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21 Dawns, 21 Haiku

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Journal of Expressive Writing, one of my favorite journals has just published,  2021 Dawns, 21 Haiku.

 Dawns 21 Haiku

PROMPT — I will not rest until …

2021 Dawns
Politics are still uncertain.
Thousands still are dying.

2021 Dawns
The New president offers.
Hope new beginning.

2021 Dawns
The Madness never ends it seems.
Consuming us all.

2021 Dawns
The hope springs eternally.
We will overcome.

2021 Dawns
35,000 lies.
Fading like ghosts.

2021 Dawns
Politicians still lying.
Thousands still dying.

2021 Dawns
Corona virus spreading.
More corona ghosts.

2021 Dawns
There is New hope in the air.
Will politics kill it?

2021 Dawns
The news stills scream death and despair.
I turn it all off.

2021 Dawns
As I wake up at dawn.
I see my sleeping wife.

2021 Dawns
We wait for the coming fires.
End of the world fears.

2021 Dawns
Q continues to spread hate.
Millions still follow him.

2021 Dawns
Will optimism and love?
Overcome the hate.

2021 Dawns
Many questions still remaining.
I have no answers.

2021 Dawns
With hope I leap out of my bed.
Watching TV kills hope.

2021 Dawns
Will this be the end of my days?
Will I overcome it?

2021 Dawns
2020 hangover.
like a dark nightmare.

2021 Dawns
Politicians still refusing.
To do anything.

2021 Dawns
The rich are still getting richer.
The poor remain poor.

2021 Dawns
We hope the past will fade away.
Into dark memories.

2021 Dawns
I wake up hoping for best.
Dreading worst to come.

2021 Dawns
I am still alive thank god.
Filled with love for wife.

they will also publish Cancel Culture in December.

Cancel Culture Run Amuck

I am so sick

And tired

Of the so-called “Cancel culture”
That has spread out

Along with the rightwing media verse
Infecting the public
With their hatred and disdain

I don’t know what it all means
Something about political speech
social conservatives

Being canceled
By left-wing woke mobs
In the mainstream media

“Libtard “Coastal elites
And tech giants

Seems that they don’t like
Being held to account
For minimal standards
Of decent behavior

For example, not spreading lies
About COVID vaccinations
I mean you Senator Johnson
Banned by YouTube for a week

Or inciting a riot
I mean you
Former guy
And his minions

Used to be
That we were all
Held to account

For decent behavior
By a sense of public shame

So, we did no go there
We knew where the lines were
And respected them

But in the era
Of the former guy
All civilized restrains
Have gone out the window

I say to my republican friends
If you don’t want to be canceled
Don’t say or do disgusting things
Don’t spread hate and misinformation

Then we would not have to
Cancel your nonsense

Until then I need to shut
Off the damn media noise box

They previously published a number of my pieces, and I participated in their first open mike reading “ Just Enough for Coffee”.

The End

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