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more corona virus poems

More Corona Virus Poems

Note:  Most of these poems were written in May to July, 2020. I plan on updating this once a month or more often as the muse strikes me. I am hunkering down in South Korea where the virus is slowly spreading but mostly contained.  It is a sad community that a country that has 1/6 the population of the US and is very congested should have so few cases -13,000 cases vrs 3 million + in the U.S. as I write this July 15, 2020. Some of these poems are sarcastic, some are magical realism as I imagine General Corona  leading his army.  See the first one where I introduce the character of  General Corona.  Even an invisible army needs a general, don’t you think?  Enjoy and feel free to send me your poem for a future guest posting.  I have updated also my earlier postings – see revised corona poems.  There were  just too many to include in one posting.


Jake Cosmos Aller

Corona Virus is Not God’s Punishment

tChristian Right on Corona

Wearing a Mask Controversy 

Palm Beach article on Mask Controversy


New poems

General Corona Appears in a Vision

God Fearing Christian Patriots Willing to Die to Breath mask Free –  Eight  found Poems

1 Devil Love

2.   Do You Think You are God?

3 Going Against God’s Breathing System

4    We the People Will Rise Up

5  Are You Insane?

6  What About Bill Gates?

7. Listen to Q and Get Educated

8   Never Again

Conservative Christian Activist Says He would rather be beheaded than wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID 19  Found Poems
Corona pantoum
To wear or not wear a mask that is the question Stop Testing, Found Poem
I am going to mess you up, Dude!
Reality Bites
Corona hits Me Hard
Corona fears haiflu
Corona Hits Me Hard
Corona Virus Paranoia<
watching as the entire world falls apart
The Last Day of America
Plane, Train or Automobile – none of us can escape our fate
Packages from God
ARC Throws Back the Hood
Covid madness sweeps through the world
Wearing a Mask is Not a Political Statement
Surely not kill man
Wear the Damn Mask
My psychoanalyst thinks I’m perfectly right
Mad mask fears
Jesus would have masked up
Total success
Talk is cheap
The corona virus is not dying out Mr. President
General corona is pleased
Wear the damn mask
An Old man refuses to wear the mask of death
Poetic Justice at work Found Poem<
American Independent kwoa poems
Everything is Every Thing
Anytime the Corona Winds Blows
Ain’t Karma a bitch, Mr. President
Governor Covid Victim Poetic Justice

Older Poems  see corona virus revised

the Virus from Hell is amused

End of the World
Every Day I Turn on the News *
Irony Meters Blow Gaskets
Chaos *
Corona Virus Fears Tanka
My Phobias Overwhelm Me
Fear Fills the Air
More Trouble Every Day
Trouble Every Day Frank Zappa
The Torture Never Stops – Frank Zappa
by pass the alarms spreading across the land
corona cinqk
Taking a Walk in the Corona Era
A lone man stands in an empty parking lot
empty parking lot
It is a hell of a world we live in ain’t it?
Pause for a moment amidst the media madness
I feel as if the whole world needs to be cancelled
The Virus King Cried *
Bring out your dead
the Virus Came From Hell
The Delivery System of the Virus is Round
the corona virus is testing us all
The call goes out
the four horse men ready to ride
nature spirits revolt agains humanity
Last Human on Island
corona virus Haiku
Bring Out Your Dead
death comes knocking
be afraid afraid
The Virus Came From Hell
Hope Springs Eternal in our Winter of our Discontent
the Virus King Has Arrived
Kimchi Blues
Humor keeps us sane
Peacock Speaks
Iguana Talks to humanity
To all the friends I am about to loose
corona fears
quarantine blues
I Wish for Peace During this time of crisis
Ten million stories in the Naked City
The Mist from Hell Descends on the land
Conversation with the Gods About Corona Virus
Under the canopy of the pine trees we lay –
corona fears
to those I have lost
We live in an Orwellian world
새영 지마 saeyeong jima  plays out in life
corona virus tanka
The best meal of my life
corona virus haiku
White Flower spring Time Haiku
Woman releases balloons of hope
life interrupted by corona
Saudade for friends I have lost
The end of the world news depresses me
God Did not Send the Corona Virus  as a Punishment Black Out Poem

New Poems

General Corona Appears in a Vision

One day I was half napping
Watching the President drone on
About him being a war time president
battling an invisible army

I beheld a vision of great terror
I saw a huge black General
General Corona himself
Dressed in star wars imperial
black storm trooper robocop uniform

Riding a black horse
The black horseman
From revelations
Live and in living color

