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April 16 and 17, 2022 Poems

I am falling behind as I took a trip last week.  I have kept my quota but slipping on posting them.   Here’s poems for April 12 and 13

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Begin Poems

Friday Day 15: “

I Don’t Care For Country Music NaPoWriMo


Country is a genre of popular music that originated with blues, church music such as Southern gospel and spirituals, old-time, and American folk music forms …

I don’t care for country music
Never had
Never got into the country music vibe.

Although I like to drink beer
Country music was just never
My thing.

Too rural white boy shit-kicking for my taste.
I always saw it as poor white trash blues.
And it has some similarities to the blues
In terms of themes and even sound.

Country music is not urban enough
For my taste
I like blues, funk, jazz, disco, rock music
And classical music best

Not too much into hip hop or rap
The country is my least favorite musical genre.
But the blues is so much better

There were a few country singers
I liked
Johnny Cash is one of them.

But on the whole
Country music is just
A big meh for me.

Finally, here’s our daily (optional) prompt. This one may seem counter-intuitive, but today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something you have no interest in. This isn’t quite the same, I think, as something you’re indifferent to. For example, I have absolutely no interest in investment strategy. Anytime anyone tries to tell me about it, I want to put my fingers in my ears and go “lalalalalala.” My brain tries to shut down! This is honestly kind of funny, and I think this prompt has value precisely because it invites you to investigate some of the “why” behind resolutely not giving two hoots about something.

Visit to Jade Garden Korea


Jade Garden (제이드 가든 수목원) is an arboretum located in Chuncheon, South Korea. The garden opened in April 2011. … Jade Garden provides walk-through tours …


Jade Garden is an exotic arboretum established with the theme of “small Europe in the forest.” It was built on an area of 163,500 m2 by keeping its natural …


Why go here? Well, it has a different vibe compared to other Korean gardens. It has a European garden vibe. ALSO, Jade Garden is the filming location of Korean …

jade garden 5

jade garden 6
jade garden 6
Jade garden 7
jade garden 7

jake garden 8jade garden 8 jpg

jade garden 9

jade garden 9

Visiting Jade Garden
Nar Chungcheong, South Korea
On a beautiful spring day,

The cherry trees were in full flower
Pink and white petals
The scent of cherry trees in the air.

Other trees just starting to bloom
Red, yellow and white tulips
Beginning to bloom.

The sounds of spring all around
Birds singing
People walking about.

Talking to one another
As they wander the pathway
Taking in the springtime splendor.

The sun warming up
The pathway winding
Through the Forest.

April 15—Botany—explore the flora of your region! Somehow include at least 3 of the 5 senses.

Favorite Cheese PSH

tilamook cheese
tilamook cheese


As a cooperative we’re known as the Tillamook County Creamery Association. We’re …


Stop by our modern Creamery experience in Tillamook Oregon, or our Market at …


Our Medium Cheddar Cheese Blocks are naturally aged for a bolder flavor, …


Get exclusive merch, pick up a savory treat, and sign up to be the first to …

My favorite cheese
Has always been Tillamook
cheddar cheese

My father turned me
On to it

When I was a young lad
Once during our annual
Migration from Berkeley
To Yakima

During the summer vacation
When we drove to the family cabin
And stayed almost two months

Just my father,
My mother
My two brothers
My sister

Our whole dysfunctional family
Forced to be together
For the summer

It was hell on earth
But the road trip
To and from
Was an adventure

One year we drove
Up the Oregon coat
And we stopped
At the Tillamook creamery

And did the tour
Learned how they made
Their famous cheese
And ice cream

Tillamook cheese
Is made in Tillamook, Oregon
A small town
Along the Oregon coast

The cheese is dark yellow
Comes in two flavors
Sharp and regular
I prefer the sharp.

It has a delightful aroma
And is among the most
Favorable of cheeses
I have ever eaten.

And it has an aftertaste
That lingers in your mouth
For several minutes

As you savor
The aroma, the taste
And the texture
Taking you to cheese

I was perhaps 13
At the time
And interested
In everything

Learned a lot
About cheese
That visit

But the most important thing
Was I learned
That was my favorite cheese

Tillamook. Cheese.
Still is
Almost 55 years later.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Joan Liotta:

What does your favorite cheese–describe the taste, the aroma, its texture, and tell where you first tried it.

I am an Impatient Man Writers Digest

I am an impatient man
Always have been
Probably always will be.

My wife is always telling me
To slow down
To eat slowly
To drink slowly
To talk slowly.

And to be patient
But I just never
Developed the skill
To be patient

and so I rush
through life.

Eat too fast
Drink to fast
Love too fast.

There are some things
I developed patience for
That I took my time,

It took me eight years
To get into the Foreign Service.

But the most important thing
In my life
I seized quickly.

When I met my wife
Who I met in a dream
And waited patiently
For eight years

Before she walked
Off a bus
And into my life.

I proposed three days later
We got married two months later
And have been together
For 40 years.

For today’s prompt, write a patience poem. Your poem could be about someone or something with great patience, or it could come from the other direction (ie, impatience). One fun thing about this prompt is that it begs us to consider the various ways of measuring time: From the patience required to sit at a red light to the patience of a tree growing rings for centuries.

Can Love Exist in this Corrupt Age? Sonnet Local Gems

Can love still exist in this corrupt age?
The answer is that love will find a way.
Life seems to play out on a stage,
All that matters is this, how we play.

