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Ukraine Poems and Stories

Ukranian Poems and Stories

Raven Cage Zine will publish some of my Ukrainian poems and stories written in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The Ukrainian people have shown considerable courage in standing up to Russian aggression.

update: finally published. the link is:

Ukrainian poems on Raven Cage Zine

Raven Cage Zine

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Putin’s Dream

Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing for their Lives
Putin’s Deranged Press Conference
Rep. Boebert Scumbag of the Week for her thought Crimes against Human reason Scumbag of the Week
When Russia invaded Ukraine
Make Love Not War All Poetry

Putin’s Dream

Putin went to bed after drinking his favorite cocktail Nazi Vodka crush with an orange crush.  In his dream, he soon saw himself riding a white horse, chollima the white horse of destiny across the world, fulfilling the destiny of heaven. He saw millions of people bow down worshiping him, following him. Loving their new lord and master. He flies over Ukraine filled with slaves harvesting grain to feed the master Russian race.  Up ahead, he sees Kamala Harris walking her puppy, he shoots her and the puppy, then eats the puppy just because he is that kind of evil monster. N’s

Putin Assassinations End the Russian Imperial Dreams

When Putin invaded Ukraine
He did not foresee
That the whole world
Would rise up
Against him

Enough, no more
The Russian people said
As Putin is assassinated
Bringing an end
To his Russian Imperial Dreams.

Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing for their Lives

As the war in Ukraine continues
Millions of refugees flee
With a target on their back

They rush down
The few open corridors left
They look at their gadgets
For the latest information

Hoping to live
Another day

The refugee organization staff
Try to keep track
Of their movement

Amid the cracking
Of the bombs falling

Putin’s Deranged Press Conference

Putin holds a deranged press conference in which he outlined his plans for the future of Europe and the world;  He said that Russia would rule eastern Europe and the Central Asian Stans as in the old Soviet era.  But with a twist. He would proclaim himself the Czar of Russia and Xi would rule East Asia and SE Asia as the new Emperor of Asia.  Teheran would rule Iran, and Afghanistan, the Saudis would rule the mid-east but would recognize Israel.  Western Europe would continue as the EU, the UK would continue.  The US would be given the Americas.   Africa would be divided up between the great powers.  The UN would be replaced with a much more focused international organization where the powers would jointly rule the world, cooperating on global issues, such as climate change and space exploration.  A military conflict would come to an end.  He said that he and China were willing to use nuclear weapons to enforce their new world order.  He had no desire to rule Western Europe, the UK, or the Americas.

After a series of meetings, the world leaders agreed.  World War 111 was avoided and the world became divided into ten worlds as it was dubbed, Australia/New Zeeland, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Saudi, US, South Africa with the major powers dividing up the world into their spheres of influence.

The UN continued in NYC as the central coordinating body as the powers did work out global cooperation norms including worldwide internet,  worldwide business competition, common industrial standards, common currency,  ten official languages  (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish) climate change and space exploration.  The powers also agreed on a few human rights standards, the leaders of each region pledged to allow limited freedom of the press, limited elections for advisory assemblies, and limited equal rights for women.  Homosexuality was outlawed in much of the world as was abortion.  Drugs and alcohol were outlawed in the Islamic world. Each region had its view on religious freedom, tolerated in the western world, but not in the Islamic world.  Immigration between regions was tightly controlled. Universal military service was required.

World War 111 was replaced by the new multi-polar world.  Space exploration kicked off as the powers all set up competitions in space cities, lunar colonies, and Martian colonies.

Rep. Boebert Scumbag of the Week for her thought Crimes against Human reason Scumbag of the Week


Rep Boebert
Rep Boebert







more scumbag awards

Rep. Boebert is this week’s recent end of the cosmos comeback of the word award for her crimes against common decency, human reason, and sanity.

“As some Ukrainians

flee their homeland

and others take cover in underground shelters

while Russia fires missiles into major cities,

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)
says two other nations
have citizens in need of saving:
Canada and the United States.

“I pray for Ukraine, and I wish them the best,”
But we also have neighbors to the north

who need freedom and need to be liberated, “
and we need that right here at home, as well.

This was the most obnoxious, vile,
the pernicious canard of the week.
A total nonsensical, non sequitur.

What does the invasion of Ukraine
By Russian forces have to do
With protests against
Mask mandates and vaccine restrictions
In the U.S. and Canada.

The two events are not even remotely
The same thing.

To her and her ilk
Mandating masks, and vaccines
Amid a still deadly pandemic
Is an infringement on their freedom
To be a self-centered a…..

And Canada and the US
Are now living
in a monstrous communist tyranny
And we need to be liberated
Just like the Ukrainians.

For these crimes against human thought,
Reason, common sense, and common decency
She is the Cosmos Scumbag of the week.

Russians Come in Peace

The Russia army
Comes in peace
To liberate our Ukrainian Brothers

We welcome you all
To come back home
Back to our homeland

Your Mother
Russia welcomes you
With love and peace
And friendship

So drop your arms
Surrender to us

We will protect you
Preserve and love you

we have a nice happy gift
thermobaric bombs
to warm you up

my Ukrainian Brothers
on a cold winter night.

When Russia invaded Ukraine

when Russia invaded Ukraine
The bombs killed thousands.

When Russia Invaded Ukraine
The Ukrainian People stood Up

When Russia Invaded Ukraine
Putin Misunderestimated Zelensky

When Russia invaded Ukraine
Putin thought Biden would do nothing

When Russia invaded Ukraine
He wished his puppet Trump was still president.

Make Love Not War All Poetry

Make love not war
The old hippie adage
Has never been truer

Than in this day
Of savage war

Taking place
In the Ukraine

Where the murderous
Mad man Putin

For reasons he alone knows
Decided to take back Ukraine

Unleashing the power of his army
Upon the innocent people
Who rose up

Saying enough no more
If only Putin had been content
To live and let live

Perhaps if he a lover
He would be making love
And not war

The End

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