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April 28, 2022 Poems

April 28th, 2022 Poems

On the home stretch. Here are my poems for April 28 .  Links to my previous April poems follow:

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Thursday Day 28:

NaPoWriMo Prompt


I like my coffee hot

In the morning

Just right



Today’s (optional) prompt is to write a concrete poem. Like acrostic poems, concrete poems are a favorite for grade-school writing assignments, so this may not be your first time at the concrete-poem rodeo. In brief, a concrete poem is one in which the lines are shaped in a way that mimics the topic of the poem. For example, May Swenson’s poem “Women” mimics curves, reinforcing the poem’s references to motion, rocking horses, and even the shape of a woman’s body. George Starbuck’s “Sonnet in the Shape of a Potted Christmas Tree” is – you guessed it – a sonnet in the shape of a potted Christmas tree. Your concrete poem could be complexly-shaped, but relatively simple strategies can also be “concrete” —  like a poem involving a staircase where the length of the lines grows or shrinks over time, like an ascending (or descending) set of stairs.

Dew Drop Inn

Three Poems

About Filth and Slime




As far as I can see
Is that all that can ever be.
Mountains of foul, smelling dishes
Being eaten by drunk fishes.

Fast, faster, faster
Comes the slime
I wish that
I was eating a lime

Never want to touch this slime.

Morning Thoughts

One morning
While I sat drinking my coffee
And bemoaning my fate.

My brain decided to fly away to the land of bliss
As I sat drinking my coffee in the dawning light
Writing away my memoirs and dreams of love.

I noticed that my brain’s tissue
Had decided to take a vacation
And was crawling down my nose
And out of my ears.

Like some sort of cosmic mucus.
Down my slime encrusted back
And out the windows of my soul.

I was of course
Disturbed, I was perturbed,
And until I realized.

That I had no right.
To tell my mind what to do.
So I sat down.

And played a game of checkers
with my mind
Till the entreaty of time
passed me by.

Nothing but a piece of flotsam
On the winds of the universe
The walls fell,
The sky melted apart.

I woke up and sat down
And had an orgy
with my mind

Slime Patrol to the Dishroom


Note: I washed dishes in college.





Slime Patrol to the dish room, please
Rant the loudspeaker with a demented static,
Hell no, we chanted in vain.

No, where to go
Nowhere to escape
The ever-present smell
Of putrid rotting
sweaty effervescent slime.

That’s right
Slime, slime, slime, slime







Is that all that there is?




Ruled by slime Kings who run Slime Machines?
Hell No, we won’t go we chanted in vain
And we hook ourselves up
And entered the machine






Must get high
To deal with the slime.
The god damned slime.

From the plates
Of the elite college kids

Who ate in the cafeteria
Never noticing the workers
Laboring behind in the kitchen.

For them we are nothing
For we are all nothing but slime molds
In the gross wheels of America’s grease pit.

And they are the future masters
Of the universe.

And we are their future slaves.
Working in the slime pits
To feed them with slime.





Hope they die

From ingesting the pink slime

In their corrupted food.

Some day
The slime patrol
Will rise up.
And slaughter them

While they eat our delicious slime
Until that day

We will do our duty
In the forgotten corners
Of the universe.




prompt: write about a hard job you have had.

PSH prompt

Writing com


Remix of the worst jobs in the world as Cherita’s Poems


bored train operator

The worst job in the world

Must be toll booth attendants
Just boring as hell




They sit there all-day
Bored out of their minds
Waiting for the shift to end.

The worst job in the world
Must be toll booth attendants
Just boring as hell
Waiting for the shift to end.


bored train operator

Subway train operators

Subway train operators
Also, have a boring job

Nothing to do
Just waiting for the shift
To end.


visa applicants applying for Ameican dream
visa line

Visa officers

Also, have a hard job
Saying no to thousands

Who lines up
Lying to the Visa officers
Who has the power of God.


After today, we’ll be three poems from finishing this challenge. Woot!

For today’s prompt, write a remix poem. Take one of your poems (preferably from this month) and remix it. Make free verse a traditional form or vice versa.

Red Wine Local Gem







Red wine
Evening delight
Drinking it at sunset.

Wine makes the evening just fine.
If I drink too much wine.
Never again! do I cry out the next morning,
Eventually, the hangover is no longer mine.

All Poetry


The Feeling of Hard Work

In my school days
when I was a younger man
I worked at odd jobs
To make my spending money.

I did everything
From lawn and yard work
working in the city parks,
Picking fruit.
Working at Taco Bell
the University Pub,

To house painting
Door to door sales
Political canvassing.

To dish-washing
To work as a bouncer
And as a fry cook.

Juvenile probation officer
world trade intern
conference organizer
teaching ESL.
working as Peace Corps volunteer.

delivering newspapers
working with the Hubert Humphrey Fellows
Serving as a foreign service officer.

And I learned so much
From the feeling of hard work

How things feel to the touch
How sweat feels
On a hot day.

And in the end
The value of hard physical labor.
That was a valuable life lesson.
In and of itself.

Today we challenge you to write a poem that focuses on the sense of touch, and how things physically feel, rather than the other senses.

writing com Sight of Korean Food

bottles of korean liquor soju
Korean Food
Korean Food







Like a lot of Asian cuisine

Korean food is a feast
For all the senses
The flavor is intense.

The aroma lingers in the air
The food is sensuous
Sometimes inviting to the touch.

But visually the food
Is a smorgasbord of sights
From the bright green
Of the seaweed and vegetable side dishes.

To the yellow colors of the turnips
and radishes

To the intense dark red
orange, and yellow
Of the signature dish, Kimchi
Occasionally white kimchi too.

And white rice
brown and black mixed grain rice
to absorb the bursts of flavors.

and white potatoes as well.

And the dark brown colors
Of the grilled meat

And sometimes blackened fish
And purple color sweet potatoes,

And the light blue color
Of blue fish such as tuna
And the pink color of sashimi.

And who can forget
The green frog on the soju bottle?
and the green and brown beer bottles?
and the white color of rice wine?

the end

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