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The Poet has published an Adversity Anthology featuring two of my poems. “Wild Things”, and “Wild Things Run Amuck”. You can find them on page 33-35 in volume Two. This is the third time I have been published in The Poet’s anthologies and I will submit again on the theme of cultural identity. To my writer friends, this is a great publication, they do quality work but unfortunately no payment yet.

To order a copy from Amazon.co.uk click on the button below. Alternatively, search ASIN: B09JJ7FQ6S in your own country’s Amazon store.

Wild Things Run Amuck
Wild Things
A Poet Contemplating the End of Times
Computer plots against me
the Democratic Party Needs a Lion Tamer


more monster images for poem jpg
more monster images for poem jpg






Wild Things Run Amuck

4 am
O dark hundred
Bewitching hour
Time for wild things.

To escape
From their prisons
Deep in the mind
Of the sleeping man.

They escape
Hideous demons
Ghouls, goblins, monsters
Escaped banshees.

The wild things
Sniff the air
Saying it was time
For some wilding.

The wild things
Jump out the window
And run amuck
Spreading chaos
in their wake.

Killing everyone they see
Raping women and children,
Vandalizing buildings,
Yelling screaming.

As the wild things
Run amuck
Led by a half man half horse
Centaur like creature
With a Putin like mask
And the voice of Donald Trump

The wild things run amuck
All over the town
Spreading chaos
Until the dawning sun,

Turns them back
Into vampire like creatures.
And werewolves
Howling at the full moon.

The wild things
Come back
And enter their prison
Deep in the sleeper’s head

.And the wild things
Fade into a nightmarish image
As the sleeping man
Awakes recalling the dream,

And the night of terror
When the wild things
Came out to play
At o dark hundred.

Wild Things

Wild things come out to play
Intending to unleash chaos
Leaving their prisons
Deep inside the mind.

The wild things
Have come out to run amok
In the light of the full moon.

Nightmarishly real foul creatures
Great demons, werewolves, goblins,
Monsters, hell hounds,

Escaped banshees
Straight out of hell
Howling at the lunatic light
Of the full moon.

A Poet Contemplating the End of Times (submited but not published.)

a Poet sits in his lair
high above the city

contemplating the end
the end of days

the end of the world
approaching him

He saw the signs
all around him

the decay
the rot lay deep

all around him
the world woke up

and the poet

he was no longer
a lone voice

in the wilderness
screaming about the end

as the world
woke up

perhaps too late
perhaps not

the poet spoke
and the world listened

to his pleas
no longer

falling on deaf eats
the poet smiles

and prepared
for the end

of his time
as he saw

the grim reaper
coming for him.

Computer Plots Against Me

(submited but not published.)








I often think
that my computer
hates me
and is plotting against me.

for example
the computer dies
killing my data
and giving me the proverbial finger.

other times it takes forever
to open a simple word document
multiple copies
all with nonresponse errors.

and excel
well don’t get me started
one day
for some reason,

Excel refused to accept
anything imported
from outside Excel.

gave me a very helpful error message
ran out of fonts
and you click Okay
five to 500 times (a record I counted)

until finally, it cleared
but you lost
any data you might have had.

I have pretty much given up
on Microsoft
I sent them a goodbye letter.

but they of course
true to form
never acknowledge it.

and so they are doomed
to become the latest
corporate dinosaur.

like Block Buster
or Sears Roebuck.

the Democratic Party Needs a Lion Tamer

(submited but not published.)

joe biden
joe biden






the democratic elders
sitting around
the proverbial non-smoked filled room
contemplating the state of play

looking at the candidates
that are still at play
realizing that none of them
are the lion tamer

that the times need
to take on the President
the President is the ultimate
disrupter of the status quo

the ultimate change agent
the master of destruction
who has the pulse
of the public

the democrats need to find
a progressive champion
a real new deal
who can become

their lion tamer
and put the beast
that is Trump
back in his dark cage

the hour is getting late
as the nation contemplates their fate
will the democrats step up to the plate
and stop the lion in his place

Are we all doomed
to watch the end of America
from our television screens
as the beast emerges

triumphant and real
calling forth the trumpeters
and their dark allies
in the alt-right.


One question we always ask our poets is; do your culture and heritage influence your writing? And so, for our next collection, the theme is Cultural Identity. Click on the link for further details:

Deadline January 31, 2022

They publish four anthologies a year. I have been in three out of the recent four ( and due to the technical glitch mentioned above should have been in a fourth one).

