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Wearing a Mask Controversy

Wearing a Mask Controversy

-wearing a mask should not be a political statement

more corona poems posted on the day the death rate hit 105,000 Americans

Here are some of my recent Corona poems.  Many have been posted earlier and some have been published, many were posted on All Poetry, Poetry Soup and elsewhere.  These poems are sometimes very political and perhaps in your face a bit but I am outraged at how badly the US and other countries have handled the Corona pandemic and dismayed to see that it is still being seen as a partisan political issue.  This is particularly true of the fake controversy over wearing a mask.  There can be no controversy – wearing masks save lives and is a very small infringement on individual rights so I just don’t understand that reluctance of some people to wear masks in public. Hence my outrage.  Some of these poems were posted earlier, a few have been published and a few are newly written.  Enjoy and the offer still stands for guest Covid Poems as I may write an update in a few months.

Corona Virus is Not God’s Punishment

Corona Virus Poems

Cosmos’s 2020 April Poetry Part One

Cosmos 2020 April Poetry Part Two

every day I turn on the news published


Part One Longer Poems

Wearing a Mask is not a political statement
To the owner of Liberty Bar and Grill
Corona Virus Stalks Me
Mad Mask Fears
Hope Springs Eternal in Our Year of Discontent
Wearing a Mask is not a political statement
Ode to Nurses
Plane, Train or Automobile – none of us can escape our fate
Conqueor Worm Corona Sonnet
Cosmic Debris Corona Sonnet
God Deals with Corona
Voice Message to God
General Corona Leads His Troops into Battle
Total Success
General Corona is Happy
Watching as the Entire World  Falls Apart
Corona Virus Paranoia
End of the World
Conversation with the Gods About Corona Virus
We Live in an Orwellian World
Woman Releases Balloons of Hope
Life Interrupted by Corona
The End of the World News Depresses Me
God Did Not Send the Virus to Punish America Found Poem
The Virus from Hell is Amused
Every Day I Turn on the News *
Irony Meters Blows a Gasket
My Phobias Overwhelms Me
Fear Fills the Air
Is This the Best We Can Get
More Trouble Every Day
Taking a Walk in the Corona Woods
Lone Man in Empty Parking Lot
Virus King Cried *
Bring Out Your Dead
The Corona Virus is Testing Us All
Last Human on Island

Part Two Short Poems

Corona virus Haiflu
Virus came from Hell Haiflu
Bring Out Your Dead Haiflu
Death Comes Knocking Haiflu
Be Afraid, Afraid Haiflu
Virus Came from Hell Haiflu
Corona Virus Tanka
Calls Goes Out Haiflu
Corona virus haiflu
End of the World Haiflu
Walking in the Woods Haiflu
To Wear or Not Wear Haiflu
Watching the News Haiflu
corona Cinqku

Part One Longer Poems

Watching the News while 100,000 Americans Lie Dead

On the day
when the death toil
reached over 100,000 people
I turned on the news
the president remained silent
As the deaths continue to increase

Watching the news
the president and his minions
continuously lying
about his great job
his great success
As the deaths continue to increase

blaming everything
on everyone else
China, Obama, the democrats, liberals
Fake science, university researchers
the media simply for asking inconvenient questions
As the deaths continue to increase

attacking people for wearing masks
making wearing a mask
a political question
– real men don’t wear masks
As the deaths continue to increase

Self -proclaiming a transition to greatness
and still 35% of Americans
applaud this broken down
man who is our leader
As the deaths continue to increase

god help us all, if there is a God
perhaps he has abandoned us
in our hour of need, and left us
with the President who yearns to king
As the deaths continue to increase

our President will eventually
no longer be our President
and perhaps we will
be a greater country
once this nightmare is over
As the deaths continue to increase

Wearing a Mask is not a political statement

masked woman
masked woman






to my friends in America
to those who think
that somehow the corona virus
only infects other people
that it is all a liberal hoax
overblown nothing more than a bad flu
and nothing to do with me
demanding that we all go
back to work right now
but refuse to wear a mask
that wearing a mask
is an infringement on your freedom
and a sign of weakness
and a political statement
that you are against the President
and a democrat

and a democrat
what is wrong with you?
have you lost your humanity?
A mask is not a political statement
a mask means you care
about other people’s life
and your own as well
will millions have to die
so you can have a Big Mac?
and a beer
whenever you damn please
and no one can tell you
please wear a mask
have you lost all reason?

