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Manisan Mountain, Gangwha Island

Manisan is a mountain in IncheonSouth Korea. It is situated in Ganghwa County and is the highest peak on Ganghwa Island. Manisan has an elevation of 469.4 m (1,540 ft).[1] There is a popular hiking trail to the summit; at the summit is Chamseongsdan, an altar where Dungun (the founding father of Korea) performed ritual ceremonies.

Manisan is the highest peak in Ganghwa island.  It is a legendary mountain where Dungun the founder of Korea came to the earth.   The park signs are all in is the map.  There are four routes, blue, yellow, red, and purple.  The blue route is the shortest route to the top. The first part of the trail is along an asphalt road following Manisan creek through an old-growth forest.  The blue trail branches off to the left and from that point on is a dirt trail, a trail with steps, and some scrambling up rocks. There is a rail all the way so that helps.  The elevation gain is steep at times. At the top of the mountain there is a nice sky bridge trail to view points.  The view is spectacular.

There is a camp ground on the other side of the mountain where the red and purple trails originate. The round trip  is about two and one half hours and is about a 4-mile round trip.  One could make it a loop by taking the yellow course back down the mountain.

Chamseongsdan was closed for renovation.  However, there is a replica at the foot of the mountain where the occasional ritual are still held.

Near By Resturants

There are several restaurants at the bottom of the mountain. One served a great belt fish menu.

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Manisan is a mountain in Incheon, South Korea. It is situated in Ganghwa County and is the highest peak on Ganghwa Island. Manisan has an elevation of 469.4 m (1,540 ft). There is a popular hiking trail to the summit; at the summit is Chamseongsdan, an altar where Dangun (the founding father of Korea) performed ritual ceremonies.

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Chamseong-dan altar, Mt. Mani-san, Ganghwa-do Island The “Demon Expelling Mountain” is the most sacred site on Ganghwa Island of Incheon City, relatively quite famous throughout the nation. There is an ancient stone shrine on its highest peak (469m, the Chamseong-dan [Truly Holy Altar], that commands a wide view of the Yellow Sea.

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Manisan Mountain (Ganghwa Island) is a 3.4 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Length 3.4 miElevation gain 1,459 ftRoute type Loop

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One funny thing about this mountain is that it would be just about as easy to visit on a layover as it would be from anywhere else on the Korean peninsula. Manisan is by far the closest 100 summits mountain to Incheon International Airport! At least, it’s close as the crow flies. Manisan is not exactly on the way anywhere – it’s on Ganghwa island! If you actually do the aforementioned airport plan, one-way transit will take you nearly two hours (bus 9000 from the airport, connecting to bus 700-1 in Yangcheon – if you’re curious!). The trip is a little longer from Incheon. Take the orange, Incheon line 2 metro to Majeon station and then catch the 700-1 bus for just over two hours (starting from downtown Incheon). From Seoul, navigate your way to Yangcheon by bus or subway (different depending on your starting point – but aim for Gurye station on the brown line 9) – then catch bus 700-1. Seeing the theme? Bus 700-1 runs to the Hwado bus terminal, just north of Manisan. A few other bus…

  1. Manisan Mountain (Ganghwa Island) – Hiking the World › 2012/10/20 › manisan-mountain

Oct 20, 2012 · One of three sacred Korean mountains, Manisan is located on Ganghwa Island on the west coast. It’s less than an hour from Incheon airport, and connected by two bridges to the mainland.

  1. Manisan Mountain – Welcome to Incheon, South Korea › manisan-mountain

The Manisan Mountain is a mountain located on the Ganghwa-do mountain range. The Ganghwa-do mountain range is located in Incheon, South Korea. This mountain is 496.4 meters over sea level. It is also the tallest mountain in this mountain range.

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Dec 03, 2014 · Manisan stands at 469 meters (or 1539 feet) above sea level, and it offers two hiking paths. We took the tougher route, the Stairway Path. As you can guess from the name, there were a lot of stairs, as is quite common with hiking in Korea, but this mountain is definitely worth the work.

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Jul 05, 2010 · Ganghwado (Ganghwa Island) is Korea’s fifth largest island. Its strategic west sea location, in the estuary of the Han River, has resulted in an immensely important role in Korean history. Wars, kingdoms, sacrifices, temples, UNESCO world heritage sites… a lot has happened here.

  1. Ganghwa Island – Wikipedia › wiki › Ganghwa_Island

With the primary fortifications protecting the Joseon capital of Seoul from foreign invasion, Ganghwa Island was the site of several 19th-century punitive expeditions.The mass execution of Catholic French missionaries and Korean converts under the ministry of the Heungseon Daewongun in the mid-1860s led to a French invasion in 1866 which held the island for several weeks, although the …

Manisan Mountain (Ganghwa Island) is a 5.5 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Length5.5 kmElevation gain445 mRoute typeLoop

Manisan Mountain (469m) is one of three sacred 3 mountains in Korea, with two hiking paths that lead to an altar and temple on the summit.

You begin to ascend as soon as you leave the parking lot, then it’s pavement, stairs, and “carpet” as you make your way to the peak. There’s an ancient alter at the top.

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