And he took off his helmet
And turned to me

He screamed
Death to all humans

Addressing his invisible army
Newly visible to me
Millions of virus bots
In imperial storm trooper uniforms
Carrying imperial ray gun weapons

The virus bot army
Joined in the battle cry
Death to all humans
Death to all humans
All humans must die

I woke up
And turned off the TV
And went for a walk

To clear my head
Of this vision
Of General Corona

God Fearing Christian Patriots Willing to Die to Breath mask Free – found Poems

Residents in Palm Beach Florida erupt over new face mask rule – CNN Video

comment: found poems based on public testimony before the West Palm Beach county commission’s hearing on imposing a mask requirement. The commissioners voted 7 to 2 to impose the requirement.  I mixed in some of my own stanzas here and there for clarification or emphasis.


Devil Love

Devil love is propelling the “deep state
to stomp on the U.S. Constitution
and deprive us of our God-given oxygen
along with our inalienable rights

making us wear face masks
on orders from those
who are poised to
And those officials
who follow the devil’s law

“I can’t understand
why you would all
decide something like this

and want to hurt the people.
You’re going to harm
the health of all of the people

“Every single one of you has a smirk
behind that little mask,

will be subject to citizen’s arrest
by We the People
for crimes against humanity.

“My name is Butch Dias,
and I am an American patriot“

See that flag?
I would die for that flag!

The Constitution
that you are supposed to uphold
I would die for that!”

“You didn’t listen
to We the People!”

“But what’s going to happen when you get the call…
‘Oh, we got to defund the police,
we got to get rid of them.’..

Who’s going to arrest the people
[not] wearing stupid masks?…
What are you going to do?

How are you going to put the people down?”
It breaks my heart,
because I would die for that flag,

I would die for this country,
and I would die for the Constitution.

And you guys are supposed
to uphold the Constitution.
But you know what?

You didn’t.

You let We the People down.”

 Do You Think You are God?

good morning.
Let me ask you all

Do you believe you’re God?
“Do you believe you can override
God’s divine plan for our lives?

Do you believe God gave us life
and God takes away our life?
Well, if you answer yes
to all these questions,

who gives you
the right to choose
how we live our lives?

I choose faith
over fear every day
You’re not God,

and since masks are harmful
where there is risk
there should be choice.

Turning Your Backs On God’s Breathing System


“I’d like to say, in the beginning God
formed man out of the earth
and breathed his breath in him
and he became a living soul,

“And they want to throw God’s
wonderful breathing system out the door,”

“You’re all turning your backs on it.
Can you prove that it’s good for people
to breathe carbon dioxide over
and over and over again?

God made it so that
we would breathe
in fresh oxygen,

to go to our body
to every cell in the body
It has to have that
to make energy.

When you wear a mask,
the nose is cut off,
the mouth is cut off.”
and you can’t breath
Just like George Floyd

“And you’re breathing carbon dioxide
over and over and over again.
You’re not getting the fresh oxygen
that God intended
You’re sending carbon dioxide
to every cell in the body,
polluting it
Especially the brain…”

“I don’t wear a mask
for the same reason
I don’t wear underwear
Things got to breathe.”

The virus is going to keep on going
because people’s bodies are being polluted
and the virus is attracted to polluted bodies

You’re going against God’s
wonderful gift he gave us.”

“And they want to throw God’s
wonderful breathing system out the door,”

“You’re all turning your backs on it.
Can you prove that it’s good for people
to breathe carbon dioxide over
and over and over again?

“I can’t understand
why you would all
decide something like this

and want to hurt the people.
You’re going to harm
the health of all of the people

You’re going against God’s
wonderful gift he gave us.”

Do You Want to Be Known as Communist Dictators?

You’re removing our freedoms
and stomping on
our constitutional rights
by these communist
dictatorship orders…

If you do vote
to mandate masks
in the workplace

and public schools
and stores,
the death of many
will be on your hands.”

“Do you want to be called,
known for communist dictators?
Is this the legacy you want
to be known for?

Do you want to be responsible
for fear mongering misinformation
The problem with humanity
today is ignorance, arrogance,
and apathy.

Keep listening to the TV
brainwashing you
from birth.

Keep listening to conditioning messages
in your local stores
while shopping, just like Fidel Castro
did over loudspeakers in Cuba.

Don’t you see the problem?
The truth is out there…
Remember, God is watching you.”

but every single one of you
are going to get punished by God.”

We the People Will Rise Up


“What I came to say is
We the People
will work day and night
to clean every single seat
if need be,”

“We will get together
and do a citizen’s arrest
on every single human being
that goes against
the freedom of choice, OK?

