Solving the Homeless Crisis

Broken Down Souls, Solving the Homeless Crisis    

Solving the Homeless Problem  

The homeless crisis in the United States has gotten
out of control. Something must be done I’m both the federal state and local levels to solve the problem of homelessness in the United States. The private sector, especially large employers, the tech sector, the universities, and the NGO sector must be involved as well. This must must be made a top priority of the Federal and state governments to end the scourge of homelessness once and for all recognizing that housing is a basic human right and no one in America will be allowed to live on the streets anymore. Here are my proposals. I would call upon the Department of Housing to take the lead by convening a national convention on the Housing Crisis with follow-up legislation and action by the Federal government, in cooperation with State, Local governments and the private sector.

There’re four elements  to my proposal

There must be a lot more housing built, mostly Multi family units, old-style boarding houses and single family residence hotels I’ve departed that picture as well including Group housing, and temporary housing for the chronic homeless should be set up knees tent cities would provide employment Basic medical care training and assistance to transition the residents into more permanent housing solutions.

Housing is a Basic human Right

One of the key elements of the proposal is the recognition that housing is a basic human right, no one and no one Will be allowed to live on the streets. If someone cannot afford housing today would be a sign to the homeless camps and this would be mandatory.

I know that this part of the proposal will be controversial from a civil liberty point of view, but I feel it is essential to solve the homeless  problem.   It is simply unacceptable then in the richest country in the world are being forced to live on the streets.

To pay for new housing and the the shelter system, a modest increase and income taxes is warranted.  Most of the cost of running the shelters an expansion of housing should be done to the federal government.

As part of the solution, housing vouchers should be provided to people who are earning less than I hundred 200 of the poverty line so that they could afford to rent housing.

More housing Must Be Build 

There must be a lot more housing built everyhere, and most of them must be built along transit lines, and most must be multi family unit facilities. The era of single-family homes Will have to come to and end.  As part of this it must be made easier to convert single-family homes in the multifamily units, so call granny flat must be made available everywhere, short term housing must be regulated and made part of the pictures well.

Changes to Zoning, Smart Growth Policies

Local zoning laws that restrict housing in the residential areas only need to be revised, the goal should be mixed use development everywhere.  Large buildings should consist of apartment offices and retail,  smaller scale developments must include offices and retail as well.  The goal should be a cityscape something similar to develop to the development any station where most housing is multi use buildings and everyone is within walking distance of offices retail and transit.  Metropolitan governments need to have a regional planning office to coordinate new housing we develop mental housing retail commercial development an improved access to transit. Developers Will be giving incentives to build most housing at market value or below market value housing.

In California in other states that have similar restrictions, prop 13 and other property tax restrictions must be revised to encourage courage people to sell properties or renovate properties. Similarly zoning laws must be changed to encourage housing development, and mixed use development, and smart growth policies. The era when developers build housing far from transportation systems without any coordination with local government or planning must end.

Boarding Houses , Dormitories, other Group Housing and SOH’s need to be revived

As part of the housing problem, boarding houses,  Group houses, dormitories for corporate workers, government workers including fire fighters, police and teachers, and university students on site need to be part of that package as well. inexpensive  single occupancy hotels must be part of the package with the recognition that Half the population will end up living in these group housing arrangements.  Very few people Will live in single-family homes anymore, most people will live in need of poop housing for apartment buildings, although there will be still people living in single-family homes and that is fine.

temporary housing camps including a revival of the Civilian Conservation Camp need to be part of the Proposal

Homeless tent camps should be legalized and located and areas near downtown.   The camps must be located along transit lines.  Anyone who needs a place to stay would be given a cot in a four man tent. The tenants will be heated and have air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi access.  All the residents of the camp will work 30 hours a week to help maintain the camps in an hygienic attractive a manner, administrative services and law enforcement services for the camp, or will work in the national, state and local parks and forrest doing conservation projects, or serving as first responders.  thus some people will live off site for a considerable amount of time near the forest, and park conservation sites, but all people will be assigned to a home camp.  That camps will have food services for the residents food services for the residents medical services an offer education and training services as well.

the Camps would be run like the old CCC camps award of the great depression. The Cams will provide temporary housing for people in exchange for assistance and public service employment activities including conservation activities. Drug use alcohol use and gambling of course will be illegal in the camps, as will panhandling.  Sleeping on the streets outside the camp will be illegal and the homeless will be rounded up and taken to the camps involuntarily if needed.

To pay for these camps, the federal government we’ll pay for most of the cost.

