The Dead Never Die on Facebook

this is a poem about a common occurance in this digitalized age. I often receive face book friend requests from the dead, including my sister who died ten years ago. it seems that the dead Never Die on Facebook. It is very creepy but I have not yet contacted Face Book about it. One of these days, I will follow the advice listed in the link at the end of this poem and let Face Book know that she is no more among the living but on the other hand it is kind of nice she is living somewhere in Facebook’s computer memory banks.

The Dead Never Die on Facebook

In this day and age
Of fake life and death

The dead don’t die
They live on in social media hell

Spewing forth occasional
fake friend requests
from face book hell

My sister died in 2007
I still get monthly reminders
From somewhere in Facebook hell

A request to be a friend
From my dear dead sister

I never respond
That would be too creepy

If she responded
From where ever
Face book sent her

So, my plea
To Mr. Zuckerberg

Please Sir
Allow the dead to die

Send them to their just resting places
And remove them from Facebook

And discontinue
Their fake friend requests
That is just too creepy

I notice that sometimes
You create an memorial page
For the recently departed

But you have not cleaned
Up your site

The dead still prowl the corners
Of fakebook

With their creepy requests
To be their friend

Please sir
Kill them off
Let them rest in peace

comment: not limited to Fake Book, I get daily requests from dead people on Linkinlin as well as Face book, Instagram etc. would be nice if FB could remove the dead from their site! really creepy to get requests to add my sister as a friend ten years after she died!

from my “Fake Things” chapbook collection, a work in progress
How 1 Billion People Are Coping With Death and Facebook

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