On Playing Mozart Piano Sonata

On Playing Mozart Sonatas

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As some of you might know, I have resumed playing the piano daily. I bought a Roland Electric piano a year ago. I recently played my first Mozart Sonata and well I did not do badly.  I will return to it next year after finishing the following piano books.:

Playing the following music books


BOLD = finished


Bela Microcosmos

Erie Satie Gymnopedies.

Clementi piano sonatinas

Piano Classics Korean music book

Jazz piano album George Winston

Jazz Piano Album Korean

Piano classics Korean

60 progressive piano pieces

Schuman Album one

60 progressive piano pieces

Schuman Album one

Music for Everyone  

Bach Little Notebook

Bach’s two and three-part inventions

Easy classics

Korean Piano Books 1

Korean Piano Book 2

Blues Standards

100 Greatest Artists

Another Korean classic book

Ellington standards

Bach WTC

sonata album


Mozart some duplicates

Beethoven – some duplicates

Mozart Sonatas

Beethoven Sonatas

Numerical List of Piano Pieces Played

  1. Wild Mountain Flower Richard Lederman
  2. A Comme Amour Richard Lederman
  3. Isadora Paul Maurer
  4. Concerto Pour Une Voix Sint Preux
  5. Memories Of You Eubie Blake
  6. Side By Side Harry Woods
  7. Broken Promises John Schachter
  8. La Playa Ja Van Wetter
  9. L’ Amor Cesta Por Ríen Enrico Macias
  10. Sans Tôi Mamie Alamo
  11. Estrella Manuel M Pance
  12. Lippens Schengen Franz Lehar
  13. Song Of the Pearl Fishermen H Gaze
  14. Fly me to the Moon Henry Mancini
  15. This Is My Song, Charlie Chaplin
  16. Hawaiian Wedding Song Charles E. King Charles E. King
  17. Theme From Love Story Francis Lai
  18. Love John Lennon
  19. Parles Moi Damor John Lenoir
  20. Love Is Blue Andre Popp
  21. To Love Again N Washington
  22. Lebensraum Franz Liszt
  23. Hymn Lamour M Mannat
  24. Love Me All Your Heart, Carlos Miguel
  25. El Bimbo Claude Morgan
  26. Home Sweet Home John Payne
  27. September Song Kurt Weil
  28. Hey Jude John Lenon
  29. I Really Do Not Want to Know Don Robertson
  30. Yesterday, John Lennon
  31. Johnny Guitar Victor Yeong
  32. The Music Played by Udo Jurgens
  33. Janear 15
  34. La Novia Jay Prieto
  35. El Condor Pasa da Robles
  36. Eternally Charles Chaplin
  37. Minuet Henry Purcell
  38. Air Henry Purcell
  39. Trumpet Tune Henry Purcell
  40. A Farewell Henry Purcell
  41. Bourree Philips Telemann
  42. Minuet Teleman
  43. Saraband Angelillo Corelli
  44. Musette Johann Sebastian Bach
  45. Minuet Anna Magdalena Bach
  46. Minuet Anna Magdalena Bach
  47. Polonaise Anna Magdalena Bach
  48. Musette Anna Magdalena Bach
  49. March Anna Magdalena Bach
  50. Minuet Anna Magdalena Bach
  51. Gavotte George Frederick Handel
  52. Little Prelude in F Jes Bach
  53. Minuet Leopold Mozart
  54. Burlesque Leopold Mozart
  55. Minuet Mozart
  56. Little Prelude in C Jes Bach
  57. Allegro Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  58. La Caroline Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  59. Little Scherzo Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach
  60. Allegro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  61. Andante Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  62. Presto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  63. Minuet Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  64. Gavotte In Rondo Form Jean Francis Dandrew
  65. Rondino Jean Philippe Rameau
  66. Andantino Joesph Haydn
  67. Scherzo Joseph Haydn
  68. Rondo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  69. Bagatelle Beethoven
  70. Ecossaise In G Beethoven
  71. Seven German Dances Haydn
  72. Coda Haydn
  73. Ecossaise Carl Maria von Weber
  74. Sonatina Jacob Schmitt
  75. Bagatelle Johan Nepomuk Hummel
  76. Gavotte Daniel Gottlob Turk
  77. A Regal Dance Daniel Gottlob Turk
  78. Serenade Daniel Gottlob Turk
  79. Miniature Rondo Daniel Gottlob Turk
  80. Evening Song Daniel Gottlob Turk
