Cosmos’s Favorite K Drama

Cosmos’s Favorite K Drama

I have finally become a K Drama fan.  Over the last few years I have seen a lot of K Drama.   the reason that I am finally a K Drama fiend is  because I am living in Korea,  my Korean is now good enough to mostly follow the dialogue although I still need subtitles.  Second, because of COVID, we’ve been mostly at home in Korea, and third, I finally just got into K Drama.  I know a bit late, but what the heck.

Here are some of my favorite K Dramas-  I provide a synopsis and my comment on each.

In general K Dramas come in two forms – movies and series. The series are reminiscent of Mexican telenovela – usually 16 episodes, occasionally 20, and occasionally fewer.  A few have two seasons.  Most run for about a month.  Almost all are available now on Netflix and Hulu with English sub-titles.   A few were quite controversial.

Parasite of course won the 2020 Oscar.  And Minuri won best-supporting actress this year.

My favorites  K Dramas so far include:


Crash Landing on You

Vincenzo,” “


“Move to Heaven”



Squid Games

Mad About You

Camella Blooming

Last Man Standing


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