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Former People Update

Former People Update

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Just posted on line https://formerpeople.wordpress.com/2021/04/21/lone-foreigner-hiking-the-seoul-city-walls/


New Years Visit to Oregon Coast

Fomer people

Former People Will Publish “Lone Foreigner Hiking the Seoul City Walls”

“Hi Jake, I would like to publish “Lone Foreigner Hiking the Seoul City
Walls”?  Is it still available? And do you have an author photo to go
with your work?”

Lone Foreigner Hiking the Seoul City Walls


A Lone foreign male hiker
In the hills above the city
Hiking along the ancient Seoul City walls





500 years after the founding
Of the city in 1492
Balancing his walk
Amid the boulders

The winter is coming
Soon he thinks
And finishes his hike

Heading to a bar
To sake his thirst
Some soju, and bulgogi
Will do the trick
He thinks to himself

Just another day
In the life
Of an unknown nameless
Foreigner in the city
Of Seoul

Part of the ten million
Naked stories
In the big city

Former People published three of my poems, “New Years Visit to the Oregon Coast”, ‘Indian Casino Thoughts” and “Casino Thoughts”

oregon coast
Oregon coast


New Years Visit to the Oregon Coast

The end of the year
We drove to Bookings on the Oregon Coast

We had a pleasant drive through the mystic fog shrouded Redwoods.
The gathering gloom of the dark woods foretold my dismal mood

Slept soundly to the sound of the ocean.
The super moon light filled

the beach outside our window
with an eerie light all night long.

As we slept people walked the beach
Enjoying the full moon

And the unusually warm weather
Setting off fireworks at midnight

In the morning I went for a nice walk along the beach
and thought about the year that was.

As the waves pounded the shore
I was filled with calmness

Enjoying the morning calm
And the unusual warm weather

Thinking that the storm is coming
That perhaps we are in the end of our days

With the political storms threatening us all
Yet the ocean reminded me

This too will pass
And we will endure

Until the end of our time
On earth

The ocean waves soothed my soul
And I prepared to drive back through the mystic redwoods

Back to my home
And the peaceful ocean waves

Reminded me
the end of my life
Comes closer to my door

Indian Casino Thoughts

Indian casino Fun
Indian casino Fun

Indian casinos seem to be everywhere
I have stopped off here and there
In rural enclaves across the land
The Indian casinos run by the mob

For the benefit of the tribes
The Indian’s revenge on the White man
For stealing their land
Is to steal their money

One gamble at a time
And make them pay
For the crimes they committed

Almost always have a welcome mat
To teach the ignorant visitor
Something about their lost culture
With words in the native languages

Words that would be illegal to have spoken
Not so long ago

As the genocide against the tribes
Was in full force

Nowhere worse than in Oregon
And northern California

Along the foggy coastal lands
Where the final solution

Almost worked
The survivors
Such as they are

Operate dismal dark depressing casinos
Here and there in the rural countryside

Along the coast
And in the hinterlands here and there

Most barely making any money
There are so many gambling joints
Across the land

And the Indians are being screwed
Out of their gambling riches

By the big gaming consortiums
That run the casinos

In the reservations
And across the land

And I wonder
Just how much money

Have these Indian casinos
Stolen from the elderly pensioners

And other fools that flock to their premises
Their neighbors in these small towns

Where the Indian casino
is the only joint open
For business

indian gaming wikipedia

Casino Thoughts

las vegas
las vegas

Sitting in a casino of the damned
Somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip

Playing the slots
Watching the crowd go wild

Watching the machines watching me
Drinking the free drinks of the damned

20 drinks too sober
And the gamblers on the gaming tables

Gambling away their fortune
Throwing money away

In hopes of the payoff
That somehow never comes

The pure decadent spectacle
The fake this and fake that

Phony this phony that
False New York
Paris in Vegas

Venetian canals, Roman forum
MGM Grand Lions

All fake, all phony
All deliciously decadent
The noise

The scantily clad waitresses
The men ogling the women

The women ogling back at them
The scent of wild decadence
Bad craziness in the air

The music – the lounge music from hell
The constant sound

Of money exchanging hands
It all overwhelms me

And I must sit down
And drink my reality drink

Drink it down and dirty
As I continue

To feed the hungry, greedy machines
Made in a workshop in hell

No doubt with child or slave labor
Imported from the third world

All my money
Is sucked into it

These machines from hell
The beast from revelation appears

Stands revealed in his hideous glorious beauty
Conducting this mad scene

And I am consumed by the greed
And the frenzy takes over me

All I want
All I need

All I desire
Is one more chance

One more shot
I scream

At the utterly unfeeling monsters
That ate my money

And chewed up my soul
And I know

The worst drug of all
Is the gambling fever

The gold bugs
I would sell my soul

If I had one left
For a chance

At the jack pot of life
Instead I am reduced

To a pathetic broken down looser
Watching the world and Elvis
Pass him by

Viva Las Vegas
Imperial God of the American Dream
Bitch Goddess of the American Nightmare


The End

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