Transgendered Bathroom Bans are not Christian!

Transgendered Bathroom Bans are not Christian!

This is my third and final commentary on social issues.  The first one looked at fetal funerals and argued that such polices are degrading, harmful and cruel and violate the core principles of Christianity.  The second article looked at the right wing marriage myths and opposition to same sex marriage and group marriages.  This essay looks at Transgendered bathroom bans and argues that these bans are a solution to a non-existent problem and are profoundly cruel, degrading and rooted in prejudice and not based on scientific understanding. Nor do they have any biblical justification as they violate all the basic principles of Christianity.

Finally this is personal to me as I have had a number of transgendered friends over the years and I know how they feel about these types of degrading, discriminating and cruel policies.

No scientific of Biblical Justification exists for these bans

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wiki sums it up nicely

“Critics of bills which exclude transgender individuals from restrooms which conform to their gender identity argue that they do not make public restrooms any safer for cisgender (non-transgender) people, and that they make public restrooms less safe for both transgender people and gender non-conforming cisgender people.[2][3][4] Additionally, critics claim there have been no cases of a transgender person attacking a cisgender person in a public restroom,[2][5] although there has been at least one isolated incident of voyeurism in a fitting room.[6] By comparison, a much larger percentage of transgender people have been verbally, physically, and sexually harassed or attacked by cisgender people in public facilities.[7] For these reasons the controversy over transgender bathroom access has been labeled a moral panic[8] and compared to the antisemitic blood libel.[9]

Proponents say such legislation is necessary to maintain privacy, protect what they claim to be an innate sense of modesty held by most cisgender people, prevent voyeurism, assault, molestation, and rape,[10] and retain psychological comfort.[11][12]”

wiki on transgendered bathroom bans

As usual the Christian right  comes up with these proposals which are not based on science, but is  based on their interpretation of fundamentalist Christian doctrine. These policies are cruel, degrading and inhumane and violates the core fundamental principles of the Christian faith which calls for compassion for others.  Furthermore there is absolutely no mention in the Bible about trans gendered individuals and what to do about them and there is nothing in the bible that talks about bathroom and who has access to them.

there are a few references here and there – I checked on it- men who dressed as woman and woman who dressed as men were condemned as committing sins, but nothing at all about transgenderism itself and there is no reference to bathroom use at all.

This was simply not an issue when the Bible was written and it’s not been an issue until the Christian right decided to make it a huge issue a few years ago in America.  It is not an issue anywhere else in the world either.

These policies are based on the assumption that gender is assigned at birth by God and that policies to change gender later on in life are an attempt by evil medical science to play God with peoples lives. How God decides these things is never explained. God if he exists must be extremely busy intervening in the intimate details of billions of people.

Christian conservatives are all about getting the government out of our lives but if it involves sex then they demand that government intervene in the most intimate aspects of our lives to enforce their version of Christianity all in the name of religious freedom and promoting traditional values.

the assumption that gender is fixed, immutable and assigned by God at birth is simply put wrong and absurd on its face.  The science is very clear gender is as much a social construct as it is a biological construct and a certain percentage of people will feel that they are in the wrong gender.  Gender reassignment procedures do  work and afterwards it may be very difficult to determine visually whether the person is the same gender as reflected in their birth documents.

Requiring people who look like the appropriate gender to use a bathroom to use the bathroom appropriate to the opposite gender because of the birth certificate would result in very male looking people going into the women’s room bathroom and very female looking individual  going into the male’s bathroom.

Second how are you enforce this misguided policy? Would you require people to show their birth certificates to get into a bathroom? Would you make it a criminal offense to use the wrong bathroom and have  police waste their time identifying people who were using the wrong bathroom ?Would you allow people to self-report the alleged crime of using the wrong bathroom ?  All these policies do is to stigmatize people who are transgendered.

A simple solution would be to make all bathrooms all gendered and have people use a key to get in and use it or have them do their business behind close doors and the come out to wash up sharing the bathroom with the other gender.

Furthermore  the policy assumes that transgendered individuals are a threat to other people particularly young people. Somehow the idea is that a transgendered male would be in a female’s bathroom and will be trying to pick up or harassed young women or vice versa.  There is almost no evidence whatsoever that transgender and individuals pose a threat to other people.  None.

To sum up the opposition to transgender people using public bathrooms is a disgrace. Tt’s not based on science, it is not based on Christian principles and in fact it violates the fundamental Christian principles of mercy and compassion and taking care of others.  Those promoting these cruel degrading inhumane anti-Christian policies should reflect upon their  actions and do what Jesus would’ve done.

I am sure that if Jesus were around today he would not be advocating trans gendered people being banned from public restrooms.  And short those advocating banning transgender people from using the restroom corresponding to the gender of their choice should just simply STFU and leave us alone.

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