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Movies Watched During 2018

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Cosmos Movie List 2022

Movie Watching Goals 2022

100 movies/TV series by the end of the year.
At least one Korean movie per week
At least one Spanish movie per month
One Bollywood or another foreign language movie per month
A mixture of thrillers, K Drama, comedies, romcom, etc
Make a list of Oscar movies, watch several
Resume going to the theater later in the year
When traveling to the US watch five movies each trip

the list


Emily In Paris Netflix B
Supereight Stephen Spielberg B
Black Money K drama B
Extreme Job  K Drama B
Freaks Netflix C
Dune World (Not the Dune) C
Assimilation – Invasion of Body snatchers remake Hoopla C
Power Play (hoopla) C
Constantine Netflix  C
Ozark season 4 B
Cowboy Bebop SF Netflix K Star but not K Drama  A-


We are all going to die K zombie drama A
Babysitter Killer Queen c
Haebing 2017 the Thaw K Drama  b
Area 51 Hoopla  C
Nine Teeth Vampire movie  C
Chosen  b Netflix Danish SF
Dark  B  Netflix German SF
The Power of the Dog C Oscar nominee


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