For love and life is nothing but a game,
On that day, she walked into my life.
In the end, it all comes out to be the same,
Three months later, became my wife.
It was on that date in early September,
that she walked off a bus, no longer a dream.
A date I shall always remember.

When I saw her there, all I could do was scream.
I wanted to just scream out, I love you
Looking at her then, I knew that she knew.

.Write a sonnet

Saturday Day 16:

Love Curtal Sonnet NaNoWriMo

It was in early 82, in September
A date that I shall always remember
For on that date, I met my cosmic fate.
For eight years I dreamt she would become my mate,
I almost gave up waiting for her it was late
But then that day she said in my dream to me
Don’t worry soon together as a we
This is just what our karmic fate that date.
And soon enough everything became great.
And no longer would I need to wait
For love came my way.

And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a curtal sonnet. This is a variation on the classic 14-line sonnet. The curtal sonnet form was developed by Gerard Manley Hopkins, and he used it for what is probably his most famous poem, “Pied Beauty.” A curtal sonnet has eleven lines, instead of the usual fourteen, and the last line is shorter than the ten that precede it.

French Press This! Dew Drop Inn


Every morning I get up
At the crack of dawn
As the sunlight fills my room
I make coffee.

Using my French press
To make what I call
A fully loaded cup
Of cosmic Joe.

½ Ground French Roast Starbucks
or Major Dickinson Peets coffee
½ decaf coffee
Yogi detox tea
Yogi blueberry slim tea

I boil the water
Bike 1 to 2 k
Then enjoy
My French press coffee.

I make two cups
Shifting to tea
Later in the morning.

April 16—Ordinary object(s)—explore the usual or unusual uses of ordinary objects

The World Is Broken PSH

Among the many sins
Attributed to the Baby Boomers
Is this

They Broke the world
And they do not know
How to fix it

Everywhere you go
It seems the world is broken
Homeless people
Forced to camp out

Gun violence
At a pandemic level

Yet government leaders
Aided by the NRA
Seem to think
The solution to gun violence
Are more guns for everyone

As gun laws are weakened
In many states nowadays
Anyone can buy a gun
Without a license
Training or any liability insurance,

Every time there is a gun battle
In the streets
Conservatives claim
That the solution
Is to have good people
With guns
Battling bad people with guns

Total insanity

Guns don’t kill people
The NRA claims

The price of freedom
Is not free
Everyone must have a gun
To protect themselves

Against criminals
Illegal aliens.
Government agents

And democrats libtards
Trying to force everyone
Into becoming bisexual

Or at least get vaccinated
So Bill Gates can track you.

Climate change
Is here and now
Monster storms

Massive droughts
100-year storms
Every year.

Yet nothing is done
Even though
We all know
What we must do.

To save the planet
And the human race

Inflation out of control
Supply chains are still broken
COVID although receding
Still lurking about.

Putin Invading Ukraine
Committing war crimes
While the US and NATO
Are afraid of provoking Putin
Who is threatening nuclear war

North Korean threatening Asia
China menacing Taiwan.

Opioids crisis killing Americans
Gun battles killing people
COVID still killing people
Storms killing people.

Too many ghosts everywhere
Screaming out,

“You broke the world
But you can’t fix it.”

And we pray to a God
That may or may not exist
And does not answer our prayers.

Yes, we all share a responsibility
We all broke the world
And none of us

Knows how to fix it.
I hope that this
is not the end
Of the World

Although many days
It feels like revelations
Is coming true.

This poetry writing prompt submitted by J R Turek:
Write a list poem titled “Everything is Broken” but offer no solutions to fix anything.

The Feel of Korean Food Writer’s Digest

octopus on plate ready to be cooked,italyoctopus on plate ready to be cooked,italy

Korean food is a full sensory experience
Overwhelming one with smells, flavors
And textures as well.




One day back
in the Peace Corps days
My best friend visited me

From Indonesia where he
Had been hanging out.

It was the dead of winter
15 degrees F.
When he got on the plane
It was 90 degrees F.

We bought winter clothes
Then I decided to treat him
To an infamous Korean disk

산 나치
San Nachi
or Live Octopus.

They brought it out
The octopus tentacles
Were moving about.

I taught him
The proper technique
Grab it by the chopstick

Dip it in hot sauce
And chew it a long time

Sometimes unwary
Or drunk eaters
Encounter a problem

When the suckers
Get stuck in one’s mouth
Sometimes requires
a trip to the ER.

The texture is slimy
And a big disgusting
Need a lot to drink
The first time around.

My friend tried it
But said never again
And we both bring it up
From time to time.

He was not a big fan
Of the 산 나치
San Nachi.

Never tried that again
But he did like
Other things we ate
That winter.

For today’s prompt, write a touching poem. We’ve already done smell and taste; let’s move on to the sense of touch. Of course, all these prompts are open to interpretation, and touch connects many paths, including touching up a picture, touching down an airplane, bringing a soft or human touch to a situation, and even playing touch and go (or tag). However, in your poem, feel encouraged to put your personal touch on this prompt.

Easiest Thing in the World Local Gem

The easiest thing
In the world
Was falling in love
With you.

For on the date
We met in real life
After dreaming
Of the moment
For eight years.

I knew that I had met my fate
On that fine September date
And soon you became my mate.

I looked at you
And as the Koreans say

Spark from heart to heart

And the rest
Was history
As they say.

The End

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