The Cthulu Masonic Conspiracy

“The Cthulu Conspiracy”


Jake Cosmos Aller

Comment:  I am a big fan of Lovecraft and the Cthulu Mythos.  This is my latest attempt at writing a Cthulu story.  It is based on a dream. End comment

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Escape from Hell Story

To those who are reading this manuscript, I would forgive you for thinking that this is nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic, or as the result of a drug trip gone horribly wrong. But, rest assured, every word is true. I wish that it were otherwise, and I wish that I were simply an unhinged lunatic foaming at the mouth and howling at the moon thinking he was a werewolf.

It would be so easy to dismiss this horrid tale of grand, evil, ancient conspiracies, but unfortunately it is a true story. A man once wrote in a novel about the Knights Templar that you always know you are dealing with a lunatic if within the first few minutes of meeting him he begins talking about the Knights Templar. I will spare you a tale of the Knights Templar although they do play a role in the story. I will also spare you a tale of the fabled illuminati, or the Jewish-communist plot, or the Trans-Atlantic Council, or the evils of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the myriad of other conspiracies dating back centuries. But, you may have noticed, I did not mention the grand dandy of all secret societies, the Masons. Perhaps you have now guessed that I have some mad insane fixation on the Masons.

Perhaps you have the same misconception of the Masons that I did when I joined them 25 years ago. I thought at the time that the Masons were an adult fraternity of rich, educated upper class males that helped each other out in their careers, and enjoyed play acting ancient mysteries. Sort of an international Skulls and Bones so to speak. In fact, many masons I learned started out as Skulls and Bones members. The Skulls and Bones were in fact a Masonic recruitment club at Yale and similar clubs, not as infamous, were found at many colleges around the US and even around the world. Those members who showed leadership potential after college were usually recruited to join the masons.

Recruited to the Masons at Yale

I graduated from Yale convinced that I would make it big time. I had a famous father, had lots of money, had good grades, went to Harvard for my MBA and had connections. I had graduated a few years after President Bush so I did not have those connections but I knew a lot of people. And I had the right pedigree, and looked the part – upper class white bread man who looked like he could be a movie star, tall, handsome, physically fit, with intense blue eyes and dark hair. I was so good looking, funny, arrogant and ambitious. So, when the Masons came a knocking, I seized the opportunity and eagerly join them.

My first night was a typical introduction. My buddy, Paul, who worked with me in Wall Street, meet me in front of the Wall Street Masonic Lodge. He would pledge me and I would meet the members. If they voted me in, I would be given a rank of 1 and given reading material to study. One year later I would be given the opportunity to advance if I passed the test. There were 10 ranks, and only the 7th rank and above knew the real secrets. Most members never rose above the first five ranks as being a Mason was not just fun and games. There was a serious purpose – promoting the fraternity and the members within being perhaps the most important for most members. Masons had a code of honor – they would not lie, cheat or tolerate those that did. And they would honor other Masons and give their life on behalf of the orders of senior members.

Paul concluded his little speech on the steps of the lodge by saying,

“Sam, you know, this is not just a game. There is serious business happening in the Masonic world, and the Masonic world goes back to the time of the Bible. You’ll soon learn the history, and if you get as far as the 8th degree you will learn the true history of the Masons and their role in guarding and guiding the world. You may be asked to play a big role in the future. I hope you will be up for it.”

I responded, “Of course, Paul. I’ve done some reading on the Masons and am glad to be invited to join in.”

I entered the room and met the Membership committee. They were all titans of Wall Street and the government too. All men in their late 50’s or 60’s and all at the peak of their professional game.

I was introduced and told to take the pledge. Among other things I promised to never reveal anything that occurred during a Masonic meeting, nor was I to ever reveal who was a Mason to outsiders, upon penalty of death. I have just signed my own death warrant with what I am about to reveal, so if you are reading this after my body is found, be forewarned I told you it was coming. I learned latter that the Masons did take this pledge deadly seriously.

I also agreed to never lie, or cheat another Mason, although I would be free to lie to or a cheat a non-Mason if ordered to do so in furtherance of Masonic goals. I was also told that I would be protected and promoted in my business career, provided I attended Masonic Temple meetings at least once a month and did my studies and passed up the Masonic ranks.

After that was over, I was given a Masonic number and name. Mine was Sam 9975 and forever more I would be referred to by other Masons simply as Sam 9975. Last names were never used, just first names and occasionally the number. I asked what the number meant and was told that it had some numerological component to it and the senior astrologist came up with. I was surprised,” Senior Astrologist?”