You cannot mandate
knowing that the mask is killing people..
and every single one of you

that’s obeying the devil’s law
are going to be arrested
And you are going to be arrested
for crimes against humanity.”

but every single one of you
are going to get punished by God.

You cannot escape God.
I’m going to say that again.’
You cannot escape God.”

“Not even with a mask
or 6 feet
OK, 6 feet
is military protocol.

Are you insane?

You’re trying
to get the people
to train them<

so when the cameras,
the 5G come out,
when they’re going to scan everybody.

We got to get scanned
we got to get temperatured,
the kids have to go to school with masks.”

She posited a question
that she might have been asked herself.
“Are you insane?

Are you crazy?
I think all of you should
be in a psych ward right the heck now

Because none of you,
none of you know
what the hell
you are talking about.

This is insane.
And then you want to
open the meeting
with a prayer to God

Are you praying to the devil?
Because God
is not listening to that prayer

wearing a mask
is a sign of disrespect
to the President






and to God
who anointed him
to be our leader
in this dark and dangerous times

What About Bill Gates?

Bill Gates
Bill Gates






“There’s not enough [COVID] to make it a pandemic
This is a planned-demic.”
Funded by Bill Gate, George Soros
and Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese wife

A Chinese bioweapon
Launched to take down our great president
Yet do nothing about it

What about Bill Gates?
Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese Wife
daughter of a Chinese General
and George Soros

Why are they not in jail?

why is Bill Gates not in Jail?
Why is Mark Zuckerberg ?
and his Chinese wife not in jail?
why is George Soros not in Jail?
Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail?
Why is Obama not in jail?
why is sleepy Joe Biden not in jail?
why is Hunter Biden the evil mastermind
not in jail?

Why are all these pedophiles
not in jail?

that are demanding
you all to listen to their rules,

You must remember Obamagate
And don’t forget Bhenzazi
and Hillary’s emails

Do you take your orders from Jeffry Epstein?
“Oh, is it because you’re part of them?…
Are you reptilian shapeshifters

The deep state is going down
and if any of you are in the deep state,
you’re going down with it.”

Never Again

“Discriminating against certain groups
of people
while exempting others
is a violation of your civil rights,”

Stop mandating  masks
the way the Nazis
once mandated
yellow stars for Jews

Following World War II,
we Jews said ‘Never Again.’…
In Germany, Poland,
and across Europe

we were forced
to wear a gold star,
told to get on a box car
to be taken to a safe place.

In reality, what happened?
If we forget history,
we are doomed to repeat it.”

“This is not about health,
this is about submission.”

the mark of the beast is coming
the anti-Christ walks among us

“Well, guess what, the riots are spreading, too!”
And what the hell are we going
to do about that?

We’re going to arrest patriots;
for not wearing a mask?
That’s what you want?”

“And I say Trump 2020!”

Conservative Christian Activist Says He would rather be beheaded than wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID 19

comment : Found Poem – with a few of my own stanzas mixed in

Scot LivelyScot Lively

scot Lively Would Rather be Be-headed than Wear a Mask

Conservative Christian activist
says he would rather be beheaded
than wear a mask
to prevent
the spread of COVID-19.

a radical anti-LGBT Trump-loving
conservative Christian,
Lively argues that requiring citizens
to wear a mask to fight the coronavirus pandemic

is like the Nazis requiring Jewish individuals
to wear a yellow star on their clothing,
and an unacceptable overreach
of government power.

These things must be balanced
against the disastrous consequences
of surrendering personal liberty
to overreaching government,

especially regarding face masks,
and enforced social distancing
which are in some ways worse
than police-enforced lockdowns

because they represent
a literal in-your-face exercise
of statist power

like Islamist head coverings for women
or the Nazis’ yellow star for Jews.

Unnecessary enforced public mask wearing,
as opposed to voluntary reasonable usage,
is no less a statement

of psychological submission
to higher authority
than a dog collar.
In the greater scheme of things,

I believe liberty is more important
than security if one is forced
to choose between those two.

Those who don’t believe
that are ripe for the Mark of the Beast,

which is what this entire season
of chaos is really about, in my view.

