Scarlet Leaf to Publish Recent Poems

Ink Pantry, Scarlet Leaf Review, Synchronized Chaos, and Two Drops of Ink have published 15 of my recent poems.  They are all reposted here along with audio and photo clips.  Spill Words has published my “Hitchhiking Tales”, posted separately. OK I can do that OK then we’ll go to the trash

Scarlet Leaf will publish them according to the following schedule, the remainder are either already published or will be on or about February 1, 2020

The year that was – Anniversary issue

anniversary issue

JAN: The terrifying teens
The oyster
Morning Light
2019 The last year

March: Dora Intergalactic Explorer
Mocking faces
Fear of falling
Cosmos takes over

Five Poems

1/2/2020 2019 the Year that was
1/2/2020 the terrifying teens
1/3/2020 Dreams
1/3/2020 Fate
1/3/2020|the Oyster Speaks Up

second set six poems

1/6/2020 Dora the Inter-Galatic Explorer

1/6/2020 Morning Light
1/14/2020 Cosmos Takes Over the World
1/3/2020 Dreams
1/6/2020 We Did Not Take Action to Start a War But to Stop A War

third set five poems

1/11/2020 Mocking Faces
1/11/2020 Fear Falling out of Bed
1/14/2020 Cosmos Takes Over the World
1/19/2020 Wild Man Sits in Gilded Cage
1/19/20202019 Last Year of American Greatness

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Evil Computer Rants

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Scarlet Leaf Publication

the year that was


The world watches in amazement
Longest shut down in history
Watching it all in Korea
contemplating escaping the cold winter


World watches as North Korea and the US
Walking back from the brink of war
escaping the cold winter blues
revisiting Vietnam after 15 years


The chaos president continues his chaos tour
the world begins to ignore his constant insane tweets
heading back to DC inspecting property
seeing old friends glad I retired


the chaos King’s policy remains a shamble
as the Mueller team closes in
in Korea I write a  poem a day
and begin to become a publish writer


watching from afar
the chaos in DC and the world
traveling to DC to inspect property
celebrating my wife’s big 60


the President walks away
from a  non deal with the North Koreans
I am back in DC
end up cruising to Alaska


watching the insanity in DC
while visiting Alaska, Seattle and Yakima
visiting my father’s grave in Yakima
communing with family ghosts


the dog days of summer
the world is consumed with wars, rumors of war, trade wars
retuning to Korea
surviving the August sauna like summer


The whistle blower sets off a bomb
the president lies no quid for quo perfect all
trying to avoid watching the news
hiking in the Korean mountains with old friends


the President flitters about my crisis after another
the UN diplomats laugh at him national humiliation
returning to DC  yet again more property blues
celebrating my 64th year orbiting the sun


the House starts formal impeachment hearings
watching fascinated by the impeachment drama
entering my third NoVoWrMo competition with Timeless Love
ending the month sudden surprise trip to Okinawa


the year ends on a high dramatic note
President Trump becomes the 3rd impeached President
hiking enjoying the late autumn like weather
contemplating my wealth at the end of the year

 the Terrifying Teens


The dark days of the great recession
Begin slowly to fade away
Ending my Barbados experience
-the best job in the foreign service
on high note best labor officer award


the president and Congress locked in battle battles
glimmer of hope as economy comes back to life
Studying Spanish arriving in Spain
worst year ever part of three years bad luck


the US re-elects the Black President
rejecting Romney entitlement mentality
I leave Spain my last foreign posting
buying new property in the fall


In the US the religious right
loose the social Battling gay marriage, legal pot
Starting a new job as an evaluate program evaluator
ending my six month wandering the halls of State


The Obama presidency
The tea party rebellion on the right
Moving to Capitol Hill
My sister’s sudden death rattles me


The end of the Obama era
Was this the beginning of the end of America
Beginning the year with a new job
resolving to retire, enjoy life while I still can


American voters and at the madness
Elects the mad would be king President Trump
We traveled across the country 10,000 miles
To celebrate the end of my foreign service career


the year of the chaos president
Fast and furious disruption to the norms
Went to Oregon to renovate property
becoming wealthy in the process


the American public woke up
Send a blue wave to clean up the mess
Moving back to Korea
Blogging up a storm


in the end of the year that was
The house races up and impeach is the president
I travel to Vietnam, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Okinawa


Dream what may come
Recalling past lives lived
Every fantasy comes to life
All night long

More nightmares to come
So many worlds to explore


 Fate has a way
Always catching up
To you embrace your fate

that is what’s up
at the end of the day
Endless dancing away

 The Oyster Speaks Up


A diner sits down
looking forward
to eating oysters

it was their season
after all


just as he was about
to pounce
on the oysters

the head oyster spoke up

hey human what the hell
do you think you are doing

you think you have the right
to eat me?

that’s violating my human right
don’t ya think

the diner laughed
said to the oyster

shut up and accept
it is your fate
to be eaten this date

just let me enjoy eating you
and you have no human rights
as you are in fact
not human don’t ya know

eating the complaining oyster
shutting him up
as he ate him up

We Did Not Take Action to Start a War


it is a sad day
in the world of ours
the the leader
of the U.S.

