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Cosmos Books Read 2021 Update

Cosmos Books Read 2021 Update

books read
books read






1001 Books to Read Before You Die List
Cosmos Books Read 2020 RevisedBooks Read 2020
Books read 2019

Books read 2019
Cosmos’s Reading List 2021

Goals:  100 Books

Read Classics

One Thriller Per Month

One history/politics book per month

Read A Lot More Poetry

Read At Least One Book A Year in Spanish

Read At Least One Book A Year in Korean


I will year try to finish reading classic books.  I have a collection from Kindle of 50 books to read before you die, in three volumes – 15O books in total see list below.  I have read many of them already which I have noted.  As I read them, I will add them to the chronological listing below.

The List

The List

Best American Poetry 2018


Allison Adair Miscarriage

Kaveh Akbar Against Dying

Julia Alvarez American Dream

David Barber Sherpa Song

AR Amnov Finishing Up

Andrew Bertaina A Translator’s Note

Frank Bidart Mourning What We Thought We Were

Bruce Bond Anthem

George Bradley Those Were the Days

Joyce Clement Birds Punctuate the Days

Brennan Constantine The Opposite Games

Marianne Cobbett Prayer Concerning the New More Accurate Translation of Certain Prayers

Robert Cording Toast to My Dead Parents

Cynthia Cruz Artaud

Dick Davis A Personal Sonnet

Warren Decker Today’s Special

Susan De Sola the Wives of The Poets

Dante De Stefano Reading Dostoyevsky At 17

Nausheen Eusuf Pied Beauty

Jonathan Galasso Oriental Epithalamion

Jessica Goodfellow Test

Sonia Greenfield Ghost Ship

Joy Harjo an American Sunrise

Terrance Hayes American Sonnet from My Past and Future Assassins

Ernest Hilbert Mars Ultor

Nemo Hill the View from The Bar

Tony Hoagland Into the Mystery

Anna Maria Hong Yonder a Rental

Paul Hoover, I Am the Size of What I see

Maria Howe Walking Home

Mandy Kahn Ives

Ilya Kaminski, We Lived Happily During the War

Stephan Kampa The Quiet Boy

Denika Kelly Love Poem Chimera

Mary Jo Salter We Will Always Have Parents

Jason Schneiderman Voxel

Nicole Sealy Violence

Michael Schumacher Advent

Carmen Gimenez Smith Dispatch from Midlife

Tracy K Smith an Old Story

Gary Snyder Why California Will Never Be Like Tuscany

An E Stallings Pencil

Anne Stevenson How Poems Arrive

Adriene Su Substitutions

Natasha Trethewey Shooting Wild

Agniezeku Tworek Grief Runs Untamed

Waldrep Dear Office in Which I Must Account for Tears

Wang Ping Lao Jia

James Matthew Wilson on A Palm

Ryan Wilson Face It


Best American Poetry 2017


Christian Wiman Assembly

Dan Allerbotti Weapons Exchange Report

David Barber on A Shaker Admonition

Dan Beachy-Quick Apophatic

Bruce Bond Homage to a Painter of Small Things

John Brennan Intrigue in The Trees

John Ashbery Commotion of Birds

Jericho Brown Bullet Points

Nicole Brown The Dead

Cyrus Cassells Elegy with A Gold Cradle

Isaac Cates Fidelity and The Dead Singer

Allison Cobb, I Forgive You

Leonard Cohen Steer Your Way

Michael Collier a Wild Tom Turkey

Billy Collins Presence

Carl Dennis Two Lives

Katia Claudia Emerson Spontaneous Emission

David Feinstein Kaddish

Carolyn Fouche The Boatman

Viva Francis Given to Those proclivities By God

Amy Gerstler Dead Butterfly

Reginald Gibbons Canasta

Margaret Given Passage

Aracelis Girmay From the Black Maria

Jeffrey Harrison Higher Education

Terrace Hayes Ars Poetica with Bacon

RJ Herbert Mounting the Dove Box

Tony Hoagland Cause of Death Fox News

John Hogan Hamlet Texts Guildenstern About Paying Upon the Pipe

David Brendan Hopes Certain Things

Major Jackson Trends a Well Light Summer Cocktail

John James History

Rodney Jones Homecoming

Fatty Judah Progress Notes

Meg Kearney Crackle

John Koethe the Age of Anxiety

Yusef Komunyakaa from the last bohemian of Avenue A

Danusha Lammers The Watch

Jordan Laux Lapse

Phillip Le Van Rain in Winter

Amit Majumdar Kill List

Jamal May Things That Break

Judson Mitchem White

John Murillo Upon reading that Eric Dolphy transcribed Even the calls of certain species of birds

