Why am I still addicted to you?

Why am I still addicted to you?



Jake Cosmos Aller


Why am I still addicted to You?

Mountain Lions Harbinger of Doom

Coffee Time

The Last Baby on Earth

The Last Light House




Why am I still addicted to you?


There is a mystery that has haunted me

For almost 45 years


45 years ago

I met you in a dream


And 38 years ago

You walked off a bus


And into my life

And nothing was the same

Since the day we met


In the very beginning

I was addicted to you


Why Did I fall for you

Why did I become so hopelessly

madly in love with you


Why was it love at first sight

And why can I know

Then I had met you before


All these are questions

that still haunt me to this day


All I know is

After 45 years


I am still Addicted to you


Mountain lion of doom


throughout the West

mountain Lions are on the move

Coyotes too


The lions and coyottes feast on deer

Dogs, cats and other animals

And other animals


Driven by spread of suburbia into the mountain fastness

That was their home


The mountain lions and coyottes

are are spreading east and south

Not just in the wild west anymore


And somehow it seems

That the mountain Lions

Are not just out for the deer


The mountain Lions

are coming after humanity

While attacks are few and far between

The mountain Lions have been known

To attack dogs, cats and the occasional human child

And even the occasional unwary hiker in the mountains


And one can see these mountain lion

In the mountain parks

And they are scary indeed


It seems that nature

Is on the move


and that nature

May not be nice

To mankind


As we continue to despoil the land

Pollute the world


And overpopulated  the world

Tomorrow Perhaps Our time will come


The Mountain Lions Will be hunting

As humans become prey


After The end of civilization

The mountain Lions therefore

Are a harbinger of future down




The last baby on earth


The last baby on earth

Lies in a manger

hidden by his mother


The last baby on earth

maybe be the last man on earth


As mankind has become infertile

As mankind can no longer reproduce


Alas the last baby on earth

Is celebrated


As a hero

In hopes


that there will be other babies

yet to be born


But the last baby on earth f

Knows he may be the last man on earth



Coffee Time

I love the smell of coffee

First thing in the morning

I start my day day inhaling the aroma of the freshlly brewing coffee

Anticipating the taste and feel of the coffee soon to be consumed


I love the taste of coffee

First thing in the morning

I eagerly anticipate

The taste of coffee


I love the feel of coffee

Dark Liquid flowing into my system


I love the color of coffee

Dark Black as hell


And yet

There is a hint

Of the sweetness of heaven


I love the effects of coffee

It Picks me up

Gets me going


Kicks my ass into gear

It gets me hyper

It gets me through the darkest morning


And yes I love

The nightmares that coffee produces

As I tried to sleep

Fighting  the coffee

I tossed and turned


delicious nightmares

Turn into stories

and turns into poems

and even turns into a novel or two


All of this is because of my daily cup of coffee

I love my coffee

And always will




The Last Light House


The last man on earth

Is walking along the coast

Heading to the lighthouse in the distance

That has Inexplicably turned on the lights


The last man on earth

Is suspicious that this this might be

Just an automated machinery


He walks towards the light house

in darkening night

And sees the light

Piercing the night


And dreams

That perhaps there may

be someone at home


He says Hello

As he enters the lighthouse

Only to meet death



He walks into the lighthouse

And sees what he has seen

In every house

on every corner

In the entire Land


Nothing  but death sitting there


As the plague took another victim


The last man on earth

Made himself A steak dinner

In the last lighthouse On earth

And played the light Out on the water


Hoping Hoping hoping

There will be ship

in the ocean


and that perhaps

he might be saved


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