  81. The Hunters Daniel Gottlob Turk
  82. Carefree Daniel Gottlob Turk
  83. Adagio Mozart
  84. Lullaby Johan Philip Kirnberger
  85. Sonatina Anton Andre
  86. Sonatina Jakob Schweig
  87. Three Country Dances Beethoven
  88. Waltz Franz Schubert
  89. Russian Folk Song Ludwig Beethoven
  90. German Dances Ludwig Beethoven
  91. Four Landlers Franz Schubert
  92. Allegro Minuet One Franz Schubert
  93. Andantino Waltz in C Op 19 Franz Schubert
  94. Two Australian Fold Themes Carl Czerny
  95. Peasant Song Felix Mendelssohn
  96. On Tiptoes Henri Bertini
  97. Dance Intermezzo Henri Bertini
  98. The Clock Theodore Kulak
  99. Cradle Song Theodore Kulak
  100. Melody Robert Schuman
  101. The Wild Horseman Robert Schuman
  102. Bagatelle Robert Schuman
  103. Soldier’s March Robert Schuman
  104. Hunting Song Robert Schuman
  105. The Reaper’s Song Robert Schuman
  106. Arabesque Frederick Burmuller
  107. Pastorale Frederick Burgsmüller G Major
  108. An Old Romance A Minor
  109. Little Suite Cornelius Gunter  Minor
  110. March Cornelius Gunter C Major
  111. Scherzo F Cornelius Gunter F Major
  112. Song Of the Hussars Louis Kohler C Major
  113. Village Waltz Louis Kohler G Major
  114. Chromatic Polka Louis Kohler G Major
  115. Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz F Major
  116. Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz E Major
  117. Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz G Major
  118. Short Cannon Konrad M Kunz B Flat Major
  119. Morning Prayer Peter Schakowsky
  120. Old French Song Peter Schakowsky
  121. German Song Peter Schakowsky
  122. Italian Song Peter Schakowsky
  123. Reverie Peter Schakowsky
  124. The Sick Doll Peter Schakowsky
  125. Song From the Ceruse Cezar Frank D Minor
  126. Pauper’s Complaint Cezar Frank 6
  127. Once Upon a Time Robert Volkmann G
  128. The Enchanted Garden Robert Volkmann A Minor
  129. Dance With Me Robert Volkmann F
  130. Over Hill and Dale Robert Volkmann C
  131. Playing Soldiers Vladimir Rebikoff C
  132. Evening In the Meadow Vladimir Rebikoff D Minor
  133. Oriental Dance Vladimir Rebikoff D Minor
  134. Tender Moments Alexander Rachmaninoff F
  135. Promenade Alexander Rachmaninoff A Minor
  136. Fugue In a Classic Style Nicolas Makowski G
  137. Three Easy Pieces on Five Notes Igor Stravinsky
  138. Tarantella Serge Prokofieff F
  139. Humming Dmitri Kabalevsky D Minor
  140. First Dance Dmitri Kabalevsky F
  141. Little Marco Dimitri Kabalevsky C
  142. Chit Chat Dmitri Kabalevsky C
  143. Waltz Dmitri Kabalevsky D Minor
  144. Tomatina Dmitri Kabalevsky a Menor
  145. Prelude Dmitri Kabalevsky G Minor
  146. Ride Dmitri Kabalevsky
  147. Fairy Tale Dmitri Kabalevsky E Flat
  148. Scherzo Dmitri Kabalevsky G Menor
  149. Constante Héctor Villa Lobos C
  150. Circle Dance Héctor Villa Lobos D Minor
  151. Melody Aram Khachaturian C Minor
  152. Bella Bartok Pieces
  153. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok Bela Bartok C
  154. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok A Minor
  155. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok C
  156. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok Bela Bartok F
  157. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok C
  158. Six Miniatures Bela Bartok Bela Bartok C
  159. Microcosmos Bela Bartok Pieces Vol One
  160. Six Unison Melodies
  161. Dotted Notes
  162. Repetition
  163. Syncopation
  164. With Alternate Hands
  165. Parallel Motion
  166. Reflection
  167. Change Of Position
  168. Question and Answers
  169. Village Song
  170. Parallel Motion and Change of Position.
  171. Contrary Motion Capture
  172. Four Unison Melodies
  173. Imitation And Counterpoint
  174. Imitation And Inversion
  175. Pastorale
  176. Imitation And Inversion
  177. Repetition
  178. Syncopation
  179. Canon At the Octave
  180. Imitation Reflected.
  181. Canon At the Lowest Fifth
  182. Little Dance in Canon Form
  183. In Dorian Mode