Joyce Carol Oates to Marlon Brando in Hell

Sharon Olds Ode to The Glands

Matthew Bozeman Letter Beginning with Two Lines by Czeslaw Milosz

Gregory Orr Three Dark Proverb Sonnets

Carl Phillips Rockabye

Rowan Picado Phillips Halo

Robin Robert Pinksy Names

Stanley Plumly Poliomyelitis

Paisley Rekdal Assemblage of ruined Plane Parts Vietnam Military Museum

Michael Ryan the Mercy Home

David St John Emanations

Cheryl Santos, I Went for A Walk in Winter

Taiji Silverman Where to Put It

Charles Simic Seeing Things

Danny Smith Last Summer of Innocence

Maggie Smith Good Bones

RT Smith Maricon

RE Stallings Shattered

Pamela Sutton Afraid to Pray

Chase Twitchell Sad Song

James Valvis Something

Emily Van Kley Dear Skull

Wendy Videlock Deconstruction

Lucy Waigner Scheherazade

Crystal Williams Double Helix

Christian Wiman Prelude

Monica Yoan Green acre

C Dale Young Precatico Simplex

Dean Young Infinitives

Kevin Young Money Road

Matthew Zapruder Poem for Vows


Best American Poetry 2019


Dilruba Ahmed Phase One

Rosa Alclad You and The Raw Bullets

Margaret Atwood Updates on Werewolves

Catherine Barnett Center Park

Joshua Bennett America Will Be

Fleda Brown Afternoons on The Lake

Sumitra Chakraborty Essay on Joy

Victoria Chung Six Orbits

Glen Chan, I Invite My Parents to A Dinner Party

Leonard Cohen, I Drank a Lot

Laura Cronk Like a Cat

Kate Daniels Metaphor Less

Carol Dennis Armed Neighbor

Tori Derricotte Apology to The Reader

Thomas Devaney Brilliant Corners

Natalie Diaz Skin- Light

Jean Dominique Duryer Declined in The Adoration of Jack in The Pulpits

Martin Espada, I Now Pronounce You Dead

Nausheen Eusurf The Analytic Hour

Vievere Francis Cazonian Blue Than Bluer

Gabriela García Guantanamera

Amy Gerstler Update

Camila Guthrie Virgil

Yona Harvey Dark and Lonely After Takeoff A Future

Robert Hass Dancing

Terrance Hayes American Silent My Past and Future Assassin

Juan Felipe Herrera Roll Under the Waves

Edward Hirsch Stranger by Night

Jane Hershfield Ledger

James Hock Sunflowers

Bob Homan All Praise Cecil Taylor

Garrett Hongo The Brothers Cassia

Ishion Hutchison Sympathy of a Clear Day

Major Jackson in Memory of Derek Alton Walcott

Ilya Kaminski from testament

Ruth Ellen Kocher We May No Longer Considered the End

Deborah Landau Soft Targets

Quraysh Ali Lansana Higher Calling

Li-Young Lee the Undressing

David Lehman, It Could Happen to You

Ada Limon Cannibal Women

Rebecca Lynn Berry a Brief History of The Future Apocalypse

Nubile Lovelace the S in I Love You Porgy

Clarence Major Hair

() Gail Mazur At a Lands End

() Shane Mcrae The President Visits the Storm

() Jeffrey Mcdonald Fired from A Parallel World

() Campbell Mcgrath Gray Miles Davis Birth of The Cool at The Founding in Brasilia

