The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Truth Shall Set You Free, But True Knowledge Kills

Short Story

By Jake Cosmos Aller

Ever since that fateful night when I was indoctrinated into the “True Knowledge,” I have looked at the world in a different light. It all went down so fast. After learning the secret history of the last five thousand years, I saw everything in a different, more sinister and dark light. The list of people who have been brought into the conspiracy reads like a list of the most prominent political and business leaders of world history. Trump was on the list as well as Pence and most of the Senate, and most members of the media. It seemed like everyone who matters was not whom they seemed to be but were part of this evil cabal.

Was Lydon LaRouche RIght?

I work for the government, just one of the army of govbots who float in and out of the Metro system every morning commuting to their jobs with the government and back home to their suburban townhouses. The day my world came crashing down on me began as I picked up a brochure from the “Lyndon LaRouche Group” at the Foggy Bottom Metro in downtown D.C. I commented to my colleagues on the way home that I enjoyed reading it, although I did not believe most of his conspiracy theories he had a point, a lot of good points. We laughed it off as a big joke.

A few days later I was getting on the train, when a middle age nondescript white man, with brownish hair, about 6 feet tall, dressed like any other middle age white suburban federal employee in a conservative suit and tie – probably on his way home to his suburban home in Virginia, bumped into me. He apologized and slipped me the following note. I saw the note when I got home and connected it with the strange incident at the subway.

The note read, “Lyndon used to work for us. He knows most of the truth. We left him alone because we are able to ensure that no one takes his writings seriously. My job is to prevent knowledge of the truth; the so-called “true knowledge” gets out. Anyone who appears to be taking his stuff seriously has to be followed and either brought into the game or neutralized. Be very careful. Our agents are watching you like a hawk and have your internet connections under constant surveillance. Your phone and house are tapped. We have enough already to get you into serious trouble with your bosses as we know you are an internal dissenter. And we know that you like pornography and we know about several of your affairs and we have copies of e-mails you sent to various women with shall we say suggestive comments that could be misconstrued. We have even faked a few photos and videotapes of you engaging in some of your fantasies. By the way, you are a good writer!

Next time we contact you, make sure you come to the meeting spot. I will meet you and explain further. Momentous events are about to happen and you can either be on the inside on the winning team or on the outside or probably end up dying like most of your fellow human beings. It will be your choice, my friend. We believe that you could be an asset, – you can write and speak persuasively, you have lots of loyal friends and most importantly you are probably intelligent enough to know that being on the winning ticket is usually the right choice to make for you and your family. Remember tell no one about this – not even your wife. Do not try to contact us through the La Roche Group – they have been compromised. We will be in touch.”

Agent Spartacus X

I said that this could not be happening must be some sort of vicious joke. In any event, I am intrigued enough to get out the Lyndon pamphlet from the trash and read it.

Lyndon posits a grand conspiracy of British and American big bankers working together since the 15th century to continue to secretly dominate the world. The roots of the conspiracy date back to the Knight Templars of the middle ages which morphed into the Freemasons, then the fabled Illuminati. Most recently, they have been associated with the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bohemian Club, and The Project for a New American Century. They are often now often called the Vulcans or the Neocons. But the Neocons are just a small American inner circle of a much broader interrelated international conspiracy.

They had almost succeeded in their plans when the Great Depression came along and laid waste to their plans. Lyndon argues that the Great Depression was engineered by them – others disagree. But all of the paranoid writers I read agreed that in response to the Great Depression, they took advantage of the chaos and engineered the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo and were working to bring Britain and the U.S. into the fold.

Their goal – a Pan Germanic-Anglo dominated world fascist system to fight against the evils of Communism and Socialism. The Birchers and others thought that Communism was also part of their master plot, others disagree. They thought that the U.S. would fall into place and eventually Hitler would unite the Germanic and Anglo worlds into a grand empire that would control the world forever. They would run the Empire through charismatic fools like Hitler. They would have continual wars which are good for business and they would have periodic depressions to ensure that they can continually buy up their competitors. Franklin Roosevelt disrupted their plans, as did Truman, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama. Nixon, Ford and Bush 1, Cheney, was part of the Conspiracy as was Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton was not. Reagan and Bush 11 were merely useful puppets. Obama had fought against them but was constrained by the entire deep state which is filled with members of the cabal. Donald Trump and Pence were merely their latest puppets, although Pence was part of the inner circle, Trump was not trusted to be “disciplined” enough to be let in on the truth.

One day I see Agent Spartacus on the subway. I go up to him and ask him how is doing, acting as if he is a fellow employee that I have not seen in a while.

He responds, “Just fine.”

