Timeless Love NaNoWrMo Entry 2019

I am competing for the third time in the November NaNoWrMo novel writing contest.  This year I am writing a SF romance novel called Timeless love based loosely on my own true love story.  See my dream girl poems and stories for details.

I will post an entry every day for a month during November.  the goal is to reach 50,000 words by the end of the Month.

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Timeless Love – A novel


Jake Cosmos Aller

Chapter One  – the Funeral Speech 

Sam Adams was turning 75.  He was also celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary.  Preparation for the anniversary, he recorded a video how is life together with his wife Maria Lee.  Their love story was unique and would make a great movie Sam thought.  The video would be I draft of their life story so to speak, any help that he could turn into movie.

He called together his niece, and his lawyer, and told them he prepared the video his life story, and wanted it to be played both at the wedding anniversary and at the funeral before he felt his time was coming to an end. He also revised his will, and wanted his life story to be written into a movie after he died.   He discussed the pending changes to his will and his wishes for the funeral.  He told them both that he felt that they needed to be ready to plan the funeral. That night he died peacefully.  the video was played at the funeral.

“Hello my name is Sam Adams, and if you are viewing this, I am no longer here among the living and that is okay. I’ve had a long and eventful life.   The central mystery of my life his how I met the love of my life, Maria Lee.  As some of you know, I literally married the girl of my dreams.   But what you may not know is that Maria and I have been soul mates for over 5,000 years and up until this life, our love story always ended up badly as we were from different social classes. She was the daughter of the king or  rich family and I was the son of a working class family.  Our love was forbidden by the rules of the time. 

twenty years ago to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, we went to a past life analyst and through hypnosis relieved our past lives.  we recorded our recollections which I wrote down at the time and posted on my blog, the world according to cosmos. Some of you may have seen it.”

The Dream Begins

It all began ten of thousands of years ago at the dawn of time when Sam first met his soul mate, Maria.  they were originally from the planet Sirius and met in the world between worlds before each reincarnation.  Their love was cursed from the beginning as they were born under a dark star, doomed to be executed time after time for their forbidden love affairs.  Until finally in 1982 the curse was lifted and they had a long and happy life together.  This is their true love story of timeless love that crossed the barriers of time, space, distance and different species and races.

They met in the timeless spaceless world known as the world between worlds where portals wormholes linked various worlds together.  Sam and Maria had been sentenced to a time in purgatory waiting final status determination – heaven or hell?  the word came down they would be given another chance to get it right and found themselves wandering the deep forrest   they came to a path lined with gate ways to their past and future lives.  first stop Atlantis, last stop was Berkeley, in 1974.  that’s when the dreams that haunted Sam’s life began.  after jumping in and out of various lives they came to the end of the portals and saw Berkeley, “last stop” and  they jumped into Berkeley and started living the dream world.

The dreams started when Sam was a senior at Berkeley high school in 1974, around Maria’s birthday in late May, perhaps.   About a month before Sam graduated, he fell asleep in a physics class after lunch and had the first dream: 

A beautiful Asian woman was standing next to him talking in a strange language.  She was stunning – the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  She was in her early twenties, with long black hair, and piercing black eyes. She had the look of royalty.  She looked at me and then disappeared, beamed out of his dream like in “Star Trek.”  He fell out of my chair screaming, “Who are you?”  She did not answer.

Later that day Sam told his best friend, Robert Sicular who was in the class with him about the dream.  He also told them that he knew that he would meet her some day and that was the women he was destined to marry.

  Robert said,

“Man that is crazy shit, dude. You had best quit smoking weed before class man. You be high. have any of that shit? 

nah smoked it all up. But dude the dream is real.


Sam told Robert’s parents, Bob and Ruth about the dream. Bob and Ruth were very closed to Sam. Sam hung out at their house a lot to escape his parents as he had grown up in a very dysfunctional family. 

Bob said,

Well that is the craziest love story I have ever heard so it must be true.

Ruth said

Follow your dreams. You will met her someday but you may have to go to Asia to find her. Where do you think she is?

Maybe Japan, maybe Korea, maybe Mongolia not China because whatever she is speaking is not Chinese

One day Sam was late for  his summer job working in the parks department. He had the dream again about 6 am and it woke him up.  Same thing occurs.  She is standing there talking to him and she has love in her eyes for him.  She reaches out to touch him and then disappears.  He felt electricity flowing from her as she touched him. Sam got up and accidentally breaks the mirror in the bathroom.  Sam  tells his mother who said that he will have seven years of bad luck as a result of breaking a mirror and later Sam thought that he had endured seven years of failed relationships and missed romantic opportunities because fate was conspiring to prevent him from getting seriously involved with anyone else because the universe was saving him for his one true soul mate.

A few days later, Sam is hanging out with my friends Matt  and Mark playing pool at my house downstairs in the basement.  I tell them that I had the dream again. 

Matt says,

“ Dude! that is just too creepy to believe. You should not be telling people that shit, they might think that you are some sort of nutter.  I mean we know you are nuts but in a good way and we love ya for it bro, but others well they might think you are certifiable.”

Mark looked at me and said,

“yeah dude, that is crazy shit, I mean shit like that ain’t real you know what I mean?”

“Matt, I swear to god it is too. I had the dream again. And I know I am going to meet her and marry her someday.”

Right on dude. Party one. We believe you. ”

About a month went by and then Sam started having the dream as he called it, repeatedly.  Always the same pattern – early morning, she would stand next to me talking, I would ask whom she was, and she would disappear.  She was the most beautiful, alluring women he had ever seen and he was struck speechless every time I had the dream.

After a year – Sam’s lost year – where he drank too much, smoked too much weed and flunked out of Oberlin Music college, Sam had finally started his third college, UOP, third college in a row and he is determined to get serious and get his degree after his lost first year.

One day shortly after arriving at UOP he has the dream again.  

That night he is smoking weed and drinking with his friend Roy, and Emma and several others.  He recounts the recurring dream and again says he knows he is going to meet her and marry her. They all express a degree of polite skepticism.  

Roy says, “Dude that shit don’t happen in real life. Get real.”

Emma says, “don’t waste your time looking for her.  Either you will find her or someone 

else and I am sure you will find the right women someday.”

One day in late May, about a week before I graduated I had been accepted into the Peace Corps.  I had a deadline to respond whether I would accept the proposed assignment and I had a choice going to Korea as a TB control worker in August or to Thailand as an ESL teacher in a rural school in October.  I was leaning towards Korea.  I had taken Japanese and Chinese history classes in college and I was fascinated with the region and I was curious about Korea.   And besides I was ready to get going. 

On May 18, 1979 at 5:30 I had a slightly different dream.  In the dream, she told me when I asked where she was, “Seoul, Korea.” And smiled at me. And disappeared. 

I told my housemates, Sara, Sharon, Roy and Kevin about the dream.  They all knew that I had been having this recurring dream over the years.  Sara said,

“Well seems like you need to go to Korea to meet her.  I believe you and believe that you are fated to meet her.”

“Well perhaps so but we will still get married at age 50.”

That was a standard joke between us.  We both felt that we were best friends but she did not want to have a romantic relationship with me but I did.  We had been living together for almost three years at this point and in a few weeks we would all be moving on as we were moving out at the end of the month.  Sara, Kevin and I were all graduating.  Sharon and Roy had another year to go.  Sharon never came back after being raped in her apartment after she moved out.  Roy dropped out of college as his parents could not afford the tuition any more.

Chapter Three Searching for the Dream Girl in Korea

In August 1979,  I arrived in Korea.   I looks around and sees thousands of women who look like the girl in the dream, but none of them are her.  I know I am going to meet her. I started having that dream on a monthly basis.  Usually near the end of the month and almost always first thing in the morning.  The dream was always the same.  She would repeat the word Aka which I later learned was the Korean word for baby and became her pet name for me once we met.  The rest of the conversation I could not understand at all.

I was always struck speechless and could only mutter the words,

“Who are you? Where are you?  When will we meet?”

She would smile at me, with love in her eyes and then beam away. 

The dream complicated my love life.  I was awkward around women, as I was a bit of nerd and lacked social graces.  I also was an intense person and that might have scared people from getting involved with me.  I was kind of like the character in the movie, “40 Year Old Virgin”.

Because of the dream, I could not see myself getting involved with anyone else because I knew I was fated to be with her someday.  I had a number of girlfriends, but no lovers until my last year in college. 

After the Peace Corps I taught ESL to Koreans who were serving in the US army to fulfill their mandatory military duty (KATUSAS).  I also taught BSEP )basic skills to military people.  In those days the military was taking in high school drop outs and many of the enlisted people had sub-par reading and math skills.  My job was to get them to read and do math at the 8th grade level.

One winter while I was in the Peace Corps I went to Taiwan on a personal visit.  I met a famous fortuneteller who made three predictions – I would marry an Asian women, I would marry when I was 27 and I would become a diplomat.  All three predictions turned out to be true. 

After the Peace Corps I took a job in Korea and decided that I would give it one more year. If I did not meet her by then I would return to Seattle to go to Graduate school at the University of Washington in Korean studies.  I was teaching English and basic skills for enlisted personnel at various US army bases in South Korea.  I moved about the entire country. Sam was lonely, dissatisfied, and .felt that he was wasting his time.  I kept having the dream though.

I was also drinking too much and hanging out at bars.  I liked to go to the bars and chat up the waitresses and practice my Korean.  They were amused by that and I learned a lot of “street Korean” from them and once a  month or so I would take one of them to her room and have sex. 

One day I was starting to work for a new contractor, Central Texas College.  My previous contractor has lost the contract and I was unemployed for a month and broke as hell.  I had about 100 dollars in the bank.  I was teaching ESL on the side here and there and making some extra money which went for booze and women so I was always broke.

one day I had to tell my employer that I was quitting and returning to the States to go to graduate school.   that morning I had the final dream. 

She came to me again, but this time, I understood her Korean.  She said, “Don’t worry, we will be together soon and once we are together we will together forever. I have been waiting since our last life together. And now I found you.”

“걱정하지 마십시오. 우리는 곧 함께있을 것이며 우리가 함께 있으면 영원히 함께 할 것입니다. 나는 마지막 생애 이후로 기다리고 있습니다. 그리고 지금 당신을 찾았습니다.”

“geogjeonghaji masibsio. ulineun god hamkkeiss-eul geos-imyeo uliga hamkke iss-eumyeon yeong-wonhi hammock hal geos-ibnida. naneun majimag saeng-ae ihulo gidaligo issseubnida. geuligo jigeum dangsin-eul chaj-assseubnida.”

Chapter Four She walks out of the dreams, off the bus and into my Life

That night, I got off the bus in front of  Camp Red Cloud where I was teaching.  Getting off the bus in front of me was the girl in the dream!  I was struck speechless which was an unusual experience for me as I was usually a talkative, extroverted sort of person.

She went into the base with a fellow teacher that I knew.  I bumped into them after his class and introduced myself.  She gave me her phone number and we arranged to meet over the weekend.  I gave her a lame excuse that he wanted to meet someone to practice his Korean and he could help her with her English. She spoke English pretty good as she was an English Education major at Sungsil Woman’s university and was a senior.  She was 23 years old and I was 27 years old.   I was born in the year of the goat and she was born in the year of the pig. According to fortune tellers we had a perfect astrological chart and were soul mates.  In any event it was love at first sight for both of us,  or as Koreans say

처음에 사랑

cheoeum-e salang

On Wednesday August 26,  1982 I got on a military bus on Camp Casey near where I lived in Tongduchon in a rented room.  I was living very basically those days out of a suite case in a rented room as my employer kept sending me all over the country.   I must have moved at least ten times that year.  

I was talking with a fellow BSEP teacher about graduate school.  We were both quiting soon to go back to the States for graduate school.  I was going to study Korean studies at the University of Washington, and Mark was going to study Public Administration at the University of Oklahoma on base.He had started studying at Yongsan and was transferring to the main campus so he could study full time.  He highly recommend that I study for a MPA degree as he knew that I was waiting to pass the foreign service test. 

I got off the bus and the girl in the dream walked off the bus, out of my dreams and into my life.  It was the moment I was waiting for all my life.   I had been dreaming of that moment for six and one half years.  And here she was.

I was struck speechless.  I stared at her and she stared at me.  And there was an instant connection, love at first sight for both of us.  She was with another fellow teacher, Jim.  Jim introduced us.  They were going to see a movie and I told them I would meet them at the  cafeteria at 8:30. 

The class went by in a blur.  I was still stunned that I had met her.  I came up with a lame excuse that I wanted an language partner and she could help me with my Korean and I could help her with her English. 

We met up.  I had a cup of coffee and a burger.  She had a burger too.  Jeff excused himself and said it was nice meeting her.   And left us.  

We talked about her life and my life.  Then I proposed that we meet up on Friday morning for a hike and further talks.  I was off on Friday. 

I told her that I was teaching MTWTH nights only and would be teaching some day time classes the following month but for now my days were pretty wide open until 5 pm when I had to leave for my evening classes.

She agreed to meet me on Friday at 9 am for breakfast and then we would go for a hike in a mountain park near by that I had not been to and neither had she.

That night I called my friend Robert and told him that I had met the girl in the dream.  He was stunned.  I told him that I knew it was her. 

The next day I wrote to the University of Washington and asked for a one year deferral of admission as something had come up that required me to stay in Korea for one more year. 

The next night she was waiting for me at the army base where I was to teach a class.  She told me that she had to see me as she had something to tell me.  I signed her on to the base and left her at the library to study.  She was a college senior she told me.  We went out for coffee after class.  She told me she was madly in love with me and that I was the man for her.  I told her not to worry as I felt the same.

I wrote my parents telling them that I was postponing graduate school for one more year.  And had informed the University. 

Chapter Five Whirlwind Romance

That night, Thursday August 27th was the second happiest day of my life.

She was waiting for me at the gate. She said that she had to talk to me.  I told her I would sign her on the base and meet her at the library about 8 pm.  She could study for an hour or so.

I dismissed my class early about 8 pm.  I went to the library and found her there.  I looked at her and she looked at me and smiled at me.

We went downtown to a classical music coffee shop.  They were very popular in those days.  They offered good coffee and classical music per request.  I requested some Bach.  And we drank two cups of coffee.

She told me that she was madly in love with me.  She told me that she knew I was the man for her and she had to be with me. 

I told her that I felt the same way. 

We talked further about her life and my life so far.  Her English was far better than my Korean so we mostly talked in English.    She was a senior at Sungmyeong Woman’s University majoring in English Education.  But she wanted to work for a corporation rather than become a high school English teacher.   She was also going to start a graduate degree at Seoul University working on a MBA degree in a new program that was taught in English.

I told her that I had been accepted to go to the University of Washington for a MA degree in Korea studies but would start that in about a year.  I would be teaching for CTC for a few months but wanted to find another teaching job somewhere in Korea as I was tired of teaching on base and the pay was not very good.

I told her that perhaps she could come to Seattle with me and study there.  She looked at me and said that she would love that.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we meet each day and went for  long walk in the mountains near the base and had breakfast, and dinner together.  She made me kimpop (Korean sushi rolls) every day.  

On Sunday night in the same coffee shop, I proposed to her.  Or she proposed to me.  Or we did it together.  In any event we agreed that we would do the formal paperwork through the embassy on Friday October 29th, 1982.

We started meeting almost every day for the next month.  Usually late in the day before my evening classes and all day Saturday and Sunday.  We did a lot of walking about here and there and talked endlessly as we both found the other to be fascinating.

