Cosmos’s Music Journal 2023

Cosmos’s Music Journal 2023

see Cosmos Music journals for 2016-2023 for reference

Listing music played, composed, and listened to/downloaded.

I have resumed playing the piano daily.  I will work my way through the music that I have and later in the year might get some new music to play.

I will download music writing software in March and resume writing music.  I will teach myself the fundamentals of writing music via youtube videos.


Play every day one to five pieces of music


Review every piece before playing –  marking down higher notes and lower notes so won’t have to stumble as much,  note signature, note changes throughout figure out repetition patterns, etc write cheat sheets. For more challenging pieces play each hand separately and then put it together, particularly for Bach pieces.

I started highlighting significant things to pay attention to during previewing of music, which should lead to much smoother playing.

Playing the following music books

Easy classics  Done

Bela Microcosmos – teaching Angela how to play piano  Done

Clementi piano sonatinas  first two done

Bach Little Notebook

Piano Classics Korean music book  Done

Bach’s two and three-part inventions

60 progressive piano pieces  Done

Schuman Album one

Blues Standards

100 Greatest Artists

Another Korean classic book Done

Ellington standards

Bach WTC

Mozart Sonatas

Beethoven Sonatas

Note  out twills turns mordants etc on the cheat sheet including counting how many use Bach’s book as a guide

After Schuman’s book Bach’s two and three-part inventions

After summer do 100 best songs, then Blues and Ellington songs

Two or three per day

After that Bach then ready to conquer Beethoven’s and Mozart’s Sonatas starting with Mozart

May buy some more music this summer at Barnes and Nobel

including Gershwin songbook

Jazz piano book

Other classic piano books

Korean classic songbook as well (buy here)

September  order music writing software

Learn how to write music

Self-teaching off of YouTube Tutorials

The goal is to write one piece per month

Music Played

Before playing look at the music and determine the key, major/minor, repetition pattern,  rhythmic patterns, cleft changes, etc  For Bach play each hand separately and then play together, for all music listen to it on YouTube before playing


Ballade Pour Adeline Richard Clayderman
A comme Amour Richard Clayderman
Wild Mountain Flower Richard Clayderman
Isadora Paul Mauret
Concerto pour Une Voix Sint Preux
Memories of You Eubie Blake
Side by Side Harry Woods

Music Listened to

Diana Krall loves Songs during dinner

Music to download

Starting soon will re-activate my music download program via the library


Broken Promises John Schachter
La Playa Ja Van Wetter
L’ amor C’est Pour Ríen Enrico Macias
Sans Toi Mamie Alamo
Estrellita Manuel M Pance

January 7

Lippen Schengen Franz Lehar
Song of the Pearl Fishermen H Gaze

January 8

Fly Me to the Moon Henry Mancini
This is my song, Charlie Chaplain
Hawaian Wedding Song Charles E King
Theme from Love Story Francis Lai
Love John Lennon
Parles Moi D’Amour John Lenair
Love Is Blue Andre Popp
To Love Again N Washington


Lebensraum Franz Liszt
Hymn Lamour M Mannat
Love Me All Your Heart Carlos Riguel
El Bimbo Claude Morgan
Home Sweet Home John Payne


September Song Kurt Weil
Hey Jude John Lenon
I Really Don’t Want to Know Don Robertson

Janc played by Udo Jurgens

January 15

la Novia Jay Prieto
EL Condor Pasa   DA Robles
Eternally Charles Chaplin

started easy classics to modern

Minuet Henry Purcell


Air Henry Purcell
Trumpet tune Henry Purcell
A farewell Henry Purcell
Bourree Philips Telemann
Minuet Teleman
Saraband Angelillo Corelli
Musette Johann Sebastian Bach


Minuet Anna Magadlena Bach
Minuet Anna Magadlena Bach
Polonaise Anna Magadlena Bach
Musette  Anna Magadlena Bach
March Anna Magdalena Bach
Minuet Anna Magadlena Bach


Gavotte George Frederick Handel
Little Prelude in F JS Bach
Minuet Leopold Mozart
Burleske Leopold Mozart
Minuet Mozart
Little Prelude in C JS Bach
Allegro Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
La Caroline Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Music Listened

