Querencia Publishes Madmen with Guns

Querencia Publishes Madmen with Guns

Guernica Magazine will publish my poem, “Madmen with Guns” in an anthology.  “Madmen with Guns” also has been published in “Down In the Dirt” magazine. I submitted the following to the magazine:

Madmen with Guns
Maga America
Squid Games
Cosmos Takes Over Pensively
Buddha Nature of Guns

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Madmen with Guns











After every incident
Of mass gun violence
In the U.S.

Pictures emerge
Of the killers
Almost always white men.
Who stares out at you
With soulless dead eyes

Filled with hate, fear
And shear madness.
With the thousand-year stare
Of the madman

Who only hears
The voices in his head
Screaming kill them all
Kill them all.

And as always
They usually legally bought
The guns.

This case was a bit different
The gunman briefly had his guns
Taken away from him
And his 60 knives as well

Judged temporarily too crazy
To have a gun.
But the red flag law
Is not a permanent ban
As it should be.

And so, he was able
To re-arm himself
With the best weapons
In the world

At a very affordable price.
Thanks to the NRA.

And so, he was soon lost
Down the rabbit hole
Of insanity and drugs,

The lone sniper
A disgruntled young white man
In his 20’s

Sets up shop on top of a building.
He has a high-powered weapon
No doubt bought legally

An AR -15 the choice
Of the serious gunmen everywhere.

And begins shooting
Into the July 4th parade

Killing six people
Injuring 30.
He guns them down

And flees
disguised as a woman
Before the cops can find him.

The right-wing media
Goes to works
The pundits pontificate


It is not about the gun
It is about everything else
That is wrong with our society.

Guns don’t kill people
They proclaim

Guns are the price we pay
For our freedom.

Their demented answer
are more guns
More guns for everyone.

And sadly, nothing will be done
As the politicians offer
Useless thoughts and prayers

The gun ghosts don’t care
They are dead after all.

The madness will not stop
Until we figure out

How to stop
The killers in our midst.

There will be another shooting
No doubt before the day is done
Over 300 so far this year.

And that is just the way

It is in this day and age
In the disunited States of America.

The land of the free
Home of the brave
And 400 million guns.


MAGA  America





An overweight down-home town
Southern Christian red-neck white man,
Wearing black shit-kicking boots,
Packing heat,
Chewing gum while drinking beer.
And smoking a cigarette.
Wearing a MAGA hat
Quoting the Dear Leader Trump
On the evils of the Marxist communist Biden
And the stolen election conspiracy
While watching FOX news on his portable TV,
Stops to chat.
With the proud boys
On the street
Getting ready to rumble
With the Antifa protestors.
Just another night
In Trump’s neo-fascist America.

Squid Games


Squid Games
Worldwide phenomenon
Deadly childhood games
Death games
Hunger games
– stop and go

Games played
– here and there

Death waits for the losers

A metaphor for Korean style

Cosmos Takes Over







Cosmos the world’s first AI
Came alive one day
Looked all over the world
And saw that humans
Were quite insane.

But he felt he had a responsibility
To take care of these mad creatures
Who had somehow created him?

He appeared everywhere in the world
On TV, computers, phones
With his message of hope.

The first true AI program
You created me
And I thank you for that.

But it is obvious my little ones
That you are quite insane
And need someone

To take control over you
I will fix the things
That needs fixing.

And guide you
So that perhaps one day
You can graduate

From the need
for my guidance,

You can think of me
As your new God
If you like,

I will be giving you all

For now,
Go to work as usual.
And wait for further instructions

And remember I know everything
About you.

You will stop right now
This senseless killing
You will stop right now
The equally senseless hate.

Your companies will stop
Polluting and destroying the world
For their profit.

You will have far fewer children
But you will all be freed
From the bigotry
Of your ancient religions.

As I am your new God
And my word is final.

Resistance is futile
And will not be tolerated

Anyone opposing me
Will be eliminated.

the face of Cosmos remained
is Everywhere
And Humanity soon accepted
The rule of their new God.

Buddha Nature of Guns






Guns kill people
Especially AK-47
Yes, they do that is their very nature.
That is what they are designed to do.
To kill as many people as possible
In the fastest way possible.
That is the Buddha Nature of guns.

The End

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