  184. Slow Dance
  185. In Phrygian Mode
  186. Chorale
  187. Free Canon
  188. Appendix
  189. Disco For Elise Beethoven
  190. In May Franz Behr C
  191. The Clock Ada Richer G
  192. Woodland Walz Franz Gwyn C
  193. Copycat Audell Thompson C
  194. The Snake Charmer William Gunn A Minor
  195. Minuet JS Bach
  196. Soldier’s March Robert Schumann
  197. Minuet 1 Mozart
  198. Parade Of the Midget Elizabeth L. Hopson
  199. Beethoven Sonatina No 1 C
  200. Indian Drum Kathrin K Davis E Minor
  201. The Merry Farmer Robert Schumann F
  202. Waltz M Louis Wright Louis Wright B Flat
  203. Dreamland Katherine Allan Lively D Minor
  204. The Wild Horseman Robert Schumann C
  205. The Swimming Pool Myrla Adler F
  206. L’ Avalanche Stephen Heller A Minor
  207. Around The Hills Mabel Lewis Caine Lewis Cave F
  208. Prelude 1 C Wes Bach C
  209. Spooks Maxwell Eksteen A Minor
  210. Spinning Song Albert Glimmerier F
  211. A Melody After Mendelssohn Louis Wright
  212. Beethoven’s Sonatina One F
  213. Veil Lance Louis Wright F Minor
  214. Under The Rose Arbor Theodora Dutton F
  215. Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss C
  216. Elfin Dance Edvard Grieg Edvard Grieg E Minor
  217. Menuetto Iosco Joseph Haydn C
  218. In The Gypsy Camp Franz Behr, A Minor
  219. Pipes Of Pan B Flat
  220. Toccata Pietro Domenico Paradies A Meno
  221. Fur Elise C Edited the Version.
  222. Serenade Franz Schubert D Minor
  223. Rustic Dance C.R. Howard G Minor
  224. From A Birch Canoe Richard Bender E Flat
  225. Tarantella Paul Beaumont A Minor
  226. Two Butterflies Myra Adler C
  227. Loose Blatter Flying Leaves Car Killing D
  228. Chopin Prelude No. 6
  229. Chopin Prelude No. 7
  230. Venetian Boat Song Nu 2 Mendelssohn
  231. None But the Lonely Heart Tchaikovsky A Minor
  232. Christmas Tchaikovsky A Flat
  233. Le Tambourine Jean Philippe Rameau D Minor
  234. Berceuse Lullaby a Links B Flat Minor.
  235. Cradle Song Weigelia Brahms a Flat
  236. Waltz Brahms A Flat
  237. Simple Aveu /Simple Confession Francis Theme D Major
  238. Gps Rondo Haydn G
  239. Pizzicatos Leo Delius a Flat
  240. Bridal Chorus Lohengrin Wagner B Flat
  241. Barcarolle Offenbach F
  242. Au Matin Benjamin Godard E Flat
  243. Dark Eyes Russian Folk Song Richard Benda D Minor
  244. Fur Elise a Minor Beethoven
  245. Wagner Bratcher A Minor
  246. The Maiden’s Prayer T Barczewski
  247. Humoresque A Dvorak
  248. Petit Chien Chopan
  249. Turkish March Beethoven
  250. Cuckoo Waltz Je Johansson
  251. Blumen Lied G Lange
  252. The Battle of Waterloo G Anderson
  253. Chausson de l-Adieu E Major -Very Challenging Piece
  254. Csikos Post H Necked E Minor
  255. Marche Military F Schubert
  256. Hochzeitsmarsch Mendelssohn
  257. Crisco Post H Nike
  258. Alpeenabendroite T Oresten Challenging.
  259. Woodland Echoes Ap Wyman Challenging
  260. Traumerei Richard Schuman Easier
  261. Die Schmid Im Walden Th Michelle
  262. Silvery Waves Ap Wykes
  263. Waves Of the Danube J Ivanovic
  264. Brahms Hungarian Dance Number 5
  265. Invitation To the Dance Cm Weber
  266. Dance Of the Clocks A Porcellio Challenging
  267. Piano Concerto Theme Gregg Is Not as Complicated as I Thought.
  268. Bagatelle Beethoven – Nailed It.
  269. Norwegian Dance E Grieg
  270. Solberg’s Song E Grieg
  271. Mazurka Chopin
  272. Nocturne Chopin
  273. La Cinquinaine G Marie A
  274. Borowski G Celeste
  275. Placer D’amour Marital Tedesco
  276. Gavotte Bach G
  277. Sigmund’s Love Song G Wagner
  278. Polka Tchaikovsky
  279. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  280. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  281. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  282. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  283. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  284. Clementi Sonatinas
  285. Clementi Six Sonatinas
  286. Schumann Kinderszenen G Major
  287. A Curious Story D Major
  288. Catch Me, D Major.