We were extremely different in our opinions.  Opposites attract they say and boy did they.   She was a bit radical in her thinking, later became very conservative politically.  I was moderately progressive and still am.


I called up my best friend, Robert and Matt and told them that I had met the girl in the dream and was going to marry her.  They were concerned that I was meeting a con artist because they could not believe that the dream could be true. Later when they met Maria they believed in the miracle of the dream. 

That weekend we met Saturday and Sunday and hung out all day.  On Sunday, we went for a hike in the woods.  I proposed to her that night three days after we had met, but for me it felt that we had met 8 years ago, I had been waiting all my life for her to walk out of my dreams, and into my life and here, she was. 

We had a delightful long walk in the woods and even saw a woodpecker.  She told me that seeing the bird was supposed to be good luck. 

We married two months later after a Buddhist priest told her Mother that our astrological match was a perfect fit.  Her mother did not want her to marry a foreigner.  One day about a month after we had met, she invited me to meet her parents, but she did not tell them I was a foreigner.  I brought a bottle of Jack Daniels for my Father-in-Law and Uncle in law and drank the entire bottle with him.   He approved of me but my Mother-in-Law still had reservations. After the Buddhist Priests told her it was a perfect astrological combination, she agreed and we planned on getting married.  as she put it, “who am I to go against the will of heaven?”


We got married one month after I met her. 

A few weeks after we were legally married, her parents allowed me to start spending the night with Maria pending our moving to the Korean Army School where I would hold our formal marriage.  As part of the job, we received an apartment on base.  We would be the first international couple to get married at the Korean army school. 

Our first night together we jumped the gun and made sweat passionate love.  It was her first time and well I do not know how many it was for me but it was the best I ever could have had because it was with the love of my life.

And so we began our sex life.

It quickly became apparent that we had a difference in our basic approach to sex.  I was highly sexed and she was not.  My biggest problem was that I had a hard time talking about sex with her and so did she.  It took years before we were finally able to begin to talk about sex – what we wanted, what we liked and what we did not like.  And even more years before we finally started having the sex that both of us needed and wanted.  This is still a work in progress, but sex is getting better and better as is our communication about sex.

Chapter Six Her Mother’s Opposition 

Her mother was mad that we had jumped the gun but I was not.  I needed her and she needed me and that was that.

A number of years ago, Maria and I had a frank talk about her Mother just before she passed on from this life.  Maria had a difficult relationship with her Mother as many daughters had.   The following story shocked my wife.  She recalled her growing up with her mother who told her many times that she should have killed her when she was a baby.   Her mother hated her from birth. She said that Maria was a crying baby and she could not get any sleep for the first two years of her birth as Maria was always crying.  She said that Maria was so ugly a child that she was ashamed to be seen with her.  She told her to never call her Mom in public and Maria often hid in her room when people came over because she felt that she was indeed ugly.  When she was in junior high school, she went to a class trip to the Dongdaemoon ice skating ring dressed in pants etc. Her classmates told her that she was a pretty girl, and during college she dated a medical student.  Her mother continued to say that she was ugly to her face.  She said that she thought that her boy friend was deluded and she was ugly.  She also told her that I was ugly, but my brother Roger was handsome. 

She did not understand why Maria liked me.  It was love at first sight for both of us and her Mother never experienced love in her life.  She was extremely jealous of the love between Maria and I from the first time we met.  She had a typical arranged marriage complicated by the war that separated her from her family and she was the youngest of 11 children.  Her husband also was a North Korean refugee and was the fifth child.  Neither her father nor mother had ever seen their relatives since the war except for her husband’s father who made it to the South and her husband’s older brother who had also made it to the South.  In any event, her mother blamed Maria for her father-in-law’s abusive behavior towards her after she was born.  Her father-in-law was angry that she had given birth to a girl and not a second son.   And he was annoyed that Maria was a crying baby. and in those days of male preference for children, sometimes parents killed off their daughters secretly and no one made an issue since child deaths were so common in the chaos right after the war. 

Her mother hated her from birth, thought that she was an ugly cry baby, stubborn, and selfish.  And mean. She did not want to spend money on her going to college. And of course she hated her for marrying me and not marrying the medical student that she had “selected” for Maria.  She thought Maria was making a huge mistake marrying a foreigner..  And later she blamed Maria later for costing her money by “forcing her to sell the Sooyori property where Maria and grown up and some other property. Her parents like a lot of Korean families of her social class had a number of rental properties and lived off their rental income as well as her Father’s business.  He ran a makalli factory (traditional Korea rice wine) , had a bus company, and owned a couple of hotels.  He was moderately wealthy by Korean standards but certainly not of the elite. Although his family was part of the famous Kyongju Lee clan – distant relatives of the last Kings of Korea.  In fact, in the entire history of the Kyongju Lee clan, only two members of the clan and ever married a foreigner, the first President of Korea, Shgymun Rhee who married an Austrian woman and Maria who married me. 

Maria’s mother was always complaining that she did not treat her brothers or her with love and devotion, instead spending all of her love on me. She was jealous of our love. And she resented Maria for becoming successful as an adult while her sons had turned out to be failures.

When we came back to Korea to help her deal with cancer, she hated us being here. She did not want us to return to Korea permanently, thought we should stay in the U.S. and visit once a year at most for a few weeks.  She thought that Maria was plotting to take over property that did not belong to her, and hated her for demanding her fair share of the family properties.  Finally she resented the fact that she needed her help in going to doctors etc. 

A very complicated family story. I always thought that this would make a very good novel, or movie or K Drama.  Food for a short story or two about Korean family dynamics.  Our story would make a great K Drama complete with a villainous mother figure, who hated her ugly daughter from birth because she was a ugly crying baby.  And  the mother continues to hate her rebellious daughter who marries a foreigner and despises her mother.  And became the first Korean born female to become an US Army office to be stationed in Korea.  And her son in law becomes a diplomat.   

We had grown up in very different circumstances, countries and cultures.  We had very different personalities and both were strong willed, opinionated, and stubborn and proud.  Neither of took criticism well, and both tended to view the world in very personal terms.  

And boy did we have different personalities. I was outgoing, the life of the party, optimistic, happy go lucky, unrealistic, a big dreamer, a big story teller, but I lacked discipline and tended to start projects but have a hard time finishing them and I wanted so much to be liked that I forgave people too easily and he was too nice to the point that people took advantage of me. 

They say that opposites attract but it is hard to live with people who are so different.  I often thought that if we had taken one of these on=line compatibility tests we would fail the tests, but there was no mistaking the deep love, the powerful connection and the fact that we both knew from the moment we saw each other (Sam in his dream, and Maria getting off the bus) that they we fated to meet, marry and be together.  We were in fact soul mates.

Over the years whenever things were difficult between us as they always can be with married couples, I would think back to the dream and then he would fall in love with her again and again and again.  and when we were apart, I would have the dream, she was there looking at me with love flashing in her eyes – just staring at me and telling me how much she loved me. 

Chapter Seven my dysfunctional family history

Although her mother reluctantly accepted me as her son-in-law. And her father’s separately. My family accepted her into our dysfunctional family. My family’s history is long and entangled and I recall it here to set the record straight.  I coined the DNA and family lore, I had 18 different nationalities and my family’s history.   

On father’s side of the family, my ancestry is from Germany (German last name) Norway, Sweden, Finland ,Denmark, Holland, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Lapland and Scotland,  I’m also part Jewish.   And according going to the DNA, I must be part Mongolian since  everyone from Eastern Europe is part Mongolian..  My father who up in Yakima. And was the son of a Apple Farmer.  here gotten a PhD from Harvard, Mrs. and had served as undersecretary of labor for Johnson and Kennedy before returning to the bay area playtime for almost 40 years at San Francisco State University.  He was also a part-time politician, ran for congress against Ron Dellums and got his proverbial ass whooped.

On my mother side of family, I am Scottish, Scott,  Irish, English, French, Dutch, and Cherokee.  According to the DNA, I’m also part Nigerian.  The DNA test missed my German ancestry, despite my German name, and missed my Cherokee ancestry.  Going to family lore, my mother’s parents bold Cherokee, so they must’ve been at least half Cherokee. They were part of the loss Drive of the Cherokee Indians the disappeared around 1830 and would never registered as members of the Cherokee tribe, living on in the Ozark mountains and hills of Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas,  truly hillbillys as they used to call them. She was I’m union activist and later a real estate agent and help my father run his various side businesses.

They had a love-hate relationship, and I grew up in a very dysfunctional family.  My older brother became an arch conservative as did my younger brother.  They both married Asian women, my older brother married his wife one month after he met her.  She was from the Philippines, and they had three daughters.  My younger brother married a Chinese American women and had one son and two daughters.  My sister who died of a mysterious illness at age 50, had two daughters and one son. I am blessed to have many nieces nephews and and nieces and grand nephews. 

Sam’s wife had an older brother and younger brother therefore Sam had have nieces and nephews anything grand nieces and nephews on both sides of his family.  All in all a very tangled interesting family story..

Chapter Eight The Wedding of a Thousand Guests

Then we had our wedding.  It was a huge celebrity wedding and I had no clue.  It was a first in many respects.  In Maria’s family, she was only the second Chung Ju Lee clan member (the ancient royal clan) to have ever married a foreigner.  The first was Symgun Rhee, the First President of Modern Korea, and the second was my dear wife, Chong Oak Lee (later known as Maria Lee). 

My father came for the wedding and the Koreans interviewed him on nationwide TV as he was a former Under Secretary of Labor and apparently was the highest ranking foreign father in law in Korean history.  It made all the papers.  

And finally we were the first foreign-Korean couple to get married at a Korean Army base.  I was newly employed at the Hangjong Hak Kyo, the Korean Army Administration school.

So our marriage had a cast of 1,000 people.  My father in law said he had never met most of his clans men and everyone wanted to come to the wedding.

I was totally unaware of this until many years later.  My Korean was still not up to par and furthermore my wife did not want to alarm me or get me nervous.  She was nervous herself.  But she was determined that I was her man and we would be married.

It said a lot about our marriage.  I wanted her to be happy and so went along with her desires but boy what a media circus it all was.

Chapter Eight early marriage life

after the marriage of 1000 guests, Marie and I when I many honeymoon something in the middle of January.  I learned the area was cold-blooded and cannot handle cold weather and I had to warm her  up every night as I had a excess of  Ki life energy  as the Koreans put it and that became one of the many things that brought us together

We went back to the grand rock Army administration school we are talked for a year.  Maria got a job teaching Korean to US army officers for the University of Maryland and she also started attending the  Seoul University graduate school MBA program.

And we both were preparing to go to the University of Washington for graduate school.  Maria told me one day she would like to join the US Army as an officer once she finished a graduate degree and became a US citizen. I thought that was amusing but little did I know that she would make it happen. 

Maria turned out to be very determined, capable and a very ambitious woman. I on the other hand was much more laid-back, more content to just go with my life handed me without too much talk about the future.  

Although our personalities are very different, Henry had different opinions about 

everything somehow it was beginning to work, I’m every day I woke up and fell in love with her again. Perhaps that is the secret of being married 75 years for some reason we fall in love with each other every day.

Early on in our marriage we discovered that when we had  look each other and laugh and the magic would come back.  To this day almost 75 years later change remains as I published in poem a long time ago the best friend in the universe. 

After year of teaching, it was time to prepare to go back to the states. I took a six-month job back with my old and play on the base  teaching basic skills and English and for some reason the College thought I was qualified to teach business 101 Basic business skills.  She continued teaching Korean and taking classes at Seoul National University and taking the TOPEC test.  

I had gotten in to the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies where I would do a MPA in Korean studies. She got into the linguistics program thinking that she might one to eventually find work as an interpreter at a high-level events.

Going to University Washington made the third generation in my family to attend the University of Washington my grandfather went there when my father went there and my grandfather met my grandmother there as well.. 

When my father was at the University of Washington, he had a student strike to integrate the university, later the FBI investigated him as a possible subversive because in those days the civil rights movement was heavily infiltrated by the Communists. 

We flew to Berkeley, drove up to Seattle with my father, taking the coast Road so we can see my sister who is living up  Guala and eventually after three days we made it to Seattle.  my father was excited to visit the university have to be  for so many years and told me matters time at the University leading the students strike

He also told me about his first marriage and the daughter that he had Live in Seattle, I didn’t remember her but I met her again in Seattle

Then we settled down and I went to class every day and she studied English and prepared to get into the university herself. She got a job working for a Fish brokerage company.  But she was unsatisfied and decided to join the US Army.  She would go to basic training, and when she came back she start in and university and do a ROTC program.

The day she left for basic training was on the saddest moments of my life I felt abandoned by her.  

Somehow she managed to get to basic training, but in the springtime came the news that my father had died was dying of cancer.  I flew to California for the funeral when she finished basic training a day early and joined me.

After that we went back to Seattle, where we resume studying.  We took up a job part time as paper delivery and woke up every morning at four in the morning then went to school. She decided after two semester quarters of linguistics and it wasn’t for her and transferred into the MPA program.

Since I do not have a job yet, I decided to go on for MBA program as well 

Two years later she became a US citizen she was commissioned as an Army officer, and had to report for training in the fall after we graduated.

We went to Taiwan as a graduation present was one of our classmates then we went Thailand I hung out there for a while as well waiting for my visa to teach English at the university in Korea become due. 

I went to Korea to teach English and stayed at my parents whole house while Maria did her basic training.  In January would down to Pusan by myself and had three nights with three different woman.  First time I had cheated on Maria but not the last time.  She eventually found out and forgave me my transgressions. 

We had a bit of sexual compatibility problem from the beginning I want married life. I had a high sex drive and wanted sex almost every day and wanted a lot of variety in sex, she only wanted sex once a week and only one way.   Yet despite this constant frustration, we remained deeply in love and over time learned to accommodate each other’s sexual needs. 

I  taught ESL for Kyunghee University and taught US Government and Asian studies for the University of Maryland and worked as a copy editor for a Korean Economic Think tank and later worked as a copy editor for a Korean English language paper.  I was quite busy.  And almost had several affairs but did not ultimately do it although  he was very tempted.   the University was filled with beautiful young woman! temptations all around me.  I had a roaming eye but managed to behave myself ultimately.

She came back to Korea and was assigned to Korea as the first Korean born female U.S. Army officer to serve  in Korea.  About a year later got it in the foreign service and it was time for us to go.

I went to the training course by myself  Maria joined me at the beginning and then I was assigned to Korea so she was able to extend her time in Korea and I came to Korea where I served as a vice counsel doing visas for two years.

We went off to the states she went to Texas to serve as a company commander and I went to Thai and then on to Thailand where I served one year in the consular section and one year in the Economic section. 

while there by myself I began hanging out with the hash house harriers a running club with a drinking problem.  This was my third hash and I got into it too much, particularly the drinking. 

I ended up spending the night with Thai bar girls, once a month or so.  And one night I  got involved in a bar room incident that almost ruined my career.  Well it did ruin my career in a way.  She came to Thailand and saved my life, my career and my soul.

then  they went back to the States and while she was in Texas, he was in Washington DC for his first assignment there. 

 Korea desk  Sam had the accident that changed my life.

chapter nine cheating death 22 times

In my 62 trips around the sun, I cheated death 20 times. These are the true stories. If I ever meet the grim reaper I’d like to ask him why he spared me all these times.

