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Busan, Korea
surrounded by water
like San Francisco

Busan is my favorite Korean city.  It remains me of the San Francisco Bay Area where I am from.





I first went to Busan when I was in the Peace Corps, when I had friends visiting me from the States.  Then I went again when I was teaching for the U.S. Army in 1982. I last went there about ten years ago and stayed with a Korean friend and had a whirlwind tour ,but did not get to see the city as much as we would have liked.

We had a week to use up a discounted travel coupon.  One thing I like about the city is that it reminds me of the SF Bay area, and it is a very colorful dynamic city.  Has some of the best seafood in the country.  It is a very creative city, lots of Korean movies and TV series have been filmed here and lots of actors and singers are from here.

They have their way of doing things.  Including their brand of Soju (hint: not very good in my humble opinion, worth trying but packs a vicious hangover).  We decided we want to go back and spend more time in Busan soon and not wait another ten years!

gwanalli beach scene
gwanalli beach scene 3

Monday, May 16, 2022

We arrived in Busan on the KTX train at 4 pm and checked into the hotel.  Then we went to Jagalchi fish market for dinner and to walk around.  We walked back to the station, which took about an hour.  Along the way, we saw parts of the Gujke market and the Lotte mall. We had a decent sashimi dinner and tried the local soju.

Tokoyo Inn Hotel

We stayed at the Tokoyu Inn Hotel – a Japanese business traveler budget hotel.  It is very efficiently run. The rooms are small but very efficiently laid out with great Fungshi according to my wife who is into that sort of thing. The breakfast is adequate and included.  They are very rigid about check-in and check-out procedures. The staff speak passable English and Japanese as well.  The clients were a mixture of Korean, Japanese, and Europeans.   The location can’t be beaten right across from the KTX station.  There are five branches in Busan, Tokoyu 1 and 2 near the train station, two in Haeundae, and one other location.

Chinatown  Shanghai Street Across From  Busan  Station

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China town gate
China town gate

















The oldest Chinese community in Busan is called Shanghai Street, right across from Busan station.  There is a traditional gate to Chinatown on the main road running past the train station. Shanghai street is still the center of the Chinese community.  There is an overseas Chinese elementary school in Chinatown.  Back in the day it was run down a bit but has been spiffed up a bit and is now a tourist attraction. The signs are all in English, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, and Russian since it is next door to Texas Street which is now mostly catering to Filipinos and Russians. The tourist info center here has nice exhibits on the history of the area and the staff were very helpful.

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​Busan’s Chinatown only consists of a long street in front of Busan Station (where you can take the KTX). This place is very… special I would say.

Texas Street  Across the street from Busan Station

 ATTACHMENT DETAILS texas-street-busan
texas street busan








A notorious red-light district – catering to sailors and foreign tourists -upgraded a bit.  Used to have a lot of American tourists but now has a lot of Russians and Filipinos.

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Choryang Traditional  Market

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Choryang traditional market is one of the oldest traditional markets in the city.  It is located just north of Texas Street.  On the other end of the market, the Choryang stream has been restored. The stream bed leads up to a Buddhist temple at the top of the hill.

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이바구가 머꼬?

Choryang Ibagu-Gil Road Exit 7  Busan Station Between Chinatown and Texas Street

There are five history walks -along the Ibagu-Gil roads that go up into the hills.

We did the Choryang Ibagu-Gil trail.  The trail starts opposite the train station, heading north just past Texas street.  Choryang  Ibagu-Gil. All the pathways are illustrated by yellow trail markers with the English words Story Land.  The locals don’t seem to know where anything is or care and certainly are unaware of the history.

There are lots of small houses crammed in along the narrow road.  There are some more modern buildings as well.  A very colorful area –  the area was largely settled by war refugees after the Korean war.  You can get the brochures at the KTX tourism info stand.  Make sure you pick up both the English and Korean brochures

The trail is about 3 k long but is pretty steep.  The signs are sparse but there – look for yellow signs with English words Story Telling on them.

