood what needs to be done
intel hard to get

Good Golly, Ms. Molly

Good golly
Ms. Molly
Let’s have some folly
And go to Bali
Or Raleigh
Someplace holly
Where we can get jolly
Eating a tamale
Or a Canali.

Prompt – Write a silly rhyming poem

Coffee Huitain

need more coffee
need more coffee








I like coffee in the morning
But in the evening must be wine,
Making it a great mid-morning,
At sunset, I drink wine, while I dine,
When I drink my wine, it is all fine.
In the afternoon, I drink my tea,
Later wine, looking at what is mine.
And I become all I can ever be.

Future Survival Games Three-word Challenge

Shortly, all too soon
We will play a secret game
A game of survival

Grilled Salmon Three Word Challenge Prompt

fish market







Oiled grilled salmon
pink flesh delight
Perfect dinner with white wine

When I First Saw You Dew Drop-in
Revised as Cherita form

When I First Saw You There

When I first saw you there

You came to me
In a dream.

And disappeared,
Haunting me
For eight long years.

When I First Saw You In Person

When I First Saw You in Person

I was overwhelmed
This fairy tale dream of mine

This impossible quest
To find the girl in the dream
Was finally over.

When I First Spoke With You

When I First Spoke with You

I knew that this was it
We would be together

From then on
You were the one,
I proposed three days later

When I First Kissed You

When I first kissed you

that was the beginning
of our love affair.

Our love grew stronger
Every year
For the last 40 years,

When I Married You

When I married you

That was the beginning
Of my life,

From that moment
I had no doubt
You would be there.

April 4—List poem w/repetition—write a poem that lists things, using some (not necessarily constant) repetition and variation of an initial phrase (Examples: When I was six…, Remember that time…*, Layers of…., etc.)

*Regina Spektor, “That Time” https://g.co/kgs/BvpjTj

Based on a true love story, please see links above.

the End

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