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Another The Poet Update

The Poet Update

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Dear poets worldwide

A quick email to let you know that FAITH has just been released. With 234 contributions from 151 poets in 36 countries, and 30 states in the US; published in two volumes, FAITH is probably one of the largest and most significant international collections of poetry on the theme of faith ever published. From the simple and uncomplicated, to the complex and thought-provoking, this is an amazing anthology featuring some amazing poetry.

For further details click on the link below.—faith

Please support us by buying a copy; they are not expensive and every copy we sell goes towards keeping THE POET going. Also, if you are a member of any faith, spiritual or religious group, please tell them about this title too, and if you are a writer or editor for any faith publications, please try to feature this title in your publication. Uniting writers and poets worldwide on such an important topic is essential during these difficult and challenging times. Thank you!


The subject of our next SUMMER 2021 anthology is FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP.

You can write about anything to do with friends and friendship; school friends, work friends, best friends, brief friendships, life-long friends, the friendship of someone special or significant, soulmates, things you have done for your friends in the name of friendship, or what they have done for you, the meaning and value of your friends and their friendship, the support of your friends is challenging and difficult situations or circumstances … the sky is the limit with this topic.

DEADLINE midnight (GMT) 30th June 2021. Publication July 2021.

Please click on the below link for submission guidelines:

Note:  Look for my contribution.  The Poet as some of you may recall, published my Hitchiking tales in their epic masterpiece “On the Road”.  in 2020. So they are two for two and I hope three for three.  I have a number of poems about friendship to fine-tune and submit.  End Note

LASTLY – because of the time it took compiling FAITH, we are a bit behind with getting new interviews and articles online (of which we now have quite a few!). Thank you for your patience, but now FAITH is completed, we will set upon the task of catching up with everything as quickly as we can!

Keep writing everyone, and stay SAFE!

Robin – Editor and publisher.

THE POET – Devoted to showcasing and publishing amazing poetry from around the world. No matter what your background and experience; whether a poet laureate with many titles to your credit or a first-time poet exploring the creative use of words, structure, ideas, and expression, we at THE POET embrace and welcome all poets, everywhere.

Original Posting

The Poet will publish ‘Buddha Cat, and Meeting God in a Lake” in their Faith Anthology

Hope you’re well and staying safe. Sorry for the delay; have only just started to look at FAITH!

I enjoyed reading all your submissions but I can’t add them all into the anthology, even though they follow each other, so I’ll add: MEETING GOD IN A LAKE and BUDDHA CAT OF EDSALL ROAD.

Back in touch shortly.


Robin Barratt

Writer, Author, Publisher.
THE POET magazine
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Instagram: @RobinBarratt1 (personal)
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From: jake aller <>
Sent: 31 March 2021 07:57
To: Robin Barratt <>; Robin <>; <>
Subject: poems for Faith Anthology


Here are six poems for your consideration for your on faith anthology.

Meeting God in a Lake
Cosmic Cat from Berkeley
Meeting God in Bombay
Cosmic Dog From Goa
Buddha Cat from Edsel Road

These have been published, most recently in Hypertext in 2020.

The Poet Magazine previously published some of my “on the road” poems in their “On the Road Anthology in Summer 2020.  They published “Hitchiking Tales”, ” Back of the Bus,” and ‘Cross Country Travels, Part One”.

Meeting God in a Lake






In my 64 years around the sun
I encountered God four times
At least I thought it was God
But could never be sure

The first time I met God
I had taken magic mushrooms
And had gone to a lake

And soon was tripping inside my head
Lost in inner space

Zoning out tuning in
Dropping down the proverbial rabbit hole

And then in the middle of my madness
I felt oneness with the universe
My body melted away

And I joined the universe
All boundaries dropped away

And I knew that the universe was alive
and I was part of the Cosmos
And the Cosmos was part of me

And I wondered at that moment
If I was face to face with God

I asked God to reveal himself to me
And nothing happened

Just laughter as the whole universe
Burst into laughter

And the madness began to fade
And I slowly came down from the high

And became aware of myself
And I was no longer one
With the universe

I felt profoundly moved by the experience
Felt that I had achieved perhaps nirvana
Or felt the presence of God

The feeling faded over time
And my quest to find God resumed

But I knew that I would never again
Come so close to the divine essence
Of the very Universe

Buddha Cat of Edsall Road

evil cat
evil cat






I had another encounter
With the divine recently
Another Cosmic cat perhaps

Perhaps not
Who knows what cats are

Are they aliens
From another dimension
Or was he channeling God ?

I called him the Buddha cat
For the cat loved
Sitting in a meditative pose

Not moving
Just starting at me
With his soulful deep eyes
Boring into my soul
Exploring all my secret thoughts

The Buddha cat does not move
Does not react, as he is so deep
Into his interior mediation
Truly in tune with the cat universe
And the cosmos as well

The Buddha cat
Seems to be one with God
One with Buddha, Allah, Ganesh
And the billion names of God
Known and unknown

The Buddha cat can teach us all
About the art of meditation

As he zones inward
And loses his soul
Joining the cosmos
And becoming the Buddha cat

The Buddha cat
Lives in a modest Town house
In a modest suburb

The Buddha cat reminds us all
To look for God in the everyday
All around us
If we but have eyes
To see God everywhere

The End


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