anne coulter's wall

Take Down Anne Coulter’s Wall

Take Anne Coulter’s Wall

When I launched the “World According to Cosmos”, the original idea was that it would be 60 percent poetry and fiction, 10 percent travelogue and 30 percent political rants. This is my first rant of many to come.

in it, I take down Anne Coulter’s defense of Presdient Trump’s Wall

I can’t think of more deserving person for an epic take down than Anne Coulter. She is a perfect example of what
I consider to be a purveyor of fake outrage.

Fake Outrage

(from my chapbook, “Fake Things”
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Both sides unfortunately
Are guilty of the fake outrage

The Republicans have perfected the art
Of creating false outrage

That they push out over the internet
And on FOX news 24/7

The underlying facts
Don’t matter at all

All that matters
Is stirring up the base

The recent caravan is a perfect example
There was no crisis

migrant caravan
A large group of Hondurans fleeing poverty and violence, move in a caravan toward the United States, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras October 13, 2018. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera – RC139B215990

7,000 migrants were coming to the border
Fleeing violence in Central America

This was not the first caravan
Many caravans have come before

And before Trump and his acolytes
Turned on the fake outrage machine

No one had ever thought
That these caravans

Were a national security crisis
Or that there was a crisis

Overnight the caravan
Became this huge menace

This huge bogyman
Dangerous criminal aliens

And terrorists
And scary brown people

Were attempting to invade
The U.S.

If we did not stop them
At the border

Right fucking now
They would overrun the country

Raping innocent woman
Robbing people

Killing people
Committing terrorist bombings

The only problem with this fake narrative

Is that none of it
Is remotely true

There was no crisis
On the border then or now

The majority of the refugees
Were woman and children

There were no criminals
Or terrorists among them

And our intel people knew this
Knew that the president

and his acolytes
Were lying their teeth yet again

Making a proverbial mountain
Our of a mole hill

The democrats
Have yet to figure it out

The perfect response
Oh there goes Donald

Off his rocker again
Off his meds

Making a mountain
Out of a mole hill

There is no crisis
Everything is under control

Donald is just being unhinged again
Does not know what the fuck

He is doing or talking about
That should have been their response

In short
The democrats

Should have openly
mocked Trump

Pointing out yet again
The emperor has no clothes

Laughter is the best tackle
To deal with a clown like Trump

But the democrats
Have their own fake outages

Every day
Proclaiming Trump

To the be second coming of Hitler
And they are the resistance

Trump is not another Hitler
He is a con man, a grifter

Who someone conned 26 percent
Of Americans to vote for him

And we will survive him
And perhaps sanity will slowly return

But the fake outrage industry
Will probably continue

As we have all become addicted
To our latest outrage of the day

And she is a vile, disgusting piece of work. Unfortunately for us all, she has the President’s ear. And it because of her pernicious influence that we have the Trump shutdown debacle. Yes it is all on her.
She published an op ed on the wall. I will now deconstruct her arguments, one by one. When I am finished tearing her apart, I will send it to her with a link to my web page. Hope you enjoy the take down and feel free to share and comment as well. As usual, I ask that you be civil in your comments. But I will not be civil in this take down as she does not deserve to be treated in a civil manner.

Please, No More ‘Border Security’

trump will fold on the border wall

please no more border security

Ann Coulter
The media are trying to convince Trump that if he abandons the wall, he’ll be a statesman, so that as soon as he folds, they can start making fun of him as an untrustworthy liar.


Everyone knows that Trump is an untrusty liar. The media don’t need to do much convincing him. He will never be a statesman it is not in his DNA.”

end comment:

Everyone knows that we can never have a secure border without an impermeable barrier — something like a wall — across all of it. The Democrats know it, the voters know it, and the millions of illegals hurtling toward our border like cannonballs know it.

anne coulter's wall
trump’s wall

the great wall of china
the great wall of China


The Great Wall of China did not prevent the Barbadian hoards from flooding across Roman Britain.

great wall of china

hadrians’s wall

Nor did the Berlin Wall keep the East Germans inside East Berlin. Walls by themselves are not impermeable and they do not provide 100 percent border security. Everyone who has studied Trump’s proposal realize that it will not work and cost a lot of money and there are cheaper ways to accomplish the goal. The biggest problem though is it does not address the fact that the vast majority of illegals came to the US via valid visas. As long as comprehensive immigration reform is not enacted, the wall will join the list of failed Great Walls of the past. And this is something the democrats know, the voters know (60 percent oppose it, Ann, get your facts straight) and the illegal aliens know it. By the way they are not cannonballs hurling towards the border but human beings fleeing unmanageable horrors. What would Jesus do? He would not build a wall for sure. End comment

The Democrats’ latest idea is to call a wall “immoral, ineffective and expensive.”