Ange Milinko Sleepwalking in Venice

Kamela Aisha Moon

The Last of England

Paul Moulton Aubade

John Murio on Confessionalism

Naomi Shihab Nye My Own State Department

Sharon Olds Rasputin Aria

Michael Palmer Nord-Sur

Morgan Parker The Black Saint, And the Sinner Lady, The Dead, and The Truth

William Perdomo Head Crack Head Crack

Carl Philip Star Map with Action Figures

Ishmael Reed Just Rolling Along

Paisley Rekdal Four Marys

Sonia Sanchez Belly, Buttons and Straight Spines

Nicole Santalucia #Me Too

Philip Schultz Encore

Jane Shore Who Knows One

The Greatest Personal Privation

Ae Stallings Harms Way

Arthur Sze The White Orchard

Natasha Trethewey Through Her a Duty

Ocean Voong Partly True Phone Reflecting in A Mirror

David Wojahn Still Life Stevens Wallet and Key West Hotel Dresser

Kevin Young High


In the following poems, poets use different types of imagery to express their concepts.

Visual imagery …

Blazing in Gold and Quenching in Purple
by Emily Dickinson


Auditory imagery …

The Sound of the Sea
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Olfactory imagery …

by Kathryn Worth

Gustatory imagery …

This is Just to Say
by William Carlos Williams

Tactile imagery …

The Kiss
by Sara Teasdale

Adam Bede (1859) read,

The Lifted Veil   read

The Mill on the Floss (1860),

Silas Mariner (1861),

Edgar Allen Poe Tell-Tale Heart from DYI MFA

Five Poems from DYI MFA


Five Senses


Walt Whitman When I Heard the Learned Astronomer Sight DYI MFA

Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth Sound DYI MFA

Barry Cornwall A Petition to Time Touch DYI MFA

Emily Dickinson, I Like to See It Lap the Miles Taste DYI MFA

Walter Prichard Eaton the Lilac Smell DYI MFA




T.E. Hume the Embankment

E.E. Cummings in Just

The Mouse’s Tale, By Lewis Carroll


Three poems from writing com 3/30/2021

John Gillespie Magee, Jr. High Flight
(Source: Https://Nationalpoetryday.Co.Uk/Poem/High-Flight/)
Jeffrey Harrison, Nest
(Source: Https://Www.Poetryfoundation.Org/Poems/55885/Nest-56d237e2d619c)
Ted Kooser, Abandoned Farmhouse
(Source: Https://Www.Poetryfoundation.Org/Poems/52935/Abandoned-Farmhouse)

Famous poems

Glass by Robert Francis  Writing com
Blue Winter by Robert Francis  Writing com
encounter  writing com

Where I Belong – Contest winner Feb 24, 2021,  writing com

Edna St. Vincent Millay -Pastoral  writing com
Lorraine Marguerite Gasrel Black -Pastoral Rhapsody writing com
Daniel Miltz -Pastoral Day  writing com
Henry Kirke White -A Pastoral Songwriting com

Carl Sandberg Passers-By
Poetry Corner, writing com Poetry corner

Randall Jarrell The Olive Garden  Writing com poetry
Randall Jarrell the Breath of Night Writing com poetry
Randal Jarrell the Orient Express Writing com poetry