Have you lost all reason?
is it all now
about owning the dems
and the damn liberates
is there any thing left
in your cold greedy heart?
and you still proclaim
that you are Christian
as you violate all the Christian principles
what would Jesus do
what does the bible say
we should do
in the midst of this pandemic
is it the Christian thing to do

is it the Christian thing to do
to let millions of people die
did not Christ talk about love
compassion and mercy
would not Jesus wear a mask
to protect himself and others
from this ravaging disease
that does not care who you are
who you voted for
which church you go to
and Jesus and God are not there
watching all of us
as the virus spreads
it will affect you
sooner or later

sooner or later
and when it does
perhaps if you had worn
a mask
you might have prevented
a few more people
from joining the 100,000 already dead
a few more people
including your grandfather, grandmother
friend, relative, co-workers might be alive
if you were not such a self-centered person
and I appeal to you my friend
to grow up, become a member
of the human race again

to the owner of Liberty Tree Bar and Grill

I understand that you are banning
wearing of masks inside your bar
because somehow wearing a mask
offends you and your Christian values
and makes a political statement
that the person wearing a mask
is a libtard or a Democrat
or anti-Trump
and those kinds are not welcomed
in your bar and grill
therefore you are putting your staff
your friends and your family at risk
of catching and spreading
the corona virus

the corona virus
You say that you don’t care
if people get the corona virus
it is nothing but a cold or flue
but the thing about it
the deadly thing about the virus
the virus does not care about you
or your political views
and if you or your friends catch it
some of them will get sick and die
and it would all be because of your actions
and wearing a mask is not
a political statement
wearing a mask does not show weakness

wearing a mask does not show weakness
and does not mean that the wearer
is a political enemy
I would respect you more
If you posted a sign
no liberals, democrats
non-whites, gays and anti-trumpers
allowed but that would be illegal
so you take it out on mask wearers
you are so following the Christian faith
what would Jesus say to you
I wonder?
Just shut up already
Put on the damn mask no doubt

Corona Virus Stalks Me

the dreaded corona virus
led by the demented general Corona
seems to be stalking me
everywhere I go
images of the dead
come to life
accusing me of something
as they fade in and out of view
ghostly images fill my fogged up glasses
as I walk down the street
hidden deep inside my masks
and I fear everyone
which is of course part
of the corona virus’s evil’s plan
to drive us all mad sending us to hell

News is Still Grim

watching the daily news
the constant doom and gloom
makes me want to cry
and    hide   away




for the end of the news
and a return to normal
but that seems
like a distant dream

perhaps it is our fate
perhaps it will be over
perhaps it will never
be over

and the news drones











as hundreds of thousands people
lie dead

Mad Mask Fears

I don’t understand
this fear of wearing a mask
somehow making you weak
that wearing a mask
is a political statement
“Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself with a forest dark
for the straightforward pathway had been lost”


WHAT        IS      WRONG     WITH         THESE       PEOPLE





content tracing Dante Inferno  Canto one Line 1 to 3

  Hope Springs Eternal in our Year of our Discontent

corona virus
corona virus





Every day I watch
The daily news
That fills us with dread
Perfect storm of hatred,
fear and despair

Everywhere we go
nonstop fear broadcasted
Despair fills my heart as I turn on the news
Everywhere we are in the midst of the pandemic
Simply put death is at hand

Planning for the future yet waiting for death
At worst we will all die not today but soon
In the long term we are all dead
Remembering the dead all around us
yet I end this poem with a word of hope

hoping for the best
while preparing for the worst
all I can do to stay sane
as I await my fate

on this dismal date
April 1 is indeed
April Fool’s date
is that our fate
this endless dance with death?

and to end with a sign of hope
I know that if I have you by my side
I will survive I will survive
until the end of time itself
takes us to the other side

Ode for Nurses

In honor of national nursing day
I offer this simple poem
thanks to all the nurses
who work so hard
to keep us all alive
and healthy
you are the real heroes
of America
and deserve so much more
that you get
thank you
for all you do