Personally, I would rather die
or be maimed from COVID-19—
or be beheaded by a mob
of anarchists and Islamists—

than become a safe slave
in a global totalitarian government.
Led by Satan’s tool
Joe Biden, the anti-Christ

Corona pantoum

corona virus spreading death
as our politicians continue lying
many people refuse to wear masks
so many people lie dying
as our politicians continue lying
Spreading lies and misinformation
so many people lie dying
With hatred spreading across the nation
If only people did what they should

Corona Virus Spreading Death

corona virus spreading death
Our leaders say everything is good
many people refuse to wear masks

To wear or not wear a mask that is the question
found poems

Real Patriots Don’t wear Masks

no masks
no masks






To wear or not wear a mask
Is the question
That bedevils the world
From Brazil to the White House
Ohio and Texas
The call has gone out

Wearing a mask
Means you are a liberal weak sissy man
Or woman Listening to
the government’s propaganda

or the evil fake news
enemies of the people
or are a libtard democrat
anti-Trump anti-American terrorist

and disrespect the President
and God
who anointed him to be President
in these dark and dangerous times

No Masks Needed in Ft. Bend God’s Texas Home


ft Bend court house

Well, not in Ft. Bend County
We will not trample
on the individual rights of Texans
to provide a false sense of security




Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
It is nothing serious at all

I have 826 staff
at the Ft. Bend Sheriff’s Office.
We interact with the public daily.

3 months,
I’ve had just 2 officers
test positive
I have over 800 inmates
and staff in the jail
and not a single positive test

Fort Bend County
Confirmed 5,015
Deaths 63
Confirmed 274K
Deaths 313<

as of 7/15/2020

Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
nothing serious at all

No one’s been hospitalized
Except in Houston
and other Godless cities

Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
It is nothing serious at all

Here in FT Bend
The blood of Jesus
Will protect The good christians

Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
It is nothing serious at all

Only non-Christian heathens
are catching the china virus

Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
It is nothing serious at all

“I encourage people to wear a mask
if they have one

I encourage people
to wash their hands frequently,”

Cough cough cough
Nothing but a cold
It is nothing serious at all

“I encourage people to do
the right thing to help
protect our most vulnerable,

Houston Imposing a Mask Mandate Represents Government Tyranny

But government mandated
That is a step too far
this government MANDATE
from Harris County
is unnecessary, unconstitutional, and unAmerican”

“It’s an unprecedented overreach
which looks more
like a communist dictatorship
than a free Republic”.

And here in Texas
We believe
That people have to make

Their own decisions”

What About Seat Belts and Drunk Driving?

What’s that?

Drunk driving should be okay?
Driving without seat belts<
Or insurance should be okay?

What is wrong with you people
Requiring people to wear a mask
Is not the same thing at all

It is communism socialism fascism
Liberalism nanny state run amok
And we will not stand by it

“At this point,
I see it as nothing
more than politics

Governor Abbott announces a trajectory
to start reopening Texas
and Harris County,
which never even utilized
its $60 MILLION
pop up hospital at NRG,
implements a mandate
for face masks on 4 million people”

The other counties to do it are Dallas,
Bexar, and Travis.
These are the 3 most liberal counties
in the state of Texas.






They are all filled
with godless libtards,
GovBots, Gays and anti-Christians
Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, Atheists
minorities, illegal aliens
black people, brown people
yellow and red people
DEMOCRATS, socialists
anti-fa protestors

Who hate America
Hate our beloved President
hate our Governor
Hate our Senators
Hate god
our freedom
and our Christian family values

“I believe we’ve seen
the worst of this war.”


There has been a record breaking
Increase in covid cases
Just more fake news
Everything is fine

Note: the good sheriff was talking
in late June
before everything went to hell
so perhaps he can be forgiven
a bit for being behind
the power curve
so to speak End Note

“Here ins Texas

Cough cough cough

And we’re closer to victory
than we’ve ever been.”

Note: every word in that sentence
has been proven to be completely wrong
End Note

“Let’s keep doing our part
to be conscious of others
when we’re out
and make sure to hold
government accountable, always”

How is this not an endorsement
mandated mask wearing?
I just don’t understand

Sheriff, please explain it again?

Ah I get it now
Voluntary mask wearing
encouraged by government officials
in Republican cities Good

mandated mask wearing
by government officials
in democratic cities
evil totalitarian overreach

If You are Black and Wear a Mask We will Pull You Over

But don’t wear a mask
If you do
We will pull you over

Because you are probably
A criminal type
particularly if you are black,
brown, yellow or red

and you will be charged
with something
because you must be guilty
of something

if you are white
you will be given a mask
and told to have a nice day

And we don’t want your kind
Living and polluting
Our great Texas state

Cough cough cough

You have to ask your self
Are you tired of living

in a dictatorship yet?



corona testing
corona testing

This is what happens
when people go crazy
and get tested.
you test people
and you find cases


if you don’t test people
then there will be no cases
and like magic
the problem disappears

so I say to you
It only encourages them
to  require more testing

When will this government madness end”

Cough cough cough

“It is giving the government
an excuse to claim something
is happening that is not happening
at the magnitude they say it is happening.”
It is all fake news

I mean how many people
Do you know
Who have died
From the china flu?