Peter Gizzi -This World Is Not Conclusion

Jean Valentine – La Chalupa, The Boat

Carl Phillips  Aubade: Some Peaches, After Storm



Poetry for Dummies


Abdul Ala armada Rafi I poem Friend, this world is like an unburied corpse

Ali Ahmad Saeed poem

Alton David translation of a man and a woman white

Andre Breton Man and Woman Absolutely White

Mary Bernard, translation of Sofia he is more than a hero

Ingeborg Bachman poem

Anne Bradstreet letter to her husband 1650 first Published woman poet in the US

Willis Barnstone translation of mother’s song if snow

Charles Bernstein writing exercises

William Blake Sick Rose

Elizabeth Browning Sonnets from the Portuguese #43 how Do I love Thee

Elizabeth Bishop one art Britain

Andre Carter Stephen D translation lady is shichimi if someone would come

William Barnstone she is at island me turn off

Maxine Chernoff writing exercises

Chilam Balam poem

Chiyo various lines

William Corbett Vermont Apollinaire

Robert Creely the business

EE Cummings In Jest

Bel Dao Listen, I Don’t Believe Chinese poet mid-20th century

David Wagner lines and since a call since Elam since summer

Thomas Campion When to her lute Corinna sings

Jon Donne Holly Sonnet 14

Lucile Clifton, I don’t know how to do

Emily Dickinson lines and poems 214

Emily Dickinson poem 262

Emily Dickinson poem 640

Emily Dickinson poem 986

Emily Dickinson poem 1732

Enhenduanna The Exaltation of Inanna, antiphonal Hymns Praise of Inanna

Egyptian Poem, untitled

Fanny Howe About Face

Imr El Quais The Great Ode

Elaine Feinstein excerpt from translation Marina TSvetayeva poems of the end Lawrence Ferlinghetti excerpt from constantly risking absurdity Coney Island of the mind

Donald Finkel excerpt from a translation of Bel Dao

Roberts Elizabeth silent poems

Frances Kathleen vanishing point third black quartet from Wayne

Robert Frost Nothing Gold can stay

Robert Clark translation departure by Pierre Reverdy

Jorie Graham In what matter is the body united with the soul

Barbara Guest Lines from red lilies

HD Dread

HD Sea Rose

HD Oread

Allen Hibbert translation of Adonis desire moving through the Maps of the material

Ronald Hoffman excerpt from deceptively like a solid

Kelly Holt writing exercises

Bible, Ecclesiastes for everything there is a season

Homer Odyssey

Homer Iliad

Edward Arlington Robinson Richard Corey

Fanny Howe About Face

George Herbert Death

Linda jarkesy the bed

John K

Randall Jarred the death of the Bell turret gunner

John Keats The Eve of St Agnes

Lao Tzu Rule a Large Nation

DH Lawrence Bavarian Gentians

LiPo Moonlight Pools

Liu Tsung-yuan From One thousand mountains

Audre Lorde lines from coal

Hugh MacDiarmid Another epitaph on the army of mercenaries

Jackson Mac Lou excerpt from antic quartans

Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat excerpt

Alexander Pope Essay on Criticism

Bernadette Mayer writing exercises

WS Merwin excerpts from leviathan

Pablo Neruda leaning into afterworlds

Pablo Neruda and walking around

John Milton excerpts from Allegro

John Milton excerpts from paradise lost

Mariana Moore experts from the monkeys

Laura Moriarty the mouth

Bridge Mullins writing exercises

Ellen Myles honey bear

Lorraine Niedecker now in one year

Charles North excerpt from shooting for line

George Oppen excerpt from psalm

Dorothy Parker resume

Bob Pearlman speaker vibrates through the entire house after from AK

Ezra Pound in a station in the Metro

David Ray translation lines from Chiyo

Kenneth Rexroth translation of Midnight songs

Pierre Reverdy Departure

Christopher Sawyer Le is More Than an Hericenone translation Flight of the Itza

Dominion Searls translation of a kind of loss

Shelly Love Philosophy 19th Century

Sappho He is more than a Hero

Jack Spicer lines for imaginary elegies part 1-111

John Tipane translation Abu Hamza al online from this world

Dante in the middle of the road

Anonymous Egyptian poem only one matchless sister

manioc If snow falls on the left field

Issa Morning

Beowulf soon saw

Homer then wide ruling Agamemnon

Homer infinite terror

Homer wars spears

Imr El Qis here was the place I watched her

Arthur Rimbaud Bateau Ivre if I desire

Arthur Rimbaud memory

Arthur Rimbaud longing for young arms

Rig Veda there was no such things

Sappho the moon has set

Charles Thomasson lines from Mr. Birdy

David Trinidad monster mash

TS Elliot Excerpt from the Wasteland

Mariana Tsvetanyana Poem of the End

Alfred Tennyson Now Sleep the Crimson Petal

Anne Waldman excerpt for Iovis 19

William Carlos Williams except for the descent

Walt Whitman excerpts from Leaves of Grass

William Butler Yeats the second coming

William Wordsworth the Solitary Reaper

Louis Zukofsky in Arizona from 729 songs

Richard Lovelace 17th Century British Poet, “To Lucasta, Going to War”