Plane, Train or Automobile – none of us can escape our fate

in these dark and dire times
we find ourselves living
we often fear that the times
are infected with death

and so we are afraid
deathly afraid
that if we take a plane
we will find General Corona
among the passengers

and we afraid
deadly afraid
that the subways
are incubators
of death and destruction

the virus spreads
fear and death
in its wake

many of us
retreating to our homes
and venturing out
in our cars

only to find
death is stalking us
as traffic piles up
traffic accidents
still killing more people
that the dreaded General Corona

the grim reaper smiles
his work is done
Satan thanks General. Corona
for a job well done

the Conqueror Worm Corona Sonnet

Lo, t’s a galla night
within the lonesome later years
when around the world
the dreaded corona virus showed its might
spending fear to those in their later years
that it might take them in the night
that before the sun came up
their time on earth would end up

# content tracing: the Conqueror Worm By Edgar Allan Poe

 Cosmic Debris Corona sonnet

cosmic debris

I received a mysterious email package
followed by a phone call offering me a magical mask
a mask that they claim would prevent me
from the dreaded General Corona
hey there
who you jiving with that cosmic debris
a mask that they did not want me
me to know about

# content tracing- “Cosmic Debris by Frank Zappa”
with apologies to Frank Zappa

Corona Consumes Me Corona Sonnet 3

I am consumed by the corona virus
and I am slowly being taken over
as the virus infects my mind
taking me over turning me
into a wild raving zombie man
Let there be light
will I become the first

content tracing – Let there be light from Bible and the entire Zombie Apocalypse genre where the Zombie flu started usually in China as a flu and then morphs into the zombie disease

God Deals with Corona

god is having a crisis meeting
on the corona virus situation
on planet 679542099199
otherwise known as planet earth
in a minor corner
of the milky way

the deranged inhabitants
of the planet
somehow thought that GOD
created them in his image
and that they are his children
all of them
and that he listens to his prayers

god was so tired of dealing with humans
the most ornery stubborn stupid creatures
of all the millions of sentient beings
he had to deal with them
more than any one else

God created the world
but then let nature take its course
and sometimes things worked out
and sometimes they did not
and God just did not have the time
to deal with every little detail
of life on millions of planets
across the vast universe

His arch enemy Satan
banished to Hell’s prison
was always causing trouble
everywhere in the universe
and Satan also loved the mad
creatures on planet earth

what was god to do
he did not know
as he saw the death rates
increase and grim reaper’s
armies go to work

his courts will be filled
billions stuck in limbo
for centuries
just did not have enough
staff to do the work

God signed off the conference
and sighed again
thinking about the mad creatures
on the planet earth
hoping that they would pull it together
but knowing that he might have to intervene

and went back to his other business
enough of humans for one day

General Corona Leads His Troops Into Battle, crown of sonnets

General Corona leads his forces across the world
riding on a black horse
from out of the Apocalypse
ride the four horsemen
which are let loose upon the world
He leads his forces across the world
into battle as the leader of his evil forces
The enemy of humanity
General Corona he does not care
nor does his virus minions care
about your nationality he does not care
about your politics he does not care
or your wealth or who you are
the corona general sees humanity

the corona general sees humanity
as nothing but hosts for his virus army
chanting death to humanity
until his evil army sweeps throughout the world
throughout the world
and millions must die
it is the will of the general
all must die
and it is the end of the world
or perhaps the beginning of a new world
filled with hope and love through out the world
humanity comes alive throughout the world
fighting back against the virus army
peace, love and compassion defeats the army
and general corona will finally himself die

Voice Message for God

dialing 202-346-5666 Beep
You have reached GOD
Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish
leave a message or prayer
and maybe an angel will call you
will get back to you Beep
Hey GOD someone sent me your number
and well I hope I’ve reached your number
I don’t know where to start that’s the point
GOD I am scared of you
all the time is my point
I am so afraid, so scared
of the dreaded General Corona
and his invisible army is my point

and his invisible army is my point
forcing me to stay at home
and I am sacred
that you anointed the wrong man
to be our leader, that makes me sacred
not to second guess you man
your will be done and all of that man
but GOD, can’t you do better job my man
of anointing our leaders to serve under GOD
of all the people in the U.S. dear God
this is the best you can do?, man?
I mean you picked perhaps the one man
in the world who could be the anti-chris, God
Seriously GOD what is wrong with you? man

