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Ann Coulter, Richard Lee Was a Traitor

= Response to Gray Live Matters  Found Poem with snarky commentary


Ann Coulter is one of the pundits on the right that I hate the most.  Every time I read one of her vile, despicable postings my blood boils over. In her latest postings, she lauds Robert E Lee and other Confederate  heroes who were merely defending their states against tyrannical overreach by the northern states totally buying into the lost cause mythology of the South. She maintains of course that slavery had nothing to do with it when objectively speaking slavery had everything to do with it. She also has a typically racist bigoted anti-immigrant, in this case, Haitian immigrant posting.

She did correctly note that Lee did the responsible thing in ending the war when it was clear that they could not continue and refused to condone a guerilla war campaign.  She failed to note the Forester and others quickly formed the paramilitary KKK who did wage guerilla war against free Black people and their white supporters.  To his credit, Robert E Lee wanted nothing to do with the KKK but did not really speak out forcibly against the KKK either.

She also fails to note that most of the statues that dot the South and the place names and school names lauding the Confederate leaders went up in the post-world war civil rights era.  She cynically says that Black people were perfectly fine with these statues until recently when mostly white “woke” activists started making a big deal out of it.   I wrote the following found poem with snarky commentary and sent it to her.  I doubt she will respond if she does I will update this blog posting accordingly.

Robert E Was a Traitor

My ancestors were Presbyterian abolitionists
Who fought on the Union side, but I get ticked off
When imbeciles take a sledgehammer t
To my country’s history.


By “my country” you mean
White America, right?
End comment

Last week, with self-satisfied glee,
Savages tore down the 14-foot statue of Robert E. Lee
Designed by the French sculptor Antonin Marcie
And installed in 1890

On land deeded to the state.


“Savages?,” “Imbeciles”, “Illiterate”
Really? Want to go there? Ann?

As usual
You love to use insulting languages
To describe your enemies,

Most of the statutes and names lauding the confederate generals
went up post-World War 11
during the civil war era to remind self-assertive Negroes,
that their noble ancestors fought a war to keep them, slaves.

End comment.


It’s not just “Southerners”
Who revere Lee, as his Wikipedia page implies.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt called Lee

“One of our greatest American Christians
And one of our greatest American gentlemen.”

Dwight Eisenhower said Lee was
“Noble as a leader and as a man,
And unsullied as I read
the pages of our history.”

The son
— not grandson –
– of a hero of the American Revolution,

Lee graduated
Second in his class at West Point,
Then distinguished himself
In the Mexican-American War.

Lee’s reputation
Was so great

That President Lincoln
Asked him to take
command of the Union forces
Against the South.

But Lee was a Virginian
And felt compelled
To take Virginia’s side,

So, he resigned from the U.S. Army.
(For my illiterate readers
And anyone who gets his news from MSNB
That makes Lee
The opposite of a “traitor.

” A traitor is someone who pretends to be on your side,
While secretly working
With the enemy,

Not someone who loudly announces,
I quit. My friends and I are leaving.)


Sorry to disappoint you, Anne
But General Lee and the confederates
Were rebels
Against the legitimate government
Launched a civil war
To dissolve the union.

All to ensure that they could
Continue to enslave African Americans

They were the dictionary definition
Of traitors.

Just in case you can’t read

Here is how Webster defines “Treason”

“One who betrays another’s trust
Or is false to an obligation of duty,
One who commits treason”

General Lee violated his sacred oath
“to defend the constitution
against all enemies,
foreign or domestic”

treason is defined as

“the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow
the government of the state to which the offender
owes allegiance,”

insurrection is defined as

“the act of instance of revolting against
civil authority or an established government.”

They are guilty of all charges
They were not patriots
They were traitors
Against the United States.

That is all they were
They were in the words

Or Eric Trump,

“Not heroes
Just zeroes “

who lost
The war.
Traitors to the nation.

End comment

Among his accomplishments,
There’s also the minor fact
That Lee saved the country.

Immediately after a bitter, bloody civil war,
Pitting brother against brother –
– four of Mary Lincoln’s five brothers fought for the Confederacy –
The landscape was littered with the dead,

Lee ensured that the South would accept defeat.
When Lee surrendered at Appomattox,

He was at the height of his powers,
Idolized throughout the South.

The president of the Confederacy,
Jefferson Davis wanted to fight on,
Telling his officers,

“I think we can whip the enemy yet,
If our people will turn out.”

But Lee, not Davis,
Held the hearts of his compatriots.

When one of Lee’s officers
Urged him to lead

a guerilla war against the North,

Lee remonstrated,
“As a Christian people,
There is now

But one course to pursue.
We must accept the situation.

These men must go home
And plant a crop,
And we must proceed
To build up our country on a new basis.”


I grant you this General lee
Did the right thing
To end the war.

But he was not a hero
..Still a traitor in the end

He was just realistic
Knew that it was over
And the South had lost.

End Comment

He could easily have pulled a Trump
And told his supporters,
We got screwed!

Take to the hills!
They would have followed.

Hundreds of thousands
More lives would have been lost.

The country might never have recovered.


I love the snarky comment
Dissing Trump
Whom you now hate
Good for you, Ann,

End Comment

But Lee said no, it ends now.
Thanks to Lee,
We became a functioning country again
Within about 15 years,

Instead of becoming Serbia, Afghanistan, Korea,
Vietnam, Rwanda
And on and on and on.


I give you that
The war ended,

General Lee
Did the right thing
To take down his arms
Accept the inevitable.

