corona testing

COVID Negative

COVID Negative

corona testing
corona testing






I have written numerous Corona poems since the pandemic hit.  One of my favorite COVID characters is General Corona,  He came to me in a vision after watching the former guy droned on about battling an invisible army,  I figured every army even a virus army had to have a commanding general.  I imagined him as a huge  figure riding the black horse of pestilence from revelations and the virus army as imperial storm troopers looking for the the unvacinated, unmasked victims to infect with ray guns that spread the virus about , This one is sort of a haibun poem based on my getting a COVID test for travel the other day.

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I had to get a COVID test
To get on a plane
Anxiety filled my mind
As I waited to take the test
I was filled with anxiety
Then I got the results

“COVID Negative
Cleared for International travel”

Anxiety fades away
Everything is fine
The world resumes
I defeated COVID
For now.

Yesterday I had to get a COVID test for my upcoming return to the States, flying to DC for three weeks on the 15th. US is requiring a negative PRT COVID test conducted within 72 hours of departure.  You can get it done at a health center but it would cost 100 dollars and results take 24 to 48 hours. Fortunately, the US army at Camp Humphreys had their act together.  Took less than an hour to do the test which was not too invasive a procedure and to get the needed “COVID Negative, Cleared for International Travel” certificate.

We have to do the same thing upon our return but getting a test site in the U.S. was a bit difficult as it was hard to find a place that would guarantee results in time for your flight, but we found a lab that guaranteed 24-hour returns for a price.

Word to the wise,  if you are traveling to the US and returning, make sure you get your re-entry permit on time, and your COVID tests were done on time.  You may have to call around to get a place that gets results back in time.

General Corona Poems


General Corona Leads His Troops Into Battle, crown of sonnets

General Corona leads his forces across the world
riding on a black horse

from out of the Apocalypse  ride the four horsemen
which are let loose upon the world
He leads his forces across the world

into battle as the leader of his evil forces
The enemy of humanity

General Corona he does not care
nor does his virus minions care
about your nationality he does not care
about your politics he does not care
or your wealth or who you are
for all you are nothing but humanity
the corona general sees humanity

the corona general sees humanity
as nothing but hosts for his virus army

as nothing but hosts for his virus army
chanting death to humanity
until his evil army
sweeps throughout the world
throughout the world
and millions must die

it is the will of the general all must die
and it is the end of the world

or perhaps the beginning of a new world
filled with hope and love through out the world
humanity comes alive throughout the world
fighting back against the virus army
peace, love and compassion defeats the army
and general corona will finally himself die

General Corona is coming for us all








I saw the best minds of my generation
destroyed by madness
consumed by the greed
all around us
the dreaded corona virus spreads
its death and destruction
all over the world

no one can escape
IS      INDEED     AT    STAKE
NONE         OF     US    CAN




content tracing “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg

General Corona is Happy


corona virus
corona virus






General Corona
is happy
his mission is a great success
as his armies of virus bots
spread throughout the world
spreading chaos and destruction
as all bow down
to his invisible armies
none can escape their fate
on that date
that he unleashed his armies
upon the world
all humans must die
his armies scream out

Plane, Train or Automobile – none of us can escape our fate

covid 580
covid 580






in these dark and dire times
we find ourselves living
we often fear that the times
are infected with death

and so we are afraid
deathly afraid
that if we take a plane
we will find General Corona
among the passengers

and we are afraid
deadly afraid
that the subways
are incubators
of death and destruction

the virus spreads
fear and death
in its wake

many of us
retreating to our homes
and venturing out
in our cars

only to find
death is stalking us
as traffic piles up

traffic accidents
still killing more people
that the dreaded General Corona

the grim reaper smiles
his work is done

Cosmic Debris Corona sonnet 2

covid 19 virus

covid 19 virus 


I received a mysterious email package
followed by a phone call offering me a magical mask
a mask that they claim would prevent me
from the dreaded General Corona
hey there
who you jiving with that cosmic debris
a mask that they did not want me
me to know about

TOP   SECRET     CODE         2       LEVEL  STUFF

MUST    ACT                 NOW

SEND                             MONEY  ASAP




# content tracing-  “Cosmic Debris by Frank Zappa”

with apologies to Frank Zappa

Corona Consumes Me  Corona Sonnet  3








I am consumed by the corona virus
and I am slowly being taken over
as the virus infects my mind

taking me over turning me
into a wild raving zombie man
Let there be light

will I become the first




content tracing – Let there be light from Bible and the entire Zombie Apocalypse genre where the Zombie flu started usually in China as a flu and then morphs into the zombie disease

God Deals with Corona

god is having a crisis meeting
on the corona virus situation
on planet 679542099199
otherwise known as planet earth
in a minor corner
of the milky way

the deranged inhabitants
of the planet
somehow thought that GOD
created them in his image
and that they are his children
all of them

and that he listens to his prayers
god was so tired of dealing with humans
the most ornery stubborn stupid creatures
of all the millions of sentient beings
he had to deal with them
more than any one else
God created the world
but then let nature take its course
and sometimes things worked out
and sometimes they did not
and God just did not have the time
to deal with every little detail
of life on millions of planets
across the vast universe

His arch enemy Satan
banished to Hell’s prison
was always causing trouble

everywhere in the universe
and Satan also loved the mad
creatures on planet earth
what was god to do
he did not know
as he saw the death rates
increase and grim reaper’s
armies go to work

his courts will  be filled
billions stuck in limbo
for centuries

just did not have enough
staff to do the work

God signed off the conference
and sighed again

thinking about the mad creatures
on the planet earth

hoping that they would pull it together
but knowing that he might have to intervene
and went back to his other business
enough of humans for one day

the End

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