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“Dora The Intergalactic Explorer” will be published on 4/27/20 at 2:30am Eastern Time (ET)
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Every Day I Turn on the News

debunking the bioweaapon conspiracy theories

every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell

the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise

every time I turn on the news
oh my god I say
we are all going to die

and I am so afraid
afraid of everyone
afraid of everything

dreading the latest news
and nothing relieves my fear

I watch the world
loosing its collective mind
wondering how much more of this
can  we all take

I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual

and so I realized
we are doomed

perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not

I turn off the TV
try to stay calm

hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all

Dora the Intergalactic explorer


Dora the intergalactic explorer
Is traveling to the strangest planet
of all the known worlds

she is traveling incognito
with a video crew
making a documentary

the planet earth
is known as a planet
of intelligent monkeys

not much is known
about them
as very few
have ever been there

the inhabitants are described
as blood thirsty insane creatures
ruled by hidden sexual
and political passions

following incomprehensible
religious following Gods
that clearly do not exist

the inhabitants are just on the verge
of developing intergalactic travel

and the galactic empire
is worried that they will be driven
to try to conquer the rest of the universe

driven by their needs to impose
their religious dogma
everywhere in the world

the planet is divided into large tribal groups
governed by corrupt elites

corrupt businesses destroying the planet
in pursuit of profit

and the locals are little more
than wage slaves
barely making a living

addicted to alcohol,
drugs gambling
pornography and illicit sex

and their main land
is ruled by a clearly delusional madman
intent on poking a fight
with all his alleged enemies

Dora assumed the appearance
of a character from TV

and will pose as a journalist
trying to make sense
of it all

but she was afraid
that she if found out
could face the worst consequence

her ship crash lands
and she is outside
the capitol

of the non empire empire
called the United State ofAmerica

Dora gets her crew together
and walks into the city
staring at all the strange sights

as the monkeys go about
their daily activities

she stops at a restaurant
tries the coffee
the chief drug of choice
and is instantly addicted

wow no wonder
these people are crazed
she tries the local booze

and smiles
perhaps she could
become an intergalactic merchant

introducing the world
to the galaxy

her thought are interrupted
as a mad man armed
with weapons of war

bursts in and starts shooting
yelling at people
and she is shot dead

the authorities
are shocked
when they recover the body

and realize
that she is not a human
as she reverts other original form

sort of a giant feline like creature
two legs and arms
and clearly from an advanced
civilization given her gear

what was she doing
no one knew

as all the aliens
died in the gun blaze

the world is shocked
at what had happened

and fearful that the aliens
were coming to invade
their world

the galactic senate
decides to contain
the humans

declaring them
a threat to the global civilization
and the humans vow

to discover the secrets
of interstellar travel
and travel to her land

to enter into business arrangements
and spread the one truth faith
to the heathen space aliens

thus ended Dora’s excellent adventure
in the crazed world at the edge
of known civilization

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