Seriously, GOD, what is wrong with you? man
was this all sort of a cosmic joke?
well it ain’t funny any more ain’t no joke
Please GOD make it all go away, man
Please GOD for the love of GOD
and all that is holly and good, man
just make it all go away, GOD
and anoint someone else, man
a real leader for a change, GOD
and let him lead us to the promised land
this I pray in Jesus’s name, my man
and if I don’t make it, GOD
We have a lot to talk about GOD
See you on the other side, my man

Isolation Blues

During these trying times
we huddle at home
afraid to go out
afraid of the dreaded
General Corona that is out
and his evil secret armies
keeping us all at home
terrified of becoming a victim
a corona virus statistic
what a way to go out
no way do I want to end my life
to out out that way
so we will endure this day
these isolation blues

General Corona is coming for us all

I saw the best minds of my generation
destroyed by madness
consumed by the greed
all around us
the dreaded corona virus spreads
its death and destruction
all over the world
no one can escape

content tracing “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg

total Success

The President’s Son-in-law declares
that the government’s response
to the corona virus
has been a total success
as the government
step up to the plate
to fight the virus from hell
I have to wonder
on what planet
does the words

105,000 deaths in three months
and another great depression
becomes total success?
from our dear leader
and his hapless son-in-law

General Corona is Happy

General Corona
is happy
his mission is a great success
as his armies of virus bots
spread throughout the world
spreading chaos and destruction
as all bow down
to his invisible armies
none can escape their fate
on that date
that he unleashed his armies
upon the world
all humans must die
his armies scream out

Watching as the Entire World Falls Apart

watching as the entire world falls apart
consumed by fears of the end of the world
things continue to fall apart around us
humanity turns to silent gods
who turn a deaf ear to our suffering madness

as the virus from hell spreads out all around
fearful people desperately running here
fearful people desperately running there

praying to the silent gods above us all
to rescue them from this hellish nightmare fate
that seems to becoming our fate this late date
and as we all die a million deaths just our fate

Corona Virus Paranoia

fears of the virus
fear of the coming pandemic
paranoia in the air
fear of the other
fear of the coming super bug
the end of the world
all wrapped up
in a simple weaponized virus

End of the world fears

tossed and turned
could not get to sleep

fearful of everything
fears consume me

as the nightmare news played
on in the background

screaming the latest
paranoid conspiracy

end of the world
nightmares becoming real

is the zombie “Apocalypse near
is it time for us to all

to run
for the proverbial hills?

Conversation with the Gods About Corona Virus









Rev. Jake ’s on-line sermon on the Corona Virus

I am reverend Jake and I have a message from God

Last night I had a vision from God
it was his message to the world
about this pandemic we are facing

I found myself in a large room
Jehovah, God, was sitting in the middle
surrounded by the other Gods
they were all there

Jesus on his right
Allah on his left
Buddha behind him

Ganesh, Shiva, Kali
Mohammed, Joseph Smith and other prophets
Gabriel and other angels abound
St Peter in front of his as his Chief of Staff

Zeus, Jupiter, Minerva and ancient
other gods all around him

God spoke up
He said
I have a message for you

to give to your people
all of your people
no matter what religion
or no religion at all
it is all one after all

first the corona virus
is a natural phenomenon
we have no control
over forces of nature

and we did not send
it to you
to punish you
for homosexuality
or anything else at all

Second obey the health directives
stay at home
do your services on line

it is okay with us
we are fine with that

the blood of Jesus
will not save you
If you are in a crowded place
like church or a mosque service

the virus will spread
and catch you in the end

Prayers alone will not save you
but please keep praying
we do listen to your prayers
but we can only do so much

So please don’t allow the virus
to spread
because of your ignorance
and fear

realize that in the end
the virus will do its thing
and you will survive

and we
all the gods here
love you humans

and wish you well
so stay at home
practice self-distancing

It is God’s will
all will survive

We Live in an Orwellian world

1984 image
1984 images







we are living
in an Orwellian 1984 world
and have been for decades

we are assaulted daily
by alternative realties
promoted by various politicians
designed to shut down
all rational thought

true Orwellian thought control
and now with the corona virus
massive surveillance
has become the norm

and when the crisis is over
the surveillance will continue
on one excuse after another

forever as Orwell’s nightmare
big brother ruling us all
comes true

based on the fear that the massive increase in social surveillance being deployed against the Corona virus will after the crisis is over continue forever under one excuse or another as the Orwellian big brother dictatorships around the world become permanent