Cough cough cough

I don’t know anyone personally
That has died
It is all a hoax
By the fake news media

“Have you noticed they never
talk about death anymore,
just cases?

And they never
talk about recoveries.
They just keep adding
to numbers they
have been feeding us
from over 3 months ago!”

Cough cough cough

Don’t Believe the Lies There is No COVID

“It is all lies”
“Wake up America”
“Don’t believe the lies”

“There is no covid 19
It is just a bad china flu
That the Chinese unleashed”

To take down our President
Because he dared to stand up
To the bullies in China

Make America great again
Don’t get tested
And don’t wear a mask
The blood of Jesus
Will protect you always

Corona fever – I am going to mess you up, Dude!

temperatured jpeg
temperatured jpeg

In this day and age of temperature testing
Everywhere one goes
It is important to remember what the tests mean
And what they don’t mean




First temperature tests are a crude instrument
All it is says is that you are sick
Dude with something bad

Could be the flu
Could be the dreaded corona
Could be malaria, yellow fever
Zika or any number of very bad things

But what ever dude,
you got temperatured
And is is high
so dude just deal with it

So stay from here
Until you are either better
Test negative for the dreaded Corona
Or die of it

That is all it means
many people will
not know they have it
And many have it
And many people will spread it
Even though they are temperatured
Clear negative
good to go
And free of the fever

For the sad reality
Is that the fever comes
Near the end

And what is means
Is that the mean old general corona
Has a message for yah

It goes like this

Dude you got a fever
And you know it ain’t the flu
Ain’t dengue, malaria or yellow fever
Or Zika or any other damn thing

It is the dreaded Corona
It means that I your beloved general
Has grabbed you

And I am going to mess you up
So when you get corona virus dude
You will wish you were dead
You will ache all over
Have pain from hell
And you will cough
Up a storm

Maybe even rush to the ER
Be told
Ain’t no room for ya
You damn fool

Go home to die
Or wait outside
Until we can see yah
We don’t care any more

You are now just a damn
Statistical number
Potential death number 51000 today

And you will beg me
To release you
To send you to your maker
God or the devil is waiting
Grim reaper has your number

And you know what
I might do that

Or I might just say
You will live

And walk away
And my minions will infect
Yet another foolish dude
Not wearing a mask

And so it goes
Nothing political
I don’t care who you are
Who you voted for
And the blood of Jesus
buddha or any other god
Won’t save your sorry ass

As they say
Dude your ass is grass
And I am the lawn mower

Yeah dude

When I get my hands on yah
It means I am going to have my fun
Dude it means I am going
to mess you up

And your loved ones
And your cute cousin
And that girl you’ve been crushing on

Particularly if you know kissed her
Yeah way to go dude
Spread me around
I love it dude !

But don’t fret
Dude it ain’t personal
Hell not, is just ya know
its a virus thing

You would not understand
Just the sort of thing
I do ya know

Reality Bites


To those who deny reality
To those who refuse to see
And refuse to understand
To those who think

That you can deny the truth
Remember this my friends
Reality is not your friend
Reality does not have a conservative bias

It does not have a liberal bias
It just is
That is what reality is
And reality

Does not like to be mocked
Does not like to be ignored
If you deny reality its due

It will rise up
Like an avenging angel
And bite you in the ass

Teaching you that on the date
That you ignore reality
You met your fate
That is the will of reality

Corona hits Me Hard

One day I wake up
And see an old black man
dressed in a general’s uniform
Sitting at my computer

I ask him
Who the hell are you?

He says
Allow me to introduce myself
I am general corona
And you belong to me now

If you are nice to me
I might let you live
But in the meantime

I am going to mess you up
You will get ill
You will feel a lot of pain

Coughing up a strom
Won’t be able to breath
And wish you were dead

It ain’t personal dude
It is just a virus thing
You would not understand
And he presses a button
And the fun and games begin

Corona fears haiflu

Corona virus
Fear of death everywhere
End of our world

Corona Virus Paranoia

fears of the corona virus
fear of the coming pandemic
paranoia in the air
fear of the other
fear of the coming super bug
the end of the world
all wrapped up
in a simple weaponized virus

watching as the entire world falls apart

watching as the entire world falls apart
consumed by fears of the end of the world
things continue to fall apart around us
humanity turns to silent gods
who turn a deaf ear to our suffering madness
as the virus from hell spreads out all around
fearful people desperately running here
fearful people desperately running there
praying to the silent gods above us all
to rescue them from this hellish nightmare fate
that seems to becoming our fate this late date
and as we all die a million deaths
just our fate

