Eve in garden

“Eve in the Garden Ate the Apple”

Eve in garden
Eve in garden

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“Eve in the Garden Ate the Apple”

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Comment: This poem and the following poem,”I am the Snake” retells the story of Eve from the point of view of the Snake, whom I have always thought has gotten a bad rap. End Comment

Eve was in the garden
Talking with Mr. Snake
Her new best friend

She was complaining about Adam
And about the management
Of the garden

The snake suggested she eat
The forbidden fruit

She said

“But the man
Said that I can not eat
That fruit
It is forbidden.”

“Yeah, that is what the man said
That is what he does not want you
To experience

The man and Adam
Are in on it together

I heard that Adam
Will eat the apple tonight
But you need to get there first

Do you trust me, Eve ?”

“Of course, Mr. Snake.”

“So, you know what to do.”

Eve ate the apple
Called Adam over
Told him to eat the apple

While the Snake chanted

“Eat the Apple
Eat the forbidden fruit
Set yourself free.”

And so, Adam ate the apple
And joined Eve
In knowing everything

God came down
Banished them from the garden

Telling them

“Well, you made the bed
You will have to sleep in it

Go away
You disgust me

“And Satan
You won your bet
You damn Snake.”

Here is an earlier poem, along the same theme.

I am the Snake

I be just a snake
Slithering in the woods
Looking for a place

To lie down in the sun
And rest my weary bones
And soak up some cosmic rays
And chill out a bit

Nothing but a snake
But boy am I a snake
I am the snake
That your mother warned you about

Yeah, baby, I am that snake
And I am ready to get into some trouble
Looking for some Eve to tease

Looking for some babe to temp
With my snake oil smarmy bs
Lounge lizard lines

So, I be sitting there
Minding my own business

When I spy here
The new kid on the block

That Eve babe
And boy is she a babe
Has an ass so fine,
It makes my eyeballs hurt
Just starting at her

And her breasts
So divine
God knew what he was doing
When he made that Eve babe so fine

Adam man he is a wimp
Don’t know how lucky he is
To have the eve babe

And my snake thing gets snaky
And I decide I have to have
Some of that Eve action

So, I slither and slather
Put on my cool bad ass
Ray Bans

So, cool it hurts
And bust a move
Make my entrance

To the Eve Babe

I say

“Hey babe.”

She says “hi, there Mr. Snake.”

I say,

‘Is that the tree of life?”

She said

“Yes, it is forbidden.”

I say

Who told you that shit?
The old man in the house?

Man, what does he know?
He just the care-taker.

I am the real deal
And I know this shit,
Yes, I do,

So, babe, it is like this
Eat this fruit
And you will have the key to eternity
All you got to do

Is eat the damn fruit
It is calling you

Babe, I got what you want
And I got what you need

All you got to do
Is eat this damn fruit

So babe, hurry up
I got places to go

People to see
Things to do

I be a busy snake
You know

It Ain’t easy being me
I am the King Snake
And I am so bad
It hurts

My eye balls to look
At my shiny face

So, babe

Make a decision

She says
“I don’t know, man.”

I say,

“Yeah babe
I know
But you know I love you

Old snaky loves you
And only wants what’s best
And hey you know

That Adam guy
What a loser

I mean,
I am so much more a man
Than that sorry assed wimp of a man
You know what I mean
My jelly bean?”

She smiles
And I knew I had her

And I thought of my reward
From that Satan dude
Man, he is a mean mother
With cajoles the size of the devil
Shit don’t want to be on his bad side

So, I had to close the deal
I had to get the lady to bite
And then I would get my reward
Might even get a piece
Of that Eve action

“Hey babe
I got what you need
I got what you want

All you got to do
Is eat this fruit
And then we will see

Whether you can handle
The snake King.”