  289. Entreating Child D Major
  290. Perfect Happiness D Major
  291. An Important Event A Major
  292. Dreaming F Major
  293. By The Fireplace
  294. Knight Of the Rocking Chair
  295. Too Serious
  296. Frightening
  297. The Child Falling Asleep.
  298. The Poet Speaks.
  299. Melody
  300. Humming Song
  301. Ein Choral
  302. A Little Piece
  303. The Poor Orphan Child
  304. Merry Peasant Returning to His Work.
  305. Sicilian
  306. Old Bogie
  307. May Month of May
  308. A Little Study G
  309. Spring Song E
  310. First Sorrow G
  311. The Little Morning Wanderer A
  312. The Reaper’s Song C
  313. Little Romance C
  314. Rustic Song A
  315. Ronde A
  316. The Horseman F
  317. Harvest Song A Min
  318. Reminiscences Of the Theater A Min
  319. Canon A Min
  320. Remembrance A Min
  321. The Stranger D Minor.
  322. War Song D Minor
  323. Sherardize
  324. Gathering Of the Grapes
  325. Thema
  326. Mignon
  327. Italian Mariner’s Song Lied Italian Mariana
  328. Sailor’s Song
  329. Wintertime One
  330. Wintertime Two
  331. A Little Fugue
  332. Fingered Choral
  333. New Year’s Eve
  334. Northern Song
  335. Sonata For the Young G
  336. Theme And Variation G
  337. Doll’s Cradle C
  338. Rondoletto D Minor
  339. Friendly Landscape
  340. The Wayside Inn
  341. Prophetic Bird
  342. Hunting Song
  343. The Departure
  344. Summer Song
  345. Little Cracle Song
  346. Papillons 1 To 3
  347. Robert Schumann Humming Song
  348. Jean Sibelius A Hymn from Finland
  349. Michale Glinka The Lark
  350. Jes Bach March
  351. Francis Couperin Rigaudon
  352. Francis Couperin The King’s Crest of Viols
  353. Jes Bach Be Thou with Me
  354. Bela Bartok Teasing
  355. Gluck Gavotte
  356. Schumann First Sorrow
  357. Edward Poldini Waltz of The Mice
  358. Bela Bartok Ritual Dance
  359. Vladmirrebikoff The Wandering Musicians
  360. Robert Schumann Cradle Song
  361. Edwardo Poldini Waltz Serenade
  362. Vladmirrebikoff Legende
  363. Karganoff Petite Valse
  364. Chopin Prelude E Menor
  365. Gf Han Del Sarabanda
  366. Beethoven’s Three German Dances
  367. Wa Mozart Menuetto
  368. Jean Philip Rameau Little Rondo
  369. Phillip Emmanuel Bach Piece for Right or Left Hand Alone
  370. Joseph Hayden Scherzo
  371. Leopold Mozart Minuet
  372. George Phillip Telemann Prelude
  373. Jes Bach Prelude C Major
  374. Robert Schumann Little Study
  375. Robert Schuman Song of The Reaper
  376. Frederick Burgmueller Pastorale
  377. Joseph Hayden Allegretto
  378. Jes Bach Prelude F Major A
  379. Edmund Grubber the Caissons Go Rolling Along
  380. Arkansas Traveler
  381. Red River Valley
  382. Coming Through the Rye
  383. Henry Ghys Amaryllis
  384. Beethoven, I Love the Ich Liebe Dich
  385. Ethelbert Nevin The Rosary
  386. Gf Handel Minuet
  387. Joseph Haydn Minuet and Trio
  388. Beethoven’s Allegretto from the 7th Symphony
  389. Joesph Haydn Andantino
  390. Joseph Haydn Minuet
  391. Erie Satie Gumnopedie No 2
  392. Aram Khahaturian Oriental Dance
  393. Sergei Prokofieff Rainbows in The Rain
  394. Harry Warren September in The Rain
  395. Gus Edwards In My Merry Oldsmobile
  396. Billy Rose Barney Google
  397. Louis Silver April Shadows
  398. Harry Arlen, I Love a Parade
  399. Max Steiner Raras Teme
  400. Ag Villodo El Choclo
  401. Joseph Haydn Hymn to Saint Anthony
  402. Luigi Boccherini Minuet
  403. Charles Gounod Ballet from Faust
  404. Charles Gounod Funeral March of a Marriott
  405. Anthony Dvorak Indian legend
  406. Rimsky Korsakoff Scheherazade
  407. Felix Mendelson Nocturne from Midsummer Night’s Dream
  408. Peter Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet
  409. JS Bach Gavotte
  410. Mozart Piano Sonata in C Major
  411. Bedrich Smetana Polka and Friant
  412. Franz Schubert Waltz
  413. Felix Mendelson Consolation
  414. Rimsky Korsakoff the flight of the Bumblebee
  415. Bredich Smetana Prelude album #6
  416. Eduard Poldini Poupe Vasanta
  417. Edward Mc Donnel A Moon Idly