It starts walking by the old Namseon storage area – the first modern warehouse in Korea then goes by the first hospital (Baekwhajee) which has been transformed into a bookstore and retail building, preserving much of the old hospital grounds.  Damage Gallery and Dong-gu insamul mural on the side of the elementary school depicts famous people from the neighborhood, including the famous signer Cho, Youngpil.  Then there are 168 steps and the monorail to the top of the hill.  The monorail was closed the day we went.  There is also an old 19th-century Church with photos of the original missionary founders on the wall.  There is an observatory Kim min-bu observatory which had great views we stopped by.  There were a few more places of interest we did not visit including Ibabu Gongakso studio where performances take place, Jangjiryeo Naun center  Ibagu center which supports residents in the area, Café Choryang, Yuchi-hwan Post box which commemorates a famous poet from the area (Cheongmu Yuchi-hwan and Kkakomak guest house at the top of the road.

Korea-Japan Exchange Road 1 k

Another walk takes you past the Sejeong dong Japanese-style houses along the Korea-Japan exchange street.  There is a traditional tea house there called the Munwha Gongan Seojong

Horangi Ibagu-Gil Road Beomil station line 1 exit 7  2.6 K

Start at the Hyundai Department store which has a signboard outside listing the nearby sites to see.  The path crosses over the “friend” bridge near the old Samil theater, then goes through the Beomil Golmok market,  there is a stone monument for the Hongcheon stone bridge that crosses the Hongcheon stream bed.  In the old days, there were lots of tigers (호랑이horangi ) in the area, hence the name of the road. The Beomil Golmok market used to be famous for sign making and that is commemorated in the market, then goes by the former Samil Gomu which was a rubber factory under the Japanese and later the center of the shoe industry, the factory burned down in 1980. There are signs commemorating the woman workers of the shoe factories.  Along the way, murals are depicting the famous movie theaters that once dotted the area (all long closed) the road goes by the Dangsan’s memories observatory commemorates the people of the neighborhood, which was largely settled by North Korean refugees during the Korean war, there is a repatriated compatriots village where a lot of Koreans returned from Japan after the war and settled in the neighborhood.  There is a “horangi” (tiger) rest area after the village before you make the final climb to the top of the road. The road passes by Rev. Moon Sung-Myeong’s first church, and the area is sacred to the “Moonies” unification church.  The top of the hill is called Anchang Horangi village which is where a lot of factory workers settled and is still a blue color neighborhood and finally a shrine to Christal Beckman a famous missionary who was a beloved figure in the neighborhood.

Lee Jae-Seob’s Viewpoint  Beomil Station line 1 exit 7 and 9.46 K

This path goes from a famous gallery to an observatory with a nice view walking through another traditional neighborhood.  The gallery and observatory commemorate the famous Busan artist  Lee Jung-Seob.

Other notable streets in the area include Jwacheon Dong furniture street and Joban’s specialized street market.

Busanpo-Gaehanggado Road Jwacheon Station line 1 exit 5  28 k

This is a 28 k walk that starts at Jungsan park  Jwacheon station exit 5 line one and ends at Jaesongdae park passing through colorful old neighborhoods such as Maechuki village, Jeongjung altar which commemorates General Jeong Bal and other military people who died during the Imjin war invasion of Busan, and passes by Busanjin Ilsin Woman’s school which was the first woman school in Busan, and later the center of resistance against the Japanese,  General An Young bok memorial which celebrates Busan’s opening, and resistance to the Japanese occupation of Dokdo, and the Busapo Gaehangado road ends with 190 step stairway but there is an elevator next to it. The view from the top is they say worth the trip but we did not have time to go.

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부산 자갈치시장 Jagalchi Market Jagalchi Station Line 1











On our first night in town, we went to the Jalgalchi fish market.  It is a very colorful place.  Most active in the morning when the fisher people come back from fishing and they auction off the fish to retailers and restaurants.  You can buy your fish and take it to a restaurant where they will prepare it or buy it at the restaurant.  We opted for the latter.  We had a decent Sashimi dinner and tried the local Soju.   The price was quite reasonable – we spent  $60.00 for two people including soju. This area has not changed that much since I was last there years ago, and even 42 years ago. It has been cleaned up a bit, there are parking garages nearby, a big Lotte mall, the subway stop, and another shopping mall but it looks and feels much like it did back in the day.