Contribute to our anthologies
We produce some of the largest international anthologies on particular themes and topics ever published.

Working cover only
Our next anthology’s theme: CULTURAL IDENTITY
Deadline Jan 31st, 2022

One question we always ask our poets is; does your culture and heritage influence your writing?

Another challenging subject for our next collection; Cultural Identity is a part of a person’s identity, or their self-conception and self-perception, and is related to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, locality or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture.

Use your skills as a poet to tell us about YOUR OWN particular cultural identity, heritage, nationality or social and ethnic background. What do you love about your culture? What aspects or features of your culture inspire you? How is your culture unique and fascinating, and how does it influence you to put words onto paper?

You can also submit poetry in your own language, but it MUST be accompanied by a translation into English.

Submission guidelines for CULTURAL IDENTITY
You can submit up to SIX pieces per themed anthology (but please do not submit more than six). Any style aside from continuous prose. No word count for poetry, but keep in mind the length if you would like more than one or two considered, as we can’t devote too many pages to just one poet.

Along with your submission/s, please also send:

1). A writers’ biography, in the THIRD PERSON, of between 150 and 500 words, INCLUDING your country of origin AND the city and country in which you currently reside, OR the city and state if in the USA, (however, we don’t need your actual mailing address, but our focus is to showcase the diversity of international poets contributing to our collections). Let us know if we can use your biography from a previous contribution.

2). Any contact and social media details you’d also like publishing e.g. website, Amazon author’s page, Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Blogs etc. (We will always add your email address for other editors/poets to connect with you – but please let us know if you don’t want this adding). For social media, please add your handle (for example.: FB @Robin.Barratt1), and not just your name, as sometimes it takes us ages to find the poet’s social media page!

General Guidelines

Please try to send all contributions together in a Word or Open Office.doc, AND/OR within the body of the email. Email your submission/s to: Robin@ThePoetMagazine.org with a COPY to RobinBarratt@hotmail.com (as sometimes emails go into spam folders and they can get missed). So we can identify your submission, please mark in the subject line the collection in which you are contributing to, e.g. CULTURAL IDENTITY. We have hundreds of emails every week, and sending everything together in one email makes it much easier for us to look at specific contributions, rather than looking through lots of different emails from the same contributor (which may then accidentality get overlooked).

We will, of course, check for typos and spelling (as we are based in the UK, and to retain continuity, we change American spelling into English spelling), but we don’t heavily edit a poet’s work, so please, as a poet, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your poem is checked, proofed and ready for publishing, so ONLY send final, print-ready copy.

VERY IMPORTANT: Our readership and contributors range from age 11 to over 100, and from virtually every culture and country. We respect everyone, so strictly nothing of an adult nature, and no swearing, profanities or obscenities of any kind, or disrespect to other countries or cultures.

We at THE POET really do want your words to be read by as many people as possible, so therefore you retain FULL copyright on your work (by submitting, you are giving THE POET permission to publish and/or re-publish your work) and, unlike many other literary platforms and magazines, with THE POET you can re-publish your work elsewhere, and at anytime (but if you can kindly mention first published with THE POET, then great!). Also, we accept previously published material too, but ONLY with details of where and when it was previously published. Please add this to the end of the poem previously published.

PLEASE NOTE: we are not-for-profit and so we don’t pay for contributions, nor send paperback copies out to every contributor – with so many contributions from all over the world, for example; in FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP there are 248 contributions from 175 poets in 46 countries, and from 26 states in the US, this would be almost impossible to do, and extremely expensive, and we simply couldn’t publish if we did. Instead we prefer to focus on promoting and publishing poetry, and showcasing poets worldwide, and virtually all our poets so far (now over 1000) are more than happy to contribute under these terms. Please do not submit your work if you are unhappy with these terms. We do, however, send contributors a free PDF copy of every anthology they contribute to.

Questions? CONTACT US.

There is no subscription to THE POET magazine; everything

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Lastly, because of the volume of poetry and poet profiles we are currently receiving, we are temporarily closed for submissions from poets to be featured on THE POET’s website, but will keep you updated and let you know when we re-open.

Back again shortly, until then … keep writing poetry everyone!

… and stay safe!

