81 Words Breaks World Record

81 Words Breaks World Record

Most contributing authors published in a Flash Fiction Anthology: world record set by 1000 Authors

Jun 15, 2022

I am pleased to have been part of this project.  They published my story, “Dreams Do Come True as item 942 on page 478.

“ In 1974, Sam had a dream that changed his life forever.

He fell asleep in a class and saw the most beautiful woman in the universe talking to him. She haunted his life for years. He went to the ends of the earth to find her.

Then she walked off a bus, out of his dreams, and his life to become his wife three months later. That is the beginning of the rest of the story.”

As most of you know, this is based on a true story. You can read more here:

NEW YORK CITY, New York, United States–The ’81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology’, a book containing 1,000 stories written by 1,000 authors, contains 1,000 stories that are exactly 81 words in length, the result of almost seven years of hard work and the generosity of writers living all over, sets the world record for The Most Contributing Authors Published in a Flash Fiction Anthology, according to the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY,

The world record book was published by Victorina Press, an independent UK publisher that follows the principles of biodiversity (the cultural diversity applied to the writing and publishing world, developed by a group of Chilean independent publishers). Because there are authors from many different countries featured in the book, this felt like the perfect project for them to be involved with.

“I’d like to thank VP’s Managing Director, Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes, and the rest of the Victorina Press team (Sophie, Jorge, Page, and Amanda) for supporting this project and publishing the anthology, says Christopher Fielden, the book’s Editor.


“Their involvement adds credibility to the unofficial world record attempt and will help the book (and every author featured in it) gain more exposure.”


“The challenge was conceived by Adam Rubinstein, a self-professed educational basket-case from the ’70s who says he finds his sense of meaning and well-being through creativity.


“The 81 Words writing challenge was originally launched on 81words.net. It became part of my website and I soon developed the challenge into a world record attempt for the most contributing authors published in an anthology. The 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology was published.”

The 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology contains 1,000 stories submitted to the 81 Words writing challenge.


The 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology contains 1,000 stories written by 1,000 authors who submitted their work to the 81 Words Writing Challenge run on Chris Fielden’s website. Each story is exactly 81 words in length.


In April 2022, the 81 Words Anthology was shortlisted in the ‘Best Anthology’ category of the Saboteur Awards, run by Sabotage Reviews. And on 14th May 2022, the book was announced as the winner.


Victorina Press also won the ‘Most Innovative Publisher’ category.



“I loved Lee Kull’s devilish story. I wonder what that sly herbalist will concoct in future readings for her next heavy-handed victim!”


“I’ve been pleased by the variety of stories all told with just 81 words. Not only are the stories diverse, but the authors are too. Ranging in age from 4 years to many more lived years, the authors come from all over the world. It’s a terrific book to leave out in a waiting area or by your throne for an enjoyable few minutes of very short and entertaining distraction. I highly recommend this book.”


“The quality and variety of stories in this book are magnificent and I love the mini-biography for each author after their short story.
I am author No. 533 but hadn’t read any of the other work until I purchased it on launch day and although I knew the quality of writing would be good I had no idea how high the standard would be.
Well done to all involved and thank you to those who have purchased.”


“A lot of work has gone into creating this anthology of tiny stories so well done Chris Fielden. Well done to all the authors too – 81 words isn’t a lot to work with to create a rounded story. A great book to dip into and would make a good Christmas present……and it supports the Arkbound charity too.”

The 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology is available in print and eBook formats.


Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Arkbound Foundation, a charity that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within publishing by running projects that empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds and deprived communities to get their voices heard.


The book can be bought from all of Amazon’s websites. You can find it by searching for the book by name or the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN):  B09JZXVYL8


You can buy paperback copies of the book from Victorina Press here:

81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology


You can also buy paperbacks from Amazon here.