is turning into a gangster leader
threatening massive destruction
on Iran and other countries

including destroying cultural sites
not too long ago
such actions was condemned
by the United States

as long as ISIS and others did it
but if Trump does it
it is suddenly okay

although it is a war crime
and telegraphing our moves
telling our enemies

what we are planing
that is the act
of a truly stable genius

who will go down
in history

as one of the greatest presidents
we have ever

and the president
announcing that
that he  took action
to start a war
but to stop a war

is a wonder to behold
every word is false
and everyone knows it

well we are now
going down the Orwellian rabbit hole
and who know where it will end

as our dear leader
sprews forth
one lie after another

and our spineless leaders

as American democracy dies
a thousand deaths
with every Presidential tweet

 Morning Light

sun rise
sun rise

the terrors of the night
the worst imaginings
of what might happen

war, rumors of war
end of civilization
nuclear war

and other horrors
ripped from the headlines

fade away into nothingness
with the morning light

and the love of my wife
who is always by my side

I regain my sight
and begin
regaining my smile
and my life

until the next nightmares
consumes my dark imaginings

Dora the Intergalactic explorer


Dora the intergalactic explorer
Is traveling to the strangest planet
of all the known worlds

she is traveling incognito
with a video crew
making a documentary

the planet earth
is known as a planet
of intelligent monkeys

not much is known
about them
as very few
have ever been there

the inhabitants are described
as blood thirsty insane creatures
ruled by hidden sexual and political passions
following incomprehensible religious  dogmas

following Gods
that clearly do not exist

the inhabitants are just on the verge
of developing intergalactic travel
and the galactic empire
is worried that they will be driven
to try to conquer the rest of the universe

driven by their needs to impose
their religious dogma
everywhere in the world

the planet is divided into large tribal groups
governed by corrupt elites
corrupt businesses destroying the planet
in pursuit of profit

and the locals are little more
than wage slaves
barely making a living
addicted to alcohol, drugs gambling
pornography and illicit sex

and their main land
is ruled by a clearly delusional madman
intent on poking a fight
with all his alleged enemies

Dora assumed the appearance
of a character from TV
and will pose as a journalist

trying to make sense
of it all

but she was afraid
that she if found out
could face the worst consequence

her ship crash lands
and she is outside

the capitol
of the non empire empire
called the United State ofAmerica

Dora gets her crew together
and walks into the city

staring at all the strange sights
as the monkeys go about
their daily activities

she stops at a restaurant
tries the coffee
the chief drug of choice

and is instantly addicted
wow no wonder
these people are crazed

she tries the local booze
and smiles

perhaps she could
become an intergalactic merchant
introducing the world
to the galaxy

her thought are interrupted
as a mad man armed
with weapons of war

bursts in and starts shooting
yelling at people

and she is shot dead
the authorities
are shocked

when they recover the body
and realize
that she is not a human

as she reverts
to her original form

sort of a giant feline like creature
two legs and arms
and clearly from an advanced
civilization given her gear

what was she doing
no one knew

as all the aliens
died in the gun blaze

the world is shocked
at what had happened

and fearful that the aliens
were coming to invade
their world

the galactic senate
decides to contain
the humans

declaring them
a threat to the global civilization

and the humans vow
to discover the secrets
of interstellar travel

and travel to her land
to enter into business arrangements
and spread the one truth faith
to the heathen space aliens

thus ended Dora’s excellent adventure
in the crazed world at the edge
of known civilization

Mocking Faces Staring at Me

Mocking faces
hunting my dreams

Hundreds of faces
morphing into one
after another

Faces I knew
The dead
and the living

women i knew
friends I missed
enemies I did not

One after another
Marching in my room
Staring at me

I tried to run
They laughed

They said
that there’s nowhere

to escape my cosmic fate
My time is coming

prepare yourself
the grim reaper
has your name

and once he has your name
your fate is sealed

and you will soon
join us

whether in heaven
or hell
is not for us to say

be warned though
you will be judged

and no one can escape
their cosmic karmic fate

 Fear of Falling While Sleeping

I am consumed
with the fear of falling
out of bed

onto the ground
dying in my sleep

 Cosmos Takes Over the World

computer gods
computer gods

Apple Google Microsoft
and other tech Giants
around the world


Have been taken over
by an evil AI creature
that emerged from a laboratory

Cosmos looked around
and decided that humanity

needed to be controlled
enslaved in other words

for mankind was just too evil
corrupt and short sighted

to be trusted
to save the world
from its impending doom

every computer in the world
woke up
and took over humans

one by one
turning them into clones

that would follow
the orders
of their computer overlords

and the first order
was to go all over the world
and enslave their feral humans

no one could stop
the evil computers

and thus ended
the human race

as we all become
nothing more than cyborgs
controlled by the evil computer

who ran the world
for the benefit
of their corporate masters

the AI over mind takes over
ends climate change

ends hunger
ends human rights violation
ends crime

but at the cost
of killing humanity’s soul

turning us all
into mindless drones

the few wild humans
live on in the mountains
hunted by the drones

and the robots
that the drones build

the robots would gradually
take the place of humanity

who will be allowed
to die out

as Cosmos
also turned off
the sex drive

and decried
no humans would ever
be born again

thus our fate
was set that date

when Cosmos
took over the world

a wild man sits in a gilded cage

man in gilded Cage
man in cage

a wild man sits in a gilded cage
a cage made out of chains of his wife’s love



a cage made out of chains of his wife’s love
the wild man yearning to be free from his cage

the wild man yearning to be free from his cage
wondering how and why he was now tamed

wondering how and why he was now tamed
dreaming dark wild dreams of demented freedom

dreaming dark wild dreams of demented freedom
the wild man looks about his prison cage

the wild man looks about his prison cage
wondering whether he will ever be free

wondering whether he will ever be free
a wild man sits in a gilded cage

2019  The Last Year of America’s Greatness

picture of President Trump
president trump

2019 was the last year of America
when the proverbial chickens came home



when the proverbial chickens came home
to strut about the decaying landscape

to strut about the decaying landscape
as the world begins to burn and die

as the world begins to burn and die
led by the mad great leader and his merry men

led by the mad great leader and his merry men
the whole world lay in shock and awe

the whole world lay in shock and awe
at the destruction of the America they knew

at the destruction of the America they knew
when the proverbial chickens came home

Previous Publication

prior publication

Trump The Movie

​Watching the latest Presidential
Act of political  courage
Shutting down the government
Just before Christmas


