red crab

red crab season in Incheon

Red Crab season in Incheon

It is red crab season in Incheon. The red crabs are smaller than King Crabs and are bright red in color and are harvested off the Incheon harbor. There are crab and seafood restaurants all over town which is one of the nicer things about living in a Port City, great seafood!

There are lots of seafood restaurants in Incheon proper and in Yongchongdo where I live. There are two big seafood markets one near Soraebu port where the crab ships come in and another seafood market near the Incheon market and a smaller seafood market in Yongchongdo as well.

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At the markets you can buy your sea food and then take it to a nearby restaurant where they will cook it for you.

The total cost will be about $100 for three people. The markets are mostly lively early in the morning as the fishermen go out about midnight and return at sunrise. The markets are crowded with brokers for wholesalers, and restaurant owners who buy their fish daily every morning.

Most of the sea food consumed in the Seoul region are harvested off the West Coast and shipped to Seoul from Incheon harbor so you can’t find fresher seafood anywhere other than in Pusan where they also have a lot of great fish restaurants and markets.

There is also a street filled with fish restaurants near Wolmido.

And for some reason there are a lot of crab restaurants near Gyeansan mountain park.

That’s where we went for a great crab feast. We ate 10 crabs, and had soju and the usual side dishes. The bill came to 65 US $ for two people.

red crab
crab for lunch

One of the best crab feasts I have had in years.

best seafood resturants in incheon google search

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