Sam responded, “Sam, there are many things in the world you don’t know, the astrologists are the ones who study the ancient mysteries and histories and try to extract some guidance for us. It would be best if you did not reveal your ignorance anymore.” I was a bit peeved but kept my mouth shut.

And yes, there was a secret handshake I was taught. The secret handshake would reveal whether someone was a Mason and what degree he was. The Masons were very rigid in their hierarchy. After the initial meeting, I was taken to the dining room for the lower ranks. I met about 25 men there that night. Everything were like me, fresh from graduate school and new to their careers in Wall Street or the Government.

All eager to get ahead and full of good cheer and delighted to be there. We ate prime rib, drank some fine whisky, smoked some fine cigars, and played poker until 12 midnights. At midnight, the more senior leaders came in and led us in chanting some of the ancient writings of the Masons which made no sense they were in Latin, Hebrew, Greek and some totally obscure ancient language. I went home, happy that I had been accepted and determined to rise through the ranks.

Over the next decade I attended the monthly meetings, got to know the members well, became good friends with many of them, and received invaluable career advice. I was constantly reminded of one of the Simpsons parodies of the Masons, “the Stone Cutters. That episode incidentally was much beloved by the Masonic fraternity and Home Simpson and crew were granted honorable membership by the Hollywood Masons, much to the amusement of the Wall Street Masons, who were a more serious crew.

In any event, the song from that episode had quickly become an unofficial Masonic drinking song and we sang it at every meeting while drinking our fine wine and whisky. I still get Goosebumps when I sing the song, and realize the secret meaning behind this very subversive song, which of course was written by a Mason and inserted into the Simpsons episode as part of the Masonic conspiracy to lay the ground for the total enslavement of mankind, but I get ahead of my story.

The Homer Simpson Song

homer simpsons stone cutters song

“Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!
Karl: Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Lenny: Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
Alien: We do! We do!

All: Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
We do! We do!
Skinner: Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Homer: Who rigs every Oscar night?
All: We do! We do!”
And each Masonic lodge added their own verses to this song which had become our unofficial motto.

After many years participating in the Masons I was finally allowed into some of the inner secrets. As a 7th rank, I only knew the very outer story, much of which is well known, although distorted.

To know and understand the horrid events that are about to unfold you must know the real history, which only 9th rank holders know and understand. I finally realized this a year ago and that led to the dilemma that has haunted me to this day. Do I remain loyal to the Masons, who have been my friends, and have helped in so many ways over the years or do I remain loyal to humans and betray their monstrous conspiracy?

I am writing this because I was told that I was to play a big role in the coming events and I had to pledge loyalty to the master plan. And I was introduced to some of the senior leaders, who I learned were not even human beings.
Let me backtrack and tell you the true history, and then you’ll see my horrid dilemma. I wonder what you would do in my shoes, dear reader?

About 50,000 thousand years ago an epic battle raged across the galaxy between the followers of Cthulu and the followers of Ashura Mazda. Both would best be described as god like creatures. The whole universe is in effect a cosmic battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, or darkness. Cthulu was simply a manifestation of the evil forces of the universe and was worshiped as the Dark Lord. He was a hideous monster about 10 feet talk, who ate those whom he defeated in battle. His supporters were found across the universe. Those who followed him gained tremendous power as they were vicious, corrupt, and evil and knew how to harness the dark forces of nature.

Ashura Mazda was the god of light and wisdom. He and his followers were always at a disadvantage because well frankly most sentient creatures, like most human beings, are neither good nor bad, and are easily swayed by greed and fear. Cthulu and his followers have an easier time of it than Ashura and his followers as the darkness corrupts and once corrupted one is lost to the light forever. There is no turning back from the dark side.
This battle went on for countless centuries. Most people were unaware of it as few people could understand or perceive the world as it really is. Only a select few were chosen as their followers and champions. Worlds chose sides and the battle was on. Cthulu and his followers were defeated. Cthulu and his top aides were banished to a world at the end of the Galaxy that was lost and unknown as it had not yet developed civilization.
Cthulhu’s followers were scatter far and wide and all knowledge of Cthulu was banned. The galaxy went on its way, with several galactic empires rising and falling. Earth was still undiscovered.

Ten thousand years ago followers of Cthulu, mostly from the planet Sirius, came to earth convinced that Cthulu was buried in a prison deep under the earth. However, their ships failed to work and they were unable to contact their headquarters and realized they were stranded on Earth in a back water of the Galaxy. They decided they had no choice but to found a civilization on earth and bid their time until they could contact their home world. The civilization they founded was called Atlantis.