He then whispers, “Check your phone for a message in 10 minutes.”

He jumps on the Orange train and I wait for the Blue train. At King Street station, my phone beeps with a message.

“Meet me Friday night at “Coyote Ugly” at 6 pm. Be on time. We will have a drink there and then find someplace we can talk quietly. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours. Your wife will be out of town on business. Remember we are watching you and monitoring you. Spartacus.”

I was freaked out after reading the message. My wife had not mentioned any business trip. I go home and she tells me she has to go out of town on Friday for a weeklong trip to Ft Hood on TDY. My wife was in the military, I was used to her constant TDY’s on short notice, and I knew that sometimes she could not tell me what she was really up to as her clearances outranked mine by an order of magnitude. But how Spartacus knew bothered me. Was my wife part of the conspiracy? I knew that I had to meet him. What he was hinting was monstrous. And the possibility that my wife was involved even more horrible. I knew if I told her my suspicions, she would laugh it off and tell me to lay off the Science Fiction novels for a while. The possibility that she could be working with them also entered my mind and stayed there like a stubborn weed that would not die.

And if she were part of this conspiracy would she tell me or them? I thought that I could not go to the authorities because it seemed clear that many of the senior officers were part of this dark conspiracy and no one would believe me. I would be dismissed as a nut case, possibly hauled to a psychiatric hospital or just made to disappear, at the very least, my security clearance would be yanked, and I would be unemployed if not unemployable. And since they have also strongly warned me to be quiet I knew the risks would be pretty high so, despite my burning desire to talk things over with my wife, I kept quiet.

The Honey Pot Is Laid Out

Friday night I go to Coyote Ugly. I sit down. Spartacus is not there. A beautiful Korean woman wearing skintight blue jeans, showing off her great ass, a tank top with long black hair running down her back and lovely almond-shaped eyes, and a cute face sits down unasked and tells me that Spartacus sent his regards but could not make it. She would go to dinner with me instead. I am suspicious that some sort of honey trap was being set up against me. I looked around for cameras and surveillance but realized that they would probably be hidden. I resolve to keep my wits about me, not drink and not give into temptation, although when she went off to the restroom her luscious ass tempted me.

The old blues standard by Junior Wells, “Everyone Getting Some But Me” starts playing on the jukebox. I listen to my favorite line, “A girl in skin-tight pants walk on by, with an ass so fine my eyeballs hurt” and I said to myself. “Damn. They are good. They even know that I am an ass man, love the blues and this song in particular, and I love Asian women. Damn.”

I pay my bill and we enter a nearby sushi place. She seems to be a regular. We order some sushi and soju to drink. A message pops up

“Jake. Could not make it. Miss Lee works for me. She will give you a letter. Read it and leave or stay and have fun with her. She will do anything and everything you ever wanted from a woman sexually. She has been instructed to seduce you as a honeypot approach.

Not my idea, but my superiors. I would rather play you straight up with the facts. But if you do go with her know that it will be recorded and used against you if you step out of line. But on the other hand, she is good and we know what you like as we have read your sex fantasies. You are a good writer, my friend. So if you do it, enjoy. We will meet next week after you read the letter and survive this first test. Spartacus”

I ask Miss Lee in Korean

이씨에게 무슨 일이 있는지 아십니까?
issiege museun il-i issneunji asibnikka?
Do you know what is going?”

She laughs and said

나에게 편지를주고 나에게 좋은 시간을 보여달라고 들었다. 그녀는 또한 그녀가 내가 좋아하는 것을 들었고 그녀가 원하는 방식으로 그녀를 원한다고 말했습니다. 나는 당신의 Assman 이야기를 좋아했습니다.”
naneun na-ege pyeonjileuljugo na-ege joh-eun sigan-eul boyeodallago deul-eossda. geunyeoneun ttohan geunyeoga naega joh-ahaneun geos-eul deul-eossgo geunyeoga wonhaneun bangsig-eulo geunyeoleul wonhandago malhaessseubnida. naneun dangsin-ui Assman iyagileul joh-ahaessseubnida.” “

I was was told to give me a letter, and then to show me a good time. She also said that she was told what I liked and wanted me to have her any way I wanted her, “Including my ass as I know you are an Assman. I loved your Assman stories”.

I thanked her and asked her for the letter. I take the letter and decide to read it on the train home. I decided to not go forward with the rest of the planned events as I thought showing a little independence might be a good insurance policy.

I apologize to Miss Lee.

She asked me
왜 나를 원하지 않니? 그게 내 감정을 상하게한다는 걸 알아
wae naleul wonhaji anhni? geuge nae gamjeong-eul sanghagehandaneun geol al-av
Why don’t I want her. ?

