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end of the year reflections overview  book list 

Every year at this time a year I like to reflect back on the year before what I had done what movies I had seen what books I had read where I have traveled and what I have accomplished this year for the first time I’m going to blog about this so here are my end-of-the-year book list movie list and travel list.

books read during 2018

books read

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books read

First let’s look at the book list. This is the list of books I have read this year.

reading goal for this year included 

5 to 6  books per month  -2 from library one from Kindle  one from own library
1 SF or thriller
1 world lit including Korean, Latin American, Indian novels 
1 poetry
1 history or current event
Read 19th classic novels 
Read all my classic books as well
One Korean history book
One writing craft book
One Spanish language book
One Korean book   

for next year continue as before but read more Korean and Spanish books

The List

  1. AC Fuller   The Anonymous Source
  2. AC Fuller   the Inverted Pyramid
  3. AC Fuller   the Mocking Bird Drive 
  4. AC Fuller   the Shadow File 
  5. AC Fuller  The Last Journalist
  6. AC Fuller Cutline
  7. Earnest Howard The Atlantis Stone
  8. Down in the Dirt 2018 Anthology Natural Light includes my poem
  9. Down in the Dirt 2019 Literary Review my poem Strangeness in the Air appears November 
  10. Snarling Cup of Coffee My Chapbook as published in Poetry Superhighway give away
  11. David Balladaci Winner
  12. Making Out in Korean
  13. Vietnam Lonely Planet
  14. .Vietnam Cambodia Lonely Planet
  15. .Vietnam Easy Travel Guide
  16. .Continuing Korean
  17. .Advanced Korean
  18. Conspiracy Theory JD Oliva  Kindle
  19. .Museum Attack Jim Heskett Kindle
  20. .Jamie Thornton Germination did not finish Kindle
  21. Steve Konkoly Red Dragon Kindle
  22. Nathan Van Cooper In Times Like These Kindle
  23. Earnest Dempsey The Secret of the Stones Kindle
  24. Braddon Ellis Atlantis Quadrilogy Kindle
  25. .Bida Ernie Howard Kindle 
  26. .Howard Finn Adventures of Robin Hood Kindle
  27. .Nick Jones The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman Kindle
  28. .Stephen Tharp the Western DMZ Paju
  29. .Icebergs Alistair Morgan
  30. An Ordinary Soldier Gramma Joyce  erotic shorts 
  31. The Camera and the Cobra erotic shorts
  32. .Substitutes Viet Dinh erotic shorts
  33. The Nursery Kirstein Sundberg erotic shorts
  34. Tell Him About Brother Joe Manuel Munoz erotic shorts
  35. Isabelle’s Daughter Karin Brown erotic shorts
  36. Purple Bamboo Park EV Slate erotic shorts
  37. This is Not Your City  Caitlin Horroks erotic shorts
  38. The Visitor Marisa Silver erotic shorts
  39. .The Bell Ring John Burnside erotic shorts
  40. .The House Behind A Weeping Cherry Ha Jin erotic shorts
  41. . And We Will Be Here  Paul Yoon erotic shorts
  42. Uncle Musto Takes A Mistress erotic shorts
  43. .Darkness  Andrew Sean Greer erotic shorts
  44. .Kind LE Miller erotic shorts
  45. .The Order of Things Judy Troy erotic shorts 
  46. Wildwood Junot Diaz  erotic shorts
  47. A Beneficiary Nadine Gordimer erotic shorts
  48.  Blasphemy Douglas Preston erotic shorts
  49.  .Michael Robinson The Alpha Plague erotic shorts
  50.  .The Enigma Stain Nick Thacke erotic shorts
  51. . Captain Bartholomew Quasar  Miles James Fowl erotic shorts
  52. .Kill Switch Steve N Lee – did not finish – a bit too violent for my taste
  53. .Second Chances Lincoln Cole Gripping emotional family drama – quite well done
  54. The Alpha Plague Michael Robinson – so so Zombie thriller
  55.  Strike Jim Heskett Did not finish
  56.  Tech Fall Austin Drago
  57. TS Elliot Complete poems and Plays
  58. Stuart Woods Skin Game – finished  YS Library 
  59. .Stuart Woods Desperate Measures 
  60. John Grisham The Reckoning YS 
  61. .David Poyer Deep Water
  62. .Bill Clinton/James Paterson The President Is Missing
  63. James Elroy This Story
  64. .Lindsay Buroker Star Nomad
  65. .Nick Thacker the Depths
  66. The Green Ghost Johnston Mc Cullety Shadow Justice