Geoffrey Chaucer 1400 Call complaint to His Purs (Purse)


Parody Poems from NaPoWrMo April 27 Prompt


Lewis Carroll Crocodile

Isaac Watts How Doth the Little

Lewis Carroll This the Voice of The Lobster

Isaac Watts The Sluggard
Lewis Carroll Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat


Other poems from Writing com and Elsewhere

Abandoned Farmhouse
by Ted Kooser
Wooden Boats 
Judy Serum Brown
Denise Levertov Celebration

Edgar Allan Poe A Dream Within a Dream

Heal the World with Marigolds  poetic blossoming entry

Midnight encounters a poetic blossoming entry


David S the All-Mighty Thresher
Sally Ann Roberts example #1:it All Started with A Packet of Seeds

Marie Summers  Example #2:celestial Dreams

Marie Summers  Dance In the Rain come,

Marie Summers  Dendrobium Osprey o, Sleek and Beauteous hunter.


Other Books


Frederick Forsythe Icon

David Baldacci One Good Deed

David Baldacci the Last Mile

Claudia Gray Defy the Stars

Daniel Silva The Defector

Daniel Silva the English Assassin

Daniel Silva The Messenger

Stuart Woods A delicate Touch

Stuart Woods Choppy Water

Stuart Woods Palindrome

Steven Parnell All Out Wall

Stuart Woods Bombshell

Ransom Riggs   Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2011), read

Ransom Riggs    Hollow City (2014), read

Ransom Riggs Library of Souls (2015). Read

Ransom Riggs A Map of Days to read

Ransom Riggs   the conference of the Birds – to read

Ransom Riggs    the Desolations of Devils Acre read



Elliot Novels


Adam Bede (1859) read,

The Lifted Veil   read

The Mill on the Floss (1860), read

Silas Mariner (1861), read




50 Books to Read Before You Die – three volumes 150 books total. I have read the following

The Complete List, Volume One


Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy  Read

Jane Austen Emma Read

Jane Austen Persuasion Read

Honoré de Balzac Father Gorgio

Anne Brontë the Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre  Read

Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights Read

Samuel Butler the Way of All Flesh

Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote Read

Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness Read

Joseph Conrad Nostromo

Daniel Defoe Moll Flanders Read

Charles Dickens Bleak House Read

Charles Dickens Great Expectation Read s

Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Brothers Karamazov Read

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Read

Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Idiot Read

Arthur Conan Doyle the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Read

Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo  Read

George Eliot Middlemarch Read

George Eliot Daniel Deronda Read

Gustave Flaubert Madame Bovary

Charlotte Perkins Gilman the Yellow Wallpaper Read

Nikolai Gogol Dead Souls

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Read

Homer the Odyssey Read

Homer the Iliad Read

Victor Hugo Les Misérables Read

Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  Read

Henry James The Portrait of a Lady

James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Read

D.H Lawrence Sons and Lovers Read

Gaston Leroux The Phantom of the Opera

Jack London The Call of The Wild  Read

Herman Melville The Great God Pan Moby Dick Read

Marcel Proust Swann’s Way to read

Mary Shelley Frankenstein Read

Stendhal The Red and the Black

Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Read

Bram Stoker Dracula Read

Sun Tzu the Art of War Read

Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels Read

William Makepeace Thackeray Vanity Fair Read

Leo Tolstoy War and Peace Read

Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina Read

Leo Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilych

Mark Twain the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  Read

Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray  Read

Grant Allen What’s Bred in the Bone  to read–

Lucius Apuleius The Golden Ass -to read

Marcus Aurelius Meditations – Read

Jane Austen Lady Susan  to read

Jane Austen Northanger Abbey -to read

  1. Frank Baum the Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Read

Dale Carnegie the Art of Public Speaking – Read

Margaret Cavendish The Blazing World to read –

The Innocence of Father Brown – G.K Chesterton to read

G.K Chesterton Heretics – to read

G.K Chesterton -The Dennington Affair to read

G.K Chesterton the Wisdom of Father Brown – to read

John Cleland Fanny Hill – to read

Wilkie Collins The Moonstone – to read

Joseph Conrad Lord Jim – to read

Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe Read

The Pickwick Papers – Charles Dickens Read

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens Read

Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Gambler – to read

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Notes from The Underground – Read