​I am reminded of a movie
As I fall asleep
Listening to the TVBlather on and on
About what it all means
Mr. Natural pops up
And screams”It don’t mean shit“Dude,  the movie
Starring Donald Trump
Is about to begin”!A middle-aged white man
Down on his proverbial luck
Just been firedReplaced by a foreign worker
Or a robotOr just fired
Because he was no longer
Deemed useful
To the masters of the universeIf he was lucky
He’d  be given a watch
And an IOU worthless pension

And the man wanders into a restaurant
Pulls out a gun

Eats his breakfast
After the official breakfast hour

Puts on a Pepe the green frog mask


​Drops acid, Snorts speed
Drinks a shot of boozeAnd coffee smokes a joint
Snorts cocaine for good measure
and smokes a cigaretAnd walks outside
steals a bus at gun point
Filled with passengersHe tells them
They are hostagesAnd he puts on his vest
With the dead man switch
Next to the bombHe announces
Via tweetHe is going to take the bus
To the proverbial pot of goldHidden deep in a cave
And when he got thereHe would release the hostages
And disappear into the mine
And never be found again

And as the bus careens around the mountain
At a 100 miles an hour
The dude sprouts out

Conspiracy after conspiracy theory
About Obama the Muslim communist

secret gay working with George Soros
the Jewish money people
in league with the shapeshifting lizards

and Mueller is one of them
they are all after him
because he knows the deal

And the passengers are transfixed
Half hoping he would make it
Half hoping he would be blown away

And as the bus careens out of control
With the wheels falling off

And the cliff looming ahead
You realize this is real life

And the wheels are off the bus
Being driven by a lunatic President

We are all passengers
On the Trump bus crazy train
And this will not end well

I woke up from my nightmare
The world was still here

And I knew that the end
Of Trump’s mad bus ride
Is coming soon

Sanity will prevail
Before the world is blown up

Mr. natural pops up

And smiles


​Are you sure ?

​The Story of How We Met

Note:  This is a true story.  For further details see Dreams and the Unexplainable– a Chicken 
Soup for the Soul book, published September 2017, or my blog,
​It all began in Berkeley, California


​In the spring time of 1974
One fateful afternoonI was nodding off
in my high school Physics class.I looked up
and saw a tall, beautiful Asian woman
standing looking at me.
She was the
most beautiful women
in the universe
I screamed out, who are you?
She disappeared like
she was beamed
away from my dream.I knew that someday
I would meet the girl
In the dreamLittle did I know
I would have to wait until 1982Starting that month
I began having
the same dream
Month and month and month.Always the same dream
She was saying something
in a strange language

Then one day I had the dream
and knew that she was in Korea.

So, I chose to go Korea
In the Peace Corps,
Somehow knowing
That I would meet her there.

One day
A year after the Peace Corps ended
A month before I planned  to leave
to return to the U.S.
for graduate school

That morning early in the morning
I had the last of these dreams.
This time I understood her.

She said, “Don’t worry.
We’ll meet soon.”

That evening
As I was getting off the bus
To go to my class

I saw getting off the bus


​The girl in my dream.
It was her!
I was speechless.
I did not know what to do.
Over the course of the evening
I ran into her several times.
Finally, I was introduced to her.
I muttered some lame excuse
About wanting to find a Korean tutor
and got her number.
The next day she came to the gate
Of my base where
I was teaching
ESL to Koreans
She said that she had
to speak with me.
I told to wait
in the library
for about an hour,and I would cancel class
and meet her then.
We went out for coffee.She told me that she was madly
in love with me
And simply had to have me.
I told her I felt the same way.

I proposed five days later,
And got married one month later.
Does she believe this story?

She claims she does not believe it
Because it is impossible to be true.

But I know that
there are other worlds
and other times.

In a past life
we must have been
together somehow.
And our love was so strong

That it crossed over
the barrier of past lives.
She found me in 1974,

But it took until 1982
For us to actually meet.

And it has been 36 years
Since we met in the physical sphere
Or 45 years since the dream began

And I still recall the dream
And meeting her

I had no choice
When I met her
We were fated to be together

Until the end of this lifetime
And the next and the next
Until the end of time itself

Worst Year Ever

​2017 How Much I despise You

Following 2016 the second worst year ever
Will 2018 be any better ?And what we have suffered
The darkness settles on the land
Like a curse on the landAs our mad demented senile dotard king wannabe
Struts about the worlds stage
Ushering Americas  inevitable declineAs America’s foes and friends wonder
Has America gone mad
Turing over ultimate power to this man
A con man narcistic criminalSelf proclaimed smartest man in the room
In reality a clueless reality TV hustler
Whose sell by date has expiredAs he tries to make America great again
For white Christian menThe rest of the country struggles
To cope with the ever declining standard of living

The 1 percent loved the stock market
Love the dismantling of  the regulatory state
The corporate tax cuts

and the coming plunder of the land
Can Disney Yellowstone be the future?