Five Childhood Illnesses Hit me at age Six

I was a preemie. Born two months early. They had just developed oxygen tents for preemies and I was one of the first babies they saved using that technology, so in a way even being born meant that I had cheated death. The doctors thought that I would develop severe medical conditions. They were right; I have had bad eyes, bad teeth, and a residual learning disability from birth. And I had a weak immune system to boot. When I was six years old, I missed almost all the first grade and had to repeat the first grade because I developed all the childhood illnesses at once. I had whooping cough, pneumonia, the flu, German measles, and regular measles, chicken pox, and mono all in that year. And hay fever to boot. for me once I recovered I was in good health for years except for seasonal allergies in the fall and spring.

Typhoid fever Almost Kills Me in Korea

I dictation is

I graduated from high school and college and mostly was healthy, no major issues other than colds, the flu, and seasonal allergies. While I was in the Peace Corps training, we did a hike in the mountains in the East Coast of Korea. We stopped to drink water from a stream. I developed severe diarrhea and a fever. I was rushed to the local hospital and transferred to a hospital in Seoul. I had developed Typhoid fever, one of the last such cases in Korea as the Koreans had largely eliminated the threat of Typhoid Fever given the overall improvement in the country’s infrastructure. The doctors at first could not figure it out, but in the end, they figured it out. I spent four weeks in the hospital missing a lot of my crucial language training. The Peace Corps offered me the opportunity to go home or transfer to another Peace Corps program but opted to finish the training and my service. During the stay in the hospital, I was a celebrity of sorts – the only foreign patient and the nurses and doctors stopped by to practice their English with and I practiced my very rudimentary Korean as I flirted up a storm with the pretty nurses.

Guardian Angel Saves Me in Korea

I have always been a skeptical person, and not much of a believer. I have never been a Christian. I have always been an agnostic or even an atheist. But one day many years ago I experienced an event that changed my perspective on life. Since that time, I have become a believer in guardian angels that look after us in this corrupted world of ours. I can’t explain what happened that day, other than to realize that there are stranger things in life than we can imagine and that someone or something was looking out for me that day.

In 1990, I was living in South Korea teaching ESL for a Korean University and government, and Asian studies for the University of Maryland for military forces stationed in Korea. I was living in Seoul with my spouse who was a U.S. army officer, newly assigned to Korea. She was born in Korea and was, in fact, the first Korean American female officer to be assigned to Korea. We had been married for about six years having met in 1982 and had a whirlwind romance, marrying two months after we met. That is the subject of another story though.

One spring day we took a trip to the east coast of Korea. It was about a five to six-hour journey by car. My wife was driving because I did not drive due to bad vision and because I was afraid to drive in the chaotic driving environment in South Korea. We left Seoul about 11 am and by 3 pm we were halfway to our destination, Soraksan which is the number one mountain park in South Korea. It was a fine Spring day, just perfect weather, and we were both looking forward to taking a few days off.

Just outside of the town of Wongju, the freeway backed up and there was heavy traffic ahead of us. I saw a sign for the Wongaksan National Park which I had never visited before and I told Maria, let’s get off the freeway and check it out. I felt something telling me we had to exit the freeway that moment. I had a premonition that something bad was coming down the freeway and we were heading right into it.

We never forgot that day. And to this day almost thirty years later I often think back what would have happened if I had ignored that warning in my head and had insisted that we keep going to what would have been our death.

Almost Hit by a Train in Korea

While in my first tour in Seoul, Korea I joined the Hash House Harriers. The hash was an international drinking club with a running problem as they put it. The Hash started in colonial Malaysia and spread around the world. Mostly expat Americans and British. The runs ended with beer drinking, ritual punishments and British style jokes and bawdy not safe for work and not politically correct humor. I thought it was a lot of fun, but it was certainly not for everyone.

One day we did a run down by the train tracks. I was running along listening to music and did not hear the train approaching. I jumped off at the last moment barely avoiding being killed by the train.

Afterwards, I said that I had cheated death yet again, not knowing that my real experience cheating death was waiting for me a few years down the road.

Mutant Drug Resistance Staph Infection and 14 Operations Almost Kills Me

The event that changed my life was a simple decision. One morning I decided to go for a jog. It was dark outside and I thought that I knew the path. I made a strategic miscalculation and fell down a five-foot gap in the bushes where I thought was a series of steps.

I shattered my heel in a million pieces. I made it back to my room, called 9-11 after an hour when I realized my foot was broken. I called my wife as well. I was a foreign service officer newly returned to DC for my first assignment in DC after working five years overseas in Korea and Thailand. She was an army officer stationed in Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio Texas.

The ER doctor bandaged me up and told me that I needed surgery and after surgery would be bedridden for at least four months. We opted to do the surgery in Texas and we arranged for me to fly using a wheelchair assistance. By the time I arrived the swelling was so bad that we had to wait a week to do the surgery.

The Air Force doctors wanted to try an experimental procedure using shark cartilage as a replacement bone material. A few days after the surgery I developed a fever and went back to the hospital and they discovered I had a staph infection. They treated me with IV antibiotics and opened the wound area and cleaned it out and replaced the cartridge. Then sent me home to recover. I had to take antibiotics for four months.

I went back to her house. She got me an internet account and I learned how to surf the net and read a lot of stuff online. I could not stand watching daytime TV. We did not have cable service. We rented a movie nightly and I watched movies every day and surfed the net and read some books she bought me as well.

Her dog, Jason, was a cute dachshund that was bilingual – Korean and English. He became my best friend for the four months I was out of commission. I called my office once a week to check in.

Once I returned to DC, I stayed there for almost a month and commuted by crutches. I was amazed at how cruel drivers were. Many people cursed me for holding up traffic as I could not walk across the street with the green light which seemed to be timed to allow for only Olympic 50-year dashers to get across the street in the allocated time. Then on the metro not once during the couple of weeks I commuted by metro was I offered a seat once during the entire time and I often had to stand on my crutches the entire trip. and several times people rushed by me yelling at me to get out of the way on the subway stairs.

I went one day to the old Walter Reed Army military hospital in DC for a routine check up on a different issue – a cist on my arm that I wanted to be removed. The doctor noticed that I was running a fever, quickly realized that the infection had returned, and I was back into surgery the next day.

My wife came out that weekend to see me in the hospital. I ended up having 12 more operations as the staph infection had become MDR. I had an IV inserted in my stomach and went through intensive vancomycin the nuclear bomb of antibiotics for four months. The final operation was a bone graft from my hip after they finally realized that the shark cartridge would not work.

My wife had to argue with the military doctors to allow me to stay in the hospital for an additional month. They wanted me to stay on the IV antibiotics, but I had to report in twice a day for blood work. She pointed out that I would be home alone and could not drive to the hospital but would have to go back and forth by metro and bus. Two hours each way. So, I stayed on until June.

I stayed sane by reading a book a day. During that year I read almost 300 books and started a daily journal. This was pre-internet and there was no wi-fi in the hospital, so I was on the State Department’s email distribution and personal email during the entire time I was there, and it was also pre-Face Book days. I went to the hospital library every day and got another book. The doctors were amused as every morning I had another book to read. I also watched lots of TV becoming hooked on the X files. I watched it frequently with the elderly black night janitor who was a big fan. He was also a conspiracy nut. He introduced me to the “reptielen conspiracy theory and speculated over who might secretly be a “reptielen overlord.”

My fellow patients were all army troops – everyone called me major as they could just not comprehend that my wife was the major and not me. One of my fellow patients was recovering from an accident and had gangrene and was facing amputation and a divorce.

Another soldier was back in the army. He and his wife had inherited half million dollars and left the military and spend two years enjoying the high life and blew through almost all the money, so he went back into the military then had an accident and was recovering from a broken leg as well. This was the 90’s so there were few military injuries, most of the patients were there for me due to a freak accident that broke their legs, arms, or back.

My best friend who was an actor in town for a season visited almost every day. My wife came for most of the surgery and many friends who had heard where I came for a visit. But I was cut off as this just before everyone got email and there was no internet in the hospital. Finally, I was released as Maria got assigned back to DC.

I went back to work. And things were going okay. I returned to work and my life. The fibromyalgia was a chronic condition but when I went to India and discovered yoga it became manageable. The arthritis was chronic, but I eventually quit taking anti-inflammatory drugs and learned to just deal with the pain. Every four months I must see a foot doctor to debride calluses that build up. Then in 2007 almost ten years after the accident I developed hammer toes and had to have four operations to smash my feet back into shape. Ten years after the operation I was faced with chronic pain due to the fibromyalgia and arthritis and some limited mobility but was recovering enough to resume daily walks.

1996-1997 was my personal year of hell. The year in the hospital changed my life. Afterwards, I felt that I had been given a new lease on life, almost as if I was given bonus games in the great video game of life. And despite my constant pain, I was just happy to be alive, and to still be married and to still have a high-powered job. I had read 300 books in one year. I started keeping track of my reading and movies and never came close to that record.

Guardian Angel Saves Me in Texas

While I was in Texas recovering from my extended illness, I had an incident like the guardian angel incident in South Korea. I had gone to Texas to recover from the accident and the first two operations. I wanted to go back to work. In retrospect, I should have asked for a few more weeks to recover. It was December and San Antonio where my wife was based was experiencing rare winter weather. The roads were covered with ice and commercial flights were closed but the military was still flying, and we had booked passage on a medevac flight.

While driving to the airport, Maria and I started talking about the weather and she had just explained to me what to do if we encountered black ice and boom we encountered black ice and she instantly reacted appropriately because we had just discussed it. Something had told us to expect ice on the road. We totaled the car but walked away unhurt. I went back a few days later but in retrospect should have stayed behind for a few more weeks. They might have caught the staph infection before it spread out of control.

Weird Parasite Could Have Killed Me

After enduring 14 operations and nine months in the hospital, I had developed intense chronic pain and after going to many different doctors was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as arthritis due to the operation. I also developed a frozen shoulder syndrome and had to have a steroid shot. While I was in the hospital undergoing the 14 operations, the internal medicine doctor told me that there was some other infection going on. He eventually found out that I had a rare parasite that I had picked up in Thailand. He had asked me whether I had spent time in Southeast Asia. I told him that I had indeed spent time in Thailand. He said,

“Well, I know what is causing the symptoms.”

While I was in Thailand, I had fallen into a canal during a Hash House harrier run. This parasite was benign, but I should take some medicine to get rid of it. If I ever had a steroid shot for any reason, the parasite would expand to the size of a basketball and then kill me within one hour of taking the steroid. I noted this in my journal and commented that this might be proof that God if he existed, had a morbid sense of humor for if he created the universe what was the point of creating this parasite? Fortunately for me, due to the persistence of that doctor, they discovered the parasite before I had the steroid shot.

Ending up in ER due to Mutiny among my stomach flora

One day in the fall, when Maria my wife who was on a business trip to Korea, I developed strange symptoms. I could not eat or drink anything, but my stomach blew up as if I were pregnant. I called a taxi and made it to the nearest military base ER at Ft Belvoir. I was admitted to the ER and spent two weeks there recovering from an acute GI tract infection. Apparently, the nine months of antibiotic treatment had so disturbed my internal microflora that bad bacteria had killed off the good bacteria. They told me that was a side effect of taking IV antibiotics like vancomycin and that doctors, in general, don’t do a good enough job of monitoring people after being discharged after extended anti-biotic usage. Someone should have warned me that this could have happened. In any event, the doctors said that I had waited more than an hour I would have been dead.

Dengue Fever in Barbados

My last serious illness occurred almost eight years ago. I was stationed in Barbados and my wife had just retired from the U.S. Army and had joined me. Her niece was also staying with us for a while. One day we went to tour a famous gully. We got there late in the day and there were mosquitos there. We were not too worried as malaria and zika virus were very rare in Barbados as was Dengue. What were the odds that we both would get one of the few cases of Dengue fever in Barbados that year? Well we both came down with it and my niece had to take care of us for a few weeks as we recovered. Everyone at the Embassy was afraid that we had gotten SARS which was the epidemic of concern that year. When we told them we had dengue, everyone just shrugged and told us to take a few weeks off.

Final thoughts

I don’t often talk about that year I was in the hospital and 22 times I cheated death, but when I do, I tell people that it changed my life in so many ways and that I was a far better person because of the operations and the year in the hospital. Every day I wake up and feel alive and thankful for that for I felt that I had cheated death at least 14 times that year. People often ask me why I am always so cheerful. My standard answer is that after cheating death 14 times every day is a bonus day and I am determined to make the most of it. The pain is there, and I just must cope with it the best I can without taking drugs for it. I have cheated death at least 22 times in my life. And I remain an optimistic happy go lucky kind of guy. After all, I have been through I know that every moment is precious, and I feel that I am living a bonus round in the video game of life. Still waiting to meet the Grim Reaper and ask him why he allowed me to cheat death so many times.

Chapter Ten   DC Happiness

After the madness of Thailand and then you’re In the hospital, Sam and Maria settled into a three-year period of relative peace and happiness.  Both we’re progressing in their careers, okay and interesting jobs, and as before they seem to fall in up with each other every day.

Sam gradually re-covered his is about with near death in the hospital and afterwards.  Sam was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia Great condition that would afflict him the rest of his life.

Their commutes were long  their hours were long.   They often ate restaurants on the way home and She would pick him up at the metro.

Sam was having problems at work.  Despite everything Sam was constantly being dinged for typos on official memo.  Sam went to a learning disability Center  for adults and was finally diagnosed with a learning disability something that had plagued him his entire life.  

The State Department officially recognized as having a disability, but he did not like to talk about it because when she talked about it people discriminate against him and they did. 

In fact he had filed several grievances against the department, and that will his wife’s Maria’s help prevail every time.  He told Maria on numerous occasions she should’ve been a lawyer.  Or for she should’ve been one of the Bloomberg television announcers.  Bloomberg for some reason text a lot of Asian women as their television announcers, blond women as they’re television announcers.  Both of them preferred Bloomberg TV.

Sam after the hospital began writing at daily Journal keeping track of his dreams and any thoughts and this is something  he did without fail for the rest of his life.  He Eventually had 10,000 short story ideas which he used for his fiction once he started writing full time after retirement,

Sam thought he was going to go to Vietnam because of the incident in Bangkok. He went on to Mumbai India.  She left the Pentagon operations center and moved to Seoul a few months before 9/11. She could’ve easily perished and 9/11.  Perhaps another guardian angel was looking after them.

After 9/11 there leave was canceled for six months because both were considered essential personnel.  He flew to Korea and they began the long process of reconciliation.  Went back to India and had a few more affairs.   During that time Sam had several Affairs, and briefly thought about leaving for another woman as they had grown apart during the long separation.  To Sam’s credit, he only had sex with three woman during his entire time in India.  Once with a woman he met at a bar, once with a writer he met through his literary activities and once in Thailand where he had a wild night with a Thai woman he had met at a reception in India.  that was lust at first sight and when he went to Bangkok for a few days he looked her up and spent the night with her.  Finally when it became time for them to get together, Sam vowed to himself to no longer have an affair with other women.   Sam kept that vow to his dying day. That it turned out was his last affair with another woman.  Sam while not proud of this affairs, felt proud that he had gone back to his wife and reconciled things. 

But Sam also wrote down his daily sex fantasies in his journals.  this was something that his wife did not like at all.  He justified it as a way to cope with his desires for other woman, and as an exercise in writing erotic fiction which he said was a hot market and he might want to try his hand at that.