Woman releases balloons of hope

ballons for peace
balloons for peace








A young woman
walks in a park
on a sunny spring day

carrying 25 red balloons
each red balloon
contains  the name of those
that recently died

in the corona virus pandemic
she is releasing the balloons
hoping they would
rise  to heaven

with a request for God
to hear her prayers
End this pandemic
End the death and destruction
release us from the corona pandemic

the woman releases the balloons
and slowly walks back to her house
to prepare to attend yet another funeral
as the pandemic swirls all around her

creative talents unleashed prompt

life interrupted by corona







we live in a strange world
life interrupted by corona
the virus spread throughout the world
disrupting everything

putting life on hold
as more people
hunkered down

waiting for the virus
to pass over us
like in biblical times

the virus
will test us all

and then
we will all
go back
to life interrupted

The end of the world news depresses me

trump jpg
trump jpg






the end of the world news
depresses me
makes me want to shout and scream
Shut up,   leave me alone
to deal with my grief

amid the death and destruction
watching CNNMSNBCFOXBBC media nonstop
filled with essential dread
the end of the world is upon us

from the screaming news media
spreading forth across the land
fake news screams the president
all is alright he proclaims

no one believes his 16,000 lies
and so it goes

we are drowning with information
coming at us so fast and furious

When will it end my friend
is anyone’s guess
in the long run we are dead

God Did not Send the Corona Virus  as a Punishment Black Out Poem


Corona Pandemic is Not’s God’s Punishment

Amid  the coronavirus pandemic,
President Trump
Attended virtual Easter church services
I’ve had talks with the pastors,

We need to get back
to church so badly.”

Rev Jeffries is  a great guy
I’m going to be watching on a laptop.”

Rev Jeffries said

The 9/11 attacks were God’s punishment
on America for abortion.

“People ask me all the time,”
‘Well, I just don’t understand
why God wouldn’t protect our nation

and he would allow these
radical Muslims in 2001
to kill 3,000 of our citizens
and why God doesn’t protect us

Surely, God doesn’t use pagans
to bring judgment
upon his own people,
does he?’”

I am sad to report
Rev Jeffries
I spoke to God

This morning
He confirmed
He did not cause 9-11
To bring judgement
On the US
For abortion

He went on to say
The corona virus
Is beyond his control

And he is not sending it
To punish the US
Or the world

His final words
Please tell Rev Jeffries
To simply shut up

the Virus from Hell is amused

corona virus
corona virus






the Virus from Hell is amused
laughing at the world’s panicked reaction
as it marches through the world unabated
infecting everyone in its wake

as the world awaits its fate
the virus smiles he ain’t no fake
he is the real deal
he is death itself

he is the end of the world
the grim reaper is smiling
god is silent as usual

the world’s leaders
dither and dater
as the economy craters

everyone hoping that God
will save them
the virus does not care

insults and orders do not work
the virus simply does its virus thing
infecting everyone it encounters
and thousands will die

equal opportunity offender
killing the rich and the poor alike
but more poor people
just so many more poor people
than the few billionaires

the virus smile
his work is done
and mankind is doomed
so be it the virus thinks

that is the way of the world
and the virus is the new king
of the world

Every Day I Turn on the News

cnn logo
cnn logo

debunking the bioweaapon conspiracy theories

published in Spillwords

every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell

the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise

every time I turn on the news
oh my god I say
we are all going to die

and I am so afraid
afraid of everyone
afraid of everything

dreading the latest news
and nothing relieves my fear

I watch the world
loosing its collective mind
wondering how much more of this
can  we all take

I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual

and so I realized
we are doomed

perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not

I turn off the TV
try to stay calm

hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all

Irony Meters Blow Gaskets 

donald trump
donald trump








the Irony meter gasket
is blown again and again

with every statement
of our chaos president
and his endless surrogates

promoting the latest Presidential
on spot guidance by our great leader

that must be true
because our dear leader
says it is so

The President accuses his democratic rival
of being senile and needs to be in home
and will be run by his radical left allies

and the right wing media
echoes the presidential absurd comments

refusing to acknowledge
that the president himself
is rapidly fading into dementia

and his radical right cronies
are looting the government
driving out expertise
even in the midst of pandemic