For four thousand years they lived on Atlantis, forming a powerful kingdom. They had enslaved the local population they found in Europe and found that the Sirian race and humans, both being humanoid, could intermarry. Over time, few true blood Sirians remained. The Sirian leadership realized that they were in danger of dying out as a race, unless they formed a secret society to keep their mission and history alive. Thus, the Masons were formed. Their goal was to build themselves up, take over the world, enslave mankind, then free Cthulu and establish his headquarters openly on the Planet Earth, which will be also the center of galactic terrorism, with the long-range goal of finally banishing Ashura once and for ever and establishing the reign of Cthulu forever.

The followers of Ashura tracked the Sirians down and attacked Atlantis in a surprise attack and sank Atlantis. Few survived the resulting flood caused by a sudden melting of the arctic ice and a short lived global warming and fire. The followers of Ashura ended up in ancient Persia and Greece where they were gods. They did they best to impart knowledge but the locals were unable to truly comprehend them. Thus, the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism was founded.

The Sirians infiltrated the ancient Roman republic and began to edge the Romans on, encouraging them in their imperial ambitions seeing the rise of the Roman Empire as their best bet to reestablish themselves. The Masonic Lodges remained their secret service and secret lodges. Throughout the ancient world, the Sirians based in Rome did battle with the Persians and the followers of Ashura.

This battle was never won by either side. And few humans ever knew the real history behind this ancient battle. Few knew that buried deep under the North American continent the evil dark lord slumbered in his cosmic prison.
The followers of Ashura were also losing their culture and history and few of the ancient ones were alive, and most had intermarried. They were also a humanoid race from a star system in the center of the galaxy. Only a few true-blue bloods remained. Jesus, was the son of one of the last surviving lines. Jesus knew the truth and tried to tell the world but to no avail. Buddha also was a descendent of the Ashura followers, and knew the truth and he too failed to communicate the truth to the world.

To bring the story up to the present day, the Masons were behind many of the events of the past thousand years including the founding of America, the development of the British and Spanish Empires, WW1 and WW11 (Hitler they hoped would bring about the world government that they so needed so they could then take over once Cthulu was released.)

The Ashura followers, never organized quite as well, managed to block and defeat many of the Masonic plots over the years.

This is what I learned when I became a 7th rank Mason. I was appalled and disgusted by it, and did not believe it at all. Paul, and other 7th and 8th ranked Masons told me it was true and soon I will meet with the Sirian overlords.

One day, I get an urgent message to be at the lodge at 8 pm that night for a secret meeting. I arrive and am ushered into the inner sanctum, which I had never been invited to before. I was told I was being inducted that night into 9th rank as events were spinning out of control and I was needed to join the war council.

The Vice President entered the room. He announced that “Plan Armageddon” was about to be launched. He needed everyone to be aboard and ready to go. The plan was simple – a nuclear attack on Iran and Syria by the US and Israel. The attack was planned for two weeks from now. The markets would be devastated, of course. But if you knew in advance, you could make a killing shorting certain stock and buying other stocks. I would oversee the secret financial manipulation. The money raised would be enormous and would be sent to a secret bank account, where the money would be used for off the record purchases of military equipment and to raise an unofficial secret army that would occupy Iran and Syria.

We were also told to expect terrorist attacks in the US and would be moved into a secret location a few days before the start of the war where we would wait out the end of the war. It was feared the world may erupt into nuclear war and that millions if not billions would die. The Masons and their allies would be safe in our underground bunkers that would be set up all over the world. 10 million people were going to be saved, in all. After the dust settled, we would impose worldwide martial law and establish the US as the sole governing body. At that point, Cthulu would be released from his prison and would rule the Earth under his own name.

The Vice President, a tall man turned to me and asked me point bank would I join them in their victory?
Of course, I could not say no.

That night I went home and recounted the story and realized the Vice President and most of the senior leadership of the US were both Masons and were also not humans. The Vice President was one of the few pure blood Sirians left. How could I tell he was not human? His eyes. Humans blink, Sirians do not blink. And Sirians saw the world differently than humans, they had infra-red capability and saw in the dark, and it was rumored that they had latent telepathic powers as well. In any event they looked like humans except for the eyes not blinking and the strangeness in their eyes.

Most of his henchmen were either part Sirians or were like me, humans that had been co-opted and seduced to serve their evil master plans.

That is, it in a nutshell. The war is about to be launched, and I am about to go underground. I am sending this out via the internet in the vain hope that someone somewhere can stop this madness from occurring. As for me, if someone traces this back to me, I am a dead man. I fear that I am already dead. Good luck and Good night.”


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