Comment: it is indeed immoral, ineffective and expense. It is also racists, fundamentally opposed to the values of our country and violates international laws and norms, and basic human rights and our Christian ethos (for those of us who claim to Christian). End Comment

cost of trump’s wall

If they think a wall is “immoral,” then they’re admitting it’s effective. An ineffective wall would merely be a place for illegals to stop and get a little shade before continuing their march into the United States.

Comment: What does this even mean? Something can be immoral but effective. You are right though; a Wall would provide much needed shade in the dessert heat and probably not prevent the illegals from marching under the wall to enter the promised land. End Comment

Democrats’ backup argument is to cite — every four minutes on MSNBC — Trump’s claim that Mexico would pay for the wall. We’re all baffled by Trump not having already taxed remittances to Mexico to pay for the wall (100 percent within the president’s authority under various banking regulations), but if we’re going to start listing the promises Trump hasn’t kept, this is going to be a long column.

President Trump on Mexico Paying for the Wall

In point of fact, however, he never said Mexico would pre-pay. We can tax remittances anytime.

Comment: I call Bullshit on this. Trump said so many times that Mexico would pay for the wall. Two Mexican Presidents in a wall said that Mexico would never pay for the wall. Taxing remittances might raise money for the wall, but the Mexican government would not be paying the tax so they would not in fact be paying for the wall. And you are also wrong – Trump said that the Mexicans would pay for the wall full stop. That means that the government of Mexico would pay the entire cost of the wall. Get your facts straight, my friend. End comment

To keep the Third World masses flowing across our un-walled border, the media are demanding that Trump agree to nonspecific “border security.” It’s like ordering a Starbucks and instead of getting a coffee, you’re told to have more “pep.” Now move along. Here’s your change.

Comment: First of all, substantial parts of the border have border fencing, or drones flying overhead. It is hardly un-walled. About half of the border has some sort of fencing along it. I have been there and seen the border fencing up front. It is there and it is effective.
The democrats are indeed open to improving border security and spending money for it. Your analogy is strange. I don’t get it. End comment

Would liberals accept such airy statements of intent in lieu of clear legal commands for any of the things they care about? (Not to be confused with “our country,” which they do not care about.)

Comment: come on Anne. This is too much. The democrats do care about our country. They want out country to live up to its ideals and to the rule of law and the constitution and all the things that make our country great. Again, I don’t quite get the rest of your comments. What airy statement of intent are you talking about?”

End comment

Instead of EPA emissions standards, with specific parts per million of pollutants allowed into lakes and rivers, how about a law promoting “enhanced appreciation of God’s bounty”? Emissions standards are immoral and ineffective!

Comment: WTF are you talking about? How are EPA emission standards even relevant? And how are they immoral and ineffective? And a law promoting “enhanced appreciation of God’s bounty” would be irrelevant and unconstitional. Again, I don’t understand your tortured analogy. End comment

Nearly every Republican presidential candidate tried to con voters with these meaningless catchphrases about “border security.”

Comment: So, you are saying that St Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Trump all tried to con the voters with false meaningless comments about “border security” ? What about Clinton and Obama ? they talked a lot about border security. And both deported a lot of people, particularly Obama. In fact, under Obama we had a net outflow of illegal aliens and record law apprehensions. Those are the facts. Google them yourself.

End Comments

Here are The Des Moines Register’s summaries of some of the candidates’ positions on immigration a few weeks before the 2016 Iowa caucus:

Jeb Bush: “has called for enhanced border security.”

Marco Rubio: “proposes … improved security on the border.”

John Kasich: “believes border security should be strengthened.”

Chris Christie: “urges … using technology to improve border surveillance …”

Rand Paul: “would secure the border immediately.”

Carly Fiorina: “would secure the border, which she says requires only money and manpower.”

They all lost.

Comment: they all lost. And they all made specific proposals to improve border security. None of them though call for an “immoral, ineffective and expensive wall” because they knew that like the Great Wall and Hadrian’s wall it would not solve the problem. End comments

The guy who won: “Trump has said many illegal immigrants are rapists and are bringing drugs and crime to the United States. He has called for building a wall along the southern border, and has said he would make Mexico pay for it. He said he would immediately terminate President Barack Obama’s ‘illegal executive order on immigration.'”


First, most illegals are not criminals or rapists or drug dealers. I fact illegals commit far fewer crimes than native born Americans. That is a fact. Google it. He did call for a border wall and did say that Mexico would pay for it. So, the Media is right to point out that he said many times that Mexico would pay for the Wall and that the Mexican government said many times that they would not pay for the wall.
President Obamas illegal executive orders were not in fact illegal orders as the President was merely ordering the Border patrol to prioritize apprehension of illegals to focus on apprehending criminal aliens, and allowing the Dreamers to stay under a variation of protected status which the President and DHS can do and have done many times for classes of people fleeing wars and national disasters. These are all within in his powers as President. So, they are hardly illegal executive orders unlike Trumps “Muslim bans”. End Comment

Trump got more votes than any other Republican in the history of presidential primaries. No one was falling for “border security” then, and they aren’t now.