Arthur Conan Doyle the Sign of Four Read

Arthur Conan Doyle the Hound of the Baskerville Read


Arthur Conan Doyle the Lost World  read

Alexandre Dumas the Three Musketeers read

Alexandre Dumas the Man in the Iron Mask read

  1. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise read

Elizabeth Gaskell Curious, if True, Strange Tales

Henry Rider Haggard King Solomon’s Mines  read

Victor Hugo the Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book to read

Rudyard Kipling Captains Courageous to read

Rudyard Kipling -Kim – to read

D.H. Lawrence Lady Chatterley’s Lover read

Jack London the Son of the Wolf to read

Hendrik Anton Lorentz the Einstein Theory of Relativity to read

HP Lovecraft The Dun ich Horror read

HP Lovecraft At the Mountains of Madness read

Niccolò Machiavelli the Prince – to read

Lucy Maud Montgomery the Story Girl to read

The Antichrist – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche to read

Plato The Republic – read

Mary Shelley The Last Man – read

Mark Twain Life on The Mississippi – read

Vats Ayana the Kama Sutra read

Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days  read

Louisa May Alcott Little Women  to read

Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility  Read

  1. M. Barrie Peter Pan read
  2. M. Bower Cabin Fever to read

Frances Hodgson Burnett the Secret Garden to read

Frances Hodgson Burnett a Little Princess to read

Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland  read

Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne of Green Gables to read

Jules Verne A Journey into the Center of the Earth  Read

Jules Verne The Mysterious Island  Read

Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Read

  1. G. Wells the War of the Worlds read
  2. G. Wells the Time Machine (H.G Wells) read

Oscar Wilde The Centerville Ghost to read

Virginia Woolf The Voyage Out to read

William Chamber the King in Yellow to read

William Chesterton the Man Who Knew Too Much Read

Wilkie Collins The Woman in White to read

HG Wells the Star to read

Dorothy Leigh Sayers Whose Body? to read

Margaret Deland the Iron Woman to read

Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities read

Fyodor Dostoevsky The Double

Arthur Conon Doyle Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes to read