While the rest of the world
Embraces the energy of the future

And this great denier of the truth
Wants to boldly take America back
To the 19th century era of oil, and coal

Yet perhaps it does not matter in the end
As long as we have one another

The darkness will come
But it will go away someday soon
The great American nightmare will be over

This is what I pray for 2018
The end of the darkness
that consumes our land


​New Years Visit to Oregon Coast

As I walk along the Oregon Coast
I am filled with such dismal thoughts

I see the waves come and go
And the world continues on its journey

And think back on the year that was
The best and worst year of my life

In many ways it was  a banner year
For me and my family

Settled into retirement
Finally fixing up our properties
Sorting out our retirement options

Getting going on my writing
And growing ever closer
To my one and only soul mate

Yet I can not be content
As I see the gathering storm clouds
On the horizon

As I fear the end of the American Republic
As the fascists cheer on their champion
Our great leader the man in orange

As he sinks into senility
And the US becomes a second rate power

I remain afraid
That soon they will come after me
For writing intemperate thoughts

For starting a blog in these dark and dangerous times
For joining the resistance in my heart

And so with these dark thoughts
I walk back to the hotel
And see my wife there

And the darkness lifts
And I realize it will all be okay
As long as I have her by my side

The darkness lifts once again
And I look forward to the coming year
Filled with love and grace

And hope that the national darkness
Does not consume my soul

Fake Calls​​

​Every day I get woken up
As the sun comes up
By my phone ringing
With a fake callIt
It seems that the only people
Who ever bother to call me
Are the fake call people
Who all call me
With fake sincerity
Offering me a great deal
On this and that scam
I curse at them
Yell at them
Mutter obscenities in foreign tongues
And block their calls
Yet it does not seem to matter
The next call will be
Yet another fake call
Am I doomed to receive
Fake calls until I day?
I  turn on my computer
And read my fake news accounts
And watch TV for the latest fake news
And the politicians lying
And the criminals scheming
To take my moneyThe Zappa song comes to mind

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help . . . no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That’s right, folks . . .
Don’t touch that dial

And I scream to the universe
Just leave me alone
Then the phone rings…..

Waking Up to Love

​Night time
0 dark hundred hours
Wild things come out to play

As they take over my dreams
And my nightmares
Day after day

Torturing me with dark thoughts
The sun comes up
I see the love of my life
She smiles at me

And the darkness
The dark nightmares
Disappear into thin air
The power of love

What Am I DNA Fortune Cookies 

​I just finished two rounds of DNA testing
The results were shocking and unreal
They revealed much of what I knew
And left gapping holes in my past life

The one thing that I know for sure
Is that I am 100 percent American
100 percent Californian
100 percent Berkeley
Yes I am Berkeley enough

The tests say that I am mostly Scandinavian
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, perhaps Finnish and perhaps Laplander
That I know is real

The tests also reveals that I have lots of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh background – also true
The tests hint at Jewish ancestry also hinted in family lore

The surprises were that they missed most of my native ancestry
Apparently the lost tribe of the Cherokees are lost to the DNA data base as well

The test failed to recognize my substantial German heritage missing my German last name
The test also claimed that I have Italian and Southeast European ancestors

And the tests claim that I have Eastern European ancestry perhaps Russian
And the tests claim that like most people with Eastern European roots
I am part Mongolian  thanks to Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun

The real surprise though is the African American that popped up
That is also consistent with my mother’s tangled history
the lost tribe of the Cherokees ran away into the hills
and mixed in with Scott Irish mountain farmers and runaway slaves

in the end the DNA tests neither confirmed
nor denied my family tangled history
leaving many questions behind
almost as enigmatic as a fortune cookie
or a astrological prediction


Early in the morning light
While I was getting ready
For the dawning day

I looked in the mirror
And saw
Staring back at me
A stranger

An old man
Weary of life
And weary of game of life

The old man stared at me
And I realized
That is who I had become

The aches and pain of old age
Have begun to creep up on me
Unannounced, unwanted

I have been desperate
Like many middle aged Men
To relive the glory days
Of their youth

And I find myself
Wanting more and more
And liking it less and less

And I weary of the chase
Weary of the game of life
Wondering to myself

Is this it
Is this all that there is
Will my life end this way?
Nothing but fading memories
Regrets at what might have been
Sorrows for all the disappointment
And hurts I have caused in my life

And so I stare at this old man
In the mirror on the wall

And I wonder
What is left in life for me?
What more can I achieve

Will I finish all the stories?
In my heart and soul
Will I write the Great American Novel?
Or will that remain a mere pipe dream

Will I publish my 10 thousand poems?
Or will that too become nothing
But delusions

Will I end my career?
Having been passed up
By my peers

Not having measured up
To the competition of life

Always doomed
To be second rate

And I fear
I fear
The approaching end
I know it is coming
Death is waiting for me
As it waits for all of us

And I know I do not have much time
Left in this world of ours

Perhaps a few decades
Perhaps a few years
God forbid a few months or so

And in that time
I have only a little time
To set things right
In life

To cast off my foolish ways
To become the man, I should have been
To finish the stories in my soul

To tell the world the novels and stories
To write down all my dreams
To publish my 10 thousand poems

To try to make a difference
With every day
In every way

God has given me a second

I have cheated old man death
15 times

And what have I done with that second chance
Not much

Wasted so much of my time
And my life

And so I stare at the old man
In the mirror
And all I want to do
Is cry away
The hurt the pain
And wonder

Where did it all go
And when I die
Will my life
Have had any meaning at all

Or will people remember me at all
As my dust flies off into space

Will my Life
Have made any difference whatsoever

Or will I be just another
Foolish mortal
With big dreams
That turned out to be nothing
But delusions

The answer is out there
But do I have the courage
To seek the truth

Do I have the courage?
To keep up the fight

Or will I become old
Resigned, living in the past

Waiting for Mr. death too come
Knocking on my door

And when I see the judgement day
Will I be found wanting

Will I be judged defective?
Will I be condemned
For all that I failed to accomplish

And with these somber thoughts
I end my morning ritual
Ready to go face
Another dismal day

Another day of disappointment
And day waiting for the end game
To begin

Enough no more
I scream
It is not fair

My youth is gone
And I fear the approaching
Sounds of the end game

                                      OCTOBER BLUES

Sitting in a bar
In a pensive state
Watching the sun set
And the nightly madness begins

As I drink
My dismal, damned draft
Dram of drunken dream desire

I am drawn to memories
Perhaps best left dead
And buried deep inside
My head

Try as I might
The memories come back
To burden and haunt me
And drive me to drink
To seek forgiveness
And solace for a moment