The Last Day of America

trump 4
trump 4

the last day of America
was the day we last voted
the last election we ever had



For on that day
a month before
the corona virus re-emerged

as the great re-opening
of the US economy
failed to stop the relentless spread
of the virus from hell
led by General Corona

causing panic and mass confusion
fear kept Americans home

and Donald Trump
was re-elected
because his voters

believed that God
had told them to vote
for their new found king

the newly energized President Trump
declared a national emergency
martial law
and suspension of the constitution

Promising to restore democracy
when the time was right

he promised his followers
that he would restore Christian values
renaming the United States
the Christian States of America

on that date
we met our fate

Christian fascism
was here to stay
as the time was never right
to restore the old Republic

that was the last day
of American

Plane, Train or Automobile – none of us can escape our fate


in these dark and dire times
we find ourselves living

we often fear that the times
are infected with death
and so we are afraid
deathly afraid
that if we take a plane



we will find General Corona
among the passengers

and we be afraid
deadly afraid

that the subways
are incubators
of death and destruction

the virus spreads
fear and death
in its wake

many of us
retreating to our homes
and venturing out
in our cars

only to find
death is stalking us
as traffic piles up

traffic accidents
still killing more people
that the dreaded General Corona

the grim reaper smiles
his work is done

Satan thanks General Corona
for a job well done

awarding him a Satanic
medal of freedom
Hell’s highest honor

Packages from God

they say that God
works in mysterious ways
his wonders to perform

every day it seems
that more and more
of what we buy
and consume

comes in packages
sent from here and there
as people

continue to practice
social distancing

and going to the store
becomes an exercise

fraught with peril
and danger

so we order
and we get our packages
sent from here and there

one day we received
a gift package
of clams
delicious fresh clams

as I ate them
I thought of the workers

who had labored unseen
for me to enjoy
this bounty from the sea

and I gave thanks
to the gods
for making it happen
in this day and age

we should thank
those who are still
laboring to feed the world

they are the unsung heroes
of this war fought by nature
under the direction
of General Corona


I am consumed by the corona virus
and I am slowly being taken over
as the virus infects my mind

taking me over turning me
into a wild raving zombie man
Let there be light

will I become the first






content tracing – Let there be light from Bible and the entire Zombie Apocalypse genre where the Zombie flu started usually in China as a flu and then morphs into the zombie disease

ARC Throws Back the Hood

Arthur Robert Copper
aka ARA the notorious international terrorist
threw back his hood
and revealed himself
to be the evil warlord
that had unleashed
General Corona on the world
his goal
nothing less that total domination
taking over the world
amid the total destruction of the world’s economy
as he and his billionaire buddies
reamed the profits
of the total destruction of the world’s economy

Covid madness sweeps through the world

General Corona
unleashes his army
the invisible army
upon the world

killing millions
in its wake
spreading chaos and death

as he rides in
on the black horse of death
harbinger of the end of days

destroyer of worlds
ending of the world
revelations come to life

social distancing walking in the Springtime

peace forest
peace forest

in this era of corona virus madness
enforced social distancing madness
one has to go out for a walk

social distancing  as we walk
as we walk down the path
trying to avoid people




human contact with people
keeping the proper
six feet social distance

and the dreaded corona virus
how much longer

can we all endure this madness
this damn social
distancing dance with death

Wearing a Mask is Not a Political Statement

these days to wear a mask or not
has become a political statement
wearing a mask is a sign of weakness to many
or common sense to protect us all

to those who refuse to wear a mask
I want to say to you what is wrong with you
have you lost your sense of humanity ?

so consumed with desires to get politically even
you would endanger us all?
and yourself

General Corona and his evil invisible army
does not care who you are
wearing a mask might keep the general
from infecting you and us all

so please wear the mask my friends

Surely Not Kills man

in these dark and dangerous times
we find ourselves in
we all rush about trying to avoid
getting sick with the dreaded Corona Virus

but time waits for no one
no one can escape one’s fate

“Surely not” Kills man








Content: Korean Proverb Surely Not Kills Man

My psychoanalyst thinks I’m perfectly right

I won’t say the Lord’s prayer 
I have mystical vibrations and cosmic vibrations
America in the era of corona virus
is a strange place filled with fear
as the build up inequities 
lay bare the country falling apart
nothing seems to work any more









