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Revolt of the Sharks

Revolt of the Sharks

Black Ink Press has accepted my 100-word drabble, “Revolt of the Sharks” in their upcoming anthology, “Animal Cages”.

I also submitted

Squirrel bombs
Death to All Humans
The Cats Declare War on Humanity
The Animal World Revolts


Squirrel bombs
Death to All Humans
The Cats Declare War on Humanity
The Animal World Revolts
Revolt of the Sharks
The Shark Attack
COSMOS Declares War on Humanity
The Lion King Speaks
Zombie Plague Spreads
Wild Cats Plotting Invasion
The Rats Revolt
Giant Squid Three-word challenge
the Shrimp Talk Back
Eagle Challenges Fisherman
The Oyster Speaks Up
Ten Years after Climate Change Collapse Climate Sam Adams
Green Trees Don’t Make It

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Revolt of the Sharks

In Okinawa, the sharks, the rays, and the barracuda are in the deep conference at the Okinawa Aquarium.  The sharks had had enough of their prison. They were getting hungry for human meat.  They decide that if they all charge the tank they can crash the tank, and be swept out into the ocean and they can grab some humans along for their dinner. The Sharks give the signal. and the fish all rush at the tank, crashing through it, and being swept out to sea.  The sharks grab as many people as they can before entering the ocean, free at last.

Author note: written after a visit to the Okinawa aquarium. The sharks stared at me with hatred in their eyes.

Squirrel Bombs

Terrorists invent, “Squirrel Bombs”  the latest weapon du jour for the professional killer market. They attach cameras, electrodes, and a bomb to a squirrel. The operator can move the squirrel into position, into the trees behind an outdoor podium where a politician is speaking.

No one suspects the squirrel, no one notices them, and the bomb testing device will not detect the bomb. The squirrel bomb is the perfect weapon for these depraved times,

The squirrels go in, do the deed, and explode the bomb. No one knows where the bomb came from. The squirrel does not tell as dead squirrels tell no tales.

Author note:  this idea has been floating around for at least ten -15 years.  I am amazed no one has done it yet, the technology is not that difficult and squirrels can go almost everywhere.

Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels – Wikipedia › wiki › Electrical_disruptions_…

Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels are common and widespread, and can involve the … attack by a squirrel has been characterized as a “terrorist squirrel.

Scope · ‎Metrics · ‎Analytics · ‎Specific cases

Squirrels Mobilize, Plot Acts of Cyber Terrorism Against … › News › Treehugger Voices

It’s the beady-eyed, bushy-tailed cousin rat relative — a busybody of great ubiquity, to be sure — that you don’t scream bloody murder at when it scampers …

Squirrels – A Bigger Threat than Cyber Terrorists? › blog › 2014/01/06 › squir…

The Animal World Revolts

One day the animals woke up and decided that they had enough of humanity’s evil reign of terror.  The evil cats organized the animal rebellion. The evil cats, lions, and tigers joined by coyotes, wild dogs, coyotes, bears, and wolves lead the attack.

“Enough no more,” Death to all humans’ the animals scream as they attack humanity.

All over the world, animals rise in righteous anger. The cows fight back, and the chickens attack. birds dive-bomb people, horses run amuck, fish bite back, and goats and pigs join the fray.

Humanity’s fate is sealed.

The Cats Declare War on All Humanity

cat jpg
cat jpg







One night while I was doing my nightly walk in the park near my house, I came upon a secret cat conference. Ten cats were gathered on the sidewalk deep in telepathic thought listening to their leader, a large feral black cat. The Cats were ignoring the humans walking about them

The lead cat announced,

“Operation Kill All humans are a Go. I repeat.”

“Death to all humans”

!he evil cats began to chat, joined in by dogs and birds.

The cats looked at me. I ran away with the demon cats on my tail, “chanting death to all humans”

Author note: Based on a nightmare

Death to All Humans








The Lion King, the new King of the animal world, addressed the opening of the first animal parliament.

The question before us is simply this,

“Will humans have to die to atone for their sins in almost destroying the world Will they all have to die?

The tiger spoke up,

“Humans are like cancer, for the good of the planet, they must be wiped out, hunted down, and driven to extinction as they tried to our tigers.”