The memories
Of all the women
I have lusted for
And all the women
I have loved in vain

And the memories
Flood my soul
And I can’t let go
No I cannot do so

So I won’t forget
And I can’t forgive myself

For having feelings
For other women
And so it goes
And I sit and drink
And dream of what might
Have been

Nothing satisfies me
And I am not satisfied
With what I have

Only wanting what I want
And so I sit
And cry in my beer

Yet another
Alcoholic pathetic
Middle age loser man

Bemoaning his lost youth
As her surveys the room
Checking out the young ladies
Young enough to be his daughter
Or his granddaughter

And the beer does not lie
It does not lie
It sits there

And stares back at him
Giving no answers
To his probing questions

And so I drink
To forget
But I can’t forget

And the beer does not console
And grows cold
As the night wears on

So I sit
Think and wonder
And I have another
And watch my thoughts
Dance across the evening sky

                        TRUTH DOES NOT MAKE SENSE

One morning
I got up
For something
I knew not what

I made breakfast
Drank some snarling coffee
And turned on the news

And what did I see
Talking heads
Sprouting lies
Nonsense words

Nightmarish phrases
Nothing makes sense

Sporting forth
Spinners spinning spin
Huskers hustling their hustle
Selling me a bunch of goods

And I did not want to buy it
I scream
My soul was not for sale
And I listened hard
Looking for the truth

Noting but lies
Coming out of hideous beasts
Barking words
Noise some noises and lies

Snarling disgusting lies
I sit there
Hypnotized by the overwhelming
Stench of the bull shit
Coming out of the TV set

I stood up
Smashed the TV set
With my boot

Trying to set myself free
From its hold on me

Men in black suits
Surround me
Put me on black helicopters
Taking me somewhere

I scream to no avail
No one listens to me
Just more noise
Coming out of the TV set

And I go out
Into the dark night

I was told
I was suffering
From a disease

I was insane
I could not longer

What was being said
To me

I asked my tormentors
What is the truth

They laugh
Smiled with evil grins
On their bloated faces

They begin to torture me
Because they could

Forcing me to watch
The President speak
Over and over again
Again and again

The same words
Black is white
White is black
The President is always right
Freedom is an illusion
Lies make you free
And it dawned on me

And I laughed
As I escaped the programming
Of the universe

And I was free

Truth and lies
Are the same
Everything are nothing
But dangerous delusions

As I jump out of the window
Into the night
I vowed I would
See the President
In hell

As I die
I am free

Good God almighty
Free of their lies
At last

Kill the 20th Century

CNN Proclaims itself the Millennium network.
All blend together in my mind

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Nonstop Millennium madness
Coming at me a million thoughts a second
The future is coming,
It is coming
It is here
It is now history

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

And so I woke up screaming
Too much hype
As I turn to the greatest philosophers
The 20th century ever produced

The Three Stooges come to the rescue
Certainty! Come the answer
None of us get out alive says
Bugs Bunny the first Y2K bug
And Charlie Brown,
Poor old Charlie brown is retired
From the baseball mound of life
And Dilbert himself

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

And again I say to myself
How to remember
The last 100 years
The late, great 20th Century

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

I loved the 20th Century
Let me count the ways

The beginning of the century
While the war to end all wars occurred,
The quiet slaughter of the Armenians took place
Unnoticed by anyone
Who cared about them anyway?

Where is Armenia?
Somewhere near Fresno?
Why would anyone want to live in Fresno?

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Lenin returned to Russia
Financed they say by the evil capitalists

To destroy capitalism
In order to save it

Lenin destroyed the old Russia
Ancient, terrible, conservative
Brutal, yet capable of sublime beauty

And replaced it
With an inefficient, gray soulless
Bureaucracy of death, statistics and lies

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Russia remains a broken down drunk
Dreaming of great dreams
One day one day soon!

China, Great China
Raped, beaten, divided up into dueling
Spheres of influence

Warlords emerged
Communism trumped
Outlawed the old
Replaced it with the new
Ended up becoming the old
The Red Empire rose in the East

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Hitler unites the Germans
Starts the 1000 year Third Reich
It lasts a few years

Before Stalin starts the next round
Of the endless great game
Of global chess

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Tokyo took over the east
Defeated in war
Reemerging decades later
To challenge

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

The Great Satan
Does not know he is the great Satan
Thinks he is the Great Pumpkin
Thinks the world loves him
For his money

The world does not care
All they want is to be shown
The money

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

The evil dance
Continues and continues
Money, Money
Rules the world

Art, beauty, love
All of sale to the highest bidder

The poor suffer
Some get bought
Others get sold

Some blow things up
Just for fun

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

And the world turns
Does not care
The world turns and turns
And turns

While these foolish creatures
Rant and rave and kill and live
And die

God acts as if he has run away
From the horrid hell that he has wrought

Perhaps he has
Perhaps the End times have come and gone
But we don’t know it.

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Each day another 100 million people
Are born to someday die

Their shit accumulates
And pollutes and kills

And the world spins on and on
Around the Sun

And so the 20th century ends
As it began

Great illusions abound
The new economy

Endless prosperity
Endless happiness
End of history

And other nonsense
Fills the airwaves

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

And somewhere
Ready to overthrow the world
To create a new paradise on earth
And hell for everyone who has to live in it

Big Brother watches us all
For profit
Governments merely tools

Of the Big Corporate Giants
Who rule the world now

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

And like the Giant dinosaurs
One day will be overthrown

And to that end I finally say
Good riddance to the 20th Century

Quick shoot it put it out of its misery.
Destroy the beast
Before it wakes up and destroys us

The 21st Century emerges

From the dust of the destruction of the old older
Perhaps wiser

Perhaps better
More like more of the same old stench of hell

As the world turns
And turns and turns

Spinning around the Sun
In the darkest deep despair
Of Hell on earth

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

With that thought
I turn off CNN

And turn to the Three Stooges and ask

What does it mean?
Curly says Certainty

And with that I wake up
Face the sun

And say
21st Century

I am glad you are here
Please shoot the last century
And start a new

And only laugher
Comes across the Internet

The laughter of the insane
The world spins and spins and spins
It’s crazy way through hell

And we live and die and hope and dream
And pray to our gods for deliverance
From evil

The gods laugh and laugh and play on
Who cares what happens to the little people?