She smiles
Oh so sweetly
The last smile of innocent youth

And I had her
She takes the fruit
And eats it

Cosmic alarm bells go off
God knows and Satan too

God stops me
Bans me from the premises
Sends me back to hell
And I slither and slather away

Dreaming of my revenge
When I will slip up on Eve’s ass
And bite her in the butt
And oh yeah
I could do a lot more
with that cosmic butt

Can’t wait for that shit
So, I slither and slather
And hiss

and move on down the road
I knew that I would get my award
And my revenge

And they previously published the following poems












A homeless man
Stood on the street
Counting his change
From panhandling all morning

Just had enough for a cup of coffee
All in all
A good start

He ambled off to his favorite coffee shop
Where the owner
Was kind to the homeless

Treating them to a meal
On the house

The man said
I was in your shoes
Once years ago

And you never forget
When you are down
And out

Everyone forgets your face
No one knows your name
For you are now
Almost a ghost

The old man tried to pay
The owner said

Keep your change
You need it more than me

Have a meal with me
My friend
On the house

He ordered up
The homeless man’s favorite
Lumberjack special

Eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon
Lots of hot black coffee
To wash it down

The old man
Often had just one meal a day
Usually, a late breakfast

Sometimes if he were lucky
He would have dinner

And on a red-letter day
He would have three meals

The homeless man
Had been on the streets
For too long

Barely remembered his life
Before early-onset Alzheimer’s

Robbed him of his job
His dignity
His wife

His life
His money

Now he drifted
Waiting for the grim reaper
To call him home

Any day now
He prayed nightly
To a god
That he no longer believed in


mocking faces jpg
mocking faces jpg


Mocking faces
hunting my dreams
Hundreds of faces
morphing into one
after another

Faces I knew
The dead
and the living

women I knew
friends I missed
enemies I did not

One after another
Marching in my room
Staring at me

I tried to run
They laughed

They said
that there’s nowhere
to escape my cosmic fate

My time is coming
prepare yourself
the grim reaper
has your name

and once he has your name
your fate is sealed
and you will soon
join us

whether in heaven
or hell
is not for us to say

be warned though
you will be judged
and no one can escape
their cosmic karmic fate








the world descends into chaos
as our world leaders
led by the chaos president

are overwhelmed
by the smallest enemy of all

a simple virus
blows through the crumbling public health infrastructure
and no one is prepared

and panic ensures
with every Presidential tweet
as people don’t believe
a word he says

conspiracy rumors spread
everyone believes their own reality
as the world spins out of control

the chaos king is in his element
convinced that only he knows
the deal

and everyone else
is just a bit player
in the reality show
that he presides over

and so the rest of us
hunker down
just hoping for the best

as the panic and chaos
spreads faster
than the virus

are we doomed
can we survive
will God save us?

he is silent
as always



Dora jpg
Dora jpg






Dora The Intergalactic Explorer written by: Jake Cosmos Aller @Jakecaller   Dora the intergalactic explorer Is traveling to the…


Dora the intergalactic explorer
Is traveling to the strangest planet
of all the known worlds

she is traveling incognito
with a video crew
making a documentary

the planet earth
is known as a planet
of intelligent monkeys

not much is known
about them
as very few
have ever been there

the inhabitants are described
as blood thirsty insane creatures
ruled by hidden sexual and political passions
following incomprehensible
religious dogmas following Gods
that clearly do not exist

the inhabitants are just on the verge
of developing intergalactic travel
and the galactic empire
is worried that they will be driven
to try to conquer the rest of the universe

driven by their needs to impose
their religious dogma
everywhere in the world

the planet is divided into large tribal groups
governed by corrupt elites
corrupt businesses destroying the planet
in pursuit of profit

and the locals are little more
than wage slaves
barely making a living
addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling
pornography and illicit sex

and their main land
is ruled by a clearly delusional madman
intent on poking a fight
with all his alleged enemies