Content Tracing: From America Allen Ginsberg

Mad Mask Fears

I don’t understand
this morbid irrational fear of wearing a mask
somehow making you weak
that wearing a maskis a political statement

“Midway upon the journey of our life

I found myself with a forest dark

for the straightforward pathway had been lost”






content tracing Dante Inferno Canto one Line 1 to 3

Jesus would mask up



to my friends in America
and around the world
to those who think
that somehow

the corona virus
only infects other people
that it is all a liberal hoax



nothing more than a bad flu
and nothing to do with me
demanding that we all go
back to work

what is wrong with you?
have you lost your humanity?
will millions have to die
so you can have a Big Mac?

and a beer in a bar
whenever you damn please

whenever you damn please
and no one can tell you
What to do
to wear  a mask

please wear a mask
have you lost all reason
is it all now about owning the dems
and the damn libtards

is there any thing left
in your cold greedy heart?
Other than hate
and you still proclaim

that you are Christian
as you violate all the Christian principles
what would Jesus do
what does the bible say

what does the bible say
what is the Christian thing to do

what is the Christian thing to do
to let millions of people die
did not Christ talk about love
compassion and mercy

would not Jesus
wear a mask
to protect himself and others
from this ravaging disease

that does not care who you are
who you voted for
which church you go to
and Jesus and all the other Gods

are not there watching
Watching all of us
as the virus spreads
it will affect you

it will affect you
sooner or later

perhaps if you had worn a mask
Following Jesus’s example
you might have prevented
The deaths of thousands of people

a few less people
Would have died a few more people
Including your grandparents
Your parents might be alive

if you were not such
a self-centered person
A few more people
Might be alive today

If only you
had worn a mask
and done what Jesus
would have you do

just man up
and mask up

total Success



The President’s Son-in-law declares
that the government’s response
to the corona virus
has been a total success

as the government
step up to the plate
to fight the virus from hell



I have to wonder
on what planet
does the words

total failure
becomes total success?

Are we living in a bizarro world
Where every thing
Means the opposite

Do words no longer
Have any connection
To underlying reality

just unsigned mutterings
from the mentally deranged

Can we tell his 18,000 lies
From the truth anymore?

For his statement
Is impossible to be
Anything other than the opposite

His total success is everyone’s total failure
As 135 thousands American ghosts
Will attest
just more verbal diarrhea
from our dear leader

And his cult like followers
And corrupt court jesters

Talk is cheap

Talk is cheap
and BS walks
That is what they say
And as the end times
Close in



With general corona
And his invisible army
Killing us all

Will our endless talk
Have an expiry date
When will God have enough
Of our endless foolish chatter

The Corona Virus is Not Dying Out Mr. President






The President
says with a smarmy smirk
and a straight face

The corona virus is dying out
That the problem has been solved

140,000 Americans lie dead
their ghosts swearing
at the living

The President says
The economy is roaring back
Everyone is ready to go back to work

As unemployment hits depression levels
The president says
Trust him
He will never lie to the public

Is that lie 18,000, 190000?
the fact checkers can’t keep up
Who knows what is the truth anyway
the truth is what the president
says today

The President says
He did more for African Americans
Than any other president

As thousands still demand change
The president says
Re-elect me
What do you have to lose

the 140,000 ghosts cry out
Perhaps our life, our honor
And our country

General Corona is Pleased

General Corona is pleased
At the news he sees
Everyday more people are dying
As his invisible army
Continues to march across the world
The politicians dither and dather
Loudly proclaiming victory
As thousands lie dying

Wear the Damn Mask

If you want to restore normalcy
If you want to save the country
If you want to accomplish your goals
There is one thing you can do

A simple low cost method
All you have to do
Is for everyone mask up
The life you save
May be your own

An Old man refuses to wear the mask of death

An old man
Sat in a bar
Complaining about masks
I don’t need to wear a damn mask
I am tough
The virus is a liberal hoax
And it will not get me
The man said
Went home
The next day
He woke up dead

The moral of the story
Wear your damn mask
The life you save
May be your owned

Poetic Justice at work Found Poem


rep tom Rice
rep tom rice



Republican Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina
took to his face book page, to announce
that he, his wife, and his son
had all tested positive for COVID-19.




Calling it the “Wuhan Flu,”
Rice said that his son
got it the worst,
with a high fever and coughing,
but seemed “on the mend.

Rice said his and his wife’s cases
were less severe,
with his wife having it worse.

According to him,
his son first came down
with symptoms last Sunday,

Rep. Rice was in the House chambers
and on the floor the week
before his son showed symptoms.