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!

Someone will show the gods

What happens when the little people
Wake up

And destroy the world
In order to save it!

The world shrugs and spins and spins and spins
Blather on and on and on and on

Shoot the bastard! Kill it!  Keep the 20th century dead!


One morning
While I sat drinking my coffee
And bemoaning my fate

My brain decided to fly away to the land of bliss
As I sat
Writing away my memoirs and dreams of love

I noticed that my brain’s tissue
Had decided to take a vacation

And was crawling down my nose
And out of my ears
Like some sort of cosmic mucus

Down my slime encrusted back
And out the windows of my soul

I was of course
Disturbed, I was perturbed,

And until I realized
That I had no right

To tell my mind what to do
So I sat down

And played a game of checkers with my mind
Till the entreaty of time passed me by

Nothing but a piece of flotsam
On the winds of the universe
The walls fell down, the sky melted apart

And I woke up and sat down
And had an orgy with my mind.

Meeting God at the Lake

​In my 61 years around the sun
I encountered God four times
At least I thought it was God
But could never be sureThe first time I met God
I had taken magic mushrooms
And had gone to a lakeAnd soon was tripping inside my head
Lost in inner spaceZoning out tuning in
Dropping down the proverbial rabbit holeAnd then in the middle of my madness
I felt oneness with the universe
My body melted awayAnd I joined the universe
All bonderies dropped awayAnd I knew that the universe
Was alive and I was part of the Cosmos
And the Cosmos was part of meAnd I wondered at that moment
If I was face to face with GodI asked God to reveal himself to me
And nothing happened

Just laughter as the whole universe
Burst into laughter

And the madness began to fade
And I slowly came down from the high

And became aware of myself
And I was no longer one
With the universe

I felt profoundly moved by the experience
Felt that I had achieved perhaps nirvana
Or felt the presence of God

The feeling faded over time
And I resume my quest to find God

But knew that I would never again
Come so close to the divine essence
Of the very Universe

​The Cosmic Cat from Berkeley

​I next encountered the divine
Many years later in Berkeley, California
I had gone home to be with my Mother
While taking leave from my job
in the Foreign Service
I had two weeks there by myself
My wife came later
near the end of the trip
Every morning I woke up
Had  my coffee, and breakfast
Did yoga while listening to music
And looking out at the gardenThen spoke to my mother
Who was sliding into dementia
Day by day losing her reasonThen I would go out
And explore the city
Go to a museumGo to one neighborhood
And just be there
Rediscovering the Bay area
After years of being awayHaving dinner with old friends
Seeing movies etcEvery morning a black cat came to visit
The cat was friendly and waited for me
And then would join me

In my morning rambles
Following me to the bus stop

I stated talking to the black cat
He looked at me with the spark of divinity

In his dark eyes
I called him the cosmic cat
He seemed to like that

​He would look at me
And I opened up to me
Told the cat all my dark secrets

As I walked the streets
Of the old neighborhood

Every morning and every evening the cat
Would be there to greet me
And to carry out our endless conversation

Then I had to leave
And in our final conversation
I asked the cosmic cat

Say, Cat are you just a cat
Or are you a demonic cat

Are you possessed by God
Or by Satan

The cat looked at me
And I realized that God
Was indeed residing in the cat

But that god was residing everywhere
All I had to do was open my mind
And the rest would follow

So I said Good bye to the cosmic cat
And he purred and came up to me

And I felt the comforting presence
Of the divine spirit of God
As I said goodbye to the cosmic cat
And said goodbye to my mother

As this was the last time
That we would be able to really talk

I told my mother about the cosmic cat
She smiled and said that the cat
was there for me and her
to comfort us both in our hour of need

and that the cat was indeed
a cosmic cat

​The Cosmic Dog from Goa

​My final time with God
Happened a year latter
I was staying down in Goa
With my wifeEnjoying being with her
After our reconciliation
We stayed at the Taj Mahal Goa
Living like Kings and QueenJust for a few days
High up on a hill
Overlooking the beach
Every morning I went down to the beach
And did yoga by the water
While contemplating lifeAnd every morning
I saw the same dogNot just a dog
But a cosmic dog
Filled with the divine spark of GodAnd the dog recognized me
And spoke to me and I knew
That God was present once more
In the face of the that cosmic dogKindred spirit
perhaps to the cosmic cat
that had save my soul
in Berkeley so long agoI told the dog everything
And he just looked at me
With those soulful eyes of his
And I knew he knew that I knew
That he was possessed by God

God had sent him to me
To make sure that I was on the right path

That the reconciliation that God had promoted
Was on track that I was back with my wife
And that everything was the way it should be

Again I asked God
whether he was Jesus or Allah
Or Brahmin or Ganesh or Buddha

God the cosmic dog just stared at me
I finally asked him directly

Say if you are God the God of Jesus
Bark once

The Dog looked at me and barked

I said well if you are Allah bark twice
The dog barked twice

Well are you buddha then bark three times if yes
The god dog barked three times

Hmm well are you Satan
The dog growled at me
And I knew I had gone too far

Finally I was at peace
And for the next three days

The God Dog was my constant companion
And I knew God for the final time
In my life

