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Back in Korea


back in Korea. Arrived at 5 am had a smooth flight for once. saw lots of movies, including the Manchurian candidate which is suddenly very timely.


Good news on the publishing front.


  1. Ego Phobia published my bus riding and hitchhiking poems!


here’s the link


  1. Duane Voorhees published my “decline of America” on his Poetree.


The Decline of America


You see it everywhere

The unmistakable signs


That the decline of America

Is in full swing


As our emperor in waiting

Withdraws the US


From the climate change agreement

Giving the proverbial finger

To 195 world leaders


And ignoring the personal appeal

Of the G7 and the Pope


Making America Great

By making America all alone

In its growing irrelevance


As the world leaders turn away

From dealing with the US


And we have gone past the tipping point

There is nowhere left to go

But downward


As the Empire begins to collapse

Victim of imperial overreach

Like all empires before


The DC metro on a good day

Is a broken-down remnant

Of a once proud system


On a bad day

It is an accident that happens

Over and over again

Killing and maiming people


The future of mass transit

Its proponents said


The interstate highway system

Is falling apart day by day

Our bridges are falling down

Our transit is a world joke


The cost of rebuilding America mounts

And our politicians are afraid

That it will cost trillions of dollars


Just to prevent the US from collapsing

Into third world irrelevance


And our idiot president’s answer

Is to sell our highways and bridges

To the highest foreign bidder


Treating the US as just another failed company

Ready to be stripped for cash and profits

By the vulture capitalists who took over the government


We have the world’s most expensive military

A million dollars per missile


And yet we can’t find the money

To provide decent health care for all


Bombs and tax cuts for the wealthy

Are the only things

That the Republicans care about


And the world looks in amazement

At the clown boy President


As he struts about

Looking more and more

Like some Banana Republic

President for life


With his family grabbing as much loot

As they can

From the federal government


Before the coming revolution

Overthrows them


When did we start this decline?

Some say 1960s started it

Others say Nixon’s to blame


Others claim that it was Carter’s fault

Or Saint Reagan’s fault


Or the other boy President GW Bush

Or Obama the fake American’s fault


Does it really matter

All I know

Is the America I knew


The can do anything country

The country that went to the moon

Is alas no more


And I morn for our lost liberties

Our lost sense of purpose


Our lost sense that America

Was the last great hope of Mankind


And still I wonder

Can America be made great again?

As our President Trump proclaims


The end times approaches

Nuclear war is talked about


Another missile crisis

And instead of JFK leading the country

We have Donald John Trump


The one and only

The greatest con man

To ever get elected


And I fear the end is in sight

As America begins its decline


Will we be one country

Or will we erupt into a civil war


Can we survive

Two nations divided

Into the red and blue camps


The coastal elites and multiethnic cities

And Jesus land in the rural hinterlands

And the deep south remains apart


The right claims that the left has started it

And the left claims that the right has started it


And both sides claim that the civil war

Is inevitable


A fight for the future of our country

Will we go back to the mythical past

When white men ruled the land

And women and minorities knew their place

And gays stayed in the closet?


Or will we embrace a progressive future

With an economy that works for all


And a world in which there is no ethnic majority anymore

And women and men are equal

And the GLBT community has full rights


I have no answer

It seems the end is coming

Sooner than we think


As Emperor Trump leads us

Down a dark, strange dangerous path


And so, it goes

The decline of empires


And I pray

That I may survive

The end of times


Microsoft Found Poetry


I recently installed Microsoft dictation program. I tested it and found that it was filled with bugs. 50 percent of the time it works, and when it works about half the results are what I dictated, the others are nonsensical commands – my favorite being play sly and the family’s summer in city which it did- and the rest is gibberish.  Some of the results are funny, some profound. So I wrote five found poems based on the dictation results. there is the first one:


The following is a verbatim copy of the gibberish that Microsoft dictation software spew
forth the first ten times I tried it. First I could not get it to recognize any thing. I called Microsoft tech support who suggested I reformat my hard drive and did not suggest that I buy an external mike. I did at Best Buy and then the program worked after I rebooted the computer six times and went through the set-up microphone procedure three times.

I thought that the results of this experiment were at times ludicrous so thought it would make a fine found poem. I merely broke it into stanzas otherwise the words are the way it typed out on the screen. I found if I spoke really slow the error rate was a bit less, if I spoke too fast it just did nothing.

I sent this to Microsoft but don’t expect a response.


Begin Microsoft dictation found poem:

Her and they moved to
a the final inspection went well
with E wall
back to the apartment

and brown
we had left the keys
are in the car

but fortunately
we ran two
are rules that TV does not

ruin were bought
baby by Jews
they’ll be able to see you
and your evening

we win
two Home Depot and Costco
and then who can free pizza
for dinner we want to eastern market
and shot the movie
dress report to the berber
back home
and went to bed
about the nine

the dictation is working up
from 50% of the time
cue-card will keep
the hope that the difference
in win over to

in the meantime
I will keep brokerage
and user to ride
bay from all working

you in this
is Trevor Rowe junior middle school?

Microsoft did tuition
continues two 50%
of the time
one the visual dictation data
his sometimes schuler’s
shall I am sure

even when you shoot a film,
today we’ll meet with Perot’s
to turn over the key
and then paid the porch
and weather permits

and then maybe have dinner
with more drivers
wore see the movie
Mama Mia

should be a good
if I have time
also do some solutions all

Still having problems with my group
saw fit to Asia
still very strange
each results
it’s well as run
the south: today in that age

When to the house
and your lunch
had a good lunch
when the two D. Meyer

we are only eight at the red cross
to the I had a BLT
center with each 10 home

to ensure came home
at 230 and we walked
back to the house

did was a very hot air
to move the best way
to beat the fencing guy

Go to End

can show them the fencing edition
about $4000 or so
came home to a
Her and then run back home
Had celebrated for dinner
and wash two episodes of a series of unfortunate events
than started reading The two men

To the house
and the DM 2 me
the pay
for its then
Go to End

go to the paint shop
to buy more pain
noses were very first

Go to End

had too old
to be in this meet pizza.

Go to End

Went out at 8 am
to the house to meet
had too old to be in this meet pizza
have peace of for dinner

go to Sly and the Family Stone Yes No?
Play Summer Time in the City Yes

the painters
then walked to the Paint Shop
the in the top of the state intends
the the the the the the the
Dinner salad
Say number okay 4444

End Document

Save Changes Journal Yes No
Can’t complete last command
Undo command
Can’t save

Came back from the upper
the painting works great

is how so
in a very hot as hell
bent tonight

will go to trade for Jones
for home to home
Number of records by second baseman from voting
and an batteries for remote control
or just for a number of town hall

for more jake poetry check out my blog



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