State and local governments working with the real estate developers, will develop low cost permanent housing, and camp residents will  be transited into permanent housing as a housing is brought online.

The Camps will be open to all who need them including undocumented Aliens. No one will be turned away board turned into an immigration.

The camps be training and educational service centers, and temporary employment centers, with most residents living elsewhere.

We can Solve the Problem if We Make it an Urgent National Priority

If all these  proposals are enacted in a comprehensive national strategy, the scourge of homelessness can be defeated and no one in America we’ll be forced to live on the streets.

Broken Down Souls Poems

Broken Down Souls
Homeless Fears
No One Knows Their Names
Trump’s Social Cleansing Program
Social Purification Drives
Broken Down Souls Do You See Them?

Broken Down Souls

Broken Down Souls
You see them everywhere

On the street
On the bus

On the metro
But mostly wandering the streets

Lost souls
Broken down defeated souls

The souls of the living dead
Dead inside

Waiting for death
To deliver them

from the agony
Of the living dead

They make do
They beg

They steel
They con their way

Living the street life
Living death

Broken Souls
You have two minds

One part of you
the fearful part of you

Conditioned to ignore
Conditioned to walk by

Ignoring the tragic wounded lives
The broken souls all around you

But part of you knows
That you can’t do that

But you can’t save everyone
So, you do what you can

You help those
whom you can

All it takes
is a little act of compassion

A little human kindness
A few bucks or a cup of coffee

And you walk by
Knowing just knowing

That by a simple act of acknowledging
Our shared humanity

You have made a small victory
And brought happiness

To yet another
broken down soul

And the fear
that you will

be a broken soul some day
Recedes away

Not me never
Never will happen to me

But one forgets
It is a simple matter

A wrong turn in life
The wrong place

wrong time
wrong thing

And you could be the broken soul
On the street

Begging to be heard
Begging to be taken away

And so,
I walk on by no more

I will listen
I will talk to them

I will make a small difference
And in so doing

Avoid becoming
a broken-down soul

Homeless Fears

I almost became
a broken-down soul

Out on the street
So many years ago

I was in college
Adrift for the summer

Smoking too much weed

And I hung out
And got to know

Some of the homeless
Some of the bums on the street

And I vowed
That I would never be that person

Never sink that low
Never ever

Be the homeless bum
The invisible man

And that knowledge
Stuck with me

Throughout my life
Now many decades later

I try to remember
And I try to help

When I can
And recall what

it would be like
To be on the street

With nothing
but your clothes

And the money you borrowed
To keep you alive

No One Knows Their Name

The worst part of it all
As I survey the homeless

Across this great land of ours
The worst part of it all

Is that no one knows their name
No one knows their story

No one cares at all
And in this age of hatred

Sponsored by our president himself
The homeless are being treated

More and more as disposable trash
More and cities

Are banning the homeless
From their cities

Banning feeding the homeless
Banning begging

Banning sleeping in the streets
And banning their camp sites

If they could
they would

round them all up
And shoot them

Or let them run for their life
In some sort of game on TV

Because the homeless
Are an affront

to these so called
Christian patriots

They are lazy good for nothing losers
Who cause problems for good citizens

They should be locked up
Or removed

For the good of us all
No one wants them

No one cares
And no one knows their name

President Trump Discovers the Homeless

President Trump
Our dear compassion leader

Recently discovered
That homeless people

Were everywhere
All over DC

And especially LA and SF

The homeless were becoming
A huge problem

And something must be done
The homeless were taking

Up the best real estate
And making life difficult

For the masters of the Universe
Something must be done

The homeless have to be rounded up
And sent to camps

Out of sight
out of mind

and people would wonder
where did the homeless people go

if they noticed
them missing at all

Social Purification Drives

Korean social purification movement

In the 1980’s in Korea
The government decided

To end the scourge of homelessness
Once and for all

The decree went out
The police rounded them all up

Shut down the street vendors
and homeless shanty towns

Sent them off for re-education
Deep in the countryside

Just in time for the Olympics
The homeless disappeared

Broken Down Souls Do You See them?


Broken down Souls Do You see them
Or are they invisible
all the broken souls
wandering the streets

no where to go
but to hell
on earth

you see
that they are
everywhere you see
can you see them now
will you be friend them now
or will you still look away
afraid that you will become them

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the following sites are good sites to learn more and get involved in helping solve the problem.  I will share this blog posting with them and update it if they respond to my blog

solving the homeless problem

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solving the homeless problem

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