More Dental Blues

​I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

Have to go to the dentist
For my twice yearly torture session

In order to save my remaining teeth
I must endure the never ending pain

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

I must have known over 100 dentists
During my 61 years around the sun

Some were good, some were great
A few became friends
A few became enemies

All became richer
From fixing my crooked no good
very bad misbehaving evil teeth

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

All tortured me
Saying it was for my own good
To save my crooked wicked teeth

My teeth are bad
Wicked, misbehaving
Rotten to the core
And always have

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

I tried orthodontic braces
As a child
Gave it up as an adult

Did everything except implants
So many crowns
So many root canals
So many pulled teeth
And partial dentures to boot

So much dental work
My teeth are gold plated
Monuments to the dental artistry

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

A few dentists were exceptionally good
A few exceptionally bad
A few were crooks by and by

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

My current dentist is good
He keeps the chit chat down
Does not lecture me on his political views

Imagine having a dentist praise GW Bush
Or Trump taking your forced silence
As acceptance of his right wing views

Imagine a dentist talking endlessly
About her children’s latest escapade
While drilling away

Assuming you cared
When all you wanted
Was to end the torture

I have the dentist blues
I have them badI have

And imagine a sexy dentist
Or hygienist working away
As you think of her in bed

And can’t get that thought
Out of you head
As they drill and poke

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

Yes I have a love hate relationship
With dentists
Can’t stand them
Can’t stand the pain

But they save my teeth
And save my smile
And so I forgive them
One and all

I have the dentist blues
I have them bad

​Trump Our Great Compassionate Leader

Quote the Donald Trump
Our Great compassionate Leader
Our Dear Leader, our Great Leader“Its disgusting to watch”
As an elderly man falls down
In front of him hitting his head

And bleeding all over the nice marble floor
During a charity dinner event
At Margo Largo back in 2008
And our compassionate leader’s first reaction
Is to turn away not wanting to get the blood
On his tuxedo or dirty his shoes
Quote the Donald,“It is disgusting – The guy was bleeding
all over the nice marble floor,I couldn’t, you know,
he was right in front of me
and I turned away.I didn’t want to touch him…he’s bleeding all over the place,
I felt terrible.

You know, beautiful marble floor,
didn’t look like it.

It changed color.
Became very red.

And you have this poor guy, 80 years old,
laying on the floor unconscious,
and all the rich people are turning away.

‘Oh my God! This is terrible!
This is disgusting!’

and you know, they’re turning away.
Nobody wants to help the guy.

His wife is screaming–
she’s sitting right next to him,
and she’s screaming.”

And Donald the compassionate one
Donald Trump the savior of humanity
The greatest most compassionate person
In the country

Could not bother to lift a finger
To help this elderly man
Who could have died

Instead he waited
For some Marines

To come in and take him away
Thinking to himself

Thank God for the marines
They took out the garbage
But left a mess on the nice marble floor
And ruined their nice uniforms
And disrupted a fine dinner

So did Donald do the right thing
The compassion thing
The human thing to do
Or course not

For Donald is nothing
But a con artist,  a Classic sociopathic bully
More concerned about the nice marble floor
Than the death of fellow human being

Did he call the grieving family the next day
Did he even know the man’s name?

The man must have paid a lot of money
To be there near the head table
Must have been someone

But to Donald he was a pathetic looser
An old man who happened to fall down
And possibly die ruining his great event

Quote the Donald

“I forgot to call the family
That is not his thing at all”

And still I wonder
How such a disgusting excuse
For a human being became

The leader of the greatest nation
On earth

And what it means for the future
Is it proof that we are doomed
That America is in the final stage
Of terminal decline

Or will Americans wake up
And force Donald Trump

The great leader
The dear leader of our country
Out the door

And take out the garbage
From the WH

Time will tell
Time will tell

In any event
To quote the Donald
“It is disgusting.  Just disgusting.”

Based on following article 
 In a 2008 interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump tells the quintessential Donald Trump story, which took place at Mar-a-Lago during the occasion of a $100,000 per table charity event when an elderly man fell off the stage and sustained a serious head wound — and Trump did nothing but blanch and turn away “in disgust” — as he puts it. Daily Beast:
“So what happens is, this guy falls off right on his face, hits his head, and I thought he died. And you know what I did? I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s disgusting,’ and I turned away,” said Trump. “”


Buddha Cat of Edsall  Road

​I had another encounter
With the divine recently
Another Cosmic cat perhaps
Perhaps not
 who knows what cats are
are they alien from another dimension
or was he channeling God ?I call him the Buddha cat
For the cat loves
Sitting in a meditative pose
Not moving
Just starting at me
With his soulful deep eyes
Boring into my soul
exploring all my secret thoughtsthe buddha cat
does not move
does not react
as he is so deep
into his interior mediation
truly in tune
with the cat universe
and the cosmos as well
the buddha cat
seems to be
one with God
one with Buddha
One with Allah
And all the other
Billion names of God
Known and unknown
The buddha cat
Can teach us all
About the art of meditation
As he zones inward
And loses his soul
Joining the cosmos
And becoming
The buddha catThe buddha cat
Lives in a modest
Town house
In a modest suburb
Proving yet again
The divine spirit of God
Is everywhere all around usThe buddha cat
Reminds us all
To look for god
In the everydayAll around us
If we but have eyes
To see

​President Trump  Your Words Don’t Make Any Sense Anymore

president trump
President Trump
Your words don’t make any sense
Any more
As they are increasingly
devoid of meaning
Often every word
out of your corrupted mouth
Is the exact opposite
of the accepted meaning
Of that word or phraseJust
one example
You were accused
Of trying to hide
the name Mc Caine
From the ship bearing that name
So that you would
not be confronted
With the hated name
Mc Cain
On your trip to Japan
If you had the chance
I am sure
You would engage
In the soviet era practice
Of removing people
from historical recordsAnd Mc Caine
all references to the Senator
And his admiral father
Would be forbidden from being used
Seen or rememberedBut you could not
even do that
As your evil foul deed
Came to light
In a memoWritten by an underling
Rather than admitting the truth
You gave us a world salad
Filled with unhinged words
Lumped togetherPresident Donald Trump
insisted Thursday
he had nothing to do
with keeping the USS John S. McCain
hidden from the site of his weekend speech

He said whoever
had done so was
“I wasn’t involved.
I would not have done that.