I told her that
나는 그녀와 죄책감을 느끼고 집에 가야했다.
naneun geunyeowa joechaeggam-eul neukkigo jib-e gayahaessda.
I feel guilty about being with you.”

걱정하지 마십시오. 모두 준비되었습니다. 내가 어리석은 인간에 대해 화를 내기 전에 지금 나를 집으로 데려가십시오. 전형적인 인간은 그들이 정말로 원하는 것을 알지 못하고 죄책감을 느낍니다. 마치 신이 당신에게 섹스를 주듯이
geogjeonghaji masibsio. modu junbidoeeossseubnida. naega eoliseog-eun ingan-e daehae hwaleul naegi jeon-e jigeum naleul jib-eulo delyeogasibsio. jeonhyeongjeog-in ingan-eun geudeul-i jeongmallo wonhaneun geos-eul alji moshago joechaeggam-eul neukkibnida. machi sin-i dangsin-ege segseuleul judeus-i
Don’t worry about it. It has all been arranged. Now take me home now before I get angry at you for being so foolish a human man. Typical humans Don’t know what they really want and then feel guilty about it. as if God gives a fuck you who you fuck.

I ended up kissing her and taking her phone number and e-mail address.

She told me

“내가 아무도 거절 한 적이없고, 적어도 인간은 아무도 없기 때문에 나를 유혹하는 데 성공할 것입니다 ..
“naega amudo geojeol han jeog-ieobsgo, jeog-eodo ingan-eun amudo eobsgi ttaemun-e naleul yuhoghaneun de seong-gonghal geos-ibnida ..”알겠습니다. 아무도 내 매력에 저항하지 않았습니다. letter 편지를 읽고 결정하십시오.”
“algessseubnida. amudo nae maelyeog-e jeohanghaji anh-assseubnida. letter pyeonjileul ilg-go gyeoljeonghasibsio.”
“I know that I will succeed in seducing me as no one has ever turned her down before.
“You’ll see. No one has ever resisted my charms. Read the letter and then decide.”

I leave the restaurant and read the letter on the yellow line subway home:

“By now you should be aware of our power and reach. Your wife is not yet a member of the inner circle but we will approach her if you decide to join. We think she would be also an excellent choice. But each approach is different as you can well imagine. By now, you either have decided to have a good time with Miss Lee or have decided to decline in a mistaken impression that showing a little independence would be a good move. Either way would result in the same thing – either you will have some great sex which we will film or we will take pictures of you and Miss Lee and morph them into a nice ” deep fake ”  porn movie which we will send to your wife, your boss and your security folks one week from today unless you agree to the following:

“Meet me Sunday night at the sushi place. Bring flowers for Miss Lee. If you turn her down, she will be miffed, as she does not take rejection lightly. She is determined to seduce you, you know. You were the first to turn her down. Took a lot of guts to do that. Oh well. When we meet, I will then tell you the whole story.

You can then go with Miss Lee or not. Your choice but remember the video is already being produced so you
might as well enjoy her while you can. We have lots of work to do soon so I have to bring you in sooner than we usually do. Consider Miss Lee as a reward for joining. First of many as the members of the inner circle can have anything they want and will after D-day. Join us in being masters of the universe. D day is coming soon.”


I get off the subway, take a taxi home. I call my wife and resist the impulse to tell her everything and wonder if she has already been approached. And what would be the approach they would use on her?
Sunday evening I meet Miss Lee at the restaurant. I give her flowers and we have dinner. She is flirting up a storm and I find my resistance melting. I figure that was part of the plan and have decided to go with the flow. I think, “why not fool around? After all the video has already been made? Right? ”

Spartacus shows up and the mood turns serious. Miss Lee is now totally professional and serious. Spartacus looks tired. He takes me into the back room and begins his tale of woe. I listen and don’t want to believe any of it. It was so monstrous and evil but I knew he was telling the truth. And boy the truth did not set me free let me tell ya.

Spartacus Drops the True Knowledge Bomb

Spartacus starts off,

“Lyndon was one of our human operatives. He was a rising star, but had an attack of guilt and left us. We debated whether to kill him or not. I suggested that we let him go, discredit him but use him as bait. Anyone who reads his stuff can be identified and those who show signs that they believe it and might be persuaded to join us we could recruit. The others can be eliminated. So we persecuted Lyndon, made him look like a paranoid idiot and we kept feeding him disinformation which he would disseminate.