THE POET Magazine
Poetry For Mental Health

Autumn 2021 theme: ADVERSITY
Volumes 1 & 2

With 272 contributions from 158 poets in 49 countries, and 28 states across the US; published in two volumes, ADVERSITY is now our most contributed to the anthology to date. Please support us as we support poets by buying a copy; they are not expensive, and every copy we sell goes towards helping us promote and publish poetry.

Thank you!

Volume 1

AUTUMN 2021 – Poetry on the theme of ADVERSITY, from poets around the world.

75 poets
138 poems
255 pages
Large format 6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Featuring: Phyliss Merion Shanken – NEW JERSEY, USA; Niels Hav – DENMARK; Ed Ahern – CONNECTICUT, USA; Kathy Sherban – CANADA; Michael Ceraolo – OHIO, USA; Ali Alhazmi – SAUDI ARABIA; Ndaba Sibanda – ZIMBABWE / ETHIOPIA; C.S. Kempling – CANADA; Michelle Morris – ENGLAND; P. J. Reed – ENGLAND; Nolo Segundo – NEW JERSEY, USA; Linda M. Crate – PENNSYLVANIA, USA; Fahredin Shehu – KOSOVO; Monsif Beroual – MOROCCO; Mark Andrew Heathcote – ENGLAND; Alicia Minjarez Ramírez – MEXICO; Gary Shulman – CALIFORNIA, USA; Mukund Gnanadesikan – CALIFORNIA, USA; Joralyn Fallera Mounsel – PHILIPPINES / SINGAPORE; John Grey – USA / AUSTRALIA; Nancy Shiffrin – CALIFORNIA, USA; Francis H. Powell – ENGLAND; Ana Stjelja – SERBIA; Lynn White – WALES; Germain Droogenbroodt – SPAIN / BELGIUM; Judy DeCroce – NEW YORK, USA; Antoni Ooto – NEW YORK, USA; Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah – BANGLADESH; Pavol Janik PhD – SLOVAKIA; Srđan Sekulić – SERBIA; Gayle Bell – TEXAS, USA; Tali Cohen Shabtai – ILLINOIS, USA; Ana M. Fores-Tamayo – CUBA / USA; Aminath Neena – MALDIVES; Bryan Andrews – SOUTH AFRICA; Borche Panov – REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA; Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska – REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA; Karen Douglass – COLORADO, USA; Cordelia Hanemann – NORTH CAROLINA, USA; Zorica Bajin Đukanović – SERBIA; Joan McNerney – NEW YORK CITY, USA; Wansoo Kim PhD – SOUTH KOREA; Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer- WASHINGTON, USA; Caroline Johnson – ILLINOIS, USA; Alonzo “zO” Gross – PENNSYLVANIA, USA; Alisa Velaj – ALBANIA; Jyotirmaya Thakur – ENGLAND / INDIA; Fabrice Poussin – GEORGIA, USA; Patrick O’Shea – NETHERLANDS / UK; Russell Willis – VERMONT, USA; Paul S. Mugano – UGANDA; Michael Estabrook – MASSACHUSETTS, USA; Susan Sonde – MARYLAND, USA; Alexious J. Kachepa – MALAWI; Lou Faber – FLORIDA, USA; Eliza Segiet – POLAND; Mark Fleisher – NEW MEXICO, USA; Anthony Ward – ENGLAND; Mark J. Mitchell – CALIFORNIA, USA; Nelie Bautista – SINGAPORE / PHILIPPINES; Jack D. Harvey – NEW YORK, USA; Norbert Góra – POLAND; Tamam Kahn – CALIFORNIA, USA; Kristine Ventura – MALAYSIA / PHILIPPINES; Shweta Shanker – INDIA / SWITZERLAND; Igor Pop Trajkov – REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA; Kevin Brown – ARKANSAS, USA; Ndumiso Maphumulo – SOUTH AFRICA; Pat Smekal – CANADA; Gary Beck – NEW YORK, USA; Carolyn Martin – OREGON, USA; Neil Leadbeater – SCOTLAND; Amrita Valan – INDIA; Rema Tabangcura – PHILIPPINES / SINGAPORE and Mantz Yorke – ENGLAND.

To order a copy from Amazon.co.uk click on the button below. Alternatively, search ASIN: B09JJ7FQ6S in your own country’s Amazon store.

Volume 2

AUTUMN 2021 – Poetry on the theme of ADVERSITY, from poets around the world.