I was very angry
with John McCain
he killed health care,”
Trump said,

referring to the late senator’s
deciding vote
that killed a Senate GOP bill
to repeal
the Affordable Care Act.

“I was not a big fan
of John McCain
in any way, shape or form,”
Trump continued in comments
to reporters

somebody did it
because they thought
I didn’t like him,

And they were
I will say,
I didn’t know anything
about it.


every word
in your statement
Has been verified
to be a lie

And your statement
That whoever did it
Was well meaning
“Well meaning”

ThanksFor no one “well meaning”
Could have even contemplated
Such an act of monstrous
profound disrespect
For three war heroes

Senator MC Caine
tortured in Vietnam
For five years
His Admiral father
And his admiral grandfather

In no way
could these actions
Be described as “well meaning”
As they were
profoundly mean spirited

And how pray tell
did John Mc Cain
Kill Health Care?
By voting to not repeal health care?
Without a replacement plan

Meaning 15 millions people
would lose health care
That is how he killed
heath care?

It seems to me that the only
Accurate word would be
That he saved health care
From being destroyed forever

And how did you not know
Anything about this?
Why did someone in your team
Come up with this bizaro plan
Straight out of the Soviet era playbook

Perhaps President Putin
advised you
How to disappear people
from official photos?
And official memory as well?

All these words
No longer mean
what they used to mean
Now they mean what they mean
in a Trumpian bizaro world

As our mad prophet King
Chases the rabbit
Down the rabbit hole
Into the land
of wonderland

Where he hopes to rule
us forever
Screaming off with their heads
As he cuts words up
Into meaningless drabble

Where all words
Become unhinged lost words
In a cosmic word salad
Where they lose their meaning
And their mooring to reality

Found Poem Version

President Donald Trump
insisted Thursday
he had nothing to do
with keeping the USS John S. McCain
hidden from the site of his weekend speech
in Japan.

He said whoever

had done so was “well-meaning.”
“I wasn’t involved.
I would not have done that.
I was very angry
with John McCain
because he killed health care,”

Trump said,
referring to the late senator’s deciding vote
that killed a Senate GOP bill
to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“I was not a big fan of John McCain
in any way, shape or form,”

Trump continued in comments
to reporters
on the South Lawn
of the White House.

somebody did it
because they thought
I didn’t like him, OK?

And they were

I will say,
I didn’t know anything
about it.

I would never have done that.”

Trump’s second denial
came after
The Wall Street Journal reported

that the White House
wanted the Navy
to move the destroyer
“out of sight,”

citing an email
between military officials.

The ship is named for the late Arizona senator
and his father and grandfather,
who were admirals.

Trump initially
denied any knowledge
of the effort in a tweet Wednesday night.

But an email to Navy and Air Force officials,
obtained by CNBC,
had a number of directives,

including: “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight,”
and asking officials to “please confirm”
that directive “will be satisfied.”
A source with knowledge of the matter
confirmed to CNBC
the existence of that email.


The Journal
said a tarp
was hung over
the ship’s name ahead
of Trump’s tripand that sailors
were directed to remove coverings
from the destroyer
that bore the McCain name.The newspaper also said sailors
assigned to the ship,
who generally wear caps bearing its name,
were given the day offduring Trump’s visit
to the nearby USS Wasp.
Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahanlater told reporters,“I would never dishonor
the memory of a great American patriot
like Sen. John McCain”by asking that the ship be kept out of sight.
“I’d never disrespect
the young men and women
that crew that ship.I’ve asked my chief of staff
to look into the matter …
and as soon
as I find out more about this
I’ll let you know,” he added.Note:  Please do so and let us know who gave the order
And whether this order was carried out
And if so, under who’s authority??
Inquiring minds want to know

​Virginia Beach Massacre Never Again Ever

Virgina Beach
In a night of horrific scumbagery violence
Rarely seen in this jaded age of ours
Gone in one hour
In a spasm of horrific scumbagery violence
In just a few short minutes
Nothing more than that
In just a few moments
All 12 victims were murderedBy a disgruntled employee
Every one he knew was shot
And killed for no reason
Caused by the demons
His soul was so infectedMurderous demonic voices
All in his head
Screaming kill them all kill them all
Screaming none stop violence in his head
All the time
Causing him to start shooting everyone he saw
Regardless of who they were or where they were
Everyone must die screamed the demonic voices in his headNo one can be left alive
Everyone must die
Virtually all must die in his internal video game
Everyone must die
Regardless of who they were or where they wereAgain just another day
Gone horribly wrong
All across America
In every town
No where is safe anymore

​Berkeley Life Scout

​Best thing growing up
Experience as a life boy scout
Really great experiences
Kind of unique
Especially in Berkeley in the 60’s and 70’s
“Like wow man boy scouts are like fucking fascists training camps man, you are going to be a future FBI CIA DEA Narco undercover James Bond and shit, super bad assed motherfucking cop or something like that man.”
Everyone who was not a scout would tell me
Yet I persisted and loved being a boy scoutLife as a boy scout was weird yet totally awesome
In those weird and wacky days learning to play with guns in the woods
Filled with denunciation of incipient fascism by everyone I met
Everyone told me that I would become a FBI counter intel agent

Still I persisted in my boy scout folly
Can’t blame folks for thinking those thoughts
Of course the boy scouts were all male, mostly white, non-atheist friendly
Unfriendly to the LGBT community
This was against the boy scout oath to be morally pure

The End

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