Dora assumed the appearance
of a character from TV
and will pose as a journalist
trying to make sense
of it all

but she was afraid
that she if found out
could face the worst consequence

her ship crash lands
and she is outside
the capitol

of the non empire empire
called the United States of America

Dora gets her crew together
and walks into the city
staring at all the strange sights
as the monkeys go about
their daily activities

she stops at a restaurant
tries the coffee
the chief drug of choice

and is instantly addicted
wow no wonder
these people are crazed

she tries the local booze
and smiles
perhaps she could
become an intergalactic merchant
introducing the world
to the galaxy

her thoughts are interrupted
as a mad man armed
with weapons of war
bursts in and starts shooting
yelling at people

and she is shot dead
the authorities
are shocked

when they recover the body
and realize
that she is not a human
as she reverts other original

sort of a giant feline like creature
two legs and arms
and clearly from an advanced
civilization given her gear

what was she doing
no one knew
as all the aliens
died in the gun blaze

the world is shocked
at what had happened
and fearful that the aliens
were coming to invade
their world

the galactic senate
decides to contain
the humans
declaring them
a threat to the global civilization

and the humans vow
to discover the secrets
of interstellar travel
and travel to her land

to enter into business arrangements
and spread the one truth faith
to the heathen space aliens

thus ended Dora’s excellent adventure
in the crazed world at the edge
of known civilization





Everyday I Turn On The News written by: Jake Cosmos Aller @Jakecaller   every day I turn on the…



every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell

the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise
every time I turn on the news

oh my god I say
we are all going to die
and I am so afraid

afraid of everyone
afraid of everything
dreading the latest news

and nothing relieves my fear
I watch the world
loosing its collective mind

wondering how much more of this
can we all take

I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual

and so I realized
we are doomed
perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not

I turn off the TV
try to stay calm

hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all



Morning Light written by: Jake Cosmos Aller   the terrors of the night the worst imaginings of what might…


morning light
morning light






the terrors of the night
the worst imaginings
of what might happen

war, rumors of war
end of civilization
nuclear war
and other horrors
ripped from the headlines

fade away into nothingness
with the morning light
and the love of my wife
who is always by my side
I regain my sight

and begin
regaining my smile
and my life

until the next nightmares
consume my dark imaginings



rambling man jpg
rambling man jpg







Rambling Man, Where is your Home? written by: Jake Cosmos Aller   Where is my home? Where do I…



Where is my home? Where do I belong?
I really don’t know, always moving on to another place
Moved every other year it seems the last 45 years
Traveled to 49 states, 45 countries, drove across the U.S. six times
Lived in Berkeley, Yakima, Stockton, Seattle, Alexandria, DC, Oregon, Korea, Thailand, India, The Eastern Caribbean, and Spain

Where do I belong? Where is my home?
Neither here nor there, nowhere and everywhere
And so is that my rambling man’s fate
Never to really belong anywhere at all



Dark Dangerous Thoughts written by: Jake Cosmos Aller   An old man wakes up Confronting the dark dangerous thoughts…

dark dangerous thoughts jpg
dark dangerous thoughts jpg






An old man wakes up
Confronting the dark dangerous thoughts
The demons of the night
That haunt his dreams
And his life

He looks out at the dawning sun
And his sleeping wife
And realizes that it will be all right

And dismisses the demons of the night
Back to their caves in his mind
And he gets up
To take the dawning day


In Search of America Hitchhiking Tales written by: Jake Cosmos Aller   When I was young and foolish Broke…

hitchhiking tales jpg
hitchhiking tales jpg


When I was young and foolish
Broke and stubborn
I hitchhiked across the USA

Started in Salt Lake City
Where my greyhound bus pass
Was stolen

The station manager
Could have helped me
But refused to do so

Threaten to call the cops
When I grabbed my bags
Without the stolen tags

I said
Go ahead
But I am so out of here

Wondered about Salt Lake City
Went to a bar
Found I had to buy my booze
Next door
And they would mix it for me

Had to order food too
After a bloody Mary
And a burger

I walked about town
Saw the Mormon Temple

Finally about 3 pm
It was time to hit the road
Did not look back

Ended up in Cody Wyoming
Got a room shower
Steak beer
Using my rapidly depleted cash