Buddha Bar Music
Diana Krall


Music Played

Little Scherzo Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach
Allegro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Andante Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Presto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Minuet Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Gavotte in Rondo Form Jean Francis Dandrew
Rondino Jean Philippe Rameau


Andantino Joesph Haydn
Scherzo      Joseph Haydn
Rondo  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Bagatelle Beethoven
Ecossaise in G Beethoven


Seven German Dances Haydn
Coda Haydn


Ecossaie Carl Maria Von Weber
Sonatina Jacób Schmitt
Bagatelle Johan Nepomuk Hummel
Gavotte Daniel Gottlob Turk
A Regal Dance Daniel Gottlob Turk
Serenade Daniel Gottlob Turk
Miniature Rondo Daniel Gottlob Turk
Evening Song Daniel Gottlob Turk
The Hunters Daniel Gottlob Turk
Carefree Daniel Gottlob Turk


Adagio  Mozart
Lullaby Johan Philip Kirneberger
Sonatina Anton Andre
Sonatina Jakob Schweig
Three country dances Beethoven


Waltz Franz Schubert
Russian Folk song Ludwig Beethoven
German Dances Ludwig Beethoven


Four Landlers Franz Schubert


Allegro minuet one Franz Schubert
Andantino Waltz in C op 19 Franz Schubert
Two Australian Fold Themes Carl Czerny
Peasant Song Felix Mendelssohn
On Tiptoes Henri Bertini
Dance Intermezzo Henri Bertini


The clock Theodore Kulak
Cradle Song Theodore Kulak


Melody Robert Schuman
The Wild Horseman Robert Schuman



Bagatelle Robert Schuman
Soldier’s March Robert Schuman
Hunting Song Robert Schuman
The Reaper’s Song Robert Schuman
Arabesque Frederick  Burgmuller
Pastorale  Frederick Burgmuller G Major
An Old Romance A minor
Little Suite Cornelius Gunter D Minor
March Cornelius Gunter C Major
Scherzo F Cornelius Gunter F Major

February 2

Song of the Hussars Louis Koehler C major
Village Waltz  Louis Kohler G major
Chromatic Polka  Louis Kohler G major
Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz  F Major
Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz  E major
Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz   G major
Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz  B flat Major

Feb 3

Morning Prayer Peter Tschaikowsky
Old French Song Peter Tschaikowsky
German Song Peter Tschaikowsky
Italian Song Peter Tschaikowsky
Reverie Peter Tschaikowsky
The Sick Doll Peter Tschaikowsky


Song from the Creuse  Cezar Frank D minor
Pauper’s Complaint Cezar Frank 6
Once Upon a Time Robert Volkmann  G
The Enchanted Garden Robert Volkmann A minor
Dance with Me Robert Volkmann F
Over Hill and Dale Robert Volkmann c
Playing Soldiers Vladimir Rebioff  C
Evening in the Meadow Vladimir Rebioff D minor
Oriental Dance Vladmir Rebioff  D Minor


Tender Moments Alexander Gretchaninoff F
Promenade Alexander Gretchaninoff A minor
Fugue in a Classic Style Nicolas Miaskowvsky g
Three Easy Pieces on Five Notes Igor Stravinsky
Tarantella Serge  Prokoffieff F
Humming Dmitri Kabalevsky  D minor
First Dance Dmitri Kabalevsky F
Little March Dmitri Kabalevsky C
Chit Chat Dmitri Kabalevsky C
Waltz Dmitri Kabalevsky D minor
Tosatina Dmitri Kabalevsky A minor


Finish easy classics
Prelude Dmitri Kabalevsky G minor
Ride  Dmitri Kabalevsky
Fairy Tale Dmitri Kabalevsky E Flat
Scherzo Dimitri Kabalevsky  G Minor
Constante Héctor Villa Lobos C
Circle Dance Héctor Villa Lobos D Minor
Melody Aram Khatcaturrian C Minor

Microcosmos Bella Bartok pieces vol one


Six unison melodies
Dotted notes
With alternate hands
Parallel motion
Change of position
Question and answer
Village song
Parallel motion and change of position
Contrary Motionn
Four unison melodies
Imitation and counterpoint
Imitation and inversion
Imitation and inversion
Canon at the octave
Imitation reflected
Canon at the lowest fifth
Little Dance in Canon Form
In Dorian Mode
Slow Dance
In Phrygian Mode
Free Canon

