April 22, 2022 Poems

The April Poetry madness is more than half over.  I am determined to finish by May 1!  (Given that the prompts I use are posted in the U.S. and that I am in KST time I will be finished April 30, 2022 EST),   I have some other poetry publication news.  Poetry Super Highway published my poem on visiting the holocaust museum for their annual Yom HaShoah issue. You can read that here

Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Museum


Today’s poems (April 22) follow:

Friday Day 22:

Met His Fate That Date NaPoWriMo

Sam Adams
Often thought
He had met his fate
On that date, he met his wife.

She walked into his life
The date he met his wife
Was the best day
Of his life.

On the date, he met his wife
He felt that was the beginning
Of the rest of his life.

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). In honor of today’s being the 22nd day of Na/GloPoWriMo 2022, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that uses repetition. You can repeat a sound, a word, a phrase, an image, or any combination of things.

Variations on a Theme Fate Dew Drop Inn Writing com Prompt

I have often thought about fate
And how and why I met my wife
The way I did,

For it seems
That we were fated
To meet,

That we knew each other
In a past life
And that our love
Was strong enough,

To overcome the barriers
Of time and space
That somehow her spirit
Was calling me.

Appearing in my dreams
For eight years
Until she walked
Off that bus
And into my life.

That is why
I believe in reincarnation
It is the only way
I can make sense
Of this improbable, impossible
Fairy tale love story.

Coffee Trinet Coffee PSH

need more coffee
need more coffee

Just hot
drinking it at sunrise
Just right.
Need more
Strong Coffee
Right now!



This poetry writing prompt submitted by Patrice M. Wilson:

Make a pot of tea or coffee in a clear glass pot or container. Pour cream or milk into it. Carefully watch cream or milk swirl into the dark liquid. Write about what you see and any associations with it. You could also try this with anything that swirls, e.g., water going down a drain. Have fun!

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment below.
#napowrimo #poetry

Lion King Revolts Writer’s Digest


The Lion King
Looked out at the assembled animals
In the first ever worldwide parliament
Of animals.



The lion king chaired the conference
Which was called to discuss
The weighty issue
Of what to do about humanity.

Which was rapidly destroying
The habitat of the entire planet
Making it unfit for life
For any organisms.

The lion king recognized
His cousin, the Siberian Tiger
The tiger rose to speak

Denouncing humanity
As the greatest threat
To life itself.

He demanded the right
To hunt down and kill
All humans.

As enemies of the world’s ecological system,
Saying that Gaia was crying out
For revenge.

The animals all debated the question
Finally, the lion king turned
To the sole defenders of humanity
The cat and dog representatives.

The cat shrugged its shoulder

“Meh, I suppose humans are alright.,
They treat cats right”.

The dog made a passionate defense
Of their best friends, the humans
Saying that they were trying to mend
Their evil, greedy ways.

And deserved a second chance
as did all God’s creatures,
Great and small.

The lion king called for a vote
The vote was 250 to two.

The lion king announced the verdict
All humans must die.

That was the day
Of the great animal revolt
That led to the fall
Of humanity.

For today’s prompt, write an organism poem. The cool thing about our planet is that it is loaded with a variety of living organisms, from one-celled prokaryotes and eukaryotes to complex creatures (like blue whales and rhinos). Write about several organisms, or pick one and make it the title of your poem.

Note: this is part of a series of similar magical realism poems I should put together someday as a collection.

Mentee Best JO’s  Local Gem

I sometimes think back
When I was working
And think back
What sort of boss was I?

What impact did I have
On those who worked for me.
I had my favorite employees

And I like to think
That I was not that bad a boss
At least I was not
An evil SOB boss
Like some of the bosses
That I have known

That I was fair
And looked after
My employees

Making sure that they got
The support they needed
To do well in their career.

The End

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