What he writes about is only part of the truth and is the most visible, most documented part of the story and mostly true with some disinformation in it. For example, Lyndon misunderstood Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler was a stooge, a “useful fool” in Lenin’s phrase and Lenin and Stalin were part of our inner circle as was Mussolini and Tojo. Roosevelt was our enemy as has been most of the Democratic leadership. That’s why we are hard at work to destroy the Democratic Party and install a right-wing republican one party state under our control but with “useful fools” like Trump as figureheads. Donald was not one of us, but we control him because the Neocon cabal is all part of our inner circle. Most are human, but some are fellow Sirians. Cheney, Pence, Mattias and Wolfowitz are Sirian as well, most of the rest of the Neocons are humans. Putin and Xi are Sirians as are the entire North Korean leadership. Stalin and Hitler were Sirians. Trump is just another one of the useful fools that we Sirians have been manipulating for decades. His son through is a Sirian who we recruited to join his family to keep under control as we knew that he could be useful to us some day. The Clintons are humans as is Gore. and most of the democrats are human, the republicans are mostly half breeds or like Trump useful idiots.

The aim of our plot? Total domination of the world, then a planned destruction of the world-wide civilization through nuclear, and biological warfare where 90 percent of humanity will be destroyed. We will clean up the pieces and establish a worldwide dictatorship. Then the invasion begins and humanity is enslaved forever to the power of the master race, the Sirians.

Most of the people who work with us do not know that they are working for the Sirians. But it does not matter. If you are with us, you will be rewarded with power, wealth, and access to Sirian medical technological wonders, allowing you to live to 5,000 years or more like us Sirians. If you oppose us, you will be thrown out into the world to be destroyed along with most of the rest of your dismal race.
I am a Syrian. We came to your planet ten thousand years ago. We set up a colony, which you know as Atlantis. It was destroyed in a nuclear war between two factions of our race – the progressives who wanted to establish their version of democracy and what you might consider fascists or realists, as we like to think of ourselves. When you see the real me you will see that the progressive and fascist groups are actually different races of Sirians. We are red in color and much more muscular and frankly more intelligent and realistic. They are green in color and smaller and filled with useless compassion. They still exist and occasionally cause us trouble. We are always watching to make sure that they do not try to approach our human agents and corrupt them with pernicious “liberal or progressive” ideas – to use the current phrases – nonsense.

But I digress. The Fascists won the war but Atlantis was destroyed. Most of the Sirian race on earth was killed in the war. Those of us Fascists left formed a tight little group and decided that we would bid our time, build out forces, take over the planet, and when the earth had achieved sufficient levels of technology contact our home world, and await instructions.

The progressives formed their own group and disappeared spending their time trying to enlighten humankind. What a load of crap. They just were misunderstood and killed for their troubles. Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Confucius, Sai Baba – all Sirian democratic losers every one of them.

Some of the progressive Sirians disappeared into the wilderness and their descendants gradually intermarried with the natives and their descendants became the Cherokee and other civilized tribes. None of the Cherokees knew that they were actually descended from aliens from Sirius and native people. Although the Cherokee and Hopi have legends that their ancestors came from the Stars. Thus in a way you are part Sirian as we know your mother is half Cherokee. We actually tested your DNA and yes, you have traces of Sirian DNA in you. Which is one of the reasons we decided to recruit you after all you part of our race about 10 percent. but that is enough for us., although your Sirian racial background is green which could be a problem if you decide to oppose us.

The question of what to do about humans became the key issue dividing the Sirian race – then and now. Our red group thought that you earth people were hopelessly backward, superstitious and barely capable of intelligence. We felt that we should kill most of you off, then enslave the rest. That is still our plan. Besides, on our home world, we rose to power by killing off a rival species that were humanoid looking. Ever since then Sirians have had it in for humanoids and primate species. All part of the master plan for total domination of the galaxy.

Well, as you can imagine, it was very difficult hiding amongst your people for all of these thousands of years. Most of us are now what you would consider early middle age.

Until very recently, we were limited by your technology as our spaceships and most of our technology had all been destroyed in Atlantis. Only 100 of our race survived, most of the Fascist side. We lost track of the progressives who have gone deep underground. We have managed to reproduce and now there are about 10,000 of us scattered around the world, most in senior levels of government and business. And we estimate that there are several thousand Progressives mostly working in religious or academic institutions.

Among other difficulties, we are hidden within human bodies that are artificially created skins. Our real appearance is not human at all. We look like birds or reptiles in our real selves. Few humans have ever seen us as we really look. We have the ability to manipulate thoughts and thus few are able to see us as we really look, even when we are out of the suits.