Easy Piano Vol two



Disco for Elise Beethoven

Started Vol 2 of Classics a bit more challenging but within my comfort zone

Shifting to another easier book 60 pieces of more popular music then back to the second volume

Music Listened to:

Mahler first symphony
Tchaikovsky 6th Symphony
Jim Davidson Videos


In May Franz Behr C
The Clock  Ada Richer  G
Woodland Walz  Franz Gwyn  c
Copy Cat  Audelle Thompson C
The Snake Charmer William  Gunn A minor
Minuet JS Bach
Soldier’s March Robert Schumann
Minuet 1  Mozart
Parade of the Midget Elizabeth L Hopson

Feb 11

Beethoven Sonatina No 1 C
Indian Drum Kathrin K Davis E Minor

Feb 12

The Merry Farmer Robert Schumann F
Waltz M Louisa Wright B flat
Dreamland Katherine Allan Lively D Minor
The Wild Horseman Robert Schumann C
The Swimming Pool Myrla Adler F
L’ Avalance Stephen Heller A minor
Around the Hills Mabel Lewis Cane F
Prelude 1 C WS Bach C
Spooks Maxxwell Eksten A minor
Spinning Song Albert Ellmemrhier  F


A Melody after Mendelssohn Louisa Wright
Sonatina 1 Clemetini  C


Beethoven Sonatini One  F


Veil Dance Louisa Wright F Minor
Under the Rose Arbor Theodora Dutton F
Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss C


Elfin Dance Edward Grieg  E minor
Menuetto Iosco Joseph Haydn  C


In the Gypsy Camp  Franz Behr A minor
Pipes of Pan B Flat


Toccata Pietro Domenico Paradies A minor
Note:  this one was a challenge for me

Fur Elise C edited the version
This was better


Serenade Franz Schubert  D Minor
Rustic Dance C.R. Howard G minor

Music Listened to

Carmina Burana Carl Orff
Gustav Mahler Symphonies
Beethoven Symphonies
Tchaikovsky Symphonies
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade


From a Birch Canoe Richard Bender E Flat
Tarantella Paul Beaumont A minor
Two Butterflies Myra Adler C
Loose Blatter Flying Leaves Car Killing D

Music listened to


Chopin Prelude No 6
Chopin Prelude NO 7
Venetian Boat Song nu 2 Mendelssohn

Listened to

Beethoven 7th Symphony

Favorite Korean Pop Songs


None but the Lonely Heart Tchaikovsky  A Minor


Christmas Tchaikovsky  A Flat
Le Tambourine Jean Philippe Rameau D minor
Berceuse  Lullaby A Ilhinksy b flat minor


Cradle Song Wiegenlied Brahms A Flat
Waltz Brahms A Flat
Simple Aveu /simple confession Francis Thome  D major


GPS Rondo Haydn G
Pizzicatos Leo Delius  A flat
Bridal Chorus Lohengrin Wagner B Flat
Barcarolle Offenbach  F


Au Matin Benjamin Godard E flat


Dark Eyes Russian Folk Song Richard Benda  D minor
Started classical album misc. vol one
Fur Elise A minor Beethoven
Wagner Brautchor  A minor


The Maiden’s Prayer T Badarzerwski
Humoresque  A Dvorak
Petin Chien  Chopan


Turkish March Beethoven
Cuckoo Waltz JE Johansson
Blumenlied G Lange
The Battle of Waterloo G Anderson


