calendar months

Reflections on the Passing of the Years

these are my reflections on the passing of the years

Worst Year Ever

2017 How Much I despise You
Following 2016 the second worst year ever
Will 2018 be any better ?

And what we have suffered
The darkness settles on the land
Like a curse on the land

As our mad demented senile dotard king wannabe
Struts about the worlds stage
Ushering Americas inevitable decline

As America’s foes and friends wonder
Has America gone mad
Turing over ultimate power to this man
A con man narcistic criminal

Self proclaimed smartest man in the room
In reality a clueless reality TV hustler
Whose sell by date has expired

As he tries to make America great again
For white Christian men

The rest of the country struggles
To cope with the ever declining standard of living

The 1 percent loved the stock market
Love the dismantling of the regulatory state
The corporate tax cuts

and the coming plunder of the land
Can Disney Yellowstone be the future?

While the rest of the world
Embraces the energy of the future
And this great denier of the truth
Wants to boldly take America back

To the 19th century era of oil, and coal

Yet perhaps it does not matter in the end
As long as we have one another

The darkness will come
But it will go away someday soon
The great American nightmare will be over

This is what I pray for 2018
The end of the darkness
that consumes our land


calendar months
calendar months


January arrives cold as death warmed over
As I make my annual list of resolutions
Of the great things I would do

The lies I tell myself to keep me going
While recovering from the hangover of the year before
With regrets for the evitable passing of time itself

And snow bound cold nights of wild passion
As we delay death’s knocking on the door


February is a strange month
Cold, short and eventful

In the U.S. The political season heats up
As politicians rush about

Making their campaign lies
Full of promises of things to come

As we the 99 % huddle down inside
Watching the lies on TV

Outside Winter’s last dying breath


March roars in full of sound and furry
Signifying the future marching down upon us all

And March madness hits the sports world
And politicians meet to plot and scheme

As we bravely battle the cosmic elements
Waiting for the promised spring

Hay fever greets me
With the early spring flowers


April is indeed the cruelest month of all
So many important events occurred

Kim Il Sung’s Birthday, Hitler’s Birthday
And in the U.S. the dreaded tax man cometh

To take it all away as the flowers overwhelm
And Spring Fever takes hold

Driving us all mad
With strange erotic desires


May is in many ways
My second favorite month of all
The flowers are blooming bright

The mountains are aflame with desire
The summer heat is coming

The plans for the year are coming along
The political campaigns heat up
And good movies come out

Star wars arrived
Spider man and superman and batman

All came out to play
In late May

And baseball begins in earnest
And most importantly

My wife was born


June is always a month of transition
End of the school year

Summer transfer season
People leaving people coming

Hurricanes and Tornados attacking
And wars starting and people dying

As fire flies buzz about
And rabbits eat my garden

As the summer heat descends upon the land
I walk late at night

Recalling that Watergate
Occurred in June


July is the queen of the summer season
As she heats up the land

Throwing storm after summer storm
And politicians run away
After the July forth fireworks

Man landed on the moon
Richard Nixon Left the White House

And we all know that half the year
Has flown by


So much has happened
During the hottest most hellish of months

Despite the summer sauna that descends upon the land
Enervating all driving people mad with the heat

World War 1 started
World War 11 ended
Hiroshima ushered in the nuclear age

Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey
And tornado ally
All roar down upon the land

And I met the love of my life
Getting off a bus
One August evening


What can one say about September
Like June a month of transitions

And one is filled with ambition
Wanting to finish up what one started

Before the fall arrives
And Winter is hinting it is coming

School starts
New jobs start

New people come into one’s life
And like August’s hangover

Big earth shattering events happen
The fall of the stock market

The housing bubble bursting
The endless budget games

As the politicians argue
Whether to bankrupt the country
To make a political point or two

And 9-11 terrorizing the world
All September’s gifts to the land


October is my favorite month of all
The leaves turn

The weather is usually delightful
Just a tease of the coming winter

Fall ball season underway
Baseball games and Halloween madness
ends the month with a huge bang

And I celebrate my legal birth on the 29th
Also the day I legally got married

And on the October 30 1955 I was born
And Rock n Roll was born as well

Coincidence I think not


November is one of the strange months
Begins like a hangover of October

Then it turns ugly and weird
Political fever hits the land

Every two years
As the people brave the early November chill

To decide what fools they will send to DC
The politicians lie and scheme and plot

And beg and lie again
And the world turns

And the new leaders emerge
Welcome the new Bosses

Same as the old bosses
Just new packaging

And Donald Trump storms the barricades
Threatening the establishment’s strangle hold
On America and the world

Yes November is a strange month


Perhaps the loneliness month of all
The most consequential of all the months

And yet also the most depressing end of time
Kind of month

If the apocalypse zombie or otherwise
Were to occur

It would be in December
That is the sort of insane month it is

The end of the year
As darkness settles down on the land

And holiday parties abound
Full of false cheer

And faked love
And for those who don’t celebrate Christmas

A lonely day perhaps at the movies
A few awkward calls to the relatives

Then New Years
Watching the world end

Drinking up a storm
And knowing that the year ended

And you are one step closer to the grave


rain end of the year
rain falling

The falling rain
Of late October

Fills me with essential dread
As I rush about

And end up here
Wherever here is

The rain outside
Seems like the tears of god

As I sit
Crying over my beer

Thinking of lost love
And failed dreams

What went wrong?

And what I can set right
And the rain falls

And the night darkens
The rain is falling

All over this man’s world
And the rain falls

And I sit
Drinking my lonesome drink

Lost in dreams
Dreaming of what
Could never be

Thinking dark thoughts
And so I sit

And dream the night away
literary yard poems by Jake Cosmos Aller

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