F Scott Fitzgerald the Curious Case of Benjamin Button to read

EM Foster a Room with a View  read

Sigmund Freud Dream Psychology  Read

Thomas Hardy Tess of the d’Urbervilles Read

Hermann Hesse Siddhartha  read

James Joyce Dubliners read

Edgar Allen Poe the Fall of the House of Usher  read

Andrew Land the Arabian Nights to read

Jack London The Sea Wolf read

HP Lovecraft The Call of Cthulu read

Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne of Green Gables to read

William Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil read

Edgar Allen Poe the Murders in the Rue Morgue read

Edgar Allen Poe the Black Cat read

Edgar Allen Poe the Raven read

Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island read

William Strunk the Elements of Style  read

Mark Twain the Adventures of Tom Sawyer read

Mark Twain the Prince and the Pauper read

 Stuart Woods 

1.    Run Before the Wind – 1983  to read

  1. Wild Card – 2019 read
  2. Skin Game – 2019 read
  3. Contraband – 2019 read
  4. Choppy waters 2020  Read
  5. A delicate Touch 2020 Read
  6. Palindrome 2020 Read
  7. Blue Water, Green Skipper – 1977  to read
  8. A Romantic’s Guide to The Country Inns of Britain and Ireland – 1979 to read
  9. Chiefs – 1981  read
  10. Run Before the Wind – 1983 read
  11. Deep Lie – 1986
  12. Under The Lake – 1987 to read
  13. White Cargo – 1988 read
  14. Grass Roots – 1989 to read
  15. New York Dead – 1991 read
  16. Santa Fe Rules – 1992 read
  17. L.A. Times – 1993 read
  18. Dead Eyes – 1994 read
  19. Heat – 1994 read
  20. Imperfect Strangers – 1995 to read
  21. Choke – 1995 read
  22. Dirt – 1996 to read
  23. Dead In the Water – 1997 to read
  24. Swimming To Catalina – 1998 to read
  25. Orchid Beach – 1998 read
  26. Worst Fears Realized – 1999 read
  27. The Run – 2000 to read
  28. L.A. Dead – 2000 read
  29. Cold Paradise – 2001 read
  30. Orchid Blues – 2001 read
  31. The Short Forever – 2002 read
  32. Blood Orchid – 2002 read
  33. Dirty Work – 2003 read
  34. Capital Crimes – 2003 read
  35. Reckless Abandon -2004 read
  36. The Prince of Beverly Hills – 2004 read
  37. Two Dollar Bill – 2005 read
  38. Iron Orchid – 2005 read
  39. Dark Harbor – 2006 read
  40. Short Straw – 2006 read
  41. Fresh Disasters – 2007 read
  42. Shoot Him If He Runs – 2007 read
  43. Beverly Hills Dead – 2008 read
  44. Santa Fe Dead – 2008 read
  45. Hot Mahogany – 2008 read
  46. Mounting Fears – 2009 read
  47. Loitering With Intent – 2009 read
  48. Hothouse Orchid – 2009 read
  49. Kisser – 2010 read
  50. Lucid Intervals – 2010 read
  51. Santa Fe Edge – 2010 read
  52. Strategic Moves – 2011 read
  53. Bel-Air Dead – 2011 read
  54. Son Of Stone – 2011 read
  55. D.C. Dead – 2011 read
  56. Unnatural Acts – 2012 read
  57. Severe Clear – 2012 read
  58. Collateral Damage – 2013 read
  59. Unintended Consequences – 2013 read
  60. Doing Hard Time – 2013 read
  61. Standup Guy – 2014 read
  62. Carnal Curiosity – 2014 read
  63. Cut And thrust – 2014 read
  64. Paris Match – 2014 read
  65. Insatiable Appetites – 2015 read
  66. Hot Pursuit – 2015 read
  67. Naked Greed – 2015 read
  68. Foreign Affairs – 2015 read
  69. Scandalous Behavior – 2016 read
  70. Family Jewels – 2016 read
  71. Dishonorable Intentions – 2016 read
  72. Smooth Operator – 2016 read
  73. Sex, Lies & Serious Money – 2016 to read
  74. Below The Belt – 2017 read
  75. Fast And Loose – 2017 read
  76. Indecent Exposure – 2017 read
  77. Barely Legal – 2017 read
  78. Quick & Dirty – 2017 read
  79. Unbound – 2018 read
  80. Shoot First – 2018 read
  81. Turbulence – 2018 read
  82. The Money Shot – 2018 read
  83. Desperate Measures – 2018 read
  84. A Delicate Touch – 2018 read
  85. Wild Card – 2019 read
  86. Skin Game – 2019 read

Remaining Elliot Novels

Romola (1862–63),read

Felix Holt, the Radical (1866),

Middlemarch (1871–72) read

and Daniel Deronda (1876).


Famous Poems to Read and Study

Five Senses

Walt Whitman When I Heard the Learned Astronomer Sight DYI MFA

Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth Sound DYI MFA

Barry Cornwall A Petition to Time Touch DYI MFA

Emily Dickinson, I Like to See It Lap the Miles Taste DYI MFA

Walter Prichard Eaton the Lilac Smell DYI MFA


T.E. Hume the Embankment

E.E. Cummings in Just

The Mouse’s Tale, By Lewis Carroll


John Gillespie Magee, Jr. HIGH FLIGHT
Jeffrey Harrison Nest
Ted Kooser Abandoned Farmhouse
Randall Jarrell The Olive Garden
Randall Jarrell the Breath of Night
Randal Jarrell the Orient Express

Peter Gizzi -This World Is Not Conclusion

Jean Valentine – La Chalupa, The Boat

Carl Phillips  Aubade: Some Peaches, After Storm

Parody Poems from NaPoWrMo April 27 Prompt

Lewis Carroll Crocodile

Isaac Watts How Doth the Little

Lewis Carroll This the Voice of The Lobster

Isaac Watts The Sluggard
Lewis Carroll Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

Abandoned Farmhouse
   by Ted Kooser
Wooden Boats 
Judy Serum Brown
Denise Levertov Celebration