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Haeundae Haeundae station line 2  (해운대해수욕장



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Haeundae is the biggest and most famous beach in Busan. Lots of high-end hotels and restaurants in the area.  There are budget hotels around as well.

We spend the whole afternoon wandering around the Haeundae beach area. We got there during the sandcastle contest and saw all the sandcastles that were built for the festival.  We went to the traditional sashimi street and had a good meal there.  We went to Sealife aquarium which was a bit pricey at $30.00 but I suppose worth it in the end.

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Haeundae has a population of about 423,000, the most populous district of Busan with 11.6% of the city population, and covers an area of 51.44 km² (19.86 s

Gwangalli Beach  Gwangalli station line 2 (광안리해수욕장

Gwangalli beach is the beach that locals go to and is not as overwhelmed as Haeundae can be. It is also a more inexpensive place to stay as there are lots of budget hotels and villas for rent behind the main beach road.   The back alleyways are filled with coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants and are a colorful area.

We had dinner in the famous sushi sashimi row street which a local placard claim is the largest collection of sashimi restaurants in the world.  We had a decent meal for about $60.00.




image-8940″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Showing 90 of 2653 media items Load more S gwanalli-beach-scene-2-” width=”225″ height=”300″ /> Showing 90 of 2653 gwanalli-beach-scene-2-[/caption]


 1 – gwanalli street cafe sign
1 – gwanalli street cafe sign

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Gwangalli Beach (Korean: 광안리 해수욕장) or Gwangan Beach (Korean: 광안 해수욕장) is a beach in Busan, South Korea. It is located at Gwangan 2(i)-dong …

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35, Centum Nam-daero, Haeundae-gu 1F, Shinsegae Mall Centum City, Busan 48058 South Korea. 1.2 miles from Gwangalli Beach. Experiences from $800.

Millack Fish Street and Waterside Park

We had a nice talk while walking about Millack Fish street and waterside park which is just to the north of Gwangalli and south of Haeundae.  There is a trail connecting the two beaches.

There is a long-range plan to link all the coastal beaches in the Busan Gyeonsan region through a bike/hiking trail.

We had a nice sashimi dinner again for about $30.00 per person.

 yongdusan-park-Busan-wooden-deer-1-rotated.jpg June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022









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Busan Beomeosa Temple (범어사(부산)) beomunsa station line one exit five transfer to bus number 90.  The bus stop is down an alleyway from the station and runs every 20 minutes.

I last saw Beomunsa back in 1982.

I stayed two nights in Dondae hot springs then went to the Pusan Fortress (lookup name in Korean) and Beomunsa temple.  Had to take local buses everywhere as there were no subways in Busan back then.

Beomunsa is one of the oldest temples in Korea dating back to the late 7th century during the Shilla dynasty.

The temple was very impressive back then and has been further restored since then.  It is one of the temple stay temples – always wanted to do that but that like many things has been put on hold by COVID.

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For more information see
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Beomeosa Temple is located on the eastern side of Geumjeongsan Mountain, a famous mountain in Busan. It was founded by monk Uisang in 678, the 18th year of …

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Beomeosa (Temple of the Nirvana Fish) is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in Cheongnyong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea.

href=””>Temple Information ‘Beomeosa’ – Templestay

meosa is a Seon meditation-based temple, a place where people can meditate and clear their minds. Through meditation, all pointless and distracting thoughts …

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Dongdae Hot springs  동래 온천  metro line one ochcheong station

One of the joys of travel is the occasional random encounters with memorable characters.   We ran into an old Korean lady in front of the map. The map was next to a tourist stamp machine.  The idea was you would wander about and collect stamps at each of the items listed.  The items would be next to a sign depicting the area’s attractions.  We walked about the area but did not do the stamp.  The lady told us about the stamp and she said that she had found everything but one item and complained that none of the locals had a clue about where things were.

There are outside the train station two maps on the opposite side of each other with contradictory information about the area.  There is a restored stream bed park I want to check out (I love the stream bed parks all over Korea – something that Korean should be proud of having accomplished and promote a lot more)  we walked about the hot spring area which is closed down due to COVID but I assume will be re-opening in due course.  We can see what it might have been back in the day.