And try to begin
The on-going process
Of national reconciliation
And healing,

A job that still needs to be done
All these years later.

The cold war against
Black people began immediately,

Jim Crow terrorism launched,
Against the newly free slaves.
Started in earnest
And continues in some way
To this very day.

led by former generals.
Such as Forrester,
Started right after the war

Reached its peak
At the end of the 19th
early 20th century.
Although remnants
Continue to be active

With a resurgence
Under Obama
And especially Trump.

General Lee
To his credit
Wanted nothing to do with the KKK,
But did not try
to shut it down either.

General Lee and his traitors
Have blood on their hands

End comment.

“The vandalizing of American history
Has absolutely nothing
To do with black people or slavery.”


You still don’t get it
the civil war had everything to with slavery!

The whole civil war
Was fought to preserve slavery

End comment.

Lots of historical figures had slaves.
Not only American heroes
Like Washington and Jefferson,

But Kamala Harris’ ancestors — according to her father.


nice dissing Kamala Harris
And Obama
With absolutely no evidence.
Other than your slanderous accusations.

End comment

Barack Obama
Is the only president
Who might be descended
From slave traders,

A particularly repellent group,
Since Kenya
Was a major player in the slave trade.


Of course, you have evidence
Kenya was a minor source of slaves
Most came from the west coast
Not from Kenya. Which sent
Slaves mostly to the Middle East,

And there is no evidence at all
That Obama’s family was involved.
Other than in your fevered
racist imagination.

End comment

No, the moving force
Behind this frenzied destruction of American history
Aren’t black people

Suddenly offended by monuments
That has been around for a century.


We did not put up statues
Of Hitler or Goebbels or Tojo
Or Ho Chi Minh.
Nor for that matter
Did Germany

Recognizing that they
were traitors
And evil monsters.

Although Berkeley, my hometown
Bless its liberal heart
Briefly name a park
Ho Chi Minh Park
During the height
of the Vietnam war.

The bottom line is simply this,
Black people have put up
With white people
And their fixation

On the noble lost cause
Of the white southerners,
For far too long.
They finally had enough
General Lee was a traitor
And should be remembered
As such.

And the statues should be moved
Into museums
Military bases, schools, and roads
Should be renamed.

We all have had enough
Time to end the racist
lost cause mythology

End comment

Ann C Voodoo This

Ann Coulter says

“Brush Up on Your Voodoo! “

Bemoaning all the Haitians coming to the U.S.

Part no doubt of the great replacement theory
That is consuming the right-wing universe

“For the millions of U.S. immigrants
who wanted to immigrate to Haiti,
but couldn’t get in.

.. Guess what?

The country you’re living in is
about to become Haiti.

This will also come as good news
to the GOP’s top-dollar donors,
whose sole political thought is:

(Next goal: Reverse the rotation of the Earth.)

it’s humiliating for people who live
in 100% white neighborhoods
to belong to a party that appeals
to white people”.

the GOP has slobbered
over Colin Powell, Alan Keyes,
Condoleezza Rice, Allen West,
Michael Steele, Herman Cain,
Ben Carson, John James, Tim Scott,
Candace Owens, Herschel Walker


nice choice of words

End Comment

With hordes of Haitians pouring
across our border –
because a certain lying
conman didn’t build a wall –


Nice dissing of the former president

end comment

Haitian President Francois “Papa Doc”
began his regime
by killing off or exiling t
he educated elite
for being too light-skinned,

then expropriated the peasants’
small parcels of farmland
, leading, like night into day,
to mass starvation.

Result: Haitian peasants adored him!
Even after a regime of mass murder
and widespread starvation, followed by
Duvalier maneuvering
his teenage son into the presidency,

the Associated Press reported in 1980
that “the Duvalier family’s support
comes from the dark-skinned peasants

Downside: insane execution squads,
malnutrition, illiteracy, and chaos.

Upside: Duvalier persecuted
light-skinned Haitians
and embraced voodoo.

Let’s just hope
they bring their Satan-worshiping voodoo!

As Haitians worldwide
descend on our country,
it’s worth mentioning
that their homeland
is often described as “90%
Catholic and 100% voodoo.”

While The New York Times
(Which hates our country and wants it destroyed)

Burbles giddily about Haitian voodoo –
“a healing-based religion,”
“An affirmation of national pride,”
“a vibrant but gentler faith,”
“Equal parts happening
and psychoanalysis”

You can read more
about these “vibrant” rituals
in the book “Hostage to the Devil:

The Possession and Exorcism of Five
Contemporary Americans.”
Or just wait for them
to show up in your neighborhood.


nice scare mongering
for the record,
Voodoo is not satanism
rather is more shamanistic
communing with spirit forces.

i like your dissing the NYT
which for the record
is not out to destroy America
they do hate people like you though.

End Comment.

If you thought moving
100,000 Somalians into Minnesota
posed challenges to assimilation,
that will be a pleasant dream
compared to the multitudes of Haitians
Biden is letting into
the country right now.


You forgot to mention
the Muslim hordes
coming from Afghaistan

and the millions of Mexicans
still pouring across the border

you are slipping my dear
I am so disappointed…

Your racist tirade
Is getting tiresome.
Just replacement theory
right-wing nonsense

So, I say this to you.
Voodoo this

Let the Haitians
Come and contribute
Their skills
To the country.

Like all immigrants before
And all immigrants coming
In this land
Still welcoming immigrants.

and with any luck
they will put a voodo curse
on you

so we can finally
hear your shrill racist rant
no more.

Voodoo that, Ann.

End of Rant

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