Spent 25 dollars
Money really went far
Back in those days

A band of professional
Communist agitators
Gave me a ride
To Des Moines

Lots of weed, booze
And politics later
Got off the road
Slept outside

Next day
A beautiful woman
Drove me to near Chicago
In a red mustang

Might have been
The girl in the song
Took it easy
Digging her vibe

She invited home
But was not sure
If her estranged husband
Would welcome me

So I being foolish
And inexperienced with women
Did not go to her place

And always regretted
That I had lost
My chance that day

Then on to Chicago
Several rides later
Visited friends

Hit the road again
A series of uneventful rides
With truckers
And others

And a week later
I ended in New York City

Slept along the way
In cars
In truck stops
In highway rest stops

Always moving
Always going
None stop talking
And lots of free weed
And beer
And conversation

One more memorable ride
Occurred outside Albany
On my return to Chicago

A middle age creepy looking man
Picked me up
In a brand new Cadillac

He was he said a dynamite deliverer
For the Mafia
Went to various places
To blow up shit

He hated a lot of people
Particularly hippies from California
And Jewish people

Looking at me to confirm
That I was both

I told him that I lived in New York
And had never been to California
And although I might look Jewish
As I what was called back in the day
A “Jewfro”

I was not Jewish
Many years later I discovered
That I am indeed part Jewish
But then I did not know
And I felt a bit of strategic information
Might keep me alive

Then I realized that he was just jiving with me
And we relaxed
And he pulled out some weed
And beer
And we mellowed out

But I believe that he really was with the mob
Perhaps not a dynamite dealer
A real made Italian made mafia member

By Chicago
I had enough
I called my Dad
Told him what had happened

Wanted a ticket home
And he sent me a ticket
And 500 dollars
And I went home

I told him I would tell him
My tales someday
But never did

I learned so much
About my fellow Americans
And the strange vibe
That was 1975

And now it is too late
But I wanted to finally
Tell the world

Of my hitchhiking tales
In search of America 1975

Also published in “On the Road” by the Poet Magazine in 2020, and in Outlaw Poetry, in 2019.


bus jpg
bus jpg

written by: Jake Cosmos Aller

the Bus – Travels Through America’s Underbelly

I am a bus rider
That makes me unusual
For a white male
From an upper middle class family

Our people are not bus riders
Though some are subway riders

Bus riders are other people
The poor, minorities, immigrants
People who don’t drive
Because they are blind
Or have a DUI

And in my case
I don’t drive
Because I have bad vision
And bad coordination
Just never got the hang
Of the whole driving thing

Fortunately for me
My wife does the driving
But I still take the bus
From time to time

I rode the AC buses in Berkeley
As a child
Line 67, line 51, line 43 F bus
Rode them long before BART came along
And afterwards as well

As an adult seldom rode the bus
But when I did so
I was always impressed
By the sheer diversity
Of the bus riding property

Hundreds of languages
All sorts of sexual orientation
Some were white
Most were not

Most of my fellow passengers
Were nice enough
Some were friendly
And some were lost
In their own thoughts

And a few
Were scary looking dudes
With the look
Of someone who had done time
And were capable of more violence

I also rode the bus
In Seattle as a graduate student
A lot of fellow UW students
And the usual immigrants
Minorities etc

And some white people

And in DC
Over the years
I rode a lot of buses

Mostly to and from the metro
But I got to know
And love the DC buses as well

I also took the greyhound bus
Across the country
Several times over the years
All over the U.S.

From Bay Area to Stockton
From Bay Area to Clear Lake
From Bay area to NYC
All over the USA

Taking the Greyhound
Was always an adventure
Met a lot of interesting people
As people on long distant bus rides
Tend to open up and talk
To pass the time away

Overseas I took the bus
All over
In India, in Barbados
In Spain and in Korea

The Korean buses
For many years
Were difficult for foreign visitors
As the signs were all in Korean

Most have signs
Now in English, Chinese and Korean
And are much more foreigner friendly

Riding the bus
In America
Allows one access
To the underbelly of American society
The poor, the marginalized
The immigrant communities

That many middle-class white people
Just never see

And for that reason
I am glad
That I am a bus rider


Based on my experiences riding the bus all over the world from 1968 to 2018.

Also published in “Outlaw Poetry” in 2020.

The End


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