The 1,000 Writers In The Anthology

Here is a (rather epic) list of the 1,000 contributing authors featured in the anthology. There are more than 1,000 writers in the book because some of the stories were written by two-person author teams. As mentioned further up this page, all the details are in the introduction of the book. Here is the list, presented alphabetically based on first name/initial:

  1. A. Rubin
    A. Gustafson
    A.H. Creed
    Aaron McDermott
    Abby Shue
    Abhi Shan
    Abigail Rowe
    Abigail Williamson
    Adam Bevan
    Adam Down
    Adam Rubinstein
    Adam Waters
    Adam Wright-Johnson
    Adele Evershed
    Adrian Hall church
    Adrian Nichol
    Aerin Bernstein
    Ahmad Abu Sharkh
    Aigbonoga Omoh
    Aishwarya Harikumar
    Akindu Perera
    Alan Barker
    Alan Barker [Note: same name but a different human being to the previous Alan]
    Alan D. Przybylski
    Alan Dale
    Alan Greaves
    Alan Pattison
    Alan Ridley
    Alcuin Edwards
    Aleah Bingham
    Alex Blair
    Alex Fullerton
    Alexandra Klyueva
    Alexio Gomes
    Ali Bounds
    Ali Clarke
    Alice Hale
    Alice Payne
    Alice Penfold
    Alicia McGrath
    Alicia Sledge
    Alicia Yau
    Alison Clary
    Alison Reese
    Alison Wren
    Alistair Forsyth
    Allen Ashley
    Ally Cook
    Alyson Faye
    Amanda Garzia
    Amanda Huggins
    Amanita Peridot Festoon
    Amberlie Robinson
    Amelia Brown
    Amisha Bansal
    Ana D.
    Anastasia Bromberg
    Anastasia Mosher
    Andre Othenin-Girard
    Andrew Ball
    Andrew Carter
    Andrew Dawkins
    Andrew James Spence
    Andrew Jones
    Andrew McGill
    Andrew Perry
    Andrzej Christopher Marczewski
    Andy Langdale
    Angela P Googh
    Angelique Dusengimana
    Ani Martin
    Ania Kovas
    Anita Goveas
    Ankush Vijay Chawla
    Anna Capstick
    Anna Ferrar
    Anna Sanderson
    Anne Copeland
    Annie Francis
    Annika Franke
    Anu Roy
    Arlene Everingham
    Arthur KC Chan
    Arya Amlani
    Ash Gray
    Ashleigh Whittle
    Ashley Kim
    Ashley Scott
    Ashley Vohrer
    Ashutosh Pant
    Austrian Spencer
    Ava Groth
    Avery Pryce
    Ayesha Hassan
    B. K. Bolen
    B. P. Garcia
    B.C. Ong
    Barbara Eustace
    Barnaby Page
    Barry Rhodes
    Barry Smith
    Bart Elbey
    Bec Lewis
    Becky Benishek
    Bekk Escott
    Benjamin Noel
    Bernard Hicks
    Bernard Muslin
    Bert Velthuis
    Beth Greenwood
    Beth Kander
    Betty Hattersley
    Betty J Burton
    Blake Holcomb
    Blerina Kapllani
    Brett Elliott-Palmer
    Brian Johnstone
    Brian Mackinney
    Brianna Damplo
    Bridget Blankley
    Bridget Scrannage
    Bridget Yates
    Brittany Holmes
    Bruce Millar
    Bruce Wyness
    Bryan Keefe
    Byron Coulson
    C. H. Connor
    C.R. Berry
    Caiden Lang
    Caleb Jansen
    Cameron Crebs
    Campbell Hinshelwood
    Carl Palmer
    Carla Vlad
    Caroline Cowan
    Caroline Wright
    Carolyn Roden
    Carolyn Ward
    Carrie Hewlett
    Cath Allwood
    Catherine Broxton
    Catherine Cade
    Catherine Harkness
    Cathi Radner
