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Dear Microsoft

I am writing to you to let you know how shoddy your Microsoft products truly are and pleading for you to finally fix the many bugs in the program. I have had enough with your shoddy products. I have been complaining to you for years, but nothing seems to change.  The same chronic bugs in the program, the same random system errors that pop up from time to time, without warning, often losing data in strange ways.

I will probably migrate away to Google docs, which works without a flaw, or back to an Apple Mac which works great, but does not interface with Microsoft products as falsely advertised by both your corporation and Apple.

Why can’t you get Microsoft Word to work every time you turn it on?  On a typical day, I encounter system crashes periodically throughout the time I am writing using Word. Usually minor, but often wiping out unsaved data without warning. Most commonly, things freeze up, and a spinning blue ball appears with the message “not responding” This typically lasts from 30 seconds to five minutes. When it keeps happening, I have to reboot my computer. Once, I tracked the error rates and concluded that on average I encountered errors 50 percent of the time while working on a document.

The last straw was this:

Yesterday, I copied some text into my daily journal, where I store my draft writing projects.  I failed to double-check to ensure that I copied everything correctly. My mistake was to assume that Microsoft Word would not screw things up.

The copied text, for some reason, only computer nerds will understand, wiped out the entire document, replaced the copied text with the old text, and then added insult to injury, disabled the undo button. So, I lost everything I had written the last few days, even though I had saved everything.  I tried to find a previous version in my file folder, but everything had the same copied text. And I could not recover it, the saved data was gone, to some computer graveyard where lost data goes to die,  fortunately, I had posted some of it, and could go to a previous version created a few days earlier and could re-create 90 percent of what I had written. But it was so annoying, and again, I don’t understand at all why the copy and paste function went rogue on me and wiped out the entire document.

While I am on the subject of copy and paste, why does it often default to the last copied item, and does not copy the current text you are trying to copy?  Sometimes you have to copy and paste
Three to five times before it finally copies correctly.

Another pet peeve, why does your num lock turns randomly converting text into random numbers? Often seems to be 666666, is that a sign of demonic possession, or an insider error coding joke?

That is all for now, I hope you found the letter amusing, but I hope you will finally fix these many glitches in the program which occur randomly, often without warning or even an error message.

Thank you. I would love to have someone contact me, but I assume, that you will ignore me and my complaints.

Previous letter

Another Letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft

I want to point out the many bugs in your Microsoft products. You have not yet addressed any of these bugs that have been plaguing your product for decades.

I have listed it by product category

The speech and dictation program works 90 percent of the time

On the plus side, your read-aloud function works well, and your dictation program is now 90 percent accurate as opposed to 10 percent accurate when it first came out a few years ago.


No longer defaults to a foreign language when logging in from overseas – long overdue fix

Edge used to default to a foreign language when logging in overseas. You have finally fixed this problem in the latest update. Thank you. Long overdue.

and your customized version actually has some great features.  Much improved.


Copy and paste issues

Your copy and paste function defaults to the last item copied. Sometimes you have to try it several times before it finally copies what you want it to copy. Very annoying and I have reported this on numerous occasions.

On a random basis, copy and replace the entire document and then disable the undo button, so you cannot recover the document unless you exit without saving it.  Very annoying.  Lost three days’ worth of work this week alone.

Search issues

Your internal search function is horrible. In a word when trying to search your document file, it usually gives you a result that may not be that relevant. Then, went you try to go to the file to open it, you often get an error message that there is a Dialogue box open, and you need to close it. But there is a dialogue box visible. However, I did find a workaround, just click on the search term, and then wait for the documents to load before trying to open them. The error occurs when you go to the listed documents first and try to open them, that’s when the non-existent dialogue box error pops up.

In One Drive you often get suggested documents that are not that relevant either. In any event, you can’t find more relevant searches.  Why can’t you invent a search function that finds what you are looking for?

Often in word, the file function button does not work. It just freezes up for no reason.

Other times, it opens random documents.

When opening documents from the file button on the bottom of the screen, it often opens either random documents or when you try to open a document, it kicks you out. You have to try to open it only for the document to half open and then kick you out.

Sometimes you have to try multiple times before you can finally open it. Once I had to click 50 times to clear it and get into my documents.

Other times the documents load, but you get an error message saying that it is blocked for editing by another user which is strange since I am the only user of this computer, or it says you don’t have editing permission for this document which is now read-only. You then have to save it as under a different name.

Or you can only open a copy of the file by right-clicking on the document shown in the file folder. That usually works, but when you try to save it, you get a message saying that you can’t open a saved document then you have to save it by giving it a new name. Other times it works fine and saves the document. Seems to be a random thing.

Constant no-response error

Sometimes the system constantly goes into “non-response “ mode, which lasts anywhere from five seconds to five minutes. When it finally clears, you may or may have lost data.

Word specific

Constant no-response error

The file does not open or opens a random file

Constantly crashes and requires to re-open and save

When I get out of a document and do something on the internet, when I try to go back to the document, I find that the system has crashed, and I have to manually re-open documents. Sometimes the document opens, but  it “read open mode”, requiring me to rename the document to go forward. Very annoying.

Randomly freeze num lock

Often when you try to do a command like go to the end of the page, the num lock opens up and you see endless numbers. This can be closed by clicking on the num lock, but it is so annoying, and it seems to happen randomly with no warning.

Excel specific

I gave on Excel entirely because when you tried to enter data taken from another non-excel source you would get a strange error message saying that there are not enough fonts to complete the operation and gives you the option to click okay. Sometimes you have to click okay many times before it clears, once I clicked it 200 times before it finally copied the data. Most of the time it just froze and crashed my computer. I tried to find out why this was happening on your user forums, but could find nothing relevant.  I finally just gave up and moved to Google Docs, which rarely crashes.

Feedback from Microsoft

Note: none of my feedback suggestions appeared to have been acted on and I can’t find any of them due to an unspecified error message when I log in. But they did respond to this sarcastic comment saying that they do read suggestions and take them into account. But they never bothered to email me their response.

I did get a response to the following message

“Does anyone ever read suggestions? or take any action?

I finally was able to get into the forum.  up to now, it was always blocked for some reason. No one has read any of my suggestions. I wonder why you even bother? you don’t care about your user comments at all. Thanks for nothing.
Thank you
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Devin S.
Official Microsoft response
·4 months ago
Yes, we do read the feedback problems, suggestions, compliments, and other feedback posted here. Across the various forums and applications like the Windows Feedback Hub, teams read the feedback every day and use it to help prioritize our feature backlogs and fix problems. We may not scale to respond one-to-one for each feedback that comes in, but we do use your voice and upvotes to help us understand issues and plan for the future. Thanks for your continued feedback and for being part of this community!



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