We wear the suits whenever we are around humans as maintaining thought control is very tiresome. HP Lovecraft saw us and he went mad and wrote his “Cthulu” stories about us. Others have seen us on our retreats in the woods and we have been called many names through the years, ‘” werewolves, vampires, ghouls, ghosts, demons, goblins, trolls, Satan, the devil, witches – you name it we’ve been called it. Bad for our self-esteem don’t ya think. “The damn progressives get better press and are often seen as “angels”.

We have tried intermarriage with your race and have found for the most part it does not work too well as our two DNA structures are incompatible. But, nonetheless, there have been successful offspring of such interspecies sex. Thus, there are thousands of part-Sirian people as some of our people intermarried with your species. Interspecies sex is highly discouraged at least among the realist faction; although sex with part sirians is the norm, and we have been influenced by the fact that you humans are a very randy species, much more that is the norm among civilized species. The progressive faction has largely assimilated into your race.

Those stories of alien abductions etc. are true for the most part as are stories of UFO’s. We have been able to rebuild spaceships but they are not interplanetary, as we do not have technological resources to do so since most of our technology had been destroyed and those technicians who knew how to maintain the ships and build them all died in the war anyway. Besides our Sirian, leaders back home do not trust us. They want us to stay here and do their bidding whether than return home. they want us to take over and add Earth to the Sirian Empire.

Our leaders will then be allowed to return home after being here for thousands of years. The Sirian race being very long lived is also very conservative, not much has really changed back home since we left. We were outcasts then as most Sirians who leave the mother planet and not trusted back home any more. So for us we end up exiled from home with little contact with the mother planet. Interstellar travel is possible – it is expensive and slow -takes about a year to go back home.

We communicate with each other in Sirian through secure communications and now through the internet. The NSA and other government snoops keep picking up strange language chatter on the internet but since we control the spooks, they never follow up.

We finally managed to established contact with the Mother Planet. Our instructions are to set off Armageddon and destroy the planet. The invasion begins after the nuclear war is over and most people have been killed and your technological infrastructure destroyed. We will then take over , rebuild our own technology and enslave humanity.

Those humans who helped us will be given top jobs in the Sirian administration and eventually given full citizenship rights for them and their families. Most people will be killed or enslaved. Think what happened to the Indians? That was a Sirian plot from the beginning. We wanted to kill off all the Indians but particularly wanted to destroy the so-called civilized tribes, as we knew that the Progressive faction had intermarried with the Indians.

Most of human history has been the result of Sirian plots. The problem we have is that you humans are so hard to predict, rule, control etc. And our biggest problem is with intellectuals. Once they know the full story either they go mad, or they try to warn their fellow humans, or they kill themselves. The 10 percent who survive after hearing the true story usually join our movement. And on course the damn progressives are always watching us, trying to warn humankind of the impending danger. But as you know few will ever believe the truth. So your choice today:

Join us, or resist us and die. We are launching WW111 very soon. Once the war has been launched, nuclear winter will ensure and most of the earth will enter an ice age. We will then invade and take over the habitable areas and use slave labor to mine for minerals etc under the ice. Sirians like cold icy planets as that is like our home planet. Your planet is too hot for our liking anyway.”

I stopped him and ask lots of follow-up questions. Finally, I tell them the only way they could prove they were telling the truth was to reveal themselves as they really were.

Spartacus Reveals His True Self

Spartacus said,

“Very well. Agent Lee is only part human. She is one of the few successful hybrids. She looks human but a blood test would reveal alien DNA. I am pure Syrian and have l long opposed the inter-species experiments
being anti-natural and degrading to the Sirian race. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about you humans. Follow me and you will see. But you do take a risk that you will freak out and become a madman.”

We walk into the back room. Agent Spartacus removes his skintight clothing.

Underneath it laid a hideous, repulsive ugly reptile like biped creature minus a tail. Dark red with black strips on both sides. His face looked like a bird’s face with sharp beaks,
beady red eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. The top of his head had horns on it. He laughs, and said,

“See why most humans believe in a real devil?”

I could see why most people would freak out at the sight. He was just hideous to look at. Must be something inbred in humans to instantly fear and loathe their real appearance. I am having a hard time coping and want to throw up.

Agent Lee had also stripped revealing an even more alluringly beautiful woman that I had imagined. I was tempted but knowing that she was half-alien and in league with these evil creatures turned my stomach.

I tell agent Spartacus and Agent Lee that I had to think about it and went home. I wrote this all down and sent it off to my best friends and of course my wife. I hope that this does not result in a death sentence for me, but so be it. I have to do the right thing. I have resolved to search out and join the resistance led by the progressive Syrians. I hope there is still time to derail “Armageddon” but I fear that time is running out.

Jake Lee

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