    Catrin Rutland
    CB McCall
    Ceris Brewis
    Charles Bonkowsky
    Charles K Manila
    Charles Lee
    Charles Murphy
    Charles Osborne
    Charlie Taylor
    Charlie Turner
    Charlotte Ella Read
    Charlotte Farrell-Banks
    Charlotte Ward
    Charlotte West
    Cheah Yin Mee
    Cheryl Buck
    Chip Jett
    Chloe Frost
    Chloe Nkomo
    Chloe Testa
    Chris Black
    Chris Cantor
    Chris Espenshade
    Chris Green
    Chris McLoughlin
    Chris Pritchard
    Chris Tattersall
    Christian Andrei Nuez Laplap
    Christian Obaitan
    Christianna Sahadeo
    Christina Burton
    Christina M. Y. Chow
    Christine Bukania
    Christine Hursell
    Christine Kingshott
    Christine O’Donnell
    Christine Reeves
    Christine Tapper
    Christopher Fielden
    Christopher Searle
    CJ Nicol
    CJ Wigg
    CL Wearne
    Claire Allinson
    Claire Apps
    Claire Gagnon
    Claire Gee
    Claire Lee
    Claire Schön
    Claire Taylor
    Claire Temple
    Clara Baird
    Clare Owen
    Clare Tivey
    Clarrie Rose
    Cleiton Pinho
    Colette KrielColleen Hue
    Constance Bourg
    Crilly O’Neil
    Cristina Bresser
    Cynthia Akagi
    Dan McConnell
    Daniel L. Link
    Daniel McClaskey
    Danielle Linsey
    Danny Macks
    Darci-Leigh Robinson-Askew
    Darren Hackett
    Dave Firth
    David Batteiger
    David Brewis
    David Conway
    David Don
    David Guilfoyle
    David Heaton
    David John Griffin
    David Lowis
    David McTigue
    David Rhymes
    David S Mitchell
    David Silver
    David Turton
    David Vargas Alfonso
    David Viner
    David Wright
    Dean Hollands
    Debaprasad Mukherjee
    Debbie Rolls
    Debbie Singh
    Deborah Wroe
    Dee La Vardera
    Dee Tilsley
    Denis Joseph
    Denise Senecal
    Derek McMillan
    Devin Greene
    Devon Goodchild
    Dez T.
    Diana Senechal
    Diane de Anda
    Diane Harding
    Dianne D. Pingalo
    Dimiana Wassef
    Dinesh Shihantha De Silva
    Dionne Burton
    Diontae Jaegli
    Don Bartlome
    Don Marler
    Dorothy Francis
    Doug Forrest
    Doug Hawley
    Douglas J. Shearer
    Dr. Sriharsha Sripathi
    DT Langdale
    Duane L. Herrmann
    E. F. S. Byrne
    Edmund Piper
    Edward Mortenson
    Edward Rouse
    Edwin Stern
    Eileen Baldwin
    Elaine Carlyle
    Eleanor Dickenson
    Elena Zhuang
    Elizabeth Lamb
    Elizabeth Stanley
    Ella Cass
    Ella Wilson
    Elliot Cambrey
    Em Daurio
    Emily K Martin
    Emily Knight
    Emma Burnett
    Emma Nokes
    Emma Robertson
    Emma Stammeyer
    Emma Wilson
    Erin Hardman
    Esosa Kolawole
    Evelyn Hawke
    Everest Pen
    Evie Nicol
    Ezeh Michael Ogonna
    Fabio Crispim
    Farzaneh Hajirasouliha
    Fay Franklin
    Fee Johnstone
    Felix Castrillon
    Femi S. Craigwell
    Finlay Thomas Tweedie
    Fiona Aitken
    Fiona Campbell
    Fiona Flower
    Fliss Zakaszewska
    Franca Basta
    Frances Tate
    Francesca Pappadogiannis
    Francisca Staines
    Frank Daurio
    Frank Havemann
    Frank Hubeny
    Frank Radcliffe
    G. Gaurav
    Gail Everett
    Gary Couzens