83 poets
134 poems
265 pages
Large format 6 x 9 inch (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Featuring: Rhonda Parsons – ILLINOIS, USA; Andr

My poems appear on pages 33-32.

Carter Brown – CALIFORNIA, USA; Hussein Habasch – KURDISTAN / GERMANY; Anne Mitchell – CALIFORNIA, USA; Dr. Sarah Clarke – KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN; Brian Wake – ENGLAND;Mónika Tóth – ROMANIA; Jyoti Nair – INDIA; Jake Aller – SOUTH KOREA / USA; Shereen Abraham – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES; Michal Mahgerefteh – USA / ISRAEL; Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah – BANGLADESH; Stephen Kingsnorth – WALES; Steven Jakobi – USA / HUNGARY; Tony Daly – VIRGINIA, USA; David A Banks – ENGLAND; Linda Imbler – KANSAS, USA; Eduard Schmidt-Zorner – REPUBLIC OF IRELAND / GERMANY; Dianalee Velie – NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA; Aleksandra Vujisić – MONTENEGRO; Maria Nemy Lou Rocio – HONG KONG / PHILIPPINES; Rezauddin Stalin – BANGLADESH; John Tunaley – ENGLAND; Anne Maureen Medrano Esperidion – HONG KONG / PHILIPPINES; Rahim Karim – KYRGYZSTAN; Sazma Samir – AUSTRALIA / SINGAPORE; Rich Orloff – NEW YORK, USA; Volkan Hacıoğlu – TURKEY; Ermira Mitre Kokomani – NEW JERSEY, USA; Mark O. Decker – DELAWARE, USA; Sandy Phillips – ENGLAND; Lorraine Sicelo Mangena – ZIMBABWE; Gabriela Docan – ENGLAND / ROMANIA; William Conelly – ENGLAND / USA; Sharon Harper – MISSOURI, USA; Andrei Pershin – RUSSIA; Amelia Fielden – AUSTRALIA; Bhuwan Thapaliya – NEPAL; Barbara Webb – ENGLAND; Jenny Brown – ENGLAND; Marilyn Longstaff – ENGLAND; S. D. Kilmer – NEW YORK, USA; Donna Zephrine – NEW YORK, USA; Nivedita Karthik – INDIA; Kakoli Ghosh – INDIA; Bill Cushing – CALIFORNIA, USA; Rachel Elion Baird – MASSACHUSETTS, USA; Brajesh Singh – INDIA; Kate Young – ENGLAND; Bill Cox – SCOTLAND; Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska – REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA; Gabriella Garofalo – ITALY; Tracy Davidson – ENGLAND; Cheryl-lya Broadfoot – ENGLAND; Shaswata Gangopadhyay – INDIA; Jill Sharon Kimmelman – DELAWARE, USA; Jane Fuller – SCOTLAND; Ian Cognitō – CANADA; Adrienne Stevenson – CANADA; Anamika Nandy – INDIA; Wilda Morris – ILLINOIS, USA; Kathleen Bleakley – AUSTRALIA; John Laue – CALIFORNIA, USA; Vernes Subašić – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA; Paula Bonnell – MASSACHUSETTS, USA; Madhavi Tiwary – KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN / INDIA; Ankita Patel – INDIA; Janet Bi Li Chan – AUSTRALIA; Carol Casey – CANADA; Rose Menyon Heflin – WISCONSIN, USA; Prafull Shiledar – INDIA; Lisa Molina – TEXAS, USA; Aaron Pamei – INDIA; Monica Manolachi – ROMANIA; Maid Čorbić – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA; Alun Robert – ENGLAND; Suchismita Ghoshal – INDIA Dr. Achingliu Kamei – INDIA; Julie Ann Tabigne – SINGAPORE / PHILIPPINES; Mary Anne Zammit – MALTA; Jenelyn Leyble – SINGAPORE / PHILIPPINES; Hanh Chau – CALIFORNIA, USA and Maria Editha Turingan Garma-Respicio – HONG KONG / PHILIPPINES.

There is no subscription to THE POET magazine; everything on the website is FREE to view. Our anthologies are FREE to read online too! And there are NO annoying adverts or banners! But we do need financial support to keep THE POET going, and to continue promoting and publishing poetry from around the world.

Please consider ordering a copy of this book (volume one) and On the Road and on Faith which all featured my poems.

The next call is also right up my alley as I have written several poems on this topic.

the End

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