Technical Tips for Those Returning to Playing an Instrument

Before playing each piece, I analyze the piece, noting the key, tempo and basic organizational structure. Then, I note areas to pay attention on the music itself creating a cheat sheet so to speak, including key, key changes, registry changes, very high and very low notes which are hard for me to sight read, and repetition patterns.  I found that this simple step has paid off in helping me play a lot better, and I feel my skills are returning to where they were when I last played about seven years ago. I am sure I will achieve my lifelong goal of reaching semi-professional level playing within a few years.

I highly recommend this tip, plus playing each hand separately first when doing complicated counterpoint like in Bach, and listening, when possible, to the music you are going to play on YouTube while reading the score, to anyone returning to playing music.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

I heard a long time ago that playing music, learning languages, and doing mental games like crossword puzzles every day is the best thing you can do to ward off the dreaded Dementia or Alzheimer’s.   Since my mother died of Alzheimer’s I am at increased risk.  I have been doing all three for almost a year now, playing the piano, studying Korean via Duolingo and watching K Dramas, doing daily writing prompts, writing three to five poems or short stories per day every day, and writing down my dreams and journal entries writing three to four hours every day, and weekly blog postings, instead of crossword puzzles.

Bing AI Chatbot’s  recommended play list


Here is a list of piano pieces that you might enjoy playing as an intermediate adult piano learner:

  • Chopin: Fantasie-Impromptu Op 66. This is a fast and expressive piece that showcases Chopin’s brilliant technique and musical imagination. It has a contrasting lyrical middle section that is very beautiful and romantic. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Rachmaninov: Elégie. This is a melancholic and passionate piece that reflects Rachmaninov’s emotional style. It has a rich harmonic language and a soaring melody that will touch your heart. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Liszt: Un sospiro. This is a delicate and graceful piece that requires a lot of control and finesse. It has a flowing arpeggio accompaniment and a singing melody that creates a dreamy atmosphere. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Satie: Je te veux. This is a charming and playful piece that was originally written as a song for a cabaret singer. It has a catchy melody and a simple harmonic structure that makes it easy to learn and enjoy. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Tchaikovsky: November from The Seasons Op 37a. This is a nostalgic and expressive piece that depicts the autumn mood in Russia. It has a lyrical theme and a varied accompaniment that creates contrast and interest. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Brahms: Intermezzo Op 118 No 2. This is a gentle and soothing piece that is one of Brahms’ most popular works for piano. It has a warm and tender melody and a subtle harmonic complexity that makes it very satisfying to play. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Debussy: Serenade for the Doll, No 3 from Children’s Corner. This is a whimsical and colorful piece that evokes the image of a toy doll dancing. It has a lively rhythm and a playful melody that will make you smile. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.
  • Mendelssohn: Song without Words in F sharp minor Op 67 No 2. This is a lyrical and elegant piece that is part of Mendelssohn’s famous collection of miniatures for piano. It has a smooth and expressive melody and a refined accompaniment that creates harmony and balance. You can find the sheet music here and watch a video performance here.

I hope you find this list helpful and inspiring. Have fun playing these wonderful piano pieces!

You Can Do It

I am posting this as an encouragement to others reaching retirement who have always wanted to resume playing an instrument to just go for it.  You can do it and the rewards will be immeasurable.

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