As part of their reconciliation they began to really talk about their differences in sex desires and began experimenting with new ways of making love. Although he remained until his dying days constantly honey and desirous of sexual activity, when they did make love it was almost magical.  Just not enough and not enough variety for him.

He had thought long and hard about leaving Maria because of this conflict perhaps find another woman who was more sexually compatible or perhaps find a mistress or two.  But he never took any serious action to do that.  Sex for them like many long married couples remained a work in progress.  as he got older he would tell himself, at least we are still doing it and can still do it.  and if I leave her for a younger woman, she might kill me off with too much sex.

Maria told Sam that if she died before him she did not want him to re-married because he would be a target of a gold digger because only a gold digger would be interested in an old man with money.  If he had to have sex he could hire a professional occasionally but never use his real name, or let on how much money he had.  and never repeat the same woman twice.

Sam always promised to do so but knew that if she went first, he would not last long enough to find another wife. They both knew that if one went the other was sure to go soon.

Chapter 12 Meeting past life hypnotist 

Despite the temptations all around him, and the constant separation, Sam and Maria remained together.  But still Sam was puzzled about one thing.  He knew somehow that he had known Maria in another life, but did not know what had transpired.  She also confessed that she felt that they had known each other in a previous incarnation. 

 Finally, after 25 years of living together and 37 years after he first met her in his dreams, he finally felt he had to know the truth of how they had really met and the mystery behind their surprisingly long-lasting love.  Sam and Maria were so different from each other it was amazing that they had stayed together all those years.  Yet Sam knew it was meant to be. 

they had often talked about the dream, and how they met.  Maria said that she did not believe in the “dream” but she also knew when she saw him that he was hers and hers alone and that is why she approached him the way she did.

Sam after an argument once asked her

“Well if I am so horrible why did you ever marry me in the first place?”

“temporarily insanity?”

and they laughed and fell in love again.

Just as they always had ever since they met.  The longest that they stayed angry at each other was for three days.  Usually he would go for a long walk, maybe go out for a burger and beer and wait until she called him and said he could come home.

then they would have a long talk about the issues and try to come up with a solution.  and then they would have make up sex.  

When Sam and Maria finally were reassigned to the States after the events in India had almost led to a divorce, Sam and Maria began the process of reconnecting, and reconciliation. As part of that process, Sam proposed that they met with a past life hypnotist for a past life regression.  

Sam told  Maria before the meeting his research into past lives.  he told her that he believed in reincarnation.  he also said that he believed in Soul mates.  Most people never met their soul mate, each of us has one. The one we were destined to be with. However, only a few people ever met their soul mates. It is part of the zen of love and is why there is so much marital discord.  People know that their partner is not really their soul mate more of a temporarily arrangement until they meet the one.  But unfortunately for most people, they never ever met the one. Only happens once in a blue moon so to speak and for them for some reason it has happened over and over again. and sometimes you meet your Soul mate who is married to someone else at the time and you end up either breaking up a marriage or deciding not to pursue your soul mate in this life.

Sam said that he had experienced love at first sight two times in his life. First with his best friend in college, his roommate Sara.  they had a platonic love affair but she did not want a romantic relationship with him.  Sara had finally told him that she was ready for him to come back to the States and be with her.  The very next day he met Maria and so he never got together with Sara. 

Then there was her.  Prior to meeting her he had a number of girlfriends, and was a late bloomer sexually speaking. Just never got the hang of closing the deal sexually so to speak.  He was awkward socially,  goofy looking with thick glasses, did not drive, and a genius always thinking deep thoughts.  A real nerd so to speak.

But once he discovered sex he knew he had to have sex at least once a month and so he resorted to one night stands with various woman he would meet in bars, most were “professionals” so to speak. 

then she walked out of the dreams, off the bus and into his life and the rest was history.

He also had experienced hate at first sight a few times as well.

Maria told Sam that she had been resigned to marry the medical student whom her Mom had selected for her.  But she turned him down when she met Sam because there was no chemistry between them at all and he did not want “a career woman” he wanted a more traditional woman who would take care of the house, home finances and have three children with.  And Maria did not want any of that. She made it clear when they got married that she wanted a career as well and probably did not want children.  Sam accepted that and promised he would support her in whatever she wanted to do but he hoped that they would have children someday.  Just turned out that someday never happened until it was too late.

They researched the various professionals offering such services and booked an appointment with Dr. Sandra Patel.  Sandra Patel was a Hindu believer and she approached past life analysis from that perspective.  However, she said, that one did not have to believe even in re-incarnation to benefit from past life analysis.  One simply had to have an open mind.   Most  past life analysts were either Buddhist or Hindu, but there were a few that were agnostic, and a few Christian ones as well.  the immunity was pretty small.  There was a lot of fraud in the field as well so the legitimate ones all knew each other and helped each other out.  

Because the professional medical establishment thought that the whole field was suspect and did not believe it, there was no medical insurance that would cover the cost of the analysis and it was not cheap as it would require several long visits.  She would videotape each session and then play the tape for them so they could discuss it and figure out what it all meant.  Once you woke up from a session you often did not remember what had happened.  These memories were deeply buried and she thought that was just the nature of reincarnation.  each time you came back you had to learn it all over again otherwise your past life would really screw up your present life and your future life so it was best not to know too much. Just too complicated navigating things in this world. 

Dr. Patel had been doing past life regression analysis for decades and was one of the founders of the still controversial field.  She had published a number of books on the subject and told them they needed to read her basic book, “Past Life Analysis” before she could schedule an appointment. 

She required the fee upfront. It would cost them 10,000 dollars. They would receive the video, and a transcript of the video to keep.  All sessions including the debriefings would be taped and given to them.  In some cases she would ask their permission to share their stories but she would change their names if so requested.  This helped her get more clients and promote the field as legitimate.

She had just created a web page SandraPatelPastLifeAnalysis.com and she also required them to go on line and fill out a pre-interview questionnaire including answering why they wanted to do the analysis in the first place.

They filled out the questionnaire, read her book and decided that they wanted to do it and made the appointment.

She listened to Sam ‘s story and told Sam that in her professional experience, some couples are soul mates and they always find each other in the next life.  But Sam ‘s and Maria’s story were extraordinary.  Sam told the Doctor that he had never discussed the dream with anyone other than his two friends who had witnessed the dream because well people would think that he was crazy.  Dr. Patel told him that she believed him.  

She had never heard such a story before in her professional life, but Dr. Patel felt that there must have been a tragic ending to their previous loves. That would explain how they met.  She went to say that love at first sight and hate at first sight were really the same phenomenon.  It meant that the people involved knew each other in a prior live and they still had issues that they had to resolve in this life.  So, yes, Dr. Patel believed them.  She decided to treat both and bring them back in time to their previous lives to see what had happened to cause such a strong connection across the barriers of space and time.  

so they began the session.  She put them both under hypnosis and asked them to go back to when they first met and describe things in as much detail as possible. Where were they? who were they in that life? How had they met? when were they?  

Chapter 11 Atlantis- alien love affair 

At the beginning of time,  Sam met Maria and they were born together as soul mates.  After  several life times as Sirians in the Sirian empire, they met again in the world between worlds where they were shown their fate.  They were in limbo in the world between hell and heaven. God had decided to give them another chance at finding happiness.  They walked up to the portal – the hole in the ground labeled Atlantis and found themselves reborn as Sirian Reptilian overlords in Atlantis 3000 BC just before the destruction of the city of Atlantis

Their timeless love story began 5,000 years ago in the fabled city of Atlantis. Sam  and Maria were originally from the planet Sirius as was Maria. Sam was originally General Zoren governor of the Atlantis colony, and Maria was originally Zarina the leader of the opposition party.  The Sirians had come to earth a 25 years ago and build the city of Atlantis in an island mini continent in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,  Zoren was related to the royal family back home, seventh son of the Emperor, and was the royal governor of the Atlantis colony.  The colony had 2 million Sirians, (red Sirians, green Sirians and shapeshifters) and the other five other races  (canines, felines, primates, and insectoids) from the Sirians Empire living on it and perhaps 100,000 human slaves.   The Sirians considered humans to be savages and treated the local slaves badly.  The other races were more sympatric as were the Green Sirians, all faced discrimination form the dominant Red Sirians who were the traditional elite in the home worlds.

25 years after the colonization Zoren had a dilemma on his hands.  The Sirians only numbered 1.5 million, and there were a half million from the other races and there were 2 million human slaves.  The human slaves were turning out to be a problem. They were intelligent ,cunny and devious creatures, and deeply religious worshiping a multiple of Gods. Some thought that Sirians were Gods, most thought that they were evil devils from a mythical place called Hades. 

.  The Sirians distrusted the humans from the first time they encountered them.  On their home world, the Sirians had battled human life monkeys for centuries until they had finally subdued them.  Most were killed in the  “final solution”, a policy that Zoren had approved at the time and had been in charge of.  Zoren had no love for the sub-species and thought that the humans were somehow related to the monkey species. 

In their conquests of ten worlds so far, the Sirians had encountered essentially five variants of intelligent life.  The latest theory was that intelligent life forms in the universe came in five basic flavors; -, the Sirians were reptilian and came in three sub-species, the Red Syrians, which was the dominant race, that Green Syrians, were mostly the lower castes, and the shape shifters, who were Intel and warrior  class, and mostly identified with Male Red Sirians but could be anybody and anything,  and were greatly feared by everyone.   Zoren was a shape shifter as were as where all the members of the royal family.  

The other races  of the universe were canine like creatures, feline like creatures, humanoid (monkey) like creatures and insectoid creatures.  In the Syrian Empire, the Sirians were the master race, the other races were second class citizens. The Humanoids on Sirius had largely been wiped out in the  ”Final solution,” but there were 50 million humanoids left on their home world once they proved to be loyal subjects like the other conquered races had become.  The humanoids were feared because like the Sirians they thought of themselves as the superior race of the universe, and the humanoids unlike other species were all infected with a religious delusion gene and refused to accept that there were no Gods, Devils or Angels in the materialist universe.  

The Master plan was that the Syrians would establish a colony and gradually take over the planet inflating the local inhabitants and killing off most of them and eventually allowing the locals after `100 years or so gradually regain their limited freedom.  But there were exceptions of course.  A common punishment for criminal misbehavior for political misbehavior was a period of the slavery for 10 years, often spent in harsh labor camps.

The question had   that central command had what to do with the humans.  The Policy line that the Central headquarters had lay down, was  for Atlantis to establish  itself as a Bridgehead and then after 10 years or so millions of colonists would arrive. Human should be given a choice, continued lives as slaves mostly agricultural workers, or resist and die.  In any event in their culture would be abolished all humans would be require speak only the Syrian language.  Their cultural and artistic treasures such as they had would be shipped back to the Imperial grand museum.  Their temples would be destroyed as the Sirians were atheistic materialists and had no patience for religious dogma = and persecuted religious fanatics throughout the empire such that were very few believers in the old religions left in the Empire.

This was the policy line and he was supposed to carry it and not question it. Questioning orders and doctrine in his opinion usually did not turn out well and was as the young called it  “a career killing move.”  He was the ultimate survivor and he needed to make Earth the 11th planet of the Empire. He hoped someday become Emperor as he was in the imperial line of succession  but he would have to kill his seven siblings.  His siblings were all also governors and various planets and senior positions.   Once their father died they would probably be as usual  a short Civil War and one of the siblings would emerge as the emperor and he was determined to be  the Emperor, the losers would have to be executed and their family members as well. . Just the way things happened in the Sirians  Empire.

When these profound troubling thoughts penis head his executive AI popped up and told him his 11 o’clock meeting with Zarina the new head of the green political party what’s about to happen. Zoren had not yet met Zarina but he had heard troublesome things about her. 

When Zarina and Zoren met, and it was love and hate at first sight.. Zarina was a stunningly beautiful woman, very competent very intelligent, and very sexually aggressive.  In short , she was a kind woman that was his fatal and he knew it.

  She was an activist, working to improve conditions for the human subjects. As such her work concerned Zoren.  Zoren was agnostic overall about the human subject thing, thought that they needed the labor but that perhaps humans could and should be treated better.  And Zoren sometimes regretted the “final solution” thinking that perhaps a policy of assimilation might have worked given time.  But the powers that be wanted to purify the home world and only have Sirians living there with some traders and government workers from the other races allowed.  The other races were easier to round up and deport, the humanoids refused to relocate to the humanoid home world insisting that they were not the same race at all and spoke a different language and worshiped the wrong Gods.  Zoren sent for Zarina and they had a long passionate talk about humanity and the Sirian treatment of humans.  Zoren was instantly attracted to her but also felt that she was too idealistic and naïve about the humans, although she had changed his mind and his heart a bit.  


  For the reptiles of his social class, arranged marriages where the north and it was overdue time to get married.  Generally red families married Red families and green families married green families.  There was  little  intermarriage between the two races.   And very little interspecies relationships although as a shapeshifter he could assume any form and have sex with any species.  Some shapeshifters engaged in that but he was a bit old fashioned and found the very concept to be disgusting. 

Fortunately for him shape shifters can marry either red or green, so it would be possible for him to consider an alliance with her as she represented she represented an important party in the Imperial Senate.   Although the  Emperor had considerable power, along with the military, they still had to get the support of the congress.  The congress consisted of the Assembly with elected representatives from each species and planets.  The Senators represented their planets and were for the most part red Sirian Reptiles and landlords who had large plantations and industrial interests to protect, although there were Senators from the other races on their home world, but the Imperial Senate was mostly Red Sirian.


Zoren was engaged in a political battle against the Green Sirians who were advocating letting the humans go and the Red Sirians who were advocating conquering the main land and enslaving the pre-Greek and pre-Roman civilizations and the pre-Indian and Pre-Chinese civilizations as well as the ancient Egyptian civilizations. . The Sirians had arrived at the dawn of civilization and had made contacts with all the pre-historical civilizations, through conquest and warfare.  Most of the early humans thought that the Sirians were either Gods, Demons or Monsters and they were greatly feared on the mainland.

Zarina was the leader of the Green Sirians and they were openly talking about revolting against the established leadership and establishing a free Republic on humans and Sirians on earth – outside of the Empire.  Zoren was determined to crush the rebellion but that would mean he would never be able to be with her as she was now his mortal enemy.  And he did not want to lose but allying him with her would complicate his plans to become Emperor.  Perhaps he could go along with her, revolt against the Empire then persuade her to join him in rebuilding a more just Empire?  She was very ambitious too and came from one of the most prominent opposition political factions.

They met and soon had a torrid love affair.    Both found the other to be very different, exciting, ruthless and ambitious and very sexy. They were very so different and yet shared the Zoran’s Imperial ambitions.  She convinced him to stand with her and declare the birth of the Free Earth Republic as they called it.

He made a speech on worldwide TV announcing that the Earth would become independent and that humans and Sirians would be equal citizens along with representatives of the other five races. A delegation was being sent to the Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese cities to bring them into the fold.  Atlantis would remain the capitol of the planet.

She smiled and kissed him, and they made love all night long.  In the morning, the Red Sirians launched their coup which resulted in nuclear war that destroyed the city of Atlantis. 