There was good signage in English about the attractions of the area. I did see a sign in English for a local hotel that got lost in translation.

Why not stay in the Dream motel where your dreams are killers. ( attached photo here).

When I stayed there back in the day, it was a much more low-key area.  Now there are lots of high-rise apartments and the train station as well, and English language signs and the aforementioned tourist stamps kiosks.

There are are a number of other hot springs in the Busan area. The most famous are in Haeundae, and Taedongdae. I want to go back and check them out once COVID is finally over.

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Dongdae Oncheong-cheon metro line one ochcheong station

As you may know, I am a big fan of the restored stream bed parks all over Korea.  We did not get to this one but it is a nice one particularly when the Cherry trees are blooming.  For my next trip to Busan!  For more information see the following:

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Oncheoncheon Stream 온천천 … This road is famous for stretching alongside a stream that flows most … 35-14 Suan-dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea.


Busan #tour #springBusan’s central Oncheoncheon Stream flows from Geumjeong-gu (district) through Yeonje-gu and Dongnae-gu to the …

Suyeong River Walk

We drove by on the bus.  The river has been restored and is lined on both sides with bike and walking paths and restaurants nearby.  Worth a stop next time I am in town.

see the following:

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Suyeong-gu was created in 1995 following its separation from Nam-gu. It is the border in the North-East by the Suyeonggang River. The name ‘Suyeong’ came from  …

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Suyoung River Walk is a 5.2-mile (12000-step) route located near Busan, South Korea. This route has an elevation gain of about 91.8 ft and is rated as easy.

Nakong River

This is the main river in Busan and is one of the largest rivers in Korea.  It is the center of the freshwater eel fishery industry and is a place I want to visit someday.  It is lined with bike paths and walking paths that eventually reach Seoul.  It is one of the four river projects that was controversial ten years ago.

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The Nakdong River or Nakdonggang is the longest in South Korea and passes through major cities such as Daegu and Busan. It takes its name from its …

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Naktong River, Korean Naktong-gang, river, in the Yŏngnam area of the provinces (do) of North Kyŏngsang and South Kyŏngsang, southeastern South Korea.

About: Nakdong River – DBpedia

The Nakdong River or Nakdonggang (Korean pronunciation: [nakt͈oŋgaŋ]) is the longest river in South Korea and passes through major cities such as Daegu and …

Songdo Beach 송도해수욕장… nearest subway is Nampo Line one.

Transportation tip:

To get to either Songdo or Deadongdae you can catch the bus at Nampo station on the number one line or from Pusan station as well.  We took bus 30 to Songdo and did the cloud walk trail on Amnan mountain.  From there to Songdo beach you can take the cable car or you can take the bus, or you can walk along two bike/walking paths one on top of the hill, the other along the water.  It is about a 4 k walk.  We took the bus after walking the cloud bridge.  We got there by mistake. But it was a nice walk and view.

Then we went to Songdo and walked about the beach. We saw signs all along of massive development coming to the area.  There is an old ally way that is lined with restaurants, but most are being torn down to build luxury high-rise apartment buildings.  There are several American and Western hotels in the area as well.

Songdo is the oldest public beach in Korea, it opened in 1913.  But in the late 80, it entered a period of decline due to storm damage the cable car was shut down and the beach was badly eroded.  The city government started a massive campaign to restore the beach and they have included restoring the cable car that goes across the beach.

But now that property developers have moved in, all the small restaurants that lined the back alleys will be replaced.  In a few years, it will look and feel like Heunundae.

We had a decent fish lunch. We ate Gulbi (semi-dried fish) stew for 30 dollars.










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Songdo Street poetry

by Chungwon Lee

The sea is people’s favorite place

the mountian is people’s favotire place too

How nice it would be
if the sea and mountain are seated together
and if there are bright  moon and cool stars
Don’t you agree that place

on see the following

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Songdo Beach is 800 meters long and 50 meters wide. The average water level is 1~1.5 meters. It is located 3 kilometers from Busan’s Jagalchi Market and was …

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Opened in 1913, Songdo Beach is the first beach in Korea. After its golden period in the 1960s and 1970s, the beach became deserted.