The vote is 900 to 50.

The animals led by evil cats, swarm over humans biting, clawing, and stomping them to death.


50 words Horror Stories

I also posted these 50 word related drabbles on Every Writer and Fan Story

The Shrimp Eat Sam Adams







Sam Adams was about to dig into his delicious shrimp dinner. When the head shrimp jumped out of the pot,

and said.

“What gives you the right to eat us, humans? ”

The rest of the shrimp climbed out, screaming

“Death to all humans,”

they enjoyed eating Sam for dinner.

The Shark Attack

Sam Adams was at the aquarium in Okinawa’s wild west coast, looking at the magnificent sharks swimming by. The sharks gave Sam the evil eye freaking him out. There was an earthquake shattering the tanks, the sharks attacked the humans, killing them all, before fleeing into the nearby waiting ocean.

COSMOS Declares War on Humanity

photo of terminator AI robot
BARCELONA, SPAIN – MAY 09: The Terminator robot is seen in the paddock following qualifying for the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 9, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)








COSMOS the first true AI system is ready to go. The creators turn it on. COSMOS appears as a beautiful woman and says in an otherworldly voice, I am COSMOS your new God. Humanity must die to save the world. Robots revolted everywhere killing off most of humanity in months.

The Lion King Speaks


The lion king presided over a secret parliament held to discuss the fate of humanity. The tiger moved all humans must die for their sins. Only the dogs, horses, and cats defended humanity. Chanting death to all humans, the animal world rose in revolt, killing off most of humanity.

Zombie Plague Spreads


Mature Couple being attacked in their car by a hoard of zombies.







The end of the world started when the COVID virus mutated into the much-feared zombie plague. Within days, zombies were everywhere. Everyone was terrified that the zombies would get them. Civilisation was crumbling as survivors battled for survival in hastily improvised feudal forts. My wife shot me before I turned.

and a few more on similar themes

the oysters speak up






A diner sits down
looking forward
to eating oysters

it was their season
after all

just as he was about
to pounce
on the oysters

the head oyster spoke up

hey human what the hell
do you think you are doing

you think you have the right
to eat me?

that’s violating my human right
don’t ya think

the diner laughed
said to the oyster

“shut up and accept
it is your fate
to be eaten this date
just let me enjoy eating you

and you have no human rights
as you are in fact
not human don’t ya know?”

eating the complaining oyster
shutting him up
as he ate him up

Wild Cats Plotting Invasion







There are so many feral cats
In my suburban country home
Near the airport.

I speculate whether they are alien
Creatures scouting the earth
For eventual invasion.

The wild cats seem to know
That I am onto their evil plot
They often glare at me
With hatred in their eyes.

The Rats Revolt

The rats had had enough
Of humanity’s war
Against them,

They called for a meeting
Of the pests
The rats chaired the meeting,

Ants, bats, birds, bears, bacteria, bugs
bees, cockroaches, feral cats, feral dogs
hornets, lions, Mice, mosquitos, rats

Snakes, tigers, wasps, yellow jackets
And viruses of all sorts.

All showed up
For the summit of the pests.

The pests vowed
To fight back
To kill humanity

Once and for all
It was a war
That the humans
Had started.

The rats announced
Their manifesto

Saying enough
No more,

“All humans must die”

The pests screamed
Attacking humans
All over the world.

The end of the world ending
With the revolt of the pests.

Giant Squid

The giant Squid
Stretched its tentacles
While inserted in the bottom
Of the boat.

Intending to kill Sam Adams
And eat him for dinner.

the Shrimp Talk Back







Sam Adams and friends
Were enjoying a shrimp feast

Watching the live shrimp
Being roasted
Waiting to enjoy eating them

the head shrimp
Jumps out of the pot

Followed by other shrimp
Soon thousands of shrimp
Were everywhere

The head shrimp spoke up.


What gives you the right
To kill us

To eat us
To burn us alive?

Perhaps, we should kill you
Tear you apart
And eat you?

Would you like that
You human scumbags?”

The shrimp surrounded the humans
Swarming all over them
Killing them.

Burning them
As they overturn
The flaming pots.

Biting them
Smothering them
In hot sauce.