    Gary McGrath
    Gavin Biddlecombe
    Gemma Bevan
    Gemma Martiskainen
    Geoff Freedman
    Geoff Holme
    George Cornilă
    Gillian M Seed
    Gillian Macleod
    Ginger Marcinkowski
    Gitanjali Escobar Travieso
    Glen Donaldson
    Glo Curl
    Gloria Ames
    Glynis Ann Downey
    Gordon Williams
    Gowravy Ravanan
    Grace Turner-Higgins
    Grannd Kane
    Grant McKain
    Grant O’Townson
    Gwyneth Williams
    Gwynne Weir
    Hajra Saeed
    Haley M. Hwang
    Hannah Brown
    Hannah Cole
    Harley Logan Thompson
    Harriet Payne
    Hazel Turner
    Heather Haigh
    Heather Stuart Primbs
    Heidi Lobecker
    Heidi Vanlandingham
    Helen Aitchison
    Helen Combe
    Helen Matthews
    Helen Merrick
    Hervé Suys
    Hilary Taylor
    Holly Garcia
    Holly Webster
    Huguette Van Akkeren
    Ian Andrew
    Ian Buzard
    Ian James Stewart
    Ian Tucker
    Ibukun Keyamo
    Imogen Argent
    IR Belletti
    Irene Banfield
    Iris & Phil Hatchard
    Irving Benjamin
    Isabel Flynn
    Isabella Rae Wharton-McLellan
    Iuliana Khadyxa Filisanu
    Ivan Richardson
    Ixai Salvo
    J. L. Harland
    J. Rosina Harlow
    J.S Taols
    Jace Henderson
    Jacek Wilkos
    Jack Dabell
    Jack Dudley
    Jack Hanlon
    Jack Purkis
    Jackie Batteiger
    Jackie Hindmarsh
    Jacky Ellis
    Jade Swann
    Jaimen Shires
    Jaine Irish
    Jake Cosmos Aller
    James Braun
    James Byrne
    James Colfox
    James Crerar
    James Hornby
    James Louis Peel
    James Northern
    James Pemberton
    James Sanders
    James Smart
    Jamie Graham
    Jamie Welch
    Jan Brown
    Jan Courtney
    Jane Fell
    Jane Imrie
    Jane Sleight
    Janet L Davies
    Janet Lister
    Jasmine Hunt
    Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Tan Chin Chwee
    Jason B
    Jason Barbo
    Jay Bee
    Jayanta Bhaumik
    Jaycee Durand
    Jayne Morgan
    Jaz Leigh
    Jeff Kemp
    Jeffrey H. Toney
    Jeni Lawes
    Jennifer Hankin
    Jennifer P. L. Leong
    Jennifer Riddalls
    Jenny Butler
    Jenny Drury
    Jenny Simmons
    Jerome Parsons
    Jerry Wilson
    Jessica Bowden
    Jessica Everitt
    Jessica Joy
    Jessica Kirby
    Jessica Richard
    Jessica Turnbull
    Jill Lang
    Jimmy Doom
    Jo Howarth
    Joan C. Hobart
    Joanna Ball
    Jocelyn Wong
    Jodi Nicholls
    Jodi Novak
    Joe Bailey
    Joe Brothers
    Joe McMullen
    Johanna McDonald
    Johannah Lipscher Simon
    John Bevan
    John Cooper
    John D Lary
    John Hannan
    John Holland
    John Holmes
    John James Morris
    John L Bell
    John Lane
    John Mark Miller
    John Notley
    John Rivers
    John Robertson
    John S Alty
    John Vandore
    Jon Drake
    Jon Spencer
    Jonathan Fryer
    Jonathan Hastings
    Jonathan Hunter
    Jonathan Inglesfield
    Jonathan Martindale
    Jonathan Pacheco
    Jordan B. Jolley
    Jordan Bahnub
    Jordis Fasheh
    Jose Luis Torres
    Joseph Lancaster
    Joseph Mould
    Josephine Queen
    Josh Joseph Dixon
    Josh Leeson
    Josie Gowler
    Joy Thomas
    Joyce Bingham
