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Journal of Expressive Writing Updates

More coronavirus poems published – Journal of Expressive Writing Updates

coronavirus revised

more coronavirus poems

Corona Virus is Not God’s Punishment

Christian Right on Corona

CoronaVirus Poems

Coronavirus Pandemic Thoughts

the journal of expressive writing update: they will publish the following poems

2021 Dawns – Haiku

Visions of General Corona

they previously published

General Corona Cried
General Corona Appears in a Vision
Total Success or Total Failure
General Corona Says I Am Going to Mess You Up
Dejavu All Over Again

and I have included two additional poems, not published.

Corona Ghosts Message for our Feckless Leaders
Herman Cain Was His Name

Journal of Expressive Writing Updates follow:


Journal of Expressive Writing will publish Dawns 21 Haiku. The previously published, “Vision of General Corona, “

Dawns 21 Haiku


Politics are still uncertain.

thousands still are dying.


The New president offers.

Hope new beginning.


The Madness never ends it seems.

Consuming us all


The hope springs enterally

We will overcome.


35,000 lies.

Fading like ghosts


Politicians still lying.

Thousands still dying.


Coronavirus spreading

More corona ghosts.


There is new hope in the air.

Will politics kill it?


The news stills scream death and despair.

I turn it all off


As I wake up at dawn

I see my sleeping wife.


We wait for the coming fires.

End of the world fears


Q continues to spread hate.

Millions still follow him.


Will optimism and love?

Overcome the hate.


Many questions still remaining.

I have no answers.


With hope I leap out of my bed

Watching TV kills hope


Will this be the end of my days?

Will I overcome it?


2020 hangover

Like a dark nightmare


Politicians still refusing.

To do anything


The rich are still getting richer.

The poor remain poor.


We hope the past will fade away.

Into dark memories



I wake up hoping for best.

Dreading worst to come


I am still alive, thank god.

Filled with love for my wife.

PROMPT—During Covid-19 …

One day I was half napping

Watching the President drone on

About him being a wartime president

battling an invisible army

I beheld a vision of great terror

I saw a huge black General Corona himself

Dressed in Star Wars

imperial black stormtrooper

Robocop uniform

Riding a black horse

The black horseman

From revelations

Live and in living color

And he took off his helmet

And turned to me

He screamed

Death to all humans

Addressing his invisible army

Newly visible to me

Millions of virus bots

In imperial stormtrooper uniforms

Carrying imperial ray gun weapons

The virus bot army

Joined in the battle cry

Death to all humans

Death to all humans

All humans must die

I woke up

And turned off the TV

And went for a walk

To clear my head

Of this vision,

Of General Corona

General Corona  Cried

General Corona cried
despite everything
his armies were being defeated
the stupid humans got smart
and masked up

total Success or Total Failure

corona virus
corona virus

The President’s Son-in-law declares
that the government’s response
to the coronavirus
has been a total success

as the government
step up to the plate
to fight the virus from hell

I have to wonder
on what planet
does the words

total failure
becomes a total success?

Are we living in a bizarro world
Where everything
Means the opposite

Do words no longer
Have any connection
To underlying reality

Can we tell a lie
From the truth anymore?

For his statement
Is impossible to be
Anything other than the opposite

His total success is everyone’s total failure
As 450,000 American Corona ghosts
Will attest

just more verbal diarrhea
from our dear leader

And his cult-like followers
And corrupt court jesters

Corona fever – I am going to mess you up, Dude!

corona testing
corona testing

In this day and age of temperature testing
Everywhere one goes
It is important to remember what the tests mean
And what they don’t mean

First temperature tests are a crude instrument
All it is saying is that you are sick
Dude with something bad

Could be the flu
Could be the dreaded corona
Could be malaria, yellow fever
Zika or many terrible things

But whatever dude,

you got temperatured
And it is high

so dude, just deal with it
So stay away from here
Until you are better
Test negative for the dreaded Corona
Or die of it

That is all it means
And many people pass it
And many have it
And many people will spread it
Even though they are temperatured
Clear negative good to go
And free of the fever

For the sad reality
Is that the fever comes
Near the end

And what is means
Is that the mean old general corona
Has a message for yah

It goes like this

Dude, you got a fever
And you know it ain’t the flu
Ain’t dengue, malaria

or yellow fever
Or Zika or any other strange tropical disease

It is the dreaded Corona
It means that I your general
Has grabbed you
And I am going to mess you up

So when you get c virus dude
You will wish you were dead
You will ache all over

Have pain from hell
And you will cough
Up a storm

Maybe even rush to the ER
Be told
Ain’t no room for ya
You damn fool

Go home to die
Or wait outside
Until we can see yah

We don’t care any more
You are now just a damn
Statistical number
Potential death number 51000 today

And you will beg me
To release you
To send you to your maker
God or the devil is waiting
Grimm reaper has your number

And you know what
I might do that
Or I might just say
You will live

And walk away
And my minions will infect
Yet another foolish dude
Not wearing a mask

And so it goes
Nothing political
I don’t care who you are
Who you voted for

And the blood of Jesus
buddha or any other god
Won’t save your sorry ass

As they say
Dude your ass is mine
And I am the lawnmower

Yeah dude
When I get my hands on yah
It means I am going to have my fun

Dude, it means I am going
to mess you up
And your loved ones
And your cute cousin

And that girl you’ve been crushing on
Particularly if you know kissed her
Yeah way to go dude
Spread me around
I love it dude !