As the city of a thousand years as it had been called sank into the ocean, Zoren, Zarina and hundreds of Sirian and human refugees fled to Rome where they at first welcomed and given refuge.  Zoren and his fellow shape shifters began a campaign to take over the earth, and shape it to their needs, eventually re-developing space travel so they could conquer the earth and then challenge the Sirian Empire for control of the Universe.  The remaining Sirians split into three parties, the Shapeshifters assumed human form, intermarried and became wherever they were members of the social elite. Always working secretly behind the scenes to further the interests of the Sirian agenda.  The red Sirians on the other hand were rounded up and killed as they were seen as evil monsters.  The Green Sirians, by and large were able to disguise themselves and went underground to try to enlighten the earth.  They were largely unsuccessful and very few of them survived.  After a hundred years of so only a few shapeshifters survived along with a few red and green Sirians who formed a secret society that persists to this day. 

Zoren and Zaraina’s love story ended when Zarina and Zoren were assassinated by a red Sirian general dispatched from the home world.  The word was in – earth was forbidden to all Sirians immigration and would be monitored for the next five thousand years.   And just before they died, their last words were 

“See you in the next life my timeless love” and they vowed to defy the laws of nature and man and find each other in the next life as they both had begun to believe in re-incarnation which was a minority opinion among the largely atheistic Sirians.   That line and the knowledge that they were true soul mates destined to met again and again sustained them throughout the next 3,000 years of history and they came back over and over again until finally in 1982 they overcame their cursed fate.

Chapter 12 ancient Indian

After Zoren and Zarina were killed their soul mates looked for each other but for hundreds of years they never met until one day about 500 years later they found themselves again in the world between worlds wandering towards their next fate. They saw a sign welcome pilgrims to India where an adventure awaits you and they jumped through the portal finding themselves in ancient Maura Empire in ancient India.  Sam was now a merchant, Arjun  who dealt with the royal family and supplied goods and food to the royals, and other high caste families, but Arjun was not of royal blood, he was Vaishyas, a middle caste due to his family’s occupation as merchants. Despite his caste background, the royal family took a liking to him and Arjun was often invited to royal functions.  Arjun had not married yet and was in his early twenties.  He ran the shop for his father who old and ailing.  Arjun knew he would have the business someday.  His mother was constantly trying to match him up with various women, but he was not interested in getting married yet.  He had told her that, but she kept responding that it was time he settled down and produced grandchildren so that he would have children to carry on the family business.  His father concurred saying

“son it is time you had children of your own and we have grandchildren. Your mother has found several suitable candidates. Can’t you at least meet them?”

Finally, he agreed to meet the candidates. He met three woman, daughters of other merchant families but nothing clicked.  He told his parents that

“Mom, Dad, I met the three women per your request.  They all seem nice enough, but nothing clicked between us. There was zero chemistry. Nothing at all.  I just can’t see myself marrying them and having sex with them.  Perhaps you can find some other candidates?  perhaps from the neighboring kingdom?”

.  They told him, 

“Son don’t be ridiculous.  No one marries for love.  Over time you will grow to love your wife, if not you will find love with a mistress or second wife.  Everybody does that.  Your mother and I did not love each other at first but over time we fell in love and as you know our love is strong now. Perhaps the true love thing will happen to you.  All you have to do is just tell us which one of the three woman you like the best, or if you really don’t fancy any of them, we can find a few more candidates. But you have to choose someone and choose them soon.  According to the fortune teller at the temple, you must marry within the year or a great tragedy will befall the entire family”

“. Okay, find me seven more candidates, and then I will sleep with the top five picks and decide then.”

His father laughed,

“Son I like the way you think.  Not sure if the women will agree to this test but we can make it a condition with the understanding that you would choose one of the five after you sleep with them.  and perhaps the others could become your mistresses if you need a mistress. Mom, do you agree?”

“If that is the only way we can get our son married, yes.  I will speak to the ten candidates.  I am sure that they will agree to the audition.”

One day he was at the Royal palace in Patna making a delivery and checking up on food preparations for the King’s birthday, when he first met  Anaya the beloved daughter of King Chandragupta Maurya, who was widely seen as the most beautiful woman in all of the known worlds.  She was so beautiful that Arjun was struck speechless. 

She was tall, with black hair that reached down to her ample backside, and big lovely breasts, and a fire in her black diamond eyes.  She radiated heat and passion and intense sexual energy.  there were rumors that she had a few Male lovers and a woman lover as well.  All sons of various princes.  But the the king had announced that she was going to marry the Prince of in a neighboring kingdom. 

Arjun wanted her it was lust at first sight, but he knew that it would be a forbidden love affair that could be result in them being executed.  The head priest of the Shiva Temple had recently began a campaign cleaning out the rampant sexual immorality he claimed was overwhelming the Kingdom.  He stressed over and over again that everyone in the kingdom must respect the traditional god given caste system, and that the rules apply to all including the King family. Sexual relations between higher and overcast individuals would no longer be tolerated, anyone who crosses that line does so with the risk of being executed for their crime of offending the traditional order.

Anaya shocked him by came up to him and they started talking.  She was the King’s youngest daughter and had a reputation for being standoffish.  She had turned down numerous proposals for marriage and the King was getting concerned, as he wanted to marry off his last child before he died. 

And the king had an another kingdom in mine for his daughters marriage.  His two oldest daughters had married princesses of other kingdoms and they formed through marriage useful alliances.  His son had married one of the richest landlord in the country that was very useful as well as opened up financial support for the royal family.

He needed this alliance with a neighboring kingdom, because he was preparing to go do more to conquer all of India. Anaya was just too stubborn for her own good. She was an curable romantic, and said that she would only marry for the love and if there is chemistry what happened whenever that was’s between them.  Became just did not understand the youngster sometimes.  Hi mean he had three wives then let many of them and he had several mistresses, and his wives had levers on the side that could carry their needs.  As long as everybody was discreet, it all worked out.  He would evening allow her his daughter to have a secret lover, provided that her lover was of the proper caste.  If she took 11 that was lower caste, by the laws and customs of the kingdom he would have to execute his daughter’s lover and maybe his daughter as well.  He tried to explain this to her but he did not think that it got through to her.  She was lost in her  romantic fantasy world.  they just had a big argument and told her that she would marry the prince and give him a son and that was the end of the story.  After marriage, if she needed a lover, she could take lover or two provided they were of the upper caste. However under no circumstances could she have sexual relations with the lower caste person that was against law and customs and it was pet and it will result in the execution of her lover the king had no Choice in the matter, since the priests were adamant that the kings family had to uphold  the traditional caste system which was ordained  by Shiva and that other gods. 

Arjun and Anaya hit it off.   Arjun asked her to join him for a walk in the park. They started secretly meeting in the forest for long walks.  While walking in the park, they began talking about their life and their pending decisions regarding marriage.

Arjun told her of his dilemma and his pending auditions. Anaya was amused and told Arjun that he had to tell her all about it, including the details of how they made love. And why he chose whom he would ultimately choose.  She asked him if he was a virgin. he said that he was not, as a merchant he traveled a lot to various towns and usually stopped off at the local inn for drinks and spent the night with various bar maidens as merchants commonly did.  he had a few favorite bar maids but of course he could not marry any of them because they were beneath his family’s caste and besides one did not marry such woman.   

He asked her if she was a virgin.  She laughed and said, 

“Yes, despite the rumors to the contrary I have not yet had sex although I did kiss a fellow prince and kissed his sister too.  I liked that.  After I marry I hope my husband would let me have a girl friend or another lover if the chemistry does not work out. But I hope to lose my virginity soon.  The King has arranged me to marry the son of the King of the neighboring kingdom.  I met him; he seems nice enough but there was no chemistry between us.  Just can’t think I would enjoy making love to him.  and I do want to experience sex in all of its forms.  My maids all swear by oral sex and I want to try that the most.”

Arjun laughed and said,

“Well I could show you how to do that if you want some day.”

“Hmm we could do that.  It would have to be top secret. You know what would happen if the King finds out….” 

They both sighed and talked about the high priest campaign to enforce traditional moral codes particularly regarding sexual relations between higher and lower caste people. 

Arjun pointed out the absurdity of it all.  A upper caste man can go to a whore house and have sex with a lower caste woman or an untouchable and as long as they keep it strictly sexual and don’t fall in love or have a baby no one will condemn them.  But an upper caste woman having sex with a lower caste man or woman for that manner is a capital offense!

Thus, Arjun and Anaya both knew that if they were caught the penalty for such an offense would be death for Arjun and maybe for Anaya as well as the inter-caste rules were strict in the kingdom, stricter than in most parts of India.  

Arjun one day proposed to her that they run away to another kingdom and set up life there anonymously.   She thought about it for a long time and finally agreed to join him in flight.   She had decided that she had to flee the kingdom and go far away to escape the King and his insistence that she marry Prince Vihan, a man she had grown to hate.  They had only a few conversations and it was clear that he was a first class selfish asshole and only agreed to marry her for his political benefit. he was 35 years old, fat, overweight, bad complexion and ugly as sin.

 He made it clear that they would have sex until she got pregnant but he would otherwise not have sex with her as he did not find her attractive at all. He would look the other way if she wanted to have sexual relations with his friends and cousins.  That could all be arranged.  But one she gave birth to a son, she was of no further use to him. She would be expected to play the traditional role of a mother and wife and that was it. She would not be allowed to talk in public or express any opinions and her friends would be monitored as well to prevent any scandals from occurring. and if she were to disgrace the family honor by engaging in sexual relations with a lower caste person he would be first to demand that she be given the death penalty.

Arjun told her that if she ran away with him, he would not carry out his audition and if they became lovers he would only be with her from then on out. He promised to teach her everything about sex and was sure that they would be eternal lovers.  He said that the felt that she was his soul mate and they had know each other before and would know each other in the next life.  

He said, 

I will always find you my timeless love.”

The day for their flight arrived and Arjun waited in the forest with a horse and cart.  She showed up late saying that she wanted to make sure no one knew.  They got in the cart and drove off. 

That night they made love for the first time in a rural inn.  They had told the owner that they had just gotten married and were moving back to his family’s farm in the neighboring kingdom. Fortunately for them, the inn keeper did not recognize either of them and bought their story and congratulated them. and left them alone as he sensed the they were having an early honeymoon. They seemed like a nice couple and the Inn Keeper and his wife were glad that they could help them start their married life the right way with plenty of love and wild passionate love making.

they kissed and undressed, and Arjun taught Anaya the art of oral sex, first doing her and then having her do him. Then they engaged in intercourse – first time for her. Afterwards they also tried anal sex as she said she wanted to try that as well.  they found that they were very comparable in bed and loved making love and made love all night for two nights. Then they got ready to flee the country. 

Two days later when they approached the border, they found a roadblock. 

  They asked the guards 

“what going ot n?”

  the guard, a young man on his first mission, said 

There may be war soon.  The King’s youngest daughter is missing. Prince Vihan may have kidnapped her after the King told him the marriage was off because his daughter hated him and could not marry him and the King had to find another suitable match.  Prince Vihan has declared that he expected the King to honor the original marriage contract and turn Princess Anaya over.  The king said no and everyone is preparing to war and looking for Princess Anaya.  And we are also looking for Merchant Arjun because the rumor is that Prince Vihan hired him to kidnap Anaya and bring her to him.  In return he would work for the royal family in his kingdom and receive a huge reward including marriage to the daughter of the richest merchant in his kingdom.”

Arjun and Anaya explained who they were and that they were newly weds going back to his homeland. 

Just then the captain of the guards, Prince  Reynas Shah came up to them and recognized Anaya and Arjun.   

“wait a moment.  I recognize these two. That’s Merchant Arjun and that’s Princes Anaya.  What the hell are you to doing here?”

Arjun tried to deny the truth but the Captain told him

“stop lying. You know I know you. And you know I know her.  If you are kidnapping her it would be bad for both of you.  But if you are having an affair well that is the death penalty as you both know.”

They were arrested on the spot.   they were marched back to the Palace and thrown in the dungeon.  the Captain of the guard interrogated both of them and concluded that indeed Anaya and Arjun were running away together. He informed the King.   The king was furious at this betrayal of custom and tradition and furious that she had made him cancel the marriage to Prince Vihan and risk war.

he sent word to Prince Vihan. Would he take her even now?

The prince was adamant. Under no circumstance would he marry a fallen woman and he hoped that she and Arjun would be executed immediately.  He though promised to hold off on war provided that the King’s niece agreed to the marriage.   The King told the messenger that his niece had consented and that they would proceed with a royal wedding after the trial. 

A trial was held.  it was a huge event. Hundreds of people flocked to see justice be met out.  There was little to no sympathy for Arjun and Anaya. Both were guilty of violating the rules that all had to follow.  Some suggested that Anaya was to blame as she had clearly bewitched the handsome young prince.  And she should have married Prince Vihan and followed her father’s wishes.

the ten women that Arjun was to meet all came to the trial determined to see him hang.  the story of the audition has spread and the women involved were all considered to be of loose character to agree to such a charade.  And Arjun’s father and mother stood the risk of loosing their business license and confiscation of all their assets.  

The innkeeper testified that he had heard them in the act of sex.  he had no idea who they were and if he had known he would have done his duty and alerted the King’s guards.  He condemned them for betraying the King, and betraying traditional morality and rules. 

  The captain of the guards testified as to their behavior at the guard post, and how they had almost escaped because Anaya had bewitched the guards with her beauty and charm.   He had gone out to see what was going on, if he had not stopped by they would have escaped.  The guard who failed to stop them would be severely punished as well. . 

Arjun was asked if he had any final words before the sentence of execution was to be carried out.  He said, “Only a few, my majesty.  When I first met Anaya, your youngest daughter, I knew that she was my soul mate and that we were met for each other.  Anaya and I are in love and even the Gods know it.  If we can’t be together in this life, we will be together in the next life and there is nothing you can do to stop our timeless love.  So please execute us together so we can be together forever.”

The King was furious at these words and ordered Arjun and Anaya to be killed by slow torture in the public square as a lesson to all to not cross the caste barriers and keep in their god given roles in life. 

They were tortured for days and finally they were beheaded.  Arjun’s last words were, “I’ll see you in the next life my timeless love.”

Arjun smiled back at him and died. 

Chapter 14  King Midas’s curse

Sam and Maria once more found themselves in the world between worlds walking the path.  They come to their next portal which is labeled 

Midas’s Curse.  and they smiled and jumped through the portal.

Sam finds himself in a castle high up on he hill in ancient Crete.  He is the 

King, and is a very greedy self-centered king.  his subjects hate and fear him.  

he has his secret police everywhere  and they delight in torturing his enemies

King Midas is obsessed with gold.  He hires alchemist who all promise that 

they can uncover the secret to turning everything into Gold.  He announces that 

if they succeed he would reward them with endless gold.  The gold merchants 

are terrified at the idea that he would succeed because Gold is only valuable 

because is is very rare and hard to mine. If gold became as common as lead they 

would loose everything.

The King was not yet married. His parents were obsessed with finding him the right women to marry and be his queen and provide him with an heir.

Midas on the other hand was content to be a play boy playing the field and 

he was not ready to settle down and become a married man.  One day he met 

Maria the daughter of his banker and fell madly in love with her.

She hated him and told him that she would never marry him even if he were 

the last man on earth.   She was the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom, tall, 

with great breasts, eyes like diamonds and black hair that ran down her back. 

She spoke in a sexy alto voice dripping with sexual desires unfulfilled.

She finally consented to become his wife when his alchemist promised him 

that he would soon be able to turn everything he touched into gold.