Oh  yeah the irony meters
are blowing gaskets
every single day


trump clown in chief
trump clown in chief






the world descends into chaos
as our world leaders
led by the chaos president
are overwhelmed

by the smallest
enemy of all
a simple virus
straight out of hell

blows through the crumbling
third world public health infrastructure
living proof of the decline of America
and no one is prepared

and panic ensures
with every Presidential tweet
as people don’t believe
a word he says

conspiracy rumors spread
everyone believes their own reality

as the world spins out of control
the chaos king is in his element
convince that only he knows
the deal

and everyone else
is iust a bit player
in the reality show
that he presides over

and so the rest of us
hunker down

just hoping for the best
as the panic and
chaos spreads faster
than the virus

are we doomed
can we survive
will God save us?
he is silent as always

My Phobias Overwhelm Me

covid 19 spread
covid 19 spread







lately I have become scared
of everything

the news scares me, the corona virus scares me, the presidential race scares me, fears of gun men in the street, terrorism, fears of getting sick, fears of dogs, fears of other people, fear of loosing money, fears of becoming demented old man, lost in his nightmares on the street just another invisible homeless bum in the end of his life

all these phobias overwhelm me
time to walk away from my fears

and realize
it will be alright

everything will be alright
As long as I have you
by my side

Fear Fills the Air

cnn logo
cnn logo




watching the news
blather on and on

the world is ending
pandemic is coming

we are going to die
and the fear grows
and the restrictions grow

travel comes to stop
the economy comes to  a stop

everyone is so afraid
our leaders fret
say that everything is fine
as the world enters

the second great depression
and we are faced
with the reality
all over the world

idiots in high places
the masters of the universe
are in charge

the internet spreads
the wildest rumors
must be true

I read it on the internet
the truth is lost
in the shuffle

no one believes anyone
everything thinks
that they know
it is all a conspiracy

the thought comes to mind
we are all so ’S….
end of the world
is upon us

is this the best we can get?







watching the news
one wonders

how in this great country
of ours

335 million people
among the most educated
richest people in the world

we can end up
with such idiots in high places
running out country?

these idiots in charge
no disrespect intended

both political parties
all corporations
and our institutions
except maybe the military

has been infected
by this virus
of epic incompetence
greed and indifference
to the general good

who loudly constantly proclaim
that they are Christians
while violating
all of Christ’s teachings

Jesus if he came back
would scream out
I am not Christian

it is all about me
and mine

and you can go
to hell
if you dare to disagree

and so we tweet and titter
and watch the news
reading the latest rumors
and I wonder

if there is a god
or if there is a devil
and are we overwhelmed
by the dismal news

why can’t we have better
better people
in our leaders
around the world

has god abandoned us
are we in hell
or did god ever exist
except in our fevered imagination

will god save us all
or will the world
just go around the sun
indifferent to our pleas?

no answer
must watch the news
consumed by the need
to see the latest news

and so it goes
and I wake up

the sun is up
and the nightmares
fade away

until I watch the news
and the madness consumes
us all again and again

as the corona virus
marches on and on
consuming us all
as the world falls apart

these must be the end times
I hope I will be raptured away
even if I am not a Christian

More Trouble Every Day

The Old Zappa song plays
on in my head
every time I turn on the news

and see more trouble every day
no one can delay
the trouble coming every day

Frank Zappa died too soon
before the horrors of the Trump era
and the corona end of the world plague

that he would have foreseen
if he had lived on
he was truly a prophet

crying in the wildness
while making money
as an over night sensation

as he saw the slime
oozing out of the TV sets
we will do what we are told
for the rights to us have been sold