Comments” WTF? Trump has been talking about border security in every speech he has made since he ran for President. I hardly think that the voters were falling for border security. Border security and building a wall are not mutually exclusive categories. End Comments.
But instead of doing what he said and building a wall, Trump has hired people who don’t even grasp that the point is to make it unattractive to break into our country.

On ABC’s “This Week” last Sunday, Trump’s head of Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McLennan, announced plans to give illegal alien kids free medical care at the border: “What we’ve done immediately, (Homeland Security) Secretary (Kirsten) Nielsen and I have directed that we do medical checks of children 17 and under as they come into our process.”


Talk about immoral. Even illegal immigrants should be treated with compassion and given minimal medical care before being admitted and processed. This is fundamental and what Jesus would have done. Anne I know you claim you are a Christian. Why don’t you act like it for once?”

End Comment:

Apparently, our working class is rolling in so much free health care that now our country is diverting medical resources to treat other countries’ sick kids.


You got it wrong. All DHS is doing is providing routine medical care for immigrants who have crossed the dessert and are in danger of dying if they don’t get water, food and first aid. This has nothing to do with diverting resources from the regular medical system. And we can afford it. Comment
McLennan boasted that we — that’s you, taxpayer — will be providing “doctors, physician assistants, paramedics to do an initial intake check so that we know if a child is healthy as they arrive at the border and then make sure they can get medical care if they need it.”


What’s wrong with this? Would you rather we let them die? You are comfortable as a Christian letting children die? End comment

Luckily, this won’t hurt any Americans because the doctors they’re sending to the border are not currently treating any U.S. citizens. Oh wait! This just in: They will be taken away from sick Americans!

Comment: Again, I call BS. We can treat immigrants at the border, provide basic medical care and then process their applicants according to law and standard procedures. And this does not take away from providing health care to American citizens. End comment

(Possible 2020 Trump campaign bumper sticker: I voted for a wall and all I got was free checkups for illegals.)

Comment: Again, I call BS. Nice slogan though. How about this one?
“I voted for a Wall that does not work – and cost billions of dollars. “

end comment

Doctors aren’t like the Petroleum Reserve. We don’t keep them cryogenically frozen, waiting to be unfrozen so they can treat illegals demanding free medical care as the price of hating us. If we rush doctors to the border, they are being rushed away from Americans who need medical care.

Comment: Interesting but false analogy. We have enough resources to divert a few doctors and nurses to the border. We are not taking away medical care from Americans. End comment

How about Democrats compile a list, by name, of the Americans they would like not to see their doctors anymore?


Again, a ridiculous false analogy. We are not diverting doctors from seeing American citizen patients. End comment

As a result of this boundless compassion for anyone who is not an American, how many more sick kids are going be dragged by their parents across hundreds of miles of desert just to see an American doctor?


This is also a ridiculous analogy. Immigrants are fleeing horrific violence and poverty at home just to provide a safe haven for their children. They are not coming to the US for free “medical checkups”. End comment

Mexican cartel member to poverty-stricken Latin American:

Before setting off on this caravan, I want you to know that when you get to the border your kids will be held up for a medical check. And if they find anything wrong, your child will be given First World medical treatment. Also, you won’t be allowed to pay. I just want you to understand what you’re getting into before you join this caravan.

Comment: again, ridiculous statement. Do you have any evidence that the cartel organizers are promising people free medical check ups in the US? And do you have any evidence that the provision of free medical check ups is the primary motivation for the caravan migrants to risk their lives to flee across the dessert? No, you do not because there is no such evidence. You pulled this statement out of you xxxx…. just like Trump pulls a lot of his nonsensical statements. End Statement

And when those kids die, Secretary Nielsen can demand more free medical care for illegals breaking into our country. Instead of having a wall, we’ll have a series of interlocking charity hospitals on the border treating the poor of the world before crossing into a country that didn’t ask for them and doesn’t want them.


Again, I call BS. No one is talking about providing massive medical care for illegal aliens crossing the border. All they are trying to do is treat the illegal aliens with compassion, and decency and provide minimal medical service, water and food for them before processing them for either deportation, or asslyium. All in accordance with standard procedure, American values and yes Christian values. End Comment

Sorry, America. You lose again.

Comment: On this I agree. America indeed is losing due to misguided policies that you promote. Why don’t you spend your time on promoting real solutions to the problem like real border security, comprehensive immigration reform and effective foreign ad to central America so that those countries can prosper and illegal migration will no longer be seen as the only course of action? End comment

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