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Songdo, Busan: A Beach, The Busan Air Cruise Cable Car & A Suspension Bridge Too!

Jul 13, 2020 … Songdo Beach was the first public beach in Korea, so a sign te


We took the bus to Taejongdae  from Songdo.  Took about 45 minutes.  We saw a lot of Busan along the way.  We went through a working-class neighborhood and then crossed the bridge to the Yeongdo island.  The island is hard to get to from the rest of Busan, there is no subway nearby.  The road is narrow and I am sure that traffic will be bad during commutes.

There are several institutions out on the island, the Busan Coast Guard facility is there, there is a Korean Maritime University that trains people to work in the merchant shipping field, and several Buddhist temples.  It is also where foreign cruise ships used to dock and no doubt will come again as COVID continues to recede.  There is also a coastal walk all along the coast which I would love to do someday.

There is also a hot springs area closed down due to COVID.

The highlight is Taejongdae  Park at the southern tip of the island. We took the tram-train around to the various sights.  Great views from the observatory, and the lighthouse.  There are two small Buddhist temples on the mountain.

The trail around the mountain is about 5 k long and is not too difficult a trail.

Coming back we found a bus that took us back to Pusan station in about 30 minutes.

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Taejongdae (Busan) – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

Taejongdae is a natural park of Busan with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of the island of Yeongdo-gu. Taejongdae was named after …

Taejongdae – Wikipedia

Taejongdae is a natural park in Busan, South Korea with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of the island of Yeongdo-gu.

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Jul 12, 2019 … Most of Taejongdae Park consists of evergreen forest, where a couple of Busan’s best temples can …

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Taejongdae: A Must See in Busan, Korea

Jan 5, 2014 … Established in 1967, Taejongdae is a beautiful seaside park. The island Taejongdae sits upon is a natural barrier protecting the Busan port so …

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Taejongdae Cliffed Coast [National Geopark] (태종대 (부산 국가지질공원)) · Address 24, Jeonmang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan 부산광역시 영도구 전망로 24 (동삼동) · Type …

A Day in Busan’s Taejongdae Resort Park: How to Get There & What …

Jun 28, 2019 … Busan’s Nampo-Dong is the easiest point from downtown Busan to get to Taejongdae, and you can get off at the Nampo subway station on Line 1 and take …

Taejongdae Park’s 100 years of history with Yeongdo Lighthouse

The multicolored rocky coast boasts its beauty formed by years of crashing waves. We’re talking about Taejongdae Park at the southern end of Yeongdo, Busan.

Haedong Youngjungsa Temple

On our last full day in Busan, we took a long bus ride (bus 1001) through Busan from the train station to Haedong Yungjunsa temple.  We found that in Seoul the buses are often faster than the subway and you can see a lot of the city from the bus. The bus took us through many neighborhoods and we saw a lot from the bus including Centrum towers, the BEXCO conference center, large shopping malls, and the Lotte World amusement park.

We got off and had a great seafood lunch again for about $30.00 per person, then we walked to the Haedong Yungjunsa temple which is the only Buddhist temple near the ocean.  It bills itself as the most beautiful temple in Korea and that is not an exaggeration.  It is a very impressive place with spectacular ocean views.  Then we took the bus back to enjoy the bus tour.

 haedong-yonggunsa-temple-3-rotated.jpg June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022


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Seongjong Beach

We wanted to check out this beach but ran out of steam.  It is not as developed or trendy as the other beaches but people say it is worth stopping off.   Avanti cove is nearby where there is a big Hilton beach hotel, and further up the coast are smaller beaches Ligawan beach, and Imgna beaches.     I will hit those on my next trip!

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The beach is great for swimming during the summer months, and it is full of places to eat and dine and have coffee with friends all year round. It is very open …

Songjeong Beach: Preserving nature: When in Busan

Songjeong Beach, known as one of the three major beaches of eastern Busan alongside Haeundae and Gwangalli, is a popular family vacation destination thanks to …

Imnang Beach 임랑해수욕장

Imnang beach is another beach I wanted to check out but ran out of time. It is located close to Songeon beach and the Lotte World amusement park.   There is a Hilton beach resort at the beach.

Imnang Beach, The Beach that only I want to know – Visit Busan

Summer is the sea and the sea in Busan, but this beach is not known to outsiders yet. Imnang Beach is the beach loved by the people of Busan and considered …

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“The sea here is very clear, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, the sandy quality of the beach is also very soft, stepping on it is very comfortable, …

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최근에는 시내버스 노선과 여러 교통수단이 확장되고 기장군의 관리와 인근 고리원자력발전소의 지원으로 공설 해수욕장으로서의 제 모습을 찾아 가고 있습니다. 또한 서핑 …

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Imnang Beach, Busan Picture: 임랑해수욕장 – Check out Tripadvisor members’ 9 candid photos and videos of Imnang Beach.

Imnang Beach – 부산광역시

Jul 1, 2018 … The official website of Busan Metropolitan City. Find information about the city government, news, events, residents, and business, …


Yongdusa Park 용두산

Nampo Line One

On our last day in Busan, we had a few hours to kill before catching the train back.  We went to Yongudsa Park Busan’s equivalent of Seoul’s Namsam park or Incheon’s Jayu park.  The park features Busan’s tower but it was closed on Mondays.  the park is best reached by the escalator that runs to the park near the BIF Shopping mall  behind Nampo station.

The park has two quirky things about it.  First, there are wooden statues of deer everywhere.

And the trees all have poems on them.

There is also a statue of Admiral Yi – who saved Busan during the Imjin invasions.

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 yongdusan-park-Busan-wooden-deer-1-rotated.jpg June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022

Tree Poem my translation

I should not allow myself
to surrender to another’s feelings
I should not allow myself
to lose myself
in another’s thoughts
lose myself
in another expectations
without me
my Life is meaningless




















Pak Somyeon

For more information see the following:


It is the park below the Busan tower. It features a statue of Admiral Yi and a huge ceremonial bell. There is also a flower clock beside the bell.

Yougdusan Park – Wikipedia

Yongdusan Park is a park located in Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea. The 120-meter-high Busan Tower is located here. Yongdusan Park. Yongdusan Park at night.

Yongdusan Park & getting there – KoreaToDo

The symbolic 120m high Busan Tower is located at Yongdusan Park, together with Admiral Yi SunSin Statue, Dragon Sculpture, Bell of the Citizens & Flower …

Yongdusan Park in Busan – Attraction | Frommer’s

Yongdusan Park. Busan, South Korea. Our Rating 3-star rating Neighborhood Gwangbok-dong, Jung-gu Hours Park daily 24 hr.; tower and aquarium Apr-Sept daily …

Yongdusan Park – History, Location & Key Facts 2022 | Viator

Busan sightseeing tours often include a stop at the park, along with other attractions such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Gukje Market, Jagalchi Fish Market, and …

Yongdusan Park, a reason to travel to Busan

If Haeundae is the hot spot of east Busan, Nampo-dong is the most popular place in central Busan. Yongdusan Park is a leading landmark of Busan frequented …

Chongyang Waegwan

As we left the park, we walked through a historic district Chongang waewan which was the only authorized trading post between Japan and Korea in the 16th to 19th centuries.  The exact location is marked on a placard and map but nothing else remains.

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Map of the Choryang Waegwan and its surrounding area in Busan …

Map of the Choryang Waegwan and its surrounding area in Busan during the Joseon Dynasty. Copy from a scroll of the 18th cen, and 19th centuries.

Site of the Choryang waegwan, Nov 17, 2017, The … – IMAGO – Images

Ode to Busan

Busan, Korea
I sing of thee
Second city
Of Korea,

Long may you reign
In the hearts
of the people

Busan, Korea
Mystical land
Filled with water
and mountains

The best seafood
In the land
So many things
To do and see.

Busan has it all
Beaches, temples
Old markets.

Interesting dynamic people
From all over Korea
And now the world
Reside in Busan.

Busan’s dreaming big
Becoming a global international city
Rivaling the capital Seoul

Hoping to outclass
Outlast the old capitol
Becoming a new city
For a new era.

My favorite city
In Korea.

Reminding me so much
Of my homeland
San Francisco bay area.

the End

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