    Joyce Walker
    JS Cline
    Judi Edwards
    Judy Reeves
    Julia Graves
    Julia O’Dowd
    Julia T. Spano
    Julia Wood
    Julie Goodswen
    Julie Howard
    Julie Mayger
    Julie Stone
    Justine Quammie
    Justyce Solomon
    K. J. Watson
    Kaelin Lee
    Kailin Guo
    Kaitlin Ellis
    Karen Bevan
    Karen McClure
    Karen McDermott
    Karen Rust
    Karen Waldron
    Karen Walker
    Karen Western
    Kate Hamilton
    Kate Leimer
    Kate Miller
    Katerina Hellam
    Katherine Kogoy
    Kathleen E Williams
    Kathleen Hearnshaw
    Kathleen Keenan
    Kathryn Dixon
    Kathryn Evans
    Kathryn J Barrow
    Kathryn Joyce
    Kathryn Smith
    Katie Chapman
    Katie Labbe
    Katie Pepper
    Katie Singer
    Katy Clayton
    Kavitha Yarlagadda
    Kay Sandry
    Keian Murray
    Keith Pearson-Sandelands
    Kelly Van Nelson
    Kelsey Gallo
    Kelsey Juean Irving
    Kennedy Meechan
    Kenneth Cahall
    Kent Raddatz
    Kerry Robinson
    Khamis Kabeu
    Kim Hart
    Kim Montgomery
    Kim Steindel
    Kim Witbeck
    Kimana McCallum
    Kimberly Owen
    Kira Inglis
    Kirk I. Holden
    Kitty Litteur
    Klaus Gehling
    KM Arhel
    Kolade Ajila
    Kudakwashe Chirapa
    Kwame M.A. McPherson
    Kylan Fedje
    L J King
    L J McQueen
    L. A. Cunningham
    L.E. Daurio
    Laila Miller
    Laura Besley
    Laura Day
    Laura Foakes
    Lauren J. Phillips
    Lauren M Foster
    Lauren Raybould
    Laurie Hicks
    Layla Ahmed
    Layla Calarco
    Layla Rogers
    Lee Foley
    Lee Holland
    Lee Kull
    Leigh Hastings
    Len Saculla
    Lena MacDonald
    Lesley Anne Truchet
    Levi Earl
    Lewis Ayers
    Liam Hogan
    Liam Lawer
    Liam Rayner
    Libby Batteiger
    Lidia Giusa
    Lim Swee Kim
    Linda Foy
    Linda Hibbin
    Linda Jones
    Linda Lewis
    Linda Scogings
    Linda Smith
    Linda Taylor
    Lindsey Esplin
    Lindy Gibbon
    Linn Kier
    Lisa Miller
    Lisa Reynolds
    Lisa Stone
    Livia Furia
    Liz Berg
    Liz Howard
    Liz Krogman
    Lorna Dougan
    Lorna Stewart
    Lorraine Smith
    Louise Burgess
    Louise Furre
    Louise Goulding
    Louise Snape
    Lucinda Thelwell
    Lucy Camilla
    Lucy Lucy
    Lucy Morrice
    Lumen Ros
    Lydia Collins
    Lyndsay Lomax
    Lynn Gale
    Lynn Morcombe
    Lynn White
    Lynn Zeleski
    Lynne Arnot
    Lynne Chitty
    Lynsey Calvert
    M Anthony David
    Madamraj Mrinalini
    Maddy Hamley
    Madeleine McCabe
    Madeleine McDonald
    Madeline Green
    Madiana Dethan
    Madison Pickering
    Maggie Elliott
    Mahek Khwaja
    Mairead Robinson
    Majella Pinto
    Malcolm Richardson
    Manda Riehl
    Mandy Raywood
    Mandy Whyman
    Marci Girton
    Marco Cardoni
    Margaret Bell
    Margaret Davis
    Margee Unger
    Maria Carvalho
    Maria DePaul
    Maria Noble
    Mariam Bibi
    Mariam Mansuryan
    Marie Arbon
    Marie McGinn
    Marieta Maglas
    Marilyn Rucker
    Mark Burke
    Mark J Towers
    Mark Johnson
    Mark Pritchard
    Mark Stocker
    Marsha K. Hanson
    Martin Strike