  67. Mr Death Takes the Wheel G Wyman Jones Shadow Justice
  68. The Emperor Runs the Gauntlet Charles Lee Jackson Shadow Justice
  69. the Shadow Smith Investigations Owen Fox Jerome Shadow Justice
  70. Fireball Charles Lee Jackson Shadow Justice
  71. the Crimson Mask Scorpion Trail Frank Johnson Shadow Justice
  72. The Reaper City of Thirst William Glass Shadow Justice
  73. The Mask of Cypher fireball adventure  Shadow Justice
  74. The emperor Marked for Death  Shadow Justice
  75. .Milo James Captain Bartholomew Quasar
  76. .Lincoln Cole Second Chances
  77. .Steve Lee Kill Switch
  78. .Michale Robinson the Alpha Plague
  79. .Micha Caridad Time Trap
  80. .Jim Hesket Strike
  81. .Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  82. .Ransom Riggs Hollow City
  83. .Ransom Riggs library of Souls
  84. .James Elroy American Tabloid
  85. .James Elroy The Cold Six  Thousand
  86. .James Elroy Blood Requiem
  87. .David Poyer Deep Water 
  88. .Lindsay Buroker Star Nomad
  89. .Nick Thacker the Depths
  90. Micha Caridad Time Trap
  91. .Minnie’s Diary my poem included the Market Rules Us All
  92. Poetry Explosion News letter – My poem Fears included
  93. .Poets Against the Wall – my poem Take Down this Wall included 
  94. .Best American Poetry 2017
  95. .Best American Poetry 2018
  96. .Best American Poetry 2019
  97. Easy Thai
  98. .Fundamentals of Thai Language
  99. .Thai Phrasebook
  100. Scales Fall All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  101. the Ant Tower All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  102. Heft All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  103. the first acolyte of the Upshot All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  104. Bronwells Dowry All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  105. the Spider and the Darkness All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  106. The Dowager’s Largress All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  107. Therjiac All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  108. the Red Flame of Death All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  109. The Blue Breeze All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  110. The Rakam All These Shining Worlds Best SF shorts
  111. Arthur Doyle Lost World
  112. Franklin Autobiography
  113. Craig McDonnough Destination Roswell
  114. Clare Littermore FLow
  115. Incheon Travel Guide
  116. Gangnam style  Yangchechong Stream
  117. His forbidden touch ten Shades of Sexy
  118.  Heaven’s fire ten Shades of Sexy
  119. just Perfect ten Shades of Sexy
  120. the Games ten Shades of Sexy
  121. Taken by the Cowboy ten Shades of Sexy
  122. Lips that Touch Mine ten Shades of Sexy
  123. Justin ten Shades of Sexy
  124. Hidden Crimes ten Shades of Sexy
  125. Trust Me ten Shades of Sexy
  126. Ten Shades of Sexy ten Shades of Sexy
  127. Mathew Mather Dark Net
  128. Austin Dragon Tek Fail
  129. Austin Dragon Liquid Cool
  130. Dean F WIlson Cool Hand Luke
  131. Austin Dragon Hollow Blood
  132. Duncan Simpson Dark Horizon
  133. AJ Ramsey Apocalypse Rise of the Machines
  134. Bobby Adair Freedom Fire
  135. Bobby Adair Slow Burn
  136. Alice May Bell Hot Wife
  137. Robert Peace Scout


Other James Elroy read

The Underworld USA Trilogy

American Tabloid
the Cold Six  Thousand
Blood Requiem

LA Quartet

black Dahlia
The Big Nowhere
LA Confidential

To read

Whitman Leaves of Grass
Dickenson Collected Poems
the Wrinkle in Time five volume Series
       Robert Service Poems (from Alaskan gold rush period)
       Poetry for dummies
The Poets Companion
Art and Craft of Poetry
Crafting Scenes
Creating Plot
Ben Nyberg One Way to Write Short Stories
James n Frey How to Write Damn Good Novel
Rittenberg Your First Novel
Myeongo’s korean reader
the lion the witch and the ward-row in Spanish and english
Kim Soo Sijo In Korean and English
Robert Collins North Korean Organization and Guidance Department
Robert Collins Denied Human Rights at the Local Level
Courtland Robinson Lost Generation
Federalist Papers

the End

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