They had a royal banquet and at dawn they finally made love.  Midas fell 

asleep and woke up and saw that everything in his palace had been converted 

into gold.  He walked through the palace and everything he touched turned into

Gold.  He turned to his wife’s chamber and found that she too had become a 

statute of gold.  Everyone on the island was  dead ånothing but golden statues 

dotted the doom land.

Midas cursed his fate. and killed himself in utter despair.  His last words 

were to his now dead golden wife 

“see you in the next world my timeless love”

 he said as he threw himself into a funeral fire and died in the flames

Chapter 15  three Kingdom Period – Silla

they next woke up in the world between worlds and saw a sign in Korean welcome to the three kingdoms and they jumped through and found themselves ancient Silla during the Silla -Baekjae war of unification. Sam found himself to be the  son of King Mommu, Kim Dongin.  One day the king called his military generals and senior officials including Kim Dongin together for a strategy section.  The King announced that  Operation destroy Baekjae would begin that day. 

The king and his son Prince Kim Dongin had decided that they would have to conquer Baekjae and and afterwards move on to conquer Goguryeo  and can unify all of the Korean Peninsula under their control. It was their destiny the king explained. He had a dream in which he had conquered all of Korea, and eventually they would conquer China itself, and Japan as well. All of East Asia would be under their control.  It was the will of the gods, Buddha himself had appeared in this dream telling him of his destiny.

The Baekjae King Uija had to be killed because he has insulted the king of Silla when he had refused to marry his daughter Kyeunsuk to his son, Kim Dongin. .  No one be allowed to insult the king of Silla and get away with it.

His son would lead the campaign personally.  When they conquer Baekjae, Kim Dongin would it be given Kyeonguk for one night. He could make love to her, but in the morning, she would be executed for the crime of insulting the King Silla. 

They would be assisted by armies of Chinese troops who land on the west coast west of the capitol Sabi.   the two armies would join forces and totally destroy Baekjae.  All the members of the royal family would be executed.  The women would be raped by the troops, then executed. 

They talked about strategy for the rest of the day and prepared to march at first light.  After several weeks hard combat they entered the capital city of Sabi.  The King and his family were brought before Kim Dongjin. Kim told the king of  Baekjae that if he let his daughter Mary him, the king and his immediate family would be spared, if not, they would be executed.  In any event he would spend the night with the kings daughter, announce the fate  of the King’s family.

The king of Baekjae had a meeting with his daughter, and told her to marry the the prince but that they would flee they flee Baekjae as they did not trust that the King would not execute them. 

Kim Dongin and Kyungsook met that evening after a royal banquet. They hit it off instantly, it was love and first sight for both of them.  She was tall, bosomy with a great ass, and long black hair and fiery dark as diamond eyes.  Soon they were kissing, and making love all night long.  They tried everything at night, I found that they really liked Oral sex. 

In the morning, Kim Dongjin met with his father, to plead forgiveness and to bless his marriage to  Kyeongsook.  King Mommu told his son, that she would executed that night as as was planned all along. King Mommu promise his son you could marry another one of the Baekjae princesses. 

Prince Dongjin told his father, at he rather die with Kyeongsook by his side than marry another woman as he felt that it was his fate to be with her.

King Mommu said,

“Son I will give you until tomorrow morning to be with her.  If you still feel that way in the morning, then so be it.  You will be executed as well because no one can defy the King of Silla including his son. Now get out of her and go to that Baekjae witch who has taken over your Soul.  I am through with you as you are no longer my son.”

He met with Kyeongsook and prepared to flee with her and her father but the guards over heard them plotting and betrayed them.  Her father and family members managed to escape but Kyeongsook and Kim Dongjin were trapped.

the next morning the King announced the execution of the traitors to Silla and ordered them to be executed at dawn the next day.

Kyeongsook and Dongjin were allowed to spend their final day together and they made love all day.

The next day, the King asked his son if he had reconsidered his decision.

Kim Dongjin replied

Father I love Kyeongsook with all my heart and soul. We are soul mates and it is our fate to be together until the day we die.”

  He turned to her and said

See you in our next life my timeless love” 

The King yelled off with their heads and they were executed. 

 Chapter 14 Ancient Rome

Sam and Marie woke up in a hut in the forrest in the world between worlds. They wandered about looking at portals to other worlds and other times and places and found their path leading to a portal with the placard all roads lead to Rome and they jumped through and found themselves in ancient Rome

Arjun and Maria were reunited, this time in ancient Rome.  Arjun was born into a military family and grew up to be a Roman Centurion and took place in some of the early wars as Rome gradually conquered all of Italy.  Arjun was a handsome young man who had a reputation of being a playboy.  He was also arrogant as all hell and felt that he deserved someday to become a Senator despite his background in the military.  He did not come from an upper-class family and had some money and property but not enough to be considered a serious player.  

Arjun was determined to change all of that.  One day Arjun met Maria, who was the daughter of a Senator.  Arjun was determined to seduce her and add him to his list of female conquests.  She was determined to seduce him as well and to make him her husband and protector as she was determined to protect the Senator from his many enemies and thought an alliance with the military would be in her family’s interests.  Besides Arjun fascinated her and she could see being his lover and even his wife, if not his mistress.  But she would also make sure that she would have no rivals for his affections.  She entrusted her family’s senior servants in her cause.  They found out the names of all of Arjun’s girlfriends and one by one, they were eliminated usually by being killed in a public place by an accident – a cart out of control, a fire burning up their house etc.   

During this time, Maria infuriated Sam by refusing to meet him or see him.  Sam was determined to win her ovaer.  He also found out whom she had been with and had his aids arrange for their untimely demise. 

Finally, after 10 of his girl friends had died under mysterious circumstances and 10 of her paramours had also died, Sam and his aids figured out something was not right, and they arranged to kidnapped Maria ‘s senior servant.  He confessed to killing off Sam’s girlfriends.  Sam was troubled – on the one hand, she was a vicious monster capable of such outrageous crimes and should be brought to justice, on the other hand, she had inspired him to do the same.  Sam concluded that the Gods must want this union and who was he to go ahead the wishes of the Gods?

Sam sent Maria ‘s servant back to her with this message


“I know what you did.  All will be forgiven if you will consent to be mine.  I’ll give up all other women and devote myself to you and you alone, but you must do the same for me.”

Maria was moved by Sam’s message and also knew that Sam had killed her paramours.  She was determined to teach Sam a lesson first then she would join him.

She wrote back to Sam,

“My dear sir, I have no idea why every woman you ever slept with has died horrible deaths.  I am reluctant to become victim number 11.  What can you do to show me that you will protect me from this horrible curse? 

Sam wrote back to Maria ,

“My dearest Maria , the gods themselves want this union.  I know you arranged to kill all of my girlfriends but I also arranged to kill your paramours.  If either of us are betrayed by our servants we will both be hanged.  So I think we should get together and put this little silliness behind us.  What do you think? ”

The Senator’s staff who had been instructed to watch out for correspondence between Sam and Maria intercepted Sam’s letter.  The Senator distrusted Sam and noticed that Maria was acting funny every time Sam’s name came up. 

The Senator confronted Maria with the evidence,

“Maria , my daughter what have you done?  You killed 10 women, some of them daughters of friends of ours?  In addition, this Sam has killed 10 men, some of them sons of very prominent families.   People are talking, Maria .  I do not know if I can protect you.  If you love this Sam, the only solution is to run away with him to Greece or Africa minor where Roman law does not yet extend.”

Maria confessed to her father.  The Senator arranged to have her and Sam smuggled on a boat bound for Damascus.  Sam would be set up as a trader and spy for Rome.  Maria would be married to Sam once they got there.  The Senator would spread a story around town that Maria and Sam had perished at sea when they eloped.   Maria and  Roberto were happy but nervous.

They made passionate love on the boat to Damascus.

Chapter 16  Viking Scotland

Sam and Marie were again in the world between worlds looking at their 

possible fate and saw a sign for a Viking adventure tour and said 

this is it.  and Sam found himself to be Ake, Song of Asgard. 

Ake, Son of Asgard, the King of the Vikings met his senior staff to discuss 

the pending raid of Scotland.  He told this should be a very 

important raid as he was going to propose an alliance of the Scottish Laird. 

Ake, was a believer and old Norse religions, and also a mystic. 

A fellow traveler who had been to the Indies had talk to them about Buddhist 

principles including re-incarnation and the cosmic law of Karma. He believed

in karma and fate.   He was not a Christian which was a religion that was 

rapidly spreading across the realms and the new religion of the Scottish.  


He had a dream he said in which he was making love to Soirse the daughter 

of the Laird Mc Pearson Laird of Inverness.  She was to 

be his wife the next day.

She was naked and the most beautiful alluring woman in all the realms.  She 

had delightful long black hair,  black burins diamond eyes that bore into your 

soul. and was filled with lustful mischief and intrigue.  She had beautiful breasts

that demanded attention from both men and woman promising endless carnal 

delights and an ass to die for demanding to be admired.

He told his men, “ she is an age sent form heaven to save my soul and satisfy 

my every need. Who am I go go against the will of the Gods?”

the men cheered and got ready to launch Operation Seize the Laird’s 


the mission would be simple they would raid the coast, pillaging and raping 

as usual taking what they wanted and needed.  but they would propose a truce 

a peace treaty of sorts.  The Laird would promise his daughter to be his wife,

and five noble woman for his key are members.  They would remain behind

with their new wife’s and become lairds of the land and loyal to the King of 

Scotland, and to the King of the Norse-lands.

His son, the  grandson of the Laird would return as an adult to become the 

next laird and he would retire as an old seaman to raid no more.

. they sailed at dawn and arrived the next day with dawn as was their custom. 

they marched on to the Castle marauding as they went.

they surrounded the castle and demanded a parlay with the Laird.

the laird came out and Ake made his pitch

“Laird I am prepared to offer you a truce.  A peace settlement of sorts.  If 

you give me your daughter in marriage and five noble woman for my key 

people, we will leave you in peace.  My noblemen will retire in your land and

 become loyal subjects.   My future son, your grandson, will return as an adult 

to claim his share of the kingdom and I will retire here as a retired seaman and 

assist him in ruling your realms.”

  The Laird responded,

“I will convey your message to my daughter but it is her decision after all.  

and the other noble woman will have to consent as well.  It will help if your 

 men and yourself covert to the one True God and accept Jesus as your savior.  

and have a Christian marriage and raise your children as Christians. 

If she accepts your proposal we have a deal. “


 The laird called his daughter to his room and told her of the proposal.  he said

“You should accept the proposal as it will spare our people much grief and 


“ Tell him I will accept on two circumstances.  First that we spend the night

together as lovers.  If he can satisfy my every carnal desire, and is an good lover

and a good man, then we can get married.  And he would have to agree to raise

my son, your grandson as a true Christian.”

The laird conveyed the decision to the Viking King.  The king was amused 

by her arrogance and her erotic desires.

she came to him at sunset and said 

“ i am going to instruct you on the art of making love to me.  If you satisfy

my carnal desires I will marry you.  and you will agree to have no other lovers

but me.  You will make love to me every night per my instructions. I am in 

charge  in the bed  Are we clear?

Good.  First things take a bath and shave. You stink.  I need you to be clean 

enough for to eat, and I will do the same = first thing we are going to do is eat 

each other enjoying oral sex which is my favorite

when he finished she stood naked by the bed and told him pointing at her 

breasts you fuck them after you eat me until I cum.

and they made love all night until the dawning sun

The Laird had changed his min.  The deal was off.  He and his men crept 

into the viking tents and killed them all and the five noble woman.

the Laird summoned the Viking King and his daughter to him

“You are condemned to death for the crime of fornication before marriage 

and refusing to have a Christian marriage.  Any last words before I send you to 

hell the only after life you will ever know?”

The Viking king turned to his bride and said,

The only crime I have committed it making love to the most beautiful 

woman in the world, and I would like you to marry us before you carry out the 

sentence. “

his bride said

Please daddy.”

a priest was summoned and held a mass.  and married them.

He concluded 

“I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride before we proceed 

with the execution.   Do you accept Jesus as your savior?

“No? well May God have mercy on your souls.”

the Viking king said

“See you in my next life my timeless love.”

and the king beheaded them.  the vikings and their consorts were put on their 

ships which were burned and sent to sink ben into the ocean according to

Viking funeral rites as the Larid had declared that they were not entitled to a

‘Christian burial

Chapter 17 medieval Germany Reunited in Germany in Middle Ages  

Sam and Maria were back in the world between worlds wondering where their path would next take them and came upon a portal to a pleasant german town in the medieval period and they though perhaps this is the place where we will finally break our course.  But it was just another way station on their endless journey through purgatory on earth – one doomed love affair after another

Sam and Maria next met 500 years later during the middle ages.  Sam was a merchant again,  Bernard son of Oscar the Silver smith. living in a small town in Germany.  Maria lived down the street and was the daughter of the innkeeper in town.  Maria was 19 and stunning.  She had long black hair, great gorgeous breasts, an ass to die for, and flaming black diamond eyes.  She was also a virgin although many men had wanted her she vowed to wait until she met the one – the man that she was destined to marry.

One day she had a dream.  In the dream, she dreamt of meeting Bernard.  She knew who he was of course, but not yet been formally introduced.  Shew as determined to met him, seduce him and make him her husband.  He could help her Mother managed the bar.  Ever since the death of her father during the plague years  her Mother and her had been running the bar fending off suitors for both her mother and her.   But to marry Bernard she would have to defy who mother who had promised to marry her to the local lord’s second son which would be an advantageous match one that was above her social standings.  He mother really wanted this marriage but she hated the second lord’s son with an intense passion and was determined to never marry him.

Bernard was a hard working salt of the earth man who was very popular in town as he had a reputation for being honest to a fault and a friend to all.  

Bernard and Maria noticed each other and keep bumping into each other. Bernard knew that she was engaged to be married off to the local lord’s second son,  Jonestown, who had a reputation as a hard drinking, hard playing, know it all, in short a first class asshole.  

Bernard was determined to stop this match, but he also knew that if he managed to stop the engagement, he would have to flee the town for his life.  Maria’s mother was not making things better for him.  She was determined to go through with the marriage, as it would help her family out.  As far as she was concerned, they could continue to see each other after the marriage and she could be Maria’s lover on the side.  Bernard knew that it would never work and thought that he would surely be put to death by the Lord’s son. 

One night Maria and Bernard spoke at length. He was relieved to hear that she she was determined to not marry Jonestown and shared his feelings of hatred towards the man and the lord who had been terrorizing the town’s residents for decades.  They both were first class assholes. 

The day of the marriage approached and Bernard was determined to spend the night with her at least once and deprive the Lord the pleasure of being Maria ‘s first lover.  Maria had other plans for him.  She wanted him to be seen with her by her future husband so he would become jealous and realize how much he needed her., so she could seduce her future husband and make him hers. She would continue to have Bernard as her lover and that would be the Lord’s son and her’s secret agreement.  She would also allow the Lord to have a mistress or two. She would bear him a son but would be allowed to have Bernard as her lover.    Bernard was not told of this plan yet but Johnson had agreed to the plan. 

The plan of course backfired.  The lord found them together naked in bed.  The Lord was furious at this public humiliation = and declared that Bernard and  Maria must die for their offense against proper morality and their insult to their family.   Johnstown told his father of the secret agreement. He said to his son

He ordered them out into the middle of the town square and held an impromptu trial.  The Lord turned to Sam and asked if he had any final words.  Sam said,

“My lord and liege.  If it is a crime to be a man and fall in love with the most beautiful women in the entire universe, so be it.  I am guilty as charged. Go ahead and kill me now.  But know this:  I know that I will see her in the next life and every minute spent with her was worth a million dollars.”  