    Mary Daurio
    Mary Dharsi
    Mary Papageorgiou
    Mary Prior
    Mason Bell
    Matilda Pinto
    Matthew Bines
    Matthew Dawson
    Matthew Galic
    Matthew Gooch
    Matthew J Morine
    Matthew Kerns
    Matthew Willis
    Max Dobb
    Maxine Smith
    Maxx Dominic
    Maya Barnett
    Mckenzie Tompson
    Medeia Sharif
    Meg Gain
    Meghan O’Brien
    Mehak Vijay Chawla
    Melanie Goodell
    Melissa Odom
    Melody Bowers
    Meredith Argent
    MF Mika
    Mhairi Bakertzi
    Michael E James
    Michael Farmer
    Michael Hardy
    Michael J. Labbe
    Michael J. Lowis
    Michael Lane
    Michael Mclaughlin
    Michael Rumsey
    Michael Swift
    Michael Ward
    Michaela Mechura
    Michele Kelly
    Michele Witthaus
    Michelle Compton
    Michelle Cook
    Michelle Konov
    Michelle Weaver
    Micky Rowe
    Mike Blakemore
    Mike Scott Thomson
    Miriam Hurdle
    Misa Hennin
    Mohamed Atta Amer
    Mohit Dass
    Muriel Garvis
    Murodova Marjona
    Myron Dunavan
    N. J. Spencer
    N.B. Craven
    Nam Raj Khatri
    Natalia Wojcik-Smith
    Natalie Marshall
    Natalie Wu
    Natasha Ali
    Natasha Nagle
    Nathaniel David Knox
    Neil Brooks
    Neil D Cross
    Neil Davie
    Neil Goodwin
    Neil Phillips
    Neil Renton
    Niamh Burke
    Nick Fairclough
    Nicole Loh
    Niina Olenbluu
    Nikki Butcher
    Nili Roberts
    Noel Alcoba
    Norm Veasman
    NT Franklin
    Oghogho Odiase
    Olatz Irigarai
    Oliver Lynton
    Olivia Ackers
    Olivia Magnuson
    Olivia-Ann Saxton
    Olusanya Anjorin
    Oort Kuiper
    Oriel Dobb
    Oscar Kenway
    Özge Göztürk
    Paige Murray
    Pam Jackson
    Pam Knapp
    Pamela Hibbert
    Pamela Pope
    Pappo Nindo
    Parzival Sattva
    Pat Hough
    Patricia Mudge
    Patricia Tarrant Brown
    Patrick Antonio
    Patrick Christian
    Patrick Moorhouse
    Patrick ten Brink
    Paul Mastaglio
    Paul Phillips
    Paul Rhodes
    Paul Shaw
    Paula Lacey
    Paulette Pierre
    Peggy Gerber
    Penelope Henry
    Pete Armstrong
    Peter Gregory & David Gough
    Peter J. Corbally
    Peter Loftus
    Peter Stanton
    Phil Maud
    Phil Thomas
    Philip Charter
    Phoebe Tatham
    PJ Stephenson
    Prajith Menon
    Prisha Gupta
    R. J. Kinnarney
    R.A. Krueger
    R.J. Saxon
    Rachael Hinshaw
    Rachel Smith
    Rachel Wood
    Rafe Bellers
    Rajagopal Kaimal
    Ray Sarlin
    Raymond E. Strawn III
    Raymond Sloan
    Rebecca Capel
    Rebecca Hubbard
    Rebecca Krohman
    Rebeccah Yeadon
    Reed Markham
    Reha Tanör
    Renate Schiansky
    Rene Astle
    Rex Charger
    Richard Anthony Morris
    Richard Freeman
    Richard H. Argent
    Richard Stanley
    Richard Swaine
    Ripunjoy Borgohain
    RJS Cantwell
    RL Comstock
    Rob Bray
    Rob Vogt
    Robbie Brown
    Robbie Porter
    Robert Adams
    Robert Alan Ryder
    Robert Brewis
    Robert Kombol
    Robert Tucker
    Robert Wood
    Roberta Scafidi
    Roger Newton
    Roger West
    Rohana Chomick
    Ron Smith
    Ronald Hall
    Ros Byrne
    Ros Masterson
    Rosalind Adam