Chausson De l-Adieu  E major -very challenging piece


Ciskos Post H necke E Minor


Marche Military F Schubert


Hochzeitsmarsch Mendelssohn


Crisco Post H Necke
Alpeenabendroite T oresten  Challenging


Woodland Echoes Ap Wyman  Challenging
Traumerei Richard Schuman  easier


Die Schmid im Walden Th Michelle


Silvery Waves AP Wykes

Waves of the Danube J Ivanovic


Brahms Hungarian Dance number 5


Invitation to the Dance CM Weber



Dance of the Clocks A Porcellio challenging


Piano Concerto theme Gregg is not as complicated as I thought

Bagatelle Beethoven –  nailed it


Norwegian Dance E Grieg


Solberg’s Song E Grieg
Mazurka  Chopin
Nocturne Chopin


LA Cinquinaine   G Marie  A


Valeste F. Borowski  G

Music listened to; Debussy piano music
theme to Casablanca


Placer D’amour Marital Tedesco
Gavotte Bach G

Music listened to

Slow blues

Schubert piano pieces


Sigmund’s Love Song G Wagner
Polka Tchaikovsky

Finished book

Listened to Bach WTC and Parties

Finished six Clementine sonatas

Start Schuman book Wednesday goal is 3 per day as they are pretty short and is my comfort zone before they were a bit beyond but after playing now for months almost every day my skill level has gotten much better I am playing better than ever before.  Must be the turmeric or something.

4/18  Schumann

Kinderszenen  G Major
A curious story D major
Catch Me, D major
Entreating Child D major

4/19  Schumann

Perfect Happiness D Major
An important event  A major
Dreaming f major


Café De Mare
Buddha Bar


Robert Schumann

By the fireplace
Knight of the Rocking Chair
Almost too Serious
Child Falling asleep
The Poet speaks


Schumann Album for the Young

Humming Song
Ein Choral
A little Piece
The Poor Orphan Child


Merry Peasant returning to his work
Old Bogie
May Month of May
A little Study G
Spring Song  E
First Sorrow G
The Little Morning Wanderer A
The Reaper’s song C


Little Romance c
Rustic Song A
Ronde A
The Horseman  f


Harvest Song A min
Reminiscences of the Theater A min
Canon   A Min
Remembrance  A Min


The stranger D minor
War Song  D minor
Gathering of the Grapes


Italian Mariner’s Song Lied Italian Mariana
Sailor’s Song


Winter time one
Winter time two
A little Fugue


Fingered Choral
New Year’s Eve


Northern Song
Sonata for the young G
Theme and Variation G
Doll’s Cradle C
Rondoletto D minor


Friendly Landscape


The way side inn


Prophetic bird


Hunting song


The departure


Slummer Song


Little Cracle Song


Papillons 1 to 3


Papillons 3 to 6

Music listened to

buddha bar

Mendelsohn Symphony

Robert Schuman is one of my favorite piano composers.  He and his wife were both composers and piano players.

see wiki article below


Robert Schumann[a] (German: [ˈʁoːbɛʁt ˈʃuːman]; 8 June 1810 – 29 July 1856) was a German composer, pianist, and influential music critic. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. Schumann left the study of law, intending to pursue a career as a virtuoso pianist. His teacher, Friedrich Wieck, a German pianist, had assured him that he could become the finest pianist in Europe, but a hand injury ended this dream. Schumann then focused his musical energies on composing.

In 1840, Schumann married Friedrich Wieck‘s daughter Clara Wieck, after a long and acrimonious legal battle with Friedrich, who opposed the marriage. A lifelong partnership in music began, as Clara herself was an established pianist and music prodigy. Clara and Robert also maintained a close relationship with German composer Johannes Brahms.

Until 1840, Schumann wrote exclusively for the piano. Later, he composed piano and orchestral works, and many Lieder (songs for voice and piano). He composed four symphonies, one opera, and other orchestral, choral, and chamber works. His best-known works include CarnavalSymphonic StudiesKinderszenenKreisleriana, and the Fantasie in C. Schumann was known for infusing his music with characters through motifs, as well as references to works of literature. These characters bled into his editorial writing in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (New Journal for Music), a Leipzig-based publication that he co-founded.

Schumann suffered from a mental disorder that first manifested in 1833 as a severe melancholic depressive episode—which recurred several times alternating with phases of “exaltation” and increasingly also delusional ideas of being poisoned or threatened with metallic items. What is now thought to have been a combination of bipolar disorder and perhaps mercury poisoning led to “manic” and “depressive” periods in Schumann’s compositional productivity. After a suicide attempt in 1854, Schumann was admitted at his own request to a mental asylum in Endenich (now in Bonn). Diagnosed with psychotic melancholia, he died of pneumonia two years later at the age of 46, without recovering from his mental illness.

The End


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