At that time, Rep. Rice
did not wear a mask
when he was on the floor.
“I’m socially distancing.
I’m staying six feet away from folks.

Rep. Rice did say he would wear the mask
if he was in a space like an airplane
where he couldn’t keep the distance
between him and others.

Calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan flu”
is not simply an attempt at pushing
a racist and xenophobic conspiracy theory,
it’s also just not correct.

The 2019 novel coronavirus isn’t the “flu.”
And people like Rep. Tom Rice
And his master, Donald J Trump
Our great leader
have been spending their time

telling news outlets
and their constituents
that the coronavirus<
pandemic was nothing to panic about,
and that very few people
were going to die from it.

Over 150,000 Americans are now Ghosts
having lost their lives to the pandemic.
Due to the criminal negligence
And incompetence
Of our great leader

Rice has toed the exact line
that the Trump administration
has drawn for him.

He has said there was
nothing to worry about,
and followed that up
by promoting the idea that anyone

pushing for big closures
and serious social distancing measures
was panicking.

And were left wing democrats
Who hated America

And wanted to ruin
The greatest economy
The world had ever seen

Under the greatest president
The world has ever seen

and what do the dead have to say
were they consulted
no for they remain dead
ghosts in the corona wind

He then subsequently
promoted the idea that
Trump is doing everything he can

and that the Republican Party
has always promoted the
public health measures
needed to prevent
the spread of COVID-19

we … somehow see in front of us today.
All in all
Proof that poetic justice
Is alive and well

And karma
Well she is a bitch

And loves
To kick us In the ass
That’s the nature
Of this whole karma thing

What goes around
Comes around

And no one can escape
Their karmic fate

American Independent kwoa poem

As Americans begin to celebrate
Their Independence Date

Making Americans begin to feel great
They are meeting their fate

Consumed with fears and newly filled with hate
They grimly wait their date

Through out the land in every single State
Everyone waits for their date

It is hard to keep it all filled with dire straight
Everything must frustrate

That is what makes it so difficult
Waiting for their death

The dancing with the damn corona fate
Just for their fate that date

Americans all die
Americans in every state
Waiting for their damn fate

Everything is everything

It will all sort itself off
As we stand shoulder to shoulder
Watching the fireworks
Wearing our masks
While socially distancing
Of course

 pensively 101 prompt

Any time the corona  wind blows


Any time the wind blows
A brief breath of fresh air
Each a welcome reprieve
Form the corona madness
Swirling all around us

 pensively 101 prompt

governor Covid Karmic Bitch

The news
that the governor of Oklahoma
Came down with Covid
Possibly after attending
The super spreading rally
In Tulsa the site
Of the newly -re- established
Indian reservation

The governor was not a mask wearer
Proudly insinuating
That real men
Don’t wear masks

Now he is the first
But won’t be the last
To get COVID

Joining the President of Brazil
The PM of Britain
And the PM of Canada
In that dubious club
Of infinity

Poetic justice at work

ain’t karma a bitch

President Trump
Continues to not wear
A mask

Darkly muttering
That requiring a mask
Is a democratic plot
Fed by the mass media
To undermine
His authority

Wearing a mask
He sneers
Means you have given in
To the fake news
And the evil government’s plots

Really men don’t wear masks
He says over And over again
Until one day
Soon he will come down
With the dreaded covid

General Corona
Has him in his cross hairs
And soon all too soon
The president
Will join the infamous club
Of world leaders
COVID positive

And he will soon know
That the law of karma
Is a real bitch

Governor Covid Victim Poetic Justice

The news
that the governor of Oklahoma
Came down with Covid
Possibly after attending
The super spreading rally
In Tulsa the site
Of the newly -re- established
Indian reservation

The governor was not a mask wearer
Proudly insinuating
That real men
Don’t wear masks

Now he is the first
But won’t be the last
To get COVID

Joining the President of Brazil
The PM of Britain
And the PM of Canada
The major of Atlanta
Rep. Tim Smith
In that dubious club
Of infamy
Leaders who are covid victims

Poetic justice at work
ain’t karma a bitch

Ain’t Karma a bitch fib poem

Fucking bitch
The Corona

Corona Spreading everywhere

Virus spreading everywhere
Ain’t karma a fucking hot bitch

Ain’t karma a hot fucking bitch
Life with corona is just rich
quite a witch

No one knows where it is heading
no one knows where it is spreading
Your wedding

General corona leads his troops
His virus is unloaded whoops
Pooping oops

The End

Worrying about corona while eating dinner – pensively 101 posted

As I eat my evening meal
Enjoying the early dusk
Worrying about corona
Death rears its ugly head

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