But don’t fret
Dude, it ain’t personal
Hell no, is just ya know
it’s a virus thing
You would not understand
Just the sort of thing I do ya know

Dejavu All Over Again

masked woman
masked woman

Looking at the news
As the virus spreads
Out of control
With no end in sight




Back in April
Hospitals begged for relief
From a lack of PPD
And equipment etc

And for a few weeks
It seemed we were fine
But we failed to prepare
For the continuation of the pandemic

And our stockpile has been overwhelmed
Our hospitals are overwhelmed
And it could have been prevented
If our leaders had kept up

Stockpiling for the inevitable second wave
Even as the first wave has yet
To reach its peak
So I say
It is all dejavu all over again

And two bonus poems just written today

  150,000 Corona Ghosts Messages for Our Feckless Leaders

500,000 Corona ghosts
Have a message
For our feckless leaders

Their voices crying out
In the corona winds
That are sweeping the world

Led by the implacable enemy
General Corona
And his army of virus bots

The corona ghosts cry out
Why Mr. President
Can’t you take responsibility

And apologize to the world
For the mess you made
Due to your incompetence

Why Mr. president
Do you continue to listen to quacks
Whether than your own experts

And why dear God
Don’t you mask up
Right now?

Mr. President
Why can’t you get
The senate to get off
Their proverbial buts

And deliver Corona relief
To those fortunate
To still be alive

And Mr. President
The way things are going
We may see you soon
As you too may become
Just Another Corona Ghost

Herman Cain was his Name

Herman Cain was his name
Being President of Godfather Pizza
That was his name
And his claims to flame

He ran his company with pizzaz
Being famous for being famous
Knew all the right people
Did the right thing

But still on that date
He met his fate

And became
Just one of the 500,000 Corona Ghosts

Ghosts in the corona winds
That are sweeping the land
Killing people left and right

As General Corona marches forward
With his army of virus bots
Infecting everyone they met

And in the end
It did not matter
Who Herman Cain was

He became just
Corona Ghost

Herman Cain, US ex-presidential candidate, dies after contracting Covid

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain speaks at a conference in 2011Image copyrightREUTERS

Herman Cain, the Republican pizza chain CEO who ran for president in 2012, has died after contracting Covid-19.

Mr. Cain, 74, was hospitalized after being diagnosed with the disease earlier this month.

“Herman Cain – our boss, our friend, like a father to so many of us – has passed away,” a message posted on his official website said.

Mr. Cain, who in 2006 survived late-stage colon cancer, is one of the best-known US victims of Covid-19.

His social media accounts had been providing regular updates on his condition. On 7 July, a post from his Twitter account said “doctors are trying to make sure his oxygen levels are right”.

“This is a tough virus,” it said. “Please continue praying.”

Mr. Cain appeared without a mask at a rally held by President Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on 20 June.

They admitted him to the hospital with coronavirus on 1 July, though it is unclear when or where he caught the infection.

The president paid tribute to Mr. Cain on Thursday at the White House, saying: “He was a very special person… and unfortunately he passed away from a thing called the China virus.”

Who was Herman Cain?

Born in Tennessee to a father who worked three jobs as a janitor, chauffeur, and barber, and a mother who worked as a servant, Mr. Cain studied for a degree in maths and a master’s in computing.

He worked variously as a Baptist minister, a radio talk show host, and as an entrepreneur.

Mr. Cain was an advocate of a flat tax system – his 9-9-9 plan – and ran for office after a stint as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

During his run, he told reporters he would not stand for any “gotcha questions”.

“And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan, I’m going to say you know, I don’t know. Do you know?”

He initially proved popular, but later found himself at the center of a number of sexual harassment allegations.

Although he denied the accusations against him, his popularity soon suffered, and he suspended his campaign. Mitt Romney later became the Republican candidate in an unsuccessful race against President Barack Obama’s bid for a second term in office.

Mitt Romney and Herman Cain (R) at the CNN GOP National Security debate in 2011Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionMitt Romney and Herman Cain both stood as Republican candidates

In 2019, Mr. Trump sounded him out to sit on the Federal Reserve Board, but he withdrew his nomination after several Republican senators refused to back his appointment.

Mitt Romney was also among those paying tribute to Mr. Cain.

“Saddened that Herman Cain – a formidable champion of business, politics, and policy – has lost his battle with Covid,” he wrote on Twitter.

Former employee Dan Calabrese also praised Mr. Cain’s legacy.

“Most people heard of Herman for the first time when he ran for president in 2011. What they didn’t know was his business background,” he wrote on Mr. Cain’s official website.

“They didn’t know how he had started his career as a civilian employee of the Navy. It was funny to us because sometimes political pundits portrayed him as kind of a goof – not understanding that during his time working for the Navy, he was literally a rocket scientist.”

Mr. Cain had enjoyed good health in recent years, Mr. Calabrese wrote but added that the previous diagnosis with cancer meant “he was still in a high-risk group” in the current pandemic.

the end



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