The lord cried “off with their heads”

. Sam’s dying words were

“see you in the next life my timeless love.”

and she responded 

“see you there my eternal love.”

the executor beheaded them both. their headless bodies were posted on placards outside of town as a warning to everyone else – know you place in society, respect tradition and never ever marry across the class divide. There’s was truly a doomed forbidden love from the start.

Chapter 17 Aztec Love affair 

Sam and Marie were again in the world between worlds wandering to their next life when they encountered a portal entitled “ Aztec Love Sacrifice”  Intrigued they jumped in and  Sam found himself in the ancient Aztec Empire at its peak. He was Eztli Ichtaca Ihuicatl, the son of the Aztec Emperor  Tlacaelel and third in line to the crown.  He was  serving his mandatory military service as a captain in the imperial     Army.  Among his  duties was overseeing the annual sacrifice to the Gods . 

the empire held a beauty contest.  the most beautiful young virgin would be 

chosen to sacrifice to the Gods  especially Huitzilopochtli to ensure peace and 

prosperity for all. 

Maria found herself reborn as  Citalli Tenouch a young women from a farming  

family who had entered the national beauty contest and had been summoned to the 

Tenochtitlan capitol for the final rounds.  Her family were very  excited that she’s 

chosen  to represent to represent the promise  the province in the national 

competition.  The family would be rewarded for her sacrifice by a generous 

stipend, and her father stood to be promoted to lesser nobility and receive lands

in compensation and her two younger sisters would be married off after the contest

and human sacrifice ordeal was over.

She would travel to the capitol with her family and with the other contestants.

the King’s son would hold the final competition.  He would look at their naked 

bodies to ensure that they were indeed virgins.   Not being a virgin would disqualify

her but she would still be scarified anyway. 

on the day of the sacrifice,  she would be marauded to the stadium where she 

would be presented to the King.  Captured enemy soldiers would be killed first

flayed alive by the priests then thrown into burning fires.  Then the top three 

candidates would be stopped naked and flayed alive and thrown into the eternal 

flames.    She would be given to the King’s son who would rape her in front of the 

crowd taking her virginity before throwing her into fires to burn alive.  Her sacrifice 

would ensure that the Aztec Empire would continue victorious against all enemies.

Little did she know that she would be the last human sacrifice because the 

Spanish had landed on the coast and were preparing to wage war against the Aztec 

empire.  The emperor was worried – he had heard rumors of the landing of the 

Spanish and that the Spanish appeared to be devils in human form.


The day arrived and she was presented to the King and his senior staff.  She 

was stripped naked and all admired her beautiful body especially her big bodacious 

breasts which she was most proud of.  She hoped that the King’s son would do her 

the honor of fucking her there when they fucked before her death.   She stood 

proudly before the king naked, with her black hair flowing in the wind, and her 

diamond like black eyes ablaze with lusty intent. She was going to enjoy herself

 before being killed.

When she met the King’s son it was lust at first sight for both of them.  She 

knew that he had met her in pervious life and recalled her life with him in ancient 

‘Atlantis, Rome, and  Germany .  She smiled and she knew that he knew too.

but she wondered if this time they would escaped their cursed fate and be allowed to 

live out their life in peace and happiness or were they doomed to die yet again?

when she went to the King’s son, he whispered, don’t worry we will escape 

this place and I will make love to you in private and we will run away together.  i 

will join the Spanish in overthrowing the King and ending this barbaric human 

sacrifice once and for all.  I can’t let you go my timeless love, this time we will 

escape our cursed fate.

He stood up and said

Father I can’t let you do this. She is my soul mate from a prior life and we are 

fated to be together. Spare her life and let me marry her.

The King said

“Marry her?  She is the wrong caste,  it is totally out of the question. She was 

chosen for this sacrifice.  I admit that she is the most beautiful woman in the known 

realms but that is her fate.The gods are hungry and must be appeased. Do you duty, 

rape her and throw her into the eternal flame.”

“I can not do that Father. “

He ran out of the hall with her pursued by the King’s guards.

He made it to the countryside and that night they made love trying everything 

and she even got her lusty wish to have him fuck her breasts!

The next morning, the imperial spies found them and they were marched back 

to the capitol.  He was forced to fuck her again and then threw her into flames and he 

surprised everyone by jumping in himself saying

“see you in my next love my timeless love”.

     Chapter 18 It’s a Pirate Life for Me

Sam and Maria found themselves again in the world between worlds wandering through the forrest looking at possible fates and came upon a portal with the label “ It is a pirate’s life for me” and jumped through finding themselves on a pirate ship sailing the Caribbean between Barbados and Bermuda close to the famed Bermuda triangle.

Sam found himself on a pirate ship he named timeless love.  He was Capt. Redbird 

due to his red beard left over from his days as a Viking Pirate King. Felt good to be 

back in the ship and being a pirate again.   His crew was unsanctioned unlicensed and 

so had to dodge the British naval patrols.  He was wanted for murder, rape and other 

crimes committed by his crew, which were widely feared up and down the Carolina 

coast, and Bermuda and the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean islands.  They 

avoided the Spanish and French islands because both the Spanish and the French 

piracy a lot more serious than the British penalties for piracy.  His motley Crew

 were mostly English-speaking if you can call cockney English.  Some of his crew

though were run away slaves, and Indians.  And he had a few Chinese and Indians 

from India on his crew.  the Cook as Chinese and made the best food he had ever 

tasted.    He knew all the water ways including which parts of the dreaded Bermuda 

triangle to avoid.   They were careful to avoid Davey Jones Highway to hell.  There 

were monsters and demons in those waters that would lure you to their death 

particularly the sucubii, the most beautiful seductive woman demons in the world who 

sat on rocks singing seductive songs to passing ships.  They were rumored to be 

mermaids but when you approached they turned into hideous monsters who flew 

away with your cock taken from you if you touched them, and had sex with them, you 

would end up in David Jonese’ dark realm


Redbird had a dream which she shared with his crew.  Red bird believed in past 

lives, the laws of karma and re-incarnation, and was not a Christian. 

He knew that he had a soulmate out there that he was 

In the dream, he had met Maria the daughter of the Governor of Bermuda at a 

party at his mansion.  Kidman invited us to Gov. Gov.’s mansion for parlay. The 

governor’s had a secret mission for them and if he took this mission’s crimes would be 

forgiven.  This mission was His mission was to assassinate George Washington who is 

taking a leadership role and it was rumored to be appointed to be the governor 

General of the colonialist rebellion which I just started it was 1776.  He would sail 

with his daughter Maria meet meet with Washington And his staff in New York on the 

guise of offering their services to the colonialists.   He and Maria would assassinate 

Washington and come back to the Bahamas.   If he took this commission and 

assassinated Washington and treated his daughter with respect hard drives should be 

forgiven however if he fails in his mission for he had intimate relations with is Don he 

would be executed for his crimes. 

The next day a ship from the royal naval approached with a white flag asking for 

a parlay.  The governor’s messenger told him the Governor’s proposal and invited him 

to his house in Bermuda for diner and to meet with his co-consipractor his daughter 


Curious, red bird sailed for Bermuda carefully avoiding David Jones is a highway 

to hell.  His crew I Had been invited to the party as well.   He told his crew about the 

dream in the proposal and that he was going to accept that usual commissions.  But 

first on the way to New York they would drop by an island and Outer Banks near 

devils kill him and very they’re fast Fortune for he feared that the English governor 

would not honor his agreement and he wanted to make sure that is fortune would 

survive even if he and the crew did not.

When he met Maria it was lust at first sight for both of them.  She was tall, with 

black hair Black flaming eyes, bodacious breasts and ask to die for.  She had a very 

sexy voice and it’s suited sex appeal.  He knew they would have a hard time keeping 

his hands off her I knew that she felt the same way.  You thought of The drinking song 

all I want to do is have some fun, and thought of her and accordingly depraved 

manner.    What heard it had many lovers now, but not as beautiful as Maria the 

governor’s daughter.   He decided to take her is into his confidence about the hurried 

fortune after assassinating George Washington they would sail away together perhaps 

another well as there were rumors that one could sail to other realms including one 

where animals talked, ruled by a white witch that kept the land in perpetual winter 

with no Christmas  there were pirates in that land as well he had heard and perhaps he 

and his crew could settle there.


In any event he wanted sail together and be with forever 

He felt that that her father would never consent  to their union as he was born to a 

poor station in life and she was born to the manor bred as the story went.

He went to the partyAnd accepted his commission.   He met Maria  and was 

smitten by her and she by him.  The governor looked askance at how they looked at 

each other and Redbird knew that he would have problems later with the Governor.  

he did not trust the governor at all.  He was a typical upper class twit with his oxford 

education and his commission in the Royal navy and his sinecure job as the governor 

not to mention his vast plantations in the Carolinas and in Bermuda where he grew 

tobacco, rice, and sugar cane which he sold to the Gosling Rum company. 

 he had good taste in rum at least. and Redbird, the governor and Maria drank to day 

light. Boy could that girl handle her liquor a good sign for a future wife he thought 


when he introduced her to the crew they all fell for her and treated her with 

upmost respect feeling that there was something different about her and the captain 

and that they liked her and wanted to protect her treating her as she were their sister,

in fact they began calling her Sister Maria which she liked.  She said though that she 

was unlike any sister nun that they knew because this sister knew how to make love 

and demanded a lover of skill and ambition looking at the captain with lust burning in 

her eyes

that night they drank all night and made mad passionate love as the sun came up.

after breakfast Redbird confessed his misgivings and told her of his plans for the 

hurried treasure

She agreed that they could not trust her father the governor who had a well deserved reputation for dishonesty and disloyalty

they landed at Kill devil’s hills and buried the treasure in unmarked graves 

underneath a tall pine tree.  they made a secret map one copy was given to her, one to him and one to his chief mate.  he would inherit the treasure and divide it among the men evenly if something happened to them.

they sailed to NYC and decided to not assassinate George Washington as he 

convinced them of the righteousness of his cause.

they sailed and resumed a life of a pirate. She was his queen.

One day while in the Bermuda waters they were captured by the King’s men.

the governor summoned them and condemned them to death for their privacy, for 

refusing to assassinate George Washington, for treasure for supporting independence 

and for fornication as they had sexual relations absent benefit of clergy which was a 

big offense according to the Governor

Before they were made to walk the plank the governor demanded the map of the 

buried treasure. When they refused the first mate was marched off the plank taking 

with him the only copy of the buried treasure


“Any last words, pirate?”

“Mary us so we can go to the lord as man and wife.”

“please Dady do this for me as the last thing you ever did right.”

A priest was summoned and they were married,

Redbird said to his new bride

See you in Narnia my timeless love.”

and they were thrown overboard  and the ship was swallowed up by a giant water 

sprout and they were sucked into a portal and landed on a beach in the fabled land of 


Chapter 15  Narnia Adventures

Redbird looks up antzis lad he is on a beach.   the Pirates have all survived along 

with Maria.  Redbird announce,

“let’s walk on the beach Lexie we can see,  Lets’ see if there are any people in this 

it Seems pretty deserted.  We will need to find shelter because it looks like it’s going 

to snow soon. It is obvious winter here.”

An animal comes out of the woods,  a beaver.  He stares at them and says

“Say are you folks human?”

Redbird responds,

“Why yes we are.   How it is that you can speak. Where we are from animals don’t 

knowhow to speak”

“well you are in the land of Narnia where Aslan the creator Lion King of the animals gave animals and man the ability to speak at the dawn of time.  There are rumors that he may be returning to do battle against the white witch.  She has enslaved the land making it always winter and never Christmas.  But we must get you all out of here.  She has spies everywhere. If she knew you were here she would have you all executed because of then prophecy that some day a gang of men and woman would arrive in Narnia and overthrow the Queen and free Narnia from this curse. 

we will have to travel to Aslan’s hold where there is a conference of the resistance being held.  We had heard that you were arriving and I was sent to fetch you.  You will be our King and lead us into battle.”

Redbird pushed back,

Look Mr. Beaver. I ain’t no hero. I am actually a bad man where I came from. I was a pirate and this woman ran away with me to escape the vengeance of her father the corrupt Governor. But I agree we need to move. Perhaps we could be of assistance in your fight against the evil queen.”

they walked through the wintery forest.  They soon came to a meadow in the woods.  In the center of the meadow there was a tomb.  the crowd had gather there. And what a crowd it was.  there were apes, bears, foxes, cats, dogs, dwarfs, two Giants, owls and a centaur half human half horse who was leading the meeting.  he noticed them and said in a gravely voice

Welcome humans to the land of Narnia.  I hope you will help us by leading us into battle against the White Witch.  We hear that Aslan might be on his way but we must begin planning the battle immediately.  We need to storm her palace.  We have about 200 warriors including the 20 of you. Will you lead us King Redbird?”

“ I am not  a King.  I am merely a pirate and this woman is my wife. She is the daughter of the evil corrupt governor.  But yes I want to help you in your fight for freedom. As a pirate we were always on the side of the little man fighting the good fight against corrupt leaders. what can we do?

“hmm.  Well according to ancient prophecy a King and a Queen from the outer lands will arrive in our realms one day and help us liberate ourselves from the wicked Queen. So to start with, we are going to proclaim you King and your wife Queen.  this is regardless of whether you agree or not.  it is the will of the prophets you see.”

“okay let’s get it over with. I never imagined that I would become a King someday and never imagined being in a magical land filled with talking animals.”

:”Okay. Owl please lead us.”

a big black owl flew over and took charge. He was well know for his wisdom and his knowledge of the occult. He had been the one who foresaw the coming of the humans.

“in accordance with ancient laws and customs, a human shall be the legitimate king and queen of Narnia according to the laws laid down at the beginning of time itself.  Do you  Mr.  Redbird agree to rule as a just and fair king fair to animal and man alike? 

“I do.”

and do you Queen Redbird agree to be his lawful queen and rule over all with justice and humility?”

“I do”

“okay.  Your fellow pirates will all be given titles as Lords and once this is over will receive lands for plantations.  they will jointly rule the land of Narnia but you will have a parliament of animals to advise you.  I will serve as your Prime Minister, assisted by the Centaur and the Beaver.  Is that acceptable?”

yes it is.

“okay what are your orders, Sire?”

“Well we are tired so lets’s camp out here and in the morning we will have a war conference.”

“Fine.  Tents appeared out of nowhere by magic and a feast was prepared.  they spent the night talking and drinking and getting to know their new companions.

In the morning they set up a war plan.  Meanwhile the evil queen’s spies had heard of their arrival and were preparing to march on their camp and catch them by surprise.

The queen accompanied by her chief of security, the evil and corrupt Ferris the wolf, and his evil dwarfs led a sled team and set out.

Along the way the encountered a squirrel enjoying a Christmas meal.  The queen stopped the party and demanded to know where they had gotten their Christmas meal as Christmas was illegal in her realms with the punishment being death.

the terrified squirrel responded, 

“father Christmas you majesty gave us this feast. and he said that with the arrival of the humans, that Aslan is on the move and your days are numbered.” 

the evil white witch snapped her wand turning the squirrels into stone statues.  and proclaimed 

“We must kill these humans before the prophecy can take place.  Hurry.”

 the queen fell upon the party and a tremendous battle ensued. Suddenly a giant lion arrived and the battle turn in their favor.  the queen was killed and the curse of the eternal winter ended.