    Rosalind Newton
    Rose Farris
    Roshna Rusiniya
    Rosie Arcane
    Rosie Cullen
    Ross Lowe
    Rowan Lewis
    Roz Levens
    Rudy S. Uribe Jr.
    Rui Soares
    Rupert Payne
    Ruth Pedley
    Ryan Fell
    Ryu Ando
    S Thomson-Hillis
    S. M. Chiles
    S. Rupsha Mitra
    S. W. Hardy
    S.B. Borgersen
    S.E. Taylor
    Sachin Prakash
    Sagar Jadhav
    Sai Muthukumar
    Sally Skeptic
    Sam Freer
    Sam May
    Samantha Gentzel
    Samantha Gunton
    Sandee Lee
    Sandra ‘Chas’ Hines
    Sandra Orellana
    Sandra Purdy
    Sarah Ann Hall
    Sarah Brown
    Sarah Burrett
    Sarah Charmley
    Sarah Engeham
    Sarah Everett
    Sarah Fletcher
    Sarah Hoad
    Sarah Jae Walsh
    Sarah Littleton
    Sarah Mosedale
    Sarah Stansfield
    Sarah Stephenson
    Saras Ojha
    Sarthak Das
    Saskia Ashby
    Scott Parent
    Sean Bain
    Sean Tobias May
    Sebastian Cowen
    Seth Turner-Higgins
    Shahnaz Ali
    Shannon J Alger
    Sharon Pinner
    Shaun Clarke
    Shauna Elizabeth Murray
    Sheannah Guillemette
    Sheila Rosart
    Shelly Teems
    Shirley Muir
    Shobha Wilson
    Sidonie Baylis
    Siegfried E Finser
    Sihaam Osman
    Silver Morris
    Simone Wallace
    Sivan Pillai
    Skylar Kim
    Smritirekha Talukdar
    Sophia Manubay
    Sophie Henson
    Sophie Scriven
    Sreedevi Ganti Mahapatra
    Stefan Dimitrov
    Stephanie Ngoei
    Stephanie Potts
    Stephen P. Thompson
    Stephie Simpson
    Steve Lodge
    Steven Barrett
    Stuart Atkinson
    Sue Johnson
    Sue Moos
    Sue Partridge
    Sue Vincent
    Sunshine Tibod
    Susan Howarth
    Susan Wickham
    Susanne Berger
    Susi J Smith
    Susie Frame
    Swi Neo Mary Yap
    Sydney Clarence
    Sylvia Ketchum
    Syreeta Muir
    T. Luxton
    T. W. Garland
    T.L. Shenkin
    T.N.M. Sheppard
    Tamires Cunha
    Tamsin Partington
    Tanya Butler
    Tanya Hill
    Tanya Johnson
    Tarquin Calver
    Taye Carrol
    Taylor Elliott
    Taylor Moore
    Ted Bragg
    Tess M Shepherd
    Tessa Elliott
    Thatchayani Ravanan
    Thomas Belmar
    Thomas James Busby
    Thomas O’Mara
    Tiarnán Murphy
    Tiffany Williams
    Tim Gomersall
    Tim Warren
    Tom Bullimore
    Tom Gaunt
    Toni G.
    Toni Peers
    Tonia Nem
    Tony Lawrence
    Tony Mooney
    Tony Thatcher
    Tony Tremblett
    Tracey Maitland
    TS Lanchbery
    Ty Hall
    Umme Ammarah
    Val Chapman
    Valerie Fish
    Valerie Griffin
    Valerie J Shay
    Veena Rah
    Veronica Crerar
    Vesper Wunderlin
    Vichar Lochan
    Vicki Murray
    Vicki Sinclair
    Vicky Garlick
    Victoria Gaylor
    Violet James
    Vishnu Nandan
    Vivian Oldaker
    Vivienne O’Boyle
    W. E. Jones
    W. G. Miller
    Waltraud Pospischil
    Wanda Wright
    Wayne B. Chorney
    Wayne Hewitt
    Wendy Christopher
    Wendy Fletcher
    Wendy Roe
    William Telford
    Wright Stone
    Wyatt Payne
    Yabo Anderson
    Yelena Kart
    Yvonne Clarke
    Yvonne Mastaglio
    Zoe J Walker
    Zoey Rowan

The End



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