And Jesus too
has been sold
to the highest bidder

nothing but a business deal
in America
the land of the constant deal

and so I turn off the TV
and realize that

the torture never ends
the torture never ends

Taking a Walk in the Corona Era

peace forest
peace forest

every day I go for a walk
in the spring time woods
near my house

braving the weather
and the dreaded corona virus




wearing masks and gloves
keeping a distance
from anyone we encounter

that is life it seems
in the era of the corona virus

when will it end
no one knows
until then
I will brave the viral threat

and confront my fears
and walk in the park

with the love of my life
my bride my wife
by my side

in these challenging times
that is all we can do

A lone man stands in an empty parking lot

empty parking lot
empty parking lot

A lone man stands in an empty parking lot



contemplating the new normal
social distancing run amuck

as fears of the corona super plague
plague the land
driving everyone inside

sheltering in place
afraid to go out
afraid of the deadly c virus

The Virus King Cried

the virus king cried
virus king cried

published in Muse McAalster Journal

the virus king smiled
as the politicians lied
saying that the end was near
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king sneered
as people panicked
and partied on the beach
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king laughed
as the markets crashed
millions became unemployed
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king roared
as the world slid into chaos
people turning on one another

the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king smirked
knowing that there was nothing
that they could do to stop
his army from infecting millions
and killing thousands

the virus King begin to realize
that soon there would be no one left
no one for his army to infect
as everyone was dying

the virus King yelled
remaining defiant
as civilization collapsed
billions were infected
millions died

the Virus King at last cried
when he saw that he was defeated
as one by one
people began to recover
and his reign of terror came to an end

Bring out your dead

grimm reaper
grimm reaper

the call bring out your dead
spreads around the world
as millions die

all over the world
the virus has spread
mutated and killed

all over the world
bring out your dead

the mournful cries
echoing in the wind
of the dying cities

mass starvation
as no is working
in the fields

as more people die
and the world spins
around the sun
with the politicians lying
and the dead still dying

as civilization dies
and humanity flee
into the wilderness
chased by the killer virus
straight down to hell

the corona virus is testing us all

the corona virus is testing us all
is it a plague
sent by God
if we have faith
will we recover

or it is beyond our control
the end of the world
does god hear our prayers
does god even exist

the virus from hell
spreads around the world
and test our faith

will god save us all
I have no answer
but perhaps if god exists
we will recover
from this plague
from hell


the four horse men ready to ride


four horsemen
four horsemen







the end of the world is upon us
as god unleashes the corona virus
which is spreading across the land

the four horse men are ready
to begin their grim journey
announcing the end of the world

the white horse comes first
offering peace and hope
in the midst of death
and despair

the red horse rides second
ushering in war
throughout the world
as nations turn on each other
and civil war looms

the Black Horse is ready
unleashing famine
on a starving world
as people stay at home
and food rots in the field

no one is able
to work any more
as the virus kills more
and more

the pale horse rides last
bringing death
in his wake
death all around us

as the virus kills us all
and civilization ends

the four horse men
have done their job

the virus finishes its reign of terror
and the few survivors
beging to recover

end of the world
came and went
and they are still alive
thanks to God

who remains silent
as always

Last Human on Island

in the deep blue sea
nothing there
but death and destruction
virus all around
pandemic plague
Apocalyptic views
end of times
death of civilization

Part Two Haiku, Haifu and CoVid Ku Poems

corona virus Haiku


corona virus
corona virus

corona virus

staying home
waiting for death
Afraid everything

the virus came from hell

the virus came from hell
staying home waiting for death
Afraid everything

Bring Out Your Dead

bring out your dead cries
break out all over the world
we are waiting death

death comes knocking

death comes knocking
on our doorsteps tonight
will God hear prayers

be afraid, afraid

be afraid afraid
Must be afraid every one
Death is at our door

The Virus Came From Hell

the virus came from Hell
ravaging the entire world
all waiting for death

Corona Virus Fears Tanka

cover 19
cover 19






Corona virus
lurking fears all around me
we all will die

the TV screaming nonstop
Must be afraid

The call goes out

the call goes out
stay at home
to beat the dreaded c virus
will we live
or all die?

five Haiflu/covid ku poems


corona virus

corona virus
spreading across the land
death waiting for us

end of the world

corona virus
it seems to be coming soon
end of the world

Walking in the woods


walking in the woods
amid corona virus
waiting for my death

To Wear or Not Wear a Mask

to wear or not wear
a mask is it just political
makes a statement

Watching the news

watching the news
crying at the growing deaths
politicians lying

Corona Cingku

came from hell
to wipe us out
everyone must prepare
meet God

The End

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