Aslan turned to the King and said,

“Sir thank you for leading your people into battle. With your courage the battle was won.  I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that your pirate crew if they swear loyalty can stay in Narnia.  Your first mate would become King. You on the other hand, are doomed to flee to another realm as the curse of your forbidden love has not been lifted.  Some day perhaps but not today.

and Redbird and Maria found themselves once again in the land between worlds.  they came upon a portal to the land of Oz and stepped through.

Chapter 18  Oz Beckons

Sam finds himself wandering the streets of Oz.  He mets the Shaggy man and decides to visit him in his Oz laird.  Following his detailed map, Sam plans on meeting him in Oz in the Emerald city where he would meet with Ozma, Dorothy, the Tin Man and the cowardly lion. But on the way, he stops off and meets the Tin Man and they hit if off. They decide to march back to the Emerald city but would stop off to meet the lovely Aimee on the way to the city.

The Tin Man was in love with her but found it would be difficult for them to marry as he could not have sex any more.  She said that was fine, he could satisfy her through other means and smiled.  and they made wild passionate love all night long.

The next day, Sam and the Tin Man resume their march to join their colleagues in the Emerald city.  Sam is amazed at what he saw in the magical kingdom of Oz where magic was real but came at a terrible price.  All magic he learned had a price.  Nothing was free it seemed.

One week the barriers between the various worlds break down.  The people of Oz find themselves wandering the streets of NYC and the people of NYC find ind themselves wondering the street of Oz.  And for week all the animals in earth wake up in can speak And they have a lot to say.   Mostly not good as the animals realized how the humans had oppressed them for centuries.  the animals are in open revolt against their human oppressors. 

A week of total total madness All the barriers between the various dimensions break down, Oz and Narnia are discovered and the people in those lands discover the evils of the depraved the modern world.  And then the warm hole disappears and that shuts everything down for now.

Sam is in the Emerald city now having become close confidents of the Wizard, Osma, Glenda, the Tin Man and the other senior leaders of Oz.  They respected him because he had been a king before and a pirate to boot and knew things.   Sam  and the the Wizard and senior leaders watch the breakdown of the breakdown of the dimensional barrier of time and space via Glenda’s magic book that shows everything that happens in the Oz worlds.  Afterwards Sam  works with Glenda to try to put a permanent Magical Barrier that would block the land of oz from the rest of the world, learning deep magic secrets from Glenda and the Wizard and becoming an adept Wizard in the process.

But  they are afraid that the knowledge of Oz has gotten out, And that too many people are gonna want to find Oz and that too many people in Oz are going to want to join the pleasures of the corrupt modern world.  Animals in the modern world retain the ability to speak and begin agitating for their civil rights. 


One of the things that happens when the barriers between worlds fall is that everybody in Oz is filled with the decadent sexual energy of the modern world And everyone in Oz wakes up and realizes that they have a strong sexual desire that includes their beloved child queen Ozma. 

Ozma realized that she was secretly in love with Dorothy.  they both realize is that they were secretly in love with each other and wanted to explore their sexuality.  Dorothy having been 16 when she entered Oz last was a virgin as was Ozma.  That changed and they found a lesbian video and played it and made love all week long.

Ozma looked at Dorothy and kissed her really kissed her then took off her clothes and went down on and ate her pussy and Dorthoy returned the favor.  Neither one of them wanted to try sex with a man yet.   But Little Trot and Betsy made love to each other and then seduced Ojo the lucky.

Little Trot and Betsy made love to Ojo in a threesome that they all enjoyed.  It seemed that everyone in Oz had woken up their hidden suppressed sexual desire and the whole country erupted in an orgy of sexual decadence.  Once let loose these builds up desires did not go away when the barriers reappeared and Oz went back to being a mysterious land.  Many people in Oz had had a wild time in the modern world as well and longed for the sexual freedom of the West.

That was a a huge problem for people of Oz.  Glenda the Good tried to contain the damage but the damaged had been done.

Sam stayed on in Oz in the Emerald city and one night he realizes that Dorothy is really Maria his soul mate and they had found each other again.  They made love until the dawning sun and went to tell Ozma and the others that they had found each other again. 

There was a period between 1895 to 1939 when the barriers between the world were weak and people from earth made it to Oz and some Oz people made it to earth.  But in 1939 Oz cut itself from our world.  There are still ways to get to and from Oz but Oz remains a hidden land and a paradise compared to our modern wicked land.

Sam and Dorothy remain together for several years. But there were evil forces both Oz, and the surrounding lands and the earth that wished to re-open the barriers and establish contact with Oz and with Narnia and other lands.

But so far Oz and Narnia remain hidden.  These are the stories of the hidden history of the Land of Oz.  Time in Oz flows differently than in our world.  People don’t age naturally and people don’t die of illness or old age only occasionally due to accidents.  And people from our world went they go to Oz remain the same age for ever.    The leaders of Oz are afraid that if the barriers were to be removed their land would be destroyed by the wicked modern world.

fifteen years later one day Glenda called Sam and Dorothy to her castle. She had bad news.  Their love affair was coming to an end. The curse that they were living under had remerged and they could not longer remain in Oz. They were doomed to re-enter the earth and travel different paths. But she said that they would always find each other and one day their curse would be lifted.

Dorothy would also have to leave Oz and wander the world but she would find him as well. Just have patience, Glenda advised them.


Chapter 16  Jurassic Cruise 

Sam and Maria find themselves again in the world between worlds and see a sailing ship sailing towards unknown lands and jump into the ship and find themselves on a sailing ship in the 17th century sailing towards the Americas when  They approach the Bermuda triangle.  Already the area has a reputation as a place of mystery and unexplained disappearance of ships.  We are all weary.  Out of nowhere a giant water spot begins developing in front of the ship.  We are drawn to it and can’t escape the swirling waters.  We are sucked into the vortex and emerge on the other side – alive! Although the ship is badly damaged and starts to sink.  We abandon the ship and swim to the shore of an unknown tropic island.

We land on the island and discover that we have gone back in time to the Jurassic era.  Of course none of us had heard about dinosaurs.  We quickly learn which ones are dangerous and which we can hunt for food and we adjust.  We realize we will be there for ever.  And we have among the crew only four women and 50 men.  We eventually decide that since we are going to be there for a long time that the women will have to take turns being mistresses to the men.  We work out a rotational schedule so every man gets a week with one of the women every six months or so.  We work out a strict rotational schedule and a rule that the women is charge of their relationships.  Pretty soon we have a few children.  All the men are deemed to the father and all take care in raising the children.

This goes on for generations and eventually we have a more normal male-female ratio and we have about 200 people living there.  But the rule that the women choose their man and rotate their lovers every week continues and the men are considered to be the father of every child.  Eventually the system emerges that the oldest women and the oldest man become the chiefs of the tribe.  When they die the next oldest takes their place so the second oldest man and women serve as deputies.  The decision of the four are final. But all important decisions are made in weekly meetings to which all adults are allowed to speak on any issue they wish.  A real democracy and it works.

Every fifty years or so another ship comes through and we quickly capture the survivors and give them a choice – live among us according to our quirky rules or move on to form their own settlement.  Most join us.  Eventually after 250 years we have grown to a community of 10,000 people in four different villages.  The old rules still apply though.

And we loose a few people each year to dino attacks.  The dinos never attack the village as they are afraid of fire.  For that reason we keep the central bonfire going 24/7.  And all the houses are located around the central plaza.  As the village grows we build other plazas with houses around a bonfire-plaza.  That becomes the main design of our new civilization.

We had managed to keep up some elements of civilization.  We had some books and we teach the children to read and write and we have kept a journal and had learned to make a paper substitute from a local plant.  

We appointed a scribe whose job was to write an account of every day we spent on the island.  Eventually the chronicals as we call it cover 250 years and are quite extensive.  It is used to settle disputes among other issues.  We also eventually end up with a police force, a judge, and formal teachers.  But the old custom of the oldest serving as leaders continues.

Chapter 21 Cherokee Love affair new 

Chapter 22 Colonial America

Hundreds of years pass before Sam and Maria found each other again.  This time Sam was an African prince in the Ghana coast and Maria was the headstrong daughter of an American tobacco plantation owner.  Sam was caught up in a slave raid and transported on a slave ship to America.  Sam soon become the head field slave due to his obvious leadership and intelligence.  Sam was determined to run away from the plantation and join the Seminole Indians in the mountains. 

Sam one day was working in the field and saw Maria walk by.  Sam was instantly taken by her and stared at her with lustful longing eyes.  Maria noticed Sam at once and was flattered by the attention.  Some of the other young ladies in town had told delicious salacious tales of nights of wild passion with their secret slave lovers.  Maria quickly found out that Sam did not have a girlfriend, and that Sam had not yet been with any of the “wild wicked women” as her friends called themselves.  Maria was determined to seduce Sam and have fun with him for one night or two.  But of course, things did not quite work out that way.

One night Sam received a message that the head house slave for some urgent business wanted him.  Sam had not yet been invited into the big house and was nervous.  He wondered if someone had noticed the flirtatious looks that he and Maria had exchanged on more than one occasion. 

George, the house slave, took Sam aside and gave him a key.  He said, “Go in, do your thing, satisfy the young one, and then run off.  There is a horse out back of the house.  Take the horse and ride like the dickens for the hills.  I know some of the Seminoles.  They are good people.  They will take care of you.  But leave before dawn.  If the Master catches you, we will both be hanged.”

Sam goes to the room, and finds Maria in bed.  She was naked and waiting for him.  She was even more beautiful than he imagined she would be.   They made wild passionate love until dawn. Sam kissed every inch of her body and slowly filled her body with him. 

They both knew that the love they felt was forbidden and could get them killed but it was worth it to feel so much alive and full of passion, if only for a night, if only for that moment.  Sam walked out the door and got on the horse.  He made it out the back and off the plantation, when the alert was given.  George had decided to turn Sam in after all as he thought otherwise he would be hung as well due to his involvement in the arranging of the tryst.

Maria caught up to the lynching mob just as they were stringing Sam up.  She ran up to him, and said, 

“I love you.  I always will.  Wait for me in the next life.”  She pulled out a pistol she was carrying, turned, and shot Sam in the head before turning the pistol on herself and killing herself. 

The Jones family told friends and neighbors that Maria had been dying of the yellow fever and was so filled with pain that she had killed herself.  Sam was simply buried in a field.  No funeral was held for him, as he was simply a run-away slave who had raped a white woman. 

Chapter 23 Meeting Princess Maria in the 19th Century  to be edited and 

Maria was a crown princess of a German State prior to German independence.  Her State was an important swing state in the German state system of constantly shifting alliances.  Many of the alliances were cemented by marriage.  The princess and princes were a wild dissolute lot and extra and premarital sex was the norm.  Most princesses and queens had many unofficial courtesans as did the Kings and Princes.  What was weird was a stable monogamous marriage.  Divorce and re-marriage was a scandal and not allowed. 

There were rumors that some of the princesses and princes had orgy parties.  These were whispered about but not one involved would comment and the servant class knew to look the other way and to not talk about it too much.  Anyone talking out of school would be dismissed and become a farmer or would disappear, or be forced to immigrate to America.

Maria was the most beautiful of all the unmarried princesses and her father was desperate to marry her off and to calm her down.  She was tall brunette with world class boobs and an ass that just demanded attention and she has such intense eyes and a beautiful smile on her round face.   I was one of the princes that he was considering marrying her to.  My father was a King of another German State but her father was holding out to see if he could get married to the King of Sweden or perhaps the King of England.  

She did not speak English and she was lazy as a student.  The king asked me to teach her as I had studied in England at Oxford (one of the few German princes who had studied outside of Germany, the norm was that the Princes got a degree from a good German University, and spent two years in France, Italy or England studying further and cementing overseas alliances, and service in the Military as an officer for two years was mandatory as well.  So the Princes tended to marry at age 30 and the princesses married at age 20 to 22.

But of course the Princes had by the time of their marriage had over 50 affairs mostly with fellow royals and occasionally with commoners, particularly daughters of merchants.

Marriage was usually to royals but second and third sons sometimes married daughters of merchants.

And quick affairs with the servant classes were common as well.   Many had illegitimate children which were never acknowledged.  The servants involved were usually paid a sizeable amount of money, married off quickly and forced to immigrate to America with their new husband and bastard children.  Those who refused the generous offers were “disappeared”. 

Maria knew that I loved her but she could not see herself with me as I just was not rich enough and my Father’s kingdom was too small.

She refused me as her lover too because she did not want to hurt me too much.  She enjoyed torturing me, having me walk in on her in bed with one of her other suitors.  Once she was in bed with an African Prince and a Chinese Prince at the same time!  The African was buttfucking her and the she was sucking the Chinese She made me wait outside while they finished up.

As was the custom when they finished no one acknowledged what had just happened.

I finally had enough and told her that I loved her and wanted her and that I would satisfy her every need.

We had a brief affair and it was wonderful.  She introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex which quickly became our default love making position. 

The King found out and banished me from the Kingdom because he had decided to accept the King of Sweden for her daughter and the daughter was told to clean up her act as the King of Sweden would not tolerate her having extra lovers. 

I immigrated to America and become a wealthy man and eventually married and had three children but I always dreamt of Maria.  And she wrote me saying that she always regretted not going for me because I was the best in bed for her.  

We never saw each other again but corresponded once in a while.

Chapter 21 late 19th century Indian Love affair  New

Chapter 22 Paris Lesbian Love affair new

Chapter 23 Korean War Meeting In Korean War

Hundreds of years pass and Sam and Maria kept searching for each other, both knowing that someday they would meet again and that someday their love would be allowed to flourish.   In the 1920’s in Korea Sam was born into a peasant family.   He grew up amidst great suffering and oppression.  Sam became a communist, joined the Kim IL Sung forces, and hid out in the mountains until the Japanese were overthrown.  Sam came to town and was put in charge of the land reform process.  All the landlords were summoned before the party committee.

Maria was the daughter of the richest landlord in the village.  She was beautiful and strikingly so.  Sam took one look at her and knew that he had to have her as his wife.  Sam knew he could order her to marry him but that would be wrong.  She would have to love him freely.  And that meant that she would have to disown her own family as Sam could not marry a landlord’s daughter and remain true to the revolution, now could he?

Sam asked that Maria be brought before him.  He told all his comrades to leave them as he had some private political education to impart to her.  They snickered and laughed but finally left the two of them together.  Sam explained his position to her, telling her that she was free to choose him or not, but that since he was communist she would have to denounce her father before the committee in order for them to be together.  

Maria refused to denounce her father to the communists.  Sam left her alone in solitary confinement and came by every day to continue their educational discussions.  The village was retaken one day by the South Korean army and the South Korean rightist forces decided to make an example of Sam.  

Sam was put on trial and the villagers were all brought in to testify against Sam.  Maria was put on the stand.  She refused to give testimony against Sam and said that she loved Sam and was willing to follow him to the grave if that was the only way they could be together.

That night they met up and made love as if it was the last day of their life as they knew it might be.

Sam and Maria were hung the next day on a pole outside the town.  Maria ‘s last words were, “I’ll see you in the next life.”

Chapter 24 60’s Berkeley Gay Love affair new


Chapter 25 next life 100 years later lesbian love affair on Mars

The End

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