Edgar Allan Poe A Dream Within a Dream

Writing com Stormy Lady 5/20

Dorothea Mackellar The Open Sea
Dorothea Mac Keller in a Southern Garden

Dorothea Mackellar The Open Sea
Leonard Nimoy after endless night

I’d Heal the World with Marigolds  poetic blossoming entry

Midnight encounters a poetic blossoming entry

Langston Hughes 

Our land 


The Weary Blues

Life is Fine

4/10/2021 from DYI MFA


Space Be Still, My Soul, Be Still
by A. E. Housman

A. E. Housman
The Immortal Part

A. E. Housman
White in the Moon the Long Road Lies

Another Home  (E)
a pantoum on the pleasures of fiction
#2250974 by Tileira (148)


David S The All Mighty Threasher
Sally Ann Roberts example #1:it All Started With A Packet Of Seeds

Marie Summers

Example #2:celestial Dreams

Example #3

Dance In The Rain come,


Example #4:

Osprey o, Sleek And Beauteous hunter.

Marie Summers example #5:


Marie Elena Good, 2021 Her Wittiness Stings Poetic Blossoms

Walter Wojinak He Prince Of Passions

David Schiebner  Footprints in time Writing Com

David Schiebner the Soldiers  Writing Com



Together Forever  (E)
A haunting memory in the Samisen form.

Judi Van Gorder  Cold Forever

Endecha Poetic Magnum Opus

Cross Country, by Robert Lee Brewer  Endecha.   Writers Digest

Linda  Varsel Smith “Syllables in Velvet” Endecha

  1. William Seaman Higgledy-piggledy Double Dactyl

Paul Pascal Patty-Cake Double Dactyl

Anthony Hecht Higgledy-piggledy Double Dactyl

John Hollander Higgedly-Piggledy Double Dactyl

Alfred Lord Tennyson The Charge of the Light Brigade (By Alfred Lord Tennyson)

 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  Evangeline

Robert Browning The Lost Leader (By Robert Browning)

Walt Whitman (Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Ian Lancashire  Higgledy Piggledy


Pat Anthony Aftermath

Nurit Israeli Untitled

Amy Breakfest In Bed

Yassy Somehow

Brad Osborne Your Eyes

Linda Visman Stormwatch
Susan Sonnen Starlit Dreams

other poems

Poetic Bloomings Weather Poem

  Poetic Bloomings Weather Poem the Blues

Walter J Wojtanik – 2021 THE PRINCE OF PASSIONS

Dave (Schneider at Writing.Com)  Measure Our Mortality

David Schnieder at writing com Footprints in Time

David Schnieder Soldiers

David SchniderTogether Again

Judi Van Gorder Cold Forever – Encheda

Robert Lee Brewer Cross Country, Encheda.

Linda  Varsel Smith “Syllables in Velvet”

Double Dactyls

  1. William Seaman Higgledy-piggledy
    Arthur W. Monks Higgledy-piggledy
    Paul Pascal Higgledy-piggledy

Juliet Capulet Higgledy-piggledy
John Hollander Higgledy-piggledy

Alfred Lord Tennyson The Charge of the Light Brigade (By Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Evangeline

Robert Browning The Lost Leader

Walt Whitman Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Ian Lancashire Higgledy Piggledy


Sidney Lanier Poems

Sidney Lanier The Song Of The Chattahoochee
Sidney Lanier, Ireland
(Written for the Art Autograph during the Irish Famine, 1880.)
Sidney Lanier A Sunrise Song

Steve Smith Poems

Stevie Smith My Heart Goes Out
Stevie Smith My Heart Was Full
Stevie Smith Alone In The Woods

To read

Harvard Classics

50 books to read before you DIe

1000 books to read before you die

Elliot Novels

Poets Companion Finish

Art and Craft of Poetry Finish

Whitman Leaves of Grass

Dickenson Collected Poems

Robert Service Poems (From Alaskan Gold Rush Period)

Milton Collected Poems

Mina Nair Beyond and Back Indian short stories

Robert Buswell The Zen Monastic Tradition

Mod Poe poetry


the end


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