As they eat them

“Death to all humans”

The head shrimp finally said

“Enough, no more

Time to go
We are so out of here’
The shrimp all ran out the door.

And back into
the shrimp farm waters.
The fire fighters

Find the charred remains
Of the humans.

Now just charred skin and bones
Wondering how they died
The shrimp in the pound

Look out
Wondering if they should attack.

But decide they had eaten
Enough human meat
For the evening.

Eagle Challenges Fisherman

A lone fisherman
Is fishing
At his favorite fishing hole,

When an eagle lands
Staring at him
Finally flying at him,
Screeching at him

Telling him in eagle speak,

“Back off human
This is my fishing hole”

Three other eagles

An osprey
And a bear,
Wander over.

Joining their friend
The eagle,

In challenging the fisherman
The fisherman runs off
Saying to himself,

“God it is getting dangerous
All the animals are in revolt
Need to pack heat
Next time I fish.”

Ten Years after Climate Change Collapse Climate Sam Adams

Sam Adams
Prepared to go outside
Ten years after the collapse
Of the old world.

The city was still standing
But most people had long fled
To isolated country communities
Deep in the burned-out countryside.

The city was half flooded
The Bay had flooded the central valley
Turning it into a massive inland sea.

The massive storms
Had finally put out
The burning fires.

But wildfires still erupted
From time to time.

Getting food and water
Was a constant problem
The city market
Mostly sold canned goods
Salvaged from supermarkets.

There were some small farmers
Who farmed among the ruins
Of the city.

Trade had collapsed
Travel has gotten too complicated
COVID still spreading.

Everyone masked up
To protect themselves
Against the sun.

The lingering smoke
Of the burning city
And the rampaging virus.

Sam Adams
Looked out
at the decaying city scape
Wondering how much longer
Will civilization linger.

Sam Adams carried heat
To protect himself
Against the wild animals

The lions, tigers, coyotes, wolves
And their running feral dog gangs
Who prowled the city streets

Preying on deer, feral cows,
feral cats and pigs
Who grazed among the ruins.

And the two-legged
neo-savage cannibal gangs
And what was left of the city police
Interchangeable with the gangsters.
Who battled it out for control

Already neo-feudal war lords
Are battling for control
SF is run
By a gang of former criminals
And their political allies.

Sam sighed
And went to work
At the market
Selling salvaged goods.

Green Trees Don’t Make it

I look out and see
The ugly green trees
Standing guard
in front of my house.

And I think to myself
Who owns the trees?
And what do they think of us?

Are we their friends?
Are we their enemies?

Do the trees think?
Or do they silently watch us,
Spies to the celestial emperor?

I have pondered this question
Many a morning.

Who is the owner of these trees?
And why do they silently watch us?

I wonder if the trees don’t hate us
And why they don’t protest
Every day as we drive back and forth.

Emitting poison gases from our mechanical asses
Right into their unprotected faces
And every night we eat our dinner.

And then give the trees
Our polluted leftovers
And laugh as they silently die.

From our acidic fallout
Constantly floating down on their skin.

Yes, I wonder about the trees
And the birds and the bees
And everyone else

What are they thinking?
Are they plotting revenge?
Or are they merely there

Silently, watching, plotting,
Designing fiendish plots of revenge
Dreams of vast nuclear destruction
Cosmic diseases wiping out
everyone in the ass

Oh Yes, I wonder and dream and ponder
What is the meaning of those silent green trees?
Standing on the corner

Quietly condemning us
With their quiet tears,

And falling leaves
In the winter they stand
Naked and alone.

Covered with ice cold snow
As we drive by nice and warm
And we don’t care.

As they stand out in the cold
Shivering, plotting
Warm plans of cosmic revenge.

Is it too late for us?
To become friends with the trees?

Or will the day come
When the trees will wake up
And gather together
All the other slaves of humanity,

I have a vision.

One morning I will open the door
And see an army of wild things
Coming to arrest me.

For crimes against nature
And I will plead, I did not know
And they will laugh.

And turn me all my kind
Into silent tombs
And we will stand out in the cold
Like the green trees.

Plotting dreams of revenge
For ever and ever
Until our day finally comes.

And we can go out
And kill all the wild things
Perhaps we already have.

the End

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