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Fake Sushi

Fake Sushi

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jalagi-sashimi-For June 18, International Sushi Day.

In this modern era
Of rampant fakery
With fake things everywhere.

It is hard to know
When something is real
Or is fake.



About a year ago
A scientific study
Confirmed what many
Sushi lovers have long felt.

That half of the sushi
One consumes
Is fake sushi.

Not the fish
You thought you were eating
But a cheaper cut of fish
But still probably real fish.

Just for example

Most tuna
Is not actually tuna.

Most salmon
Especially wild salmon
Is not real either.

In a world of fake things
Even the sushi we eat
Is probably fake sushi.

That’s just the way
It goes
In this fake
Modern we live in.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, June 18, is International Sushi Day.   